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How Many Investigators Does It Take to Catch a Kleptocrat? - By Ken Silverstein | Foreign Policy
Since 2007, U.S. officials have been investigating the rampant corruption of Equatorial Guinea's dangerously debauched president-in-waiting. They haven't gotten far.
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april 2011 by dissident
U.S. deportations reach record high
The Obama administration announced Wednesday that in the past year it has deported a record number of unauthorized immigrants - more than 392,000, about half of whom were convicted criminals.
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december 2010 by dissident
Arctic sea ice loss linked to severe U.S. winters - Capital Weather Gang
Arctic sea ice extent at the end of the 2010 melt season (solid white) was 22 percent below the 1979-2000 average (red outline) and the third-lowest in the satellite record.
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october 2010 by dissident

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