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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Dean's done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov-- likable guys he's ever known. Dean doesn't know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.
fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Dean/Castiel  genre:AU  genre:romance  series  rating:nc-17  trope:accidental.marrieds  author:kototyph  words:20k 
february 2016 by dizzzylu

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