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et les mots croisés
Sometimes you can be working at cross-purposes and still find yourselves intersecting at just the right angle.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:mpreg  author:toomuchplor  words:30k 
august 2013 by dizzzylu
No Soul to Sell
“Flattering though your opinion of me might be,” Eames said, at the time, “I don’t actually fancy twelve year old boys.”

“He’s seventeen,” Mal corrected him.

“Oh,” Eames said, and cut another look across the workshop. “Seventeen? Really?”

“Promise me,” Cobb repeated, more urgently.

“Yeah, of course,” Eames answered, still frowning over at Arthur, all elbows and floppy hair and — yes, there it was — interestingly mobile hips. “No, I won’t lay a hand on his virgin —“
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  rating:nc-17  kink:mpreg  author:toomuchplor  words:20k 
october 2012 by dizzzylu
The Habit of Countless Years
They've made a habit of this: the late night knock, the doorbell lean, the quickly picked lock. Turning up in one another's spaces unannounced, though not unwelcome. The promise of sanctuary has been there as long as they've known each other, which is longer than most people realize and much longer than they'll admit to.

In which Arthur and Eames have always relied on each other to keep one important secret.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  rating:R  author:laceymcbain  words:10000-14999 
july 2012 by dizzzylu
Like a Hook Into an Eye
Sometimes when you run the tape backwards, you find something unexpected encoded in the noise.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  author:toomuchplor  words:5000-9999 
july 2012 by dizzzylu
Early Returns
Thinking that a reporter genuinely likes you is pretty much on par with feeling like you really are special to that stripper.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:PG-13  author:rageprufrock  words:15000-19999 
july 2012 by dizzzylu
A Guy Like You (Should Wear a Warning)
In which Eames’ excuse for getting naked in front of Arthur is even more filmy and transparent than his panties — and that’s saying something.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:humour  genre:pwp  kink:cock.worship  kink:crossdressing  kink:first.time  kink:oral.sex  author:toomuchplor  words:1000-4999 
july 2012 by dizzzylu
Joe isn’t looking for Tom, he’s looking for ten minutes alone to catch up on Twitter and Tumblr -- but, looking for Tom or not, Joe turns a corner, bumps into him, and is too fucking polite to admit that he isn’t really interested in talking.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Tom/Joe  genre:AU  genre:romance  bottom!JGL  top!Tom  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:handjobs  kink:masturbation  kink:oral.sex  author:toomuchplor  words:60k 
may 2012 by dizzzylu
It's probably a good thing Arthur doesn't go round armed when he's in the waking world.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:h/c  genre:humour  rating:PG  author:toomuchplor  words:1000-4999 
may 2012 by dizzzylu
Show Me the Way Home
"Let me guess," Eames says, no longer surprised when Arthur appears unannounced at his door. "You couldn't bear to stay away from my sofa for one more day."

