Web Start | Karakun Developer Hub
use Java 8 after free support has ended, you either have to pass on security updates or buy commercial support from Oracle. Commercial support for Java 8 will cost about 30-40$ per client instance that needs to run a Java Web Start based application, i.e. if your application runs on 500 client machines, you may have to pay up to 20.000$ just to support this single application. Another option is the migration to an alternative mechanism for installing and starting your applications, e...
java  roadmap  jnlp  webstart 
Linux touchpad like a Macbook: goal worth pursuing? – Relentless Simplicity
e a special type of hell, and I appreciate the heroics that have gone into making a variety of Linux touchpad drivers almost good enough. But
linux  trackpad 
3 days ago
JDK 11: End of the road for Java EE modules - JAXenter
es is that applications will not compile or run if they rely on ‘out of the box’ support in the JDK for Java EE APIs and tools,” according to Andersen. “These applications will experience binary and source incompati
5 days ago
Beleef de Vestdijk | Eindhoven
De gemeente Eindhoven streeft naar een aantrekkelijk, gezond, groen en goed bereikbaar stadscentrum. We werken onder andere aan de herinrichting van de Vestdijk.
eindhoven  dok40 
12 days ago
Windows 10 and Java
0 starting with Java 8 Update 51.
java  windows10 
19 days ago
Is Saudi Arabia the next big heritage tourism destination? - CNN
A massive archaeological survey, using state-of-the-art technology, has been launched in Saudi Arabia as the kingdom prepares to develop its historic sites and open up to mainstream tourism.
tourism  saudiarabia 
29 days ago
Online Mockup, Wireframe & UI Prototyping Tool · Moqups
Moqups is a streamlined and intuitive web app that helps you create and collaborate on wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes - for any type of project.
wireframes  mockups  webdesign  design  mockup 
5 weeks ago
Improved Docker Container Integration with Java 10 - Docker Blog
a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), including data services such as Apache Spark and Kafka and traditional enterprise applications, are run in containers. Until recently, running the JVM in a container presented problems with memory and cpu sizing and usage that led to performance loss. This was because Java didn’t recognize that it was running in a container. With the release of Java 10, the JVM now recog
java10  docker  article 
6 weeks ago
AI winter is well on its way – Piekniewski's blog
Deep learning has been at the forefront of the so called AI revolution for quite a few years now, and many people had believed that it is the silver bullet that will take us to the world of wonders of technological singularity (general AI). Many bets were made in 2014, 2015 and 2016 when still…
machinelearning  deeplearning  ai  artificial-intelligence 
7 weeks ago
UMBRiO - Dé Splunk Elite Partner in Nederland
Met de beste mensen en tools analyseren en managen wij jouw machine data en IT service management processen om samen succesvolle value cases te ontwikkelen. Via onze university zoeken, werven en trainen wij jonge en enthousiaste IT talenten.
7 weeks ago
Overzicht | Datagraver
Lijst met belangrijkste recente cases en dataverzamelingen, verwijzingen naar producten en diensten. Contact.
data  infographic 
9 weeks ago
Ontwikkeling kerkelijkheid Nederland | Datagraver
DATA VAN DE DAG - In 2015 was meer dan de helft van de Nederlanders niet meer actief bij een kerk of religie betrokken.
9 weeks ago
Apple Reparatie | Startgoed Computers Eindhoven | Scherp tarief
Apple reparaties aan onder andere Apple Imac, Apple Macbook, Apple Macbook air en Apple Macbook pro.
Videokaart reparatie Imac en Macbook, Apple reparatie binnen 24 uur, Originele onderdelen.
eindhoven  apple  repair 
9 weeks ago
Mac Erger Je Niet - Apple hulp en reparatie - Eindhoven
Hulp aan huis voor Apple gebruikers. Service, support, reparatie voor Mac fans MacBook iMac
eindhoven  apple  mac  repair 
9 weeks ago
Cycling route Nijmegen | Heimwee naar Nijmegen | GPSies
Track starts in 6524 Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands. Cycling route, Road bike ride, Length 78.38 miles (round trip).
gpx  route 
10 weeks ago
802.11ac Wave 2 MU‑MIMO (Multi‑User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology, 4x4 Dual‑Radio 2.53 Gbps Performance, 500+ Client Enterprise UniFi Access Point
wifi  router 
11 weeks ago
Ubiquiti Networks - Democratizing Professional Network Technology
Technology platforms for Internet Access, Enterprise, and SmartHome applications.
wireless  router  wifi  hardware  accesspoint 
11 weeks ago
Router RT2600ac | Synology Inc.
Network Attached Storage (NAS) voor zakelijk en persoonlijk gebruik, Synology spant zich in om DiskStation NAS aan te bieden die RAID-opslag, opslag voor virtualisatie, back-up, NVR en ondersteuning van mobiele app's biedt.
wifi  router  synology 
11 weeks ago
Orbi: Whole Home WiFi System for Better WiFi Everywhere | NETGEAR
Get the fastest WiFi everywhere in your home today. The Orbi WiFi system provides the strongest WiFi signal, ensuring no dead zones upstairs, downstairs or even outside.
wifi  network  netgear 
11 weeks ago
BBC Sound Effects - Research & Education Space
BBC Sound Effects - 16,016 sound effects and field recordings from the BBC Archive available to listen/download, licensed for personal, educational or research purposes - Research & Education Space
audio  sound  archive  bbc 
12 weeks ago
websocket.org Echo Test - Powered by Kaazing
websocket.org - WebSocket technology, demos, articles, and products.
example  websockets  javascript 
april 2018
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