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In Giffords’ Shadow: Trial of Arizona Minuteman Accused of Killing Girl Begins - The Daily Beast
Still mourning the shooting spree that claimed a 9-year-old girl’s life, Arizona is bracing for the trial of another accused child-killer: a female Minuteman. Terry Greene Sterling reports.
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january 2011 by dissident
Ethnic Studies Classes Illegal in Arizona as of Jan. 1
Tucson, Ariz. - A controversial Arizona law targeting ethnic studies in public schools will take effect come midnight.
Arizona  racism  xenophobia  ethnic_studies  immigration 
january 2011 by dissident
After immigration crackdown, Arizona targets ethnic studies - CSMonitor.com
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, fresh from approving a controversial immigration law, riles Latinos anew by signing a bill to discourage ethnic studies classes that 'advocate ethnic solidarity.'
immigration  ethnic  studies  Jan_Brewer  Arizona  racism  xenophobia 
january 2011 by dissident
Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law : NPR
NPR spent the past several months analyzing hundreds of pages of campaign finance reports, lobbying documents and corporate records. What they show is a quiet, behind-the-scenes effort to help draft and pass Arizona Senate Bill 1070 by an industry that st
immigration  Arizona  prison  law  racism  private_prison_industry  Corrections_Corporation_of_America 
october 2010 by dissident
Migrants Risk Everything in Arizona Desert Crossing - IPS ipsnews.net
As he drops his last purification tablet into a pail of swirling, murky water, Sergio, 26, stares out toward the desert. Recently deported from Arizona, where he has a young child and where he has lived for the majority of his life, he explains, "I have t
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april 2010 by dissident

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