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Congress Can Shove the Robocall Bill up Its Pork-Fed Ass
Since 1991, marketing robocalls in the US have been as tightly regulated as medicine, meth, and murder. But if HR 3035 makes its way through Congress, it's going to be open season for the automatons to call your cellphone
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november 2011 by dissident
‘Ag-gag’ bills face tough row to hoe | Grist
Big Ag is having trouble installing its Iron Curtain. I am referring, of course, to the various "ag-gag" laws proposed in Florida, Minnesota, and Iowa that would make it illegal to produce (and, in some cases, possess) undercover videos from within factory livestock farms. The latest state legislature to pursue this dubious goal is New York's -- but the fate of ag-gaggery in other states makes success in the Empire State seem unlikely.
agriculture  undercover  agribusiness  bill  illegal  animal_rights  meat  cruelty 
june 2011 by dissident
Well-Meaning "Privacy Bill of Rights" Wouldn't Stop Online Tracking | Electronic Frontier Foundation
n Tuesday, Senators John McCain and John Kerry introduced the long-awaited Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights, a sweeping bill that covers online and offline data collection, retention, use, and dissemination practices. Unfortunately, the bill may fall short of what’s needed to protect our privacy.
privacy  bill  online  internet  EFF  advertising  marketing 
april 2011 by dissident

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