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The Value is the Boundary
use value types for side effects, a unidirectional flow for testable event processing
reswift  1df  tdd  value-type 
october 2017 by DivineDominion
On the limits of TDD, and the limits of studies of TDD
The study was consucted with too simple a problem to measure increase in code quality
tdd  study 
october 2016 by DivineDominion
testdouble/suture: 🏥 A Ruby gem that helps you refactor your legacy code
Create a seam and then record what's going on by wrapping the legacy object with Suture; works in production environment, too, to gather intelligence about objects.
tdd  legacycode  refactoring  ruby  gem 
september 2016 by DivineDominion
To Kill a Mockingtest | realestate.com.au Tech Blog
"It’s often easier to check that last inch of inter-system I/O manually."
Avoid mocks
tdd  testing  mock  stub 
april 2016 by DivineDominion
Pairwise Testing
Testing pairs of collaborators minimizes test thoroughness for maximum error discovery
testing  tdd 
may 2015 by DivineDominion
Test-induced design damage (DHH)
Test-first leads to scattered responsibilities and bad design. Don't start and stop at the unit test level. Try to use integration tests to verify behavior.
tdd  rubyonrails  bdd 
may 2014 by DivineDominion
UIViewController TDD [Screencast] - Quality Coding
Testing NIB files: outlets hooked up correctly and actions doing the right thing?
cocoa  tdd  view  testing 
april 2014 by DivineDominion
Manual Mocking - Resisting the Invasion of Dots and Parenthesis - Clean Coder
Manual mocking classes instead of mocking-framework generated instances may enhance readability of the tests
mock  tdd 
december 2013 by DivineDominion
Records screenshots of an app "before" and compares with results "after" a change. Visual regression testing for website and web app development!
webdesign  tdd  regression  test 
october 2013 by DivineDominion
Record HTTP API calls and responses as fixtures
javascript  tdd  API 
october 2013 by DivineDominion
Test First | 8th Light
Code can be reconstructed from tests, which are specs, really
october 2013 by DivineDominion
Live-reloading test runner with re-routed console output!
javascript  tdd  tool 
october 2013 by DivineDominion
Jay Fields' Thoughts: Testing: Inline Setup
Jay makes a point for ditching setup/before hooks. DRY tests aren't necessarily more readable when you need to find out why they fail all of a sudden.

Bottom line: be explicit in your tests!
april 2013 by DivineDominion
Using Jasmine to test CoffeeScript in a Rails 3.1 App - Pivotal Labs
CoffeeScript makes Jasmine tests nicer to read. Includes setup for guard'ed Rails app
coffeescript  jasmine  tdd  javascript  rubyonrails 
april 2013 by DivineDominion
Testing With Frank — Painless iOS Testing With Cucumber
Feature: Login to the app
Scenario: Successful login
Given I launch the app
When I log in with a valid userid and password
Then I am on the start view
tdd  acceptance-testing  iOS  objective-c 
january 2013 by DivineDominion
TDD at the System Scale
Aim: Make UI Machine Readable to automate interaction
tdd  system 
august 2010 by DivineDominion
Functional Test
Meet External Requirements with Functional Tests
tdd  extremeprogramming 
may 2010 by DivineDominion
XP Epsiode
Bowling score calculator, test-driven and pair-programmed
tdd  pair-programming 
may 2010 by DivineDominion
C# Station: Assertions
TDD-like practices with assertions
C#  article  assertions  debug  tdd 
april 2007 by DivineDominion
cakebaker » Testing with CakePHP 1.2 - A preview
Testing suite for CakePHP -- a very informative preview
tdd  CakePHP  testing 
april 2007 by DivineDominion
DevPapers - article UnitTesting in PHP using SimpleTest
Test-driven development with PHP? Kind of. C# does a better job though
php  tdd  unittest 
september 2006 by DivineDominion

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