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When Self-Care Turns into Self-Sabotage – Great Escape – Medium
It’s safe to say that self-care is having a moment. More and more, it seems like everyone is espousing the importance of sleep, saying no, and “treating yo’self” as much as possible. As a social…
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8 weeks ago by djmonta
成功話の裏側は語られない ── 世間には知らされない起業家のメンタルヘルス事情
成功話の裏側は語られない ── 世間には知らされない起業家のメンタルヘルス事情 | UNLEASH
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july 2018 by djmonta
Eating Disorders: Not Just a Girl’s Issue – Julia E Hubbel – Medium
Each New Year’s Eve for four decades, I made a solemn promise to myself that I was done with my bulimia. Done. I swore it. Never again. I would march all my cookies and donuts to the dumpster and toss them in, waving at the flying Chips Ahoy and Krispy Kreme chocolate-covered creme-filled.
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march 2018 by djmonta
OSMI Home :: Open Sourcing Mental Illness - Changing how we talk about mental health in the tech community - Stronger Than Fear
We fight the harmful stigma around mental health disorders by speaking openly about our experiences. Shame and silence are countered with honest, straightforward explanations of how mental illness affects us.
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march 2018 by djmonta
I Spent Two Months as a Cyberchondriac – Member Feature Stories – Medium
When hypochondriacs flock online, a community of the truly sick helps them find comfortColleen AbelMar 5
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march 2018 by djmonta
Dejal - Time Out
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october 2008 by djmonta
感情の一次元目 - はてブついでに覚書。
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november 2007 by djmonta
【第1回】自己診断が作り出す「エセうつ」が増加 (本当の「うつ」を見抜けますか?):NBonline(日経ビジネス オンライン)
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november 2006 by djmonta
メンタルに傷ついているときのサイン?・・・ - トラパパ@TORAPAPA [ITmedia オルタナティブ・ブログ]
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november 2006 by djmonta
体組成計 PC対応インナースキャン BC-500 標準価格:¥21,000(税込) 測定データを簡単にパソコンに移せ、長期間のデータを残し、グラフで管理でき、成果がわかりやすい。
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november 2006 by djmonta
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