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CNN.com - U.S. rejects Taliban offer to try bin Laden - October 7, 2001
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The White House on Sunday rejected an offer from Afghanistan's ruling Taliban to try suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan under Islamic law.
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september 2011 by dissident
Robert Naiman: The Taliban Might Negotiate, Even if They Think They're Winning
You can't follow U.S. print media coverage of the war in Afghanistan for any length of time without running into some variation of the following assertion:

"The Taliban Will Never Negotiate, As Long As They Think They're Winning."
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october 2010 by dissident
Pakistan: CIA drones have broader list of targets - latimes.com
The agency since 2008 has been secretly allowed to kill unnamed suspects in Pakistan.
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may 2010 by dissident
POLITICS: Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Information War - IPS ipsnews.net
For weeks, the U.S. public followed the biggest offensive of the Afghanistan War against what it was told was a "city of 80,000 people" as well as the logistical hub of the Taliban in that part of Helmand. That idea was a central element in the overall impression built up in February that Marja was a major strategic objective, more important than other district centres in Helmand.
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march 2010 by dissident

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