That One Privacy Guy's - Guide to Choosing the Best VPN (for you) : VPN
**That One Privacy Guy's - Guide to Choosing the Best VPN (for you)** *Disclaimer: The below guide is my opinion, which I will try to provide as...
guide  vpn  privacy 
22 days ago
The Atlas Of Redistricting | FiveThirtyEight
See how seven different ways of drawing congressional districts across the country — from pretty fair to seriously gerrymandered — could change the partisan and racial makeup of the U.S. House.
data  visualization  politics  gerrymander  usa 
29 days ago
Reach for Markdown, not LaTeX - Bits, Bytes, and Words
Writing should be a pleasant experience. With the right tools, it can be. LaTeX is powerful but cumbersome to use. With Markdown, we can focus on our …
latex  publishing  md  markdown  pandoc  template 
4 weeks ago
Eropuit in Eindje: 12x de leukste adressen in Eindhoven - &C
Hippe hotspots, blitse conceptstores, coole cafés en knappe koffietenten: dit zijn de krenten uit de pap. Alsjeblieft!
9 weeks ago
media.ccc.de - Antipatterns und Missverständnisse in der Softwareentwicklung
Anhand von Anekdoten aus 20 Jahren Softwareentwicklung versucht der Vortrag herauszuarbeiten, was in der Praxis zu scheiternden Projekten...
antipatterns  ccc  presentation 
10 weeks ago
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