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The Way Out Is The Way Down
"We’re alive in defiance of the law, now,” Natasha said bitterly.

“Well,” Steve said, and pushed his plate away. “We’ll just have to break in and get them.”

“Right, let’s take it from the top,” Natasha said wearily. “The Raft is a fully submersible supermax prison—“

“We can do it,” Steve said.
fandom:marvel  pairing:Bucky/Steve  rating:nc-17  author:speranza  words:15000-19999 
july 2016 by dizzzylu
As Journey'd Heracles, and Onward
Tyler doesn't want to fuck up his new team, but freaking Athena keeps messing with him.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:labellementeuse  words:10000-14999 
may 2016 by dizzzylu
Gonna Have to Ask About
This is not Tyler’s apartment. He has no idea how he got here or who he’s sleeping beside, face hidden in the pillow. He’s been sitting up long enough to wake him, though.

“Tyler,” he says, voice muffled and rough with sleep. “You awake?” He looks up with half-lidded eyes, dark hair a mess.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AR  rating:nc-17  trope:time.travel  author:ferrassie  words:5000-9999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Swear it Won't Take You Long
Tyler's pretty good at not thinking about stuff. Like, professionally.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AR  rating:nc-17  author:ladyalysv  words:5000-9999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Camaraderie and Sense of Belonging
Paying for sex seems sort of sleazy, but Jamie just wants someone he can count on to be discreet.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AR  rating:nc-17  trope:hooker!Tyler  author:labellementeuse  words:10000-14999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Personal Relations
“Okay everyone,” Tyler says, grinning wildly. “Welcome to my very special social media seminar: How Not to Be a Dick on the Internet.” He pauses, and then honest to God winks at Jamie. “Some of you might want to take notes.”

In which Tyler is the new Stars PR guy and Jamie doesn't like to bunch mox. He does, as it turns out, like to duck sick, though.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AR  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  trope:coming.out  author:bluejayys  words:10000-14999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Wear Your Apron High
Tyler gets knocked up and then his good-for-nothing cheating husband gets his fool self killed. Luckily his friend Jordie has a farm and the need for an extra set of hands. He also has a really cute brother. Too bad Jamie doesn't seem to like Tyler much.

(Based on this Man Advantage prompt: Scarred in body and soul, rancher Noah didn't consider himself fit company for anyone. But when his brother's philandering finally caught up with him, honor dictated that Noah claim his brother's widow as his own.

Noah was about the most intimidating man Katherine had ever seen. Yet though one man's false promises had already dashed her dreams, she instinctively trusted this stranger.

And Kate suspected she'd be a fool this time if she didn't take a chance on Noah for the sake of herself-and her unborn child!)

Or, the iddiest thing we have ever written. Like, at least three id.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:mpreg  author:lupinus  author:reallyyeahokay  author:uraneia  words:5000-9999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Ain't Born Typical
"Hey, so," Tyler says when the marks on his ass have faded to a gross yellow-green. "Next time, you wanna make out first?"
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AR  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  kink:D/s  author:ladyalysv  words:5000-9999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Candace is already halfway through the menu, from the look of it. “Can I pretend it’s my birthday? It says they’ll arm wrestle in my honor.”

“Are either of you even old enough to be here?” Tyler moans.

“Don’t be an ass,” Jackie says, flicking his forehead. “I know your juniors coaches took you kids to Hooters.” Tyler would like to point out how completely different that was, but he’s not about to have the I’m-not-really-bi conversation with his mom in a dickstaurant in Oak Lawn.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AU  genre:humour  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  author:punkassbookjockey  words:5000-9999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Everybody Rides
Tyler thought things would be different in Dallas. He just had no idea how different it could be.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AR  rating:nc-17  kink:polyamory  author:ladyjanelly  words:15000-19999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Jack hasn't touched Bitty since graduation. That was six weeks and four days ago. Yes, he's been counting.
fandom:OMGCP  pairing:Zimbits  genre:humour  rating:nc-17  author:esterbrook  words:1000-4999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Door to Door
"Hey," Jamie says, pounding on the door. "Hey, open up!"

The dogs shut up.

"Hi, shit, sorry," says the stupidly fucking gorgeous man who opens the door in a tank top and boxers. "Shit, were the dogs loud? They get really excited when I come home."

