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Food chain slaves - Slavery: A 21st Century Evil - Al Jazeera English
In the opening episode of Slavery: A 21st Century Evil, Al Jazeera's Rageh Omaar investigates food chain slavery, considered the easiest form of slavery to stamp out, in the US.
video  documentary  slavery  labor  workers_rights  exploitation 
october 2011 by dissident
American radical - Programmes - Al Jazeera English
American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein.
Norman_Finkelstein  Palestine  Israel  documentary  video 
april 2011 by dissident
YouTube - Fault Lines - Fast food, fat profits: Obesity in America
Obesity in America has reached a crisis point. Two out of every three Americans are overweight, one out of every three is obese. One in three are expected to have diabetes by 2050. Minorities have been even more profoundly affected. African-Americans have a 50 per cent higher prevalence of obesity and Hispanics 25 per cent higher when compared with whites. How did the situation get so out of hand? On this week's episode of Fault Lines, Josh Rushing explores the world of cheap food for Americans living at the margins. What opportunities do people have to eat healthy? Who is responsible for food deserts and processed food in American schools? Fault Lines finds food revolutions taking place and speaks with the people that are fighting back.
obesity  fast_food  documentary  video  Fault_Lines  health 
february 2011 by dissident
YouTube - Asking For It - The Ethics & Erotics of Sexual Consent [Clip] - Coming Soon to DVD
The line between sexual consent and sexual coercion is not always as clear as it seems -- and according to Harry Brod, this is exactly why we should approach our sexual interactions with great care. Brod, a professor of philosophy and leader in the pro-fe
sex  rape  assault  sexism  consent  video  documentary  gender  masculinity 
october 2010 by dissident
ZCommunications | What ‘Superman’ got wrong, point by point by Rick Ayers | ZNet Article
Waiting for Superman: Approach it with a critical eye -- Some of the evidence, some of the common sense that the film left out.
imported  documentary  review  education  teachers  unions  health  Waiting_for_Superman  Rick_Ayers 
october 2010 by dissident

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