In which Arthur develops a relationship with Eames' sofa and eventually with Eames himself.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:origin.story  genre:romance  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  author:laceymcbain  words:15000-19999 
may 2012 by dizzzylu
Thicker Water
Arthur and Natasha rarely make it to their Gamma's birthday, but business keeps them in touch.
fandom:Inception  genre:origin.story  rating:PG-13  author:pprfaith  words:1000-4999  fandom:Marvel 
may 2012 by dizzzylu
I Set a Fire (Just to See What it Kills)
The first time Arthur shoots Eames in the head at point blank range is when Eames falls in love. That’s the beginning. That’s the end.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  genre:origin.story  rating:R  kink:first.time  kink:tattoos  author:pprfaith  words:20k 
may 2012 by dizzzylu
Satan Take The Wheel / Fall Like Lightning Down From Heaven
In part one, Eames forges Satan, and carries hints of this over topside. Arthur gets caught up in it, leading to a d/s scene that both unexpectedly enjoy, though feel guilty about afterwards. In the second part, Arthur comes back for more.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:barebacking  kink:bath/shower  kink:D/s  kink:established.relationship  kink:fingering  kink:oral.sex  kink:toys  author:blue_fish  words:20k 
march 2012 by dizzzylu
One Could Be Forgiven
Eames secretly hates working jobs with Ariadne, because they always end up working out of Paris, so that she can still attend classes, and Eames hates Paris. Hates it with a passion so bigoted and without foundation that he suspects he inherited it.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  rating:PG-13  author:calliglad  words:5000-9999 
march 2012 by dizzzylu
Wait and Know the Coming of a Little Love
A high school bullying AU, written for this kinkmeme prompt. As Eames’ mother’s alcoholism worsens, he takes it out on his next-door neighbor, Arthur. This repost includes an epilogue that I did not post at the kinkmeme.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  genre:AU  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  high.school!AU  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:oral.sex  author:maybe77  words:15000-19999 
march 2012 by dizzzylu
Eames is a superstar pop singer and provocateur. After saving Eames from a 30-foot-high deflating balloon shaped like an radish, Arthur is hired to be Eames' personal bodyguard for his summer concert tour. In between the sold-out concerts and crazed fans, Arthur discovers not only the real person underneath the zany costumes, but also how to fall in love.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romcom  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  author:bauble  words:60k 
february 2012 by dizzzylu
Nearly Home
Arthur and Eames are on the verge of giving up mind crime when Cobb convinces Arthur to be his point man on one last job — which rather inevitably goes wrong. Eames is pulled into the mess as Cobb’s simple heist spirals into an attempt on inception. It’s time to stop trespassing on the dreams of others; building a home takes two sets of hands.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:barebacking  kink:established.relationship  kink:handjobs  author:toomuchplor  words:20k  trope:kid.fic 
february 2012 by dizzzylu
Dreamshare goes legal, Arthur goes corporate, Eames goes and (against his better judgement) falls in love.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:handjobs  kink:oral.sex  kink:rimming  author:jibrailis  words:50k 
february 2012 by dizzzylu
I Want Your Psycho
Eames would gladly welcome comparisons to other dashing bearded men, but Eames rarely gets what he wants when it comes to Arthur.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:pwp  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:beard  kink:first.time  kink:public.sex  kink:rimming  kink:rough.sex  author:toomuchplor  words:5000-9999 
february 2012 by dizzzylu
Nesting Dolls
Arthur’s not sure if it’s the vodka, or the bitter fucking cold, but never has a single group of people been so completely adept at all forms of espionage and backstabbing.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  rating:R  author:theskywasblue  words:5000-9999 
january 2012 by dizzzylu
Dismantling the Framework
It happens when a post-job drink becomes meeting one another shot for shot while trying to remain articulate and professional. This all goes swimmingly until Eames is halfway through another order and Arthur whispers in his ear, "I want you to lick your come off my chin."
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:pwp  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:barebacking  kink:dirty.talk  kink:first.time  kink:oral.sex  author:recrudescence  words:5000-9999 
january 2012 by dizzzylu
And Try To Keep It All The Year
Arthur hates Christmas, and with good reason. Eames very much does not. They meet, they fall head-over-heels, and Eames sets to work figuring out what exactly is going on here.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:fluff  genre:romcom  rating:PG-13  author:amazingly-me  words:15000-19999 
january 2012 by dizzzylu
Don't Pull Your Punches
You know in Bronson when that girl sits on his lap to feel his biceps and it's sort of full of dangerous, sexy tension? I want that but with Eames and a young Arthur, maybe Arthur is the son of some dangerous criminal Eames is working for.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:pwp  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:age.difference  kink:barebacking  kink:first.time  kink:underage  author:versy  words:1000-4999 
january 2012 by dizzzylu
Thanks for the Wings
This was going to be his last Christmas with his best friend, and Arthur could hardly stand it.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:PG-13  author:foxxcub  words:5000-9999 
december 2011 by dizzzylu
Counting Down to Another Day
It’s not that he trusts Eames completely or anything that ridiculous. It’s just that they’ve worked together before, know each other more than peripherally, and it’s sometimes good to have a familiar face around while Cobb goes even more off the rails and off the grid.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:snuggling  author:recrudescence  words:10000-14999 
december 2011 by dizzzylu
Late Night Phone Call
Arthur usually finds blatant fishing for compliments extremely irritating, but in Eames’ case he is reluctantly charmed. In fact, he writes the phrase “reluctantly charmed” into the Eames notebook the moment the words occur to him because they so perfectly encapsulate his entire situation.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  kink:phone.sex  author:sparkledark  words:10000-14999 
december 2011 by dizzzylu
Eames has a hard and fast rule against fucking anyone underage. Arthur would have the utmost respect for this rule, if he hadn't just gotten cockblocked by it at the age of twenty-three.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:pwp  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  kink:piercings  author:mirabella  words:20k 
november 2011 by dizzzylu
Eames's dealings with Arthur over the last couple weeks have been limited to text messages about how senior year is kicking his arse and, on one occasion, a phone call that ended with Arthur getting himself off in a study carrel in his school library. The poor thing really does deserve a break.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:pwp  high.school.student!Arthur  doctor!Eames  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:age.difference  kink:begging  kink:daddy  kink:established.relationship  kink:fingering  kink:orgasm.denial  kink:role.play  kink:toys  author:recrudescence  words:5000-9999 
november 2011 by dizzzylu
neck kissing kink fill
Eames (Tom) greets Arthur (Joe) with a kiss on the cheek/neck. Arthur (Joe) is taken aback, but secretly likes it. Perhaps it is a frequent occurrence (i.e. every time they see each other) or a one time thing, but that ONE TIME turns into something more (i.e. Arthur (Joe) leans into it/turns his head or something.)
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:fluff  rating:PG-13  words:1000-4999 
october 2011 by dizzzylu
Lois Lane Had It Easy
He looks to Arthur, who’s already looking at him, who looks like he’s been looking at him for a long time. He looks tired. Like maybe he’s been looking too long.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  rating:PG-13  author:calliglad  words:1000-4999 
october 2011 by dizzzylu
As promised many moons ago: a coda where Arthur, freshly legal and bearing baked goods, shows up at Eames’s door.
pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:pwp  underage!Arthur  doctor!Eames  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:nc-17  kink:first.time  words:5000-9999  fandom:Inception  author:recrudescence 
september 2011 by dizzzylu
Perfect Symmetry
It wasn’t art, only a coping mechanism, something that steadied his mind with its simplicity.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  rating:PG-13  kink:first.time  author:foxxcub  words:1000-4999 
september 2011 by dizzzylu
Baby, You're a Firework
Arthur's been struggling against his attraction to Eames because Eames turns him on too much; he comes too soon and it humiliates him. Eames figures it out and teaches him control.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:pwp  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:NC-17  author:cmonkatiekatie  words:5000-9999 
august 2011 by dizzzylu
Greater than Want, Deeper than Need
In a world where touch is as essential to human survival as food and water, Arthur and Eames are forced to face the repercussions of their line of work.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  genre:romance  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:NC-17  author:eternalsojourn  words:10000-14999 
august 2011 by dizzzylu
Arthur makes an offer, Eames makes an assumption, and things go wrong until they don't.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:pwp  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  kink:first.time  kink:snuggling  author:recrudescence  words:1000-4999 
august 2011 by dizzzylu
This story was inspired by the classic noir science fiction movie, Blade Runner, which in turn, was inspired by Philip K Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I have only seen the movie twice (once a very long time ago, and again in a fairly recent rewatch in preparation for writing this story) and read some summaries of the novel, so while this story takes the seeds of the ideas from all these things, it's not a by-the-numbers retelling.