"It’s three in the morning," Jamie says. On cue, a dog pokes its head around the corner to the entryway and bounces over to the — to this guy. It’s followed by another, browner dog, and Jamie has a moment of surrealist sleep-deprived horror where he imagines an infinite string of dogs forever bounding gleefully towards —

"I work two jobs. I’m Tyler," Tyler says, extending his hand. "Do you want to come in?"

Well, he’s not doing anything illegal, Jamie thinks, shaking it, because no criminal in the history of crime has ever willingly invited a cop into their house, and there is no one in the city of Dallas who hasn’t pegged Jamie as a cop within six seconds of meeting him.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Jamie/Tyler  genre:AU  genre:humour  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  trope:cop!jamie  author:ferritin4  words:10000-14999 
april 2016 by dizzzylu
Naked Ambition
It’s one thing for Bitty to have a pathetic secret crush and maybe occasionally get off to vague thoughts of Jack-shaped people with blue eyes, and another, completely wrong thing, to actually jerk off to naked pictures of Jack Zimmermann.
fandom:OMGCP  pairing:Zimbits  genre:humour  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:asfroste  words:5000-9999 
march 2016 by dizzzylu
In Any Version of Reality
Standing next to not-Derek – whoa, holding not-Derek’s hand? – is someone who looks remarkably like Stiles. Is Stiles, a slightly-altered replica, just like this guy both is and isn't Derek.

It’s not like looking into a mirror – one, because looking into a mirror actually makes some kind of sense, and two, because not-Stiles looks older too, mid twenties maybe. And the tips of his short, spiky hair are dark purple, and he’s got a lip ring and he’s shirtless and covered in tattoos and what the holy hell?

“Time travel?" He's sufficiently freaked. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he hears his dad laughing.

“Not exactly,” not-Derek says, and shit, even his voice sounds exactly the same, disconcertingly gentle. He gestures behind him, and Stiles looks over his shoulder, where behind him, scattered across the porch and in the front yard, are more…Dereks and more Stileses.

Fourteen total, including the two at the door, he notes distantly, eyes feeling like they’re about to pop out of his head from bulging so hard.

Seven other Dereks. Seven other Stileses.

Seven Derek and Stiles pairs.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AR  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:polyamory  trope:multiverse  author:alisvolatpropiis  words:30k 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile
"Stiles shouldn't accept rides from werewolves he meets behind abandoned convenience stores." In which the zombie apocalypse is just one of their worries.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  kink:a/b/o  kink:barebacking  kink:first.time  kink:rimming  author:devildoll  words:30k 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
What It Means To Stay
Derek's kid thinks that this Stiles person at daycare is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Derek eventually has to concede that his daughter may have a point.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  trope:kid.fic  trope:teacher!stiles  author:alocalband  words:5000-9999 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
By Bread Alone
As a fairy, Beau should be careful with his stomach--and his heart. Unfortunately for him, he's neither.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Beau.Bennett/Paul.Martin  genre:AR  genre:romance  series  rating:nc-17  trope:fairy!Beau  author:uraneia  words:10000-14999 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
A Gradual Act of Arson
“Are you telling me that you worked a divorce clause into your contracts?”

“It was management's idea, actually,” Sidney nods. “I, uh. I didn't exactly tell my mom about that part, but. Yeah. We just need to get him over here without the KHL trying to pull anything to keep him from leaving. We have to stay together for two years, just to make sure everything’s settled and definite with his citizenship and contract and everything, and then we're in the clear to break up without any of the usual salary penalties.”
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Sidney/Geno  genre:AR  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  trope:arranged.marriage  author:ladyblahblah  words:90k 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
You're the One That I Want
It’s actually his father who suggests it.

“Take the rest of the summer for yourself,” he says. “Do something fun.”

“Fun,” Sidney repeats blankly.
fandom:Hockey  pairing:Sidney/Geno  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  trope:royalty  author:thehoyden  words:10000-14999 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Dean's done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov-- likable guys he's ever known. Dean doesn't know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.
fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Dean/Castiel  genre:AU  genre:romance  series  rating:nc-17  trope:accidental.marrieds  author:kototyph  words:20k 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
"A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation."

