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How to Engage Iran
What Went Wrong Last Time — And How to Fix It
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february 2012 by dissident
Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names » Childhood Leukemia Spikes Near Nuclear Power Plants » Print
French researchers have confirmed that childhood leukemia rates are shockingly elevated among children living near nuclear power reactors.
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january 2012 by dissident
Iran’s Proposal to End Nuclear Standoff Is Rejected by the West - New York Times
PARIS, Oct. 3 — Iran has proposed that France organize and monitor the production of enriched uranium inside Iran, complicating negotiations over the fate of its nuclear program.
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january 2012 by dissident
Iran nuclear report: Why it may not be a game-changer after all - CSMonitor.com
The Iran nuclear report released yesterday by the UN nuclear watchdog agency sought to corroborate details provided by US intelligence in 2005. But some nuclear experts are unconvinced.
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november 2011 by dissident
Japanese Officials Long Ignored or Concealed Nuclear Dangers - NYTimes.com
OMAEZAKI, Japan — The nuclear power plant, lawyers argued, could not withstand the kind of major earthquake that new seismic research now suggested was likely.
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may 2011 by dissident
NYT: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Critics have long painted the commission as well-intentioned but weak and compliant, and incapable of keeping close tabs on an industry to which it remains closely tied. The concerns have greater urgency because of the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, which many experts say they believe was caused as much by lax government oversight as by a natural disaster
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may 2011 by dissident
Helen Caldicott: Attack of the Nuclear Apologists
Yet by reassuring the public that things aren't too bad, Monbiot and others at best misinform, and at worst misrepresent or distort, the scientific evidence of the harmful effects of radiation exposure – and they play a predictable shoot-the-messenger game in the process.
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april 2011 by dissident
Harvey Wasserman: There's No "Safe" Dose of Radiation
There is no safe dose of radiation.

We do not x-ray pregnant women.

Any detectable fallout can kill.
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march 2011 by dissident
Mike Whitney: The Great Stimulus Debate of '09
"The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published new evidence Monday that Iran had been building "contingency centers" in the event of a U.S. bombing attack as early as 2002, years before it began building the second enrichment facility at Qom."
Gareth_Porter  Iran  nuclear_energy 
november 2009 by dissident
Keeping Iran honest | Scott Ritter | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Iran's secret nuclear plant will spark a new round of IAEA inspections and lead to a period of even greater transparency
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october 2009 by dissident

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