It should not be necessary to have watched Blade Runner or have read the book to understand this story.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:romance  genre:sci-fi  bottom!Eames  top!Arthur  blade.runner!fusion  rating:R  kink:first.time  author:bauble  words:20k 
august 2011 by dizzzylu
Mr. Eames &
eames obsessively tracks a young adult series that may or may not be based on his life.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  genre:romance  rating:PG-13  author:wldnst  words:10000-14999 
august 2011 by dizzzylu
Do You Want to be Found
I may or may not indulge in a highly inappropriate number of daydreams about being certain celebrities' kept woman. This may or may not be an AU in which the same is true of Eames. I should also mention that in this AU, Arthur is about 35, and Eames is 21.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  student!Eames  movie.star!Arthur  rating:PG-13  author:la_victorienne  words:1000-4999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
A Reason For Hope in Us
In which Eames is an undergrad, and Arthur used to be his TA--but that's not part of this story, this is just the story of how now is the perfect moment, and how Eames came home.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:romance  college!AU  bottom!Eames  top!Arthur  rating:R  author:la_victorienne  words:5000-9999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
I Can't Hold Back, I'm On The Edge
There are two pairings in this fic, actually: Arthur/Eames and Arthur/Providence, Rhode Island.

Arthur is the sort of person who's never had a problem going after what he wants. And right now he wants Eames with him, however briefly, in the city closest to his heart. So he decides to try to persuade him by doing something he does very well: making lists of facts.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  genre:romance  rating:R  author:allnuthatchforest  words:1000-4999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
All That Stupid Old Shit Like Letters And Sodas
Arthur loves kissing. Really, really loves it. But none of his unsatisfying one-night stands have ever given him what he wants. And he'll never, ever ask for it. Eames, meanwhile, is trying to figure out what, if anything, Arthur might want.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  rating:R  kink:kissing  author:allnuthatchforest  words:1000-4999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
Every Little Accident Takes Time
Eames is a prep school student who comes to Arthur's shop to get his school uniform altered. They want each other, and Eames at least is determined to get what he wants.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:AU  genre:pwp  school.boy!Eames  tailor!Arthur  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:NC-17  kink:age.difference  kink:first.time  kink:rimming  author:allnuthatchforest  words:5000-9999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
No one really talks about it much, but forgers tend to burn out young. When Eames loses his skill, he has to examine his past, re-evaluate his identity, and figure out what to do with the rest of his life. (The fact that he's slowly falling for a former coworker complicates matters somewhat.)
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:angst  rating:NC-17  kink:first.time  kink:oral.sex  author:metacheese  words:5000-9999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
Eames attempts to seduce Arthur by taking him to an Arcade Fire concert in Hyde Park *g*. Arthur turns up in tatty jeans, trainers and an ancient band t-shirt - and looks shockingly, adorably hot. And they make out on the grass.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  bottom!Arthur  top!Eames  rating:NC-17  kink:barebacking  kink:fingering  kink:first.time  author:jeannedecarnin  words:1000-4999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
Hand in Hand is the Only Way to Land
Arthur meets a far-too-appealing stranger when he brings a foundling kitten to Arthur's pet store.
fandom:Inception  pairing:Arthur/Eames  genre:romance  rating:PG  author:sirona  words:5000-9999 
july 2011 by dizzzylu
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