Or, Tony watches Steve watch porn.
fandom:Marvel  pairing:Tony/Steve  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  kink:voyeurism  author:foxxcub  words:1000-4999 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Derek has questions. Stiles has answers. Also dick pics. Stiles has Dereks' dick pics.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  kink:frottage  kink:knotting  kink:oral.sex  kink:voyeurism  author:patchouli  words:15000-19999 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found)
A year after the nogitsune is defeated, Derek is living a quiet life in the mountains above a small town in Colorado.

Then Stiles shows up.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:fluff  genre:future.fic  rating:nc-17  author:alocalband  words:20k 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Something Old
Caelan lets out a choked laugh. “I need a favor.”

Must be a hell of a favor, Claude thinks, if it has him worked up like this. “Okay,” he hedges. It can’t be money; Caelan makes enough of it these days. “What kind of favor?”

“I need you to be Dad’s date to my wedding.”

Claude and Danny broke up ten years ago, so that's going to be awkward.
pairing:Danny.Briere/Claude.Giroux  genre:future.fic  rating:nc-17  trope:fake.boyfriends  author:uraneia  words:10000-14999  fandom:Hockey  genre:RPS 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Ice Ice Baby
A gold medal isn't the only souvenir Claude brings home from Prague.

OR: The one where Claude gets drunk, gets pregnant, and gets convinced to move in with Danny, whom he's been secretly in love with for years. What could possibly go wrong?
pairing:Danny.Briere/Claude.Giroux  genre:AR  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:mpreg  author:uraneia  words:50k  fandom:Hockey  genre:RPS 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Read In the Dark
Beau's looking for someone to cede control to, just for a night, just to see. Paulie's looking for absolution. They find something else.

Or: Beau Bennett walks into a kink bar.
pairing:Beau.Bennett/Paul.Martin  genre:AR  genre:angst  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  kink:D/s  author:uraneia  words:40k  long  fandom:Hockey  genre:RPS 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Keeping Steve
The gifts from Tony and Pepper are nice, and Steve secretly likes showing off signs that he belongs to them -- until some offhanded teasing from Clint makes him wonder if they're gifts from his lovers or payment for services rendered.
fandom:Marvel  pairing:Pepper/Steve/Tony  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  kink:polyamory  author:copperbadge  words:10000-14999 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Cherry Ride
A SHIELD agent named Roger Stevens told Tony that his nickname was "Cap". Tony didn't connect the dots until it was much, much too late.
fandom:Marvel  pairing:Tony/Steve  genre:AU  rating:nc-17  author:copperbadge  words:5000-9999 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Ticking Over
After a moment of vast insecurity, Steve and Bucky make sure Tony understands exactly where his place is: in the middle.
pairing:Bucky/Steve/Tony  rating:nc-17  author:copperbadge  words:1000-4999  fandom:Marvel 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
If Sidney weren’t facing an unexpected total rewire, he would be really tempted to jump Geno, right there.

(A Fixer Upper AU)
pairing:Sidney/Geno  genre:AU  rating:nc-17  kink:established.relationship  author:thehoyden  fandom:Hockey  genre:RPS 
february 2016 by dizzzylu
Tiny Spy Assassin Steve
An AU in which Steve Rogers was born into the modern day and never received the Serum, but managed to make it into SHIELD as a handpicked protege of senior field agent Abraham Erskine. Along with Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Peggy Carter, and eventually Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, Steve still tries to make a difference.

Particularly in the life of Tony Stark, who picked up what he thought was an art student in a bar, and ended up dating one of SHIELD's top agents...
fandom:marvel  pairing:Tony/Steve  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  series  author:copperbadge 
january 2016 by dizzzylu
Antonia Carter Stark takes no shit and no prisoners.
pairing:Tony/Steve  rating:nc-17  rule.63  author:copperbadge  fandom:Marvel 
november 2015 by dizzzylu
Plot Twist: Derek's Still a Virgin
“I’m a virgin. Do you need me to spell it out for you? I. Am. A. Virgin. I am a virgin. I, Derek Hale—”
“Okay, I get it, I get it,” Stiles says. “I’m just gonna need some time to digest this information, that’s all.”
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:humour  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  author:coffeeinallcaps  words:1000-4999 
march 2015 by dizzzylu
It's a Sickening of the Heart
In which Stiles, struggling to cope with the aftermath of his possession, finds what he didn’t know he was looking for in his best friend’s dad. There’s no collision. No screeching tires, no crunch of metal folding in on itself. Stiles has to pull over to breathe through the overwhelming waves of disappointment and relief that crash through him, and that’s how Rafael McCall finds him, with his head clenched between his knees, fingers buried in his hair, trying and failing to suck air into his burning lungs.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Rafael/Stiles  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  kink:age.difference  author:coffeeinallcaps  words:10000-14999 
march 2015 by dizzzylu
(Trying to) Break Through
At first, it’s just sex.

It’s good sex – Derek comes every time, Stiles comes every time, says things like “whoa,” and “do that again, yeah, yeah, like that, fuck,” – but still: it’s just sex. They don’t speak much, at first. They don’t kiss as much as bite down on each other’s bottom lips and breathe heavily into each other’s mouths when they’re about to blow their load. Derek is not sure if it qualifies as kissing at all. He’s not sure if he wants it to.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:future.fic  rating:nc-17  author:coffeeinallcaps  words:5000-9999 
march 2015 by dizzzylu
A Desperate Arrangement
After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war.

Months later, there's an uneasy truce, thanks to the intervention of King Scott McCall, but it won't last. In a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, the Hales sign a treaty with the McCalls to marry Prince Derek to Prince Stiles Stilinski, King Scott's brother.

In the history of the world, there have been many better ideas.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:historical  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  author:mikkimouse  words:110k 
february 2015 by dizzzylu
See Me In Hindsight
They’re in the woods when they get separated. They’re in the woods when the howls start. They’re out in the woods the night before prom and Scott gets attacked by a wolf. Except it’s not a wolf, not really, because it’s a werewolf, which means Scott is one too now.

In a few short minutes, Stiles’ world gets turned on its head. And then, to top it all off, Derek Hale comes back from getting his Master’s degree and kills Malia’s father—his uncle—a rogue Alpha werewolf—and turns glowing red eyes on Stiles’ shaking form. He’s never had such a confused fear boner in his life.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:weathervaanes  author:wishingonalightningbolt  words:15000-19999 
february 2015 by dizzzylu
The Worst Thing I Ever Did
Stiles would say his relationship with Derek is about fifteen percent empty threats, thirty percent sass, ten percent avoiding violence together, and five percent eyebrows.
If anyone asked, he would say the remaining forty percent is mutual orgasms.

It’s a good thing no one ever asks.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:remainnameless  words:40k 
february 2015 by dizzzylu
Dreaming Electric
New York City is still rebuilding in the wake of the Chitauri army when the biotech virus Extremis is released, upgrading a lone domestic terrorist into a posthuman threat. Tony would’ve been happy to keep going on playing with alien tech in his lab, saving average citizens as Iron Man, and pretending not to notice these other people moving into his tower, but sometimes a person just can’t have nice things.
fandom:marvel  pairing:Tony/Steve  genre:angst  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:jukeboxhound  words:40k 
february 2015 by dizzzylu
Melt Me Slowly Down
The last thing Stiles expects when he walks into Lydia’s exclusive S&M club is to rescue a sub who’s obviously been mistreated for a long time. His name is Derek, and when he awkwardly reaches out, asking Stiles to be his Dom, the urge to shield Derek from more pain is too strong for Stiles to resist. But Derek is still recovering from his past and learning how to set boundaries, so they have to take things slow.
pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  kink:bdsm  kink:first.time  trope:dom!Stiles  author:the_deep_magic  words:20k  fandom:Teen.Wolf 
february 2015 by dizzzylu
The Mending That You Need
Derek left in subdrop after anon play in a club (he needed it & didn't know what else to do).... & Stiles figures out what is going on (smartie pants researcher you know!). Aftercare provided by Stiles.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  rating:nc-17  author:torakowalski  words:1000-4999 
february 2015 by dizzzylu
The Alexandrian Solution
"I accept your body!" Stiles says hurriedly. "I accept you. Sexually."

There is a pause. Derek says, "Thanks."
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  kink:knotting  author:bexless  words:5000-9999 
february 2015 by dizzzylu
The Threat of Human Sacrifice
The sheriff bought a crib and made Derek help him put it together. Stiles thought of Hemingway and the shortest, most heartbreaking story ever told, and dismantled it on his own while Derek was out.

[The one where Stiles getting knocked up is the least of his worries.]
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:mpreg  author:vampireisthenewblack  words:40k 
december 2014 by dizzzylu
Chestnut Kisses
A kissing game goes horribly wrong.

(Or a high school AU, in which Stiles's love saves Derek from the clutches of Kate Argent.)
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:AU  genre:romance  high.school!AU  rating:nc-17  author:unloyal_olio  words:15000-19999 
december 2014 by dizzzylu
Break Me In
Dara Hale has one epic grievance with her current life, and it is her inability to get off like the hot-blooded American female she is. There's also her epic crush on Stiles Stilinski, who is probably straight and too attractive for her own good, and that's not really helping matters.


She likes to think of Stiles pressing her up against the tile wall of the girl’s bathroom during lunch, kissing her fiercely, quickly, because she wants to do it but she doesn’t want to get caught. She likes to think of Stiles slipping a hand into her jeans, into her underwear, and—
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance  girl!Stiles  girl!derek  rating:nc-17  author:wishingonalightningbolt  words:10000-14999 
december 2014 by dizzzylu
What Good Are Rules (If You Can't Break Them)
Derek is trying to come up with something witty to say in return when he realizes that he’s smiling. He purposefully turns the corners of his mouth down into a dramatic frown. “Fuck you, Stilinski.”

“Wow, you have a way with words.”


In which Derek and Stiles engage in no-strings-attached sex. It works out about as well as you might imagine.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:AU  genre:romance?  high.school!AU  rating:nc-17  author:wishingonalightningbolt  words:5000-9999 
december 2014 by dizzzylu
Hope you enjoy your present, the text from Erica says. Payment’s taken care of. You can thank me tomorrow.

“So you’re a werewolf, huh,” the guy says when Derek looks up at him again. His gaze drifts down from Derek’s face to the rest of his body, slowly, shamelessly. When it’s traveled back up and their eyes meet again, the corner of the guy’s mouth twitches up into a cocky little half-smile. “I fucking love working with werewolves.” AU in which businessman Derek falls in love with escort Stiles.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:AU  genre:romance?  escort!stiles  rating:nc-17  author:coffeeinallcaps  words:15000-19999 
december 2014 by dizzzylu
(not so) Pure Imagination
prompt: "There is a world where whenever someone fantasizes about you, you can physically feel it, but you have no idea who is thinking it about you."

Stiles knows it's wrong, but he's been Fantasizing about Derek and he can't bring himself to stop. Derek doesn't know who's taken an interest in him, but he's enjoying it way more than he probably should.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:theroguesgambit  words:30k 
december 2014 by dizzzylu
Knot Again
Five times Derek and Stiles are interrupted while tied together by Derek's knot, and one time they're not.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:humour  genre:pwp  five.times.fic  rating:nc-17  kink:knotting  author:prettylittlementirosa  words:5000-9999 
november 2014 by dizzzylu
But Then What
Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favor, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douchecanoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He's someone Stiles totally hates. Totally. Like, doesn't like him even a little bit. DEFINITELY isn't attracted to him.

Except that is a total lie. Fuck his life, seriously.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  hs!AU  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:oral.sex  kink:bottom!derek  author:stoney  words:20k 
november 2014 by dizzzylu
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
There's something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can't quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There's something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  rating:nc-17  author:grimm  words:110k 
october 2014 by dizzzylu
The first time that Derek kisses Stiles, they're in the Jeep—which is sideways—while they're trapped in an overpass collapse.

It's the second time when things really get scary.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:future.fic  series  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:oral.sex  author:pyes  words:90k 
october 2014 by dizzzylu
Better Than Any Flame
“You've got something on your face,” Derek says, clearing his throat, resisting the urge to reach up and touch the scraggly beard, to get his mouth on it.

Stiles rolls his eyes but he still leans forward to bump a shoulder against his in greeting. “This thing,” he says, petting it. “Scott and I had a bet to see who could grow a better beard.”
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  kink:beard  author:alisvolatpropiis 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
An Exultation of Larks
All Derek wants is to get through the lambing season with his body and spirit intact. He had thought that the blizzards would be the main danger, not a highborn omega with beautiful eyes and a stubborn streak.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:a/b/o  author:llassah  words:20k 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
(Not an) Egg Baby
"Changelings are an old myth," Deaton says, tinny through Stiles' phone. Derek can hear him over the-- the not-a-baby's squalling, just barely. "They take the place of human babies to drink their mothers' milk."

"We're kind of short on mothers right now," Derek snaps.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  rating:nc-17  kink:lactation  author:the_ragnarok  words:5000-9999  trope:kid.fic 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
The Sins of My Caretaker
In which Stiles is the oldest sibling to a fucked up family and it's his job to make sure they don't end up dead, meth addicts, or in juvie. And then Derek crashes into his world and makes everything a little bit more interesting.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:AU  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:weathervaanes  words:20k 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
You Teach Me (and I'll Teach You)
Alphas Scott McCall and Derek Hale don't really interact. There's something to be said, however, for their attraction to each other's kitsunes.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  author:weathervaanes  trope:kitsune!Stiles  words:10000-14999 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
Waiting Games
Being an only child and heir to the throne, Stiles had always known he may not have the luxury of marrying for love. When he’d realized he was an omega to boot, things had taken an even more uncomfortable turn for him.

Omegas are rare. An omega as the heir apparent is almost unheard of.

Which is why there is no wiggle room when it comes to the tournament.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  author:jerakeen  words:5000-9999 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
I'll Tell You My Sins (And You Can Sharpen Your Knife)
Derek is the rightful king of Westeros, ruler of the Seven Isles, and Azor Ahai reborn... yet his uncle sits on the Iron Throne. Stiles’ god has promised Derek a victory of fire, but has yet to deliver.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  rating:NC-17  author:the_deep_magic  words:1000-4999 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
The drug is called heatwave. It supposedly emulates werewolf heats on humans. And yes, Stiles is stupid enough to take it on a dare.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  kink:sex.pollen  author:jerakeen  words:1000-4999 
august 2014 by dizzzylu
All We Are is Skin & Bones
It shouldn’t be a surprise that when Stiles comes back he comes back different: it’s been years, and countries and continents; it’s been college for the rest of the pack and plenty of changes for Derek, too.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:romance?  rating:nc-17  author:scoutshonor  words:5000-9999 
july 2014 by dizzzylu
The Best Part of Camping
When Derek's injuries mean he and Stiles can't get away for the weekend, Stiles takes matters into his own hands.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:fluff  rating:nc-17  kink:established.relationship  author:sheafrotherdon  words:1000-4999 
june 2014 by dizzzylu
Bound and Determined
Stiles and Derek attempt to reconcile their mate bond with their BDSM lifestyle. It's a fun time for all.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  kink:D/s  kink:toys  author:apocryphal  words:5000-9999 
june 2014 by dizzzylu
Worlds That Turn On Their Own
When Stiles had left Beacon Hills, he'd done it with every intention of never coming back. Ten years later, he finds himself forced back to his hometown. Of course, it's not long before things are just as they had been before -- that is, falling headlong towards disaster, and this time, stopping it isn't really an option.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:angst  genre:future.fic  rating:nc-17  author:remainnameless  words:50k 
june 2014 by dizzzylu
Murder, He Wrote
And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.
fandom:Teen.Wolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  author:mklutz  words:30k 
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trope:established.relationship  trope:fairy!Beau  trope:fake.boyfriends  trope:fake.husbands  trope:hooker!Stiles  trope:hooker!Tyler  trope:kid.fic  trope:kitsune!Stiles  trope:magic!stiles  trope:multiverse  trope:pining!Jack  trope:royalty  trope:tattoo.artist!tyler  trope:teacher!stiles  trope:time.travel  underage!Arthur  underage!Eames  vampire!Jared  viking!Arthur  vocalist!Eames  wereunicorn!Eames  werewolf!AU  werewolf!Eames  werewolf!Stiles  wolf!derek  words  words:20k  words:30k  words:40k  words:50k  words:60k  words:70k  words:80k  words:90k  words:100k  words:110k  words:120k  words:140k  words:270k  words:1000-4999  words:5000-9999  words:10000-14999  words:15000-19999  words:<1000  writer!Castiel  writer!Eames  writer!Jared  writer!Jensen  x-men.fusion  zombie!fusion 

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