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(Disney Princesses/Tinker Bell) - FILLED: some princesses or heroines reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe
FILLED: The Official Princesses by captainzarina
FILLED: Bonus Round: Princesses-to-Be and The Princess That Almost by captainzarina

So, I would love to see some of the princesses or heroines (or princes/heroes!) reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe.
Maybe you've got Ariel, who desperately wishes she could change her talent and goes to outcast Ursula to try. Or Belle, who has a storytelling talent but wishes she could be part of the story. Or Elsa, whose ice talent is so strong that it threatens to go out of control.
Would also love to read a meta fill saying who would have what talents!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:Brave  Fandom:Cinderella  Fandom:Enchanted  Fandom:Frozen  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Mulan  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:Tangled  Fandom:TinkerBell/DisneyFairies  Pairing:Aladdin/Jasmine  Pairing:Aurora/Phillip  Pairing:Beast/Belle  Pairing:Cinderella/PrinceCharming  Pairing:FlynnRider(EugeneFitzherbert)/Rapunzel  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Pairing:JohnSmith/Pocahontas  Pairing:Naveen/Tiana  Pairing:SnowWhite/ThePrince  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Entry:4  Status:Filled  PDate:2014-11(November)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
september 2018 by disneykink
(Enchanted) Giselle/Robert - how did Giselle learn about sex?
How did Giselle learn about sex, presuming Robert didn't tell her? Internet porn? Romance novels? Bad fanfiction?
Go wild, anons. Go wild.
Fandom:Enchanted  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-01(January)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(Enchanted/Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Giselle/Robert - FILLED: Cartoon!Giselle/3D!Robert sex
FILLED: A Meeting Of Worlds by afterandalasia (WIP)

Enchanted/Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Giselle/Robert
AU for Enchanted were Giselle lives so deep in Toon Town that she's never seen the 3D world (maybe doesn't even realize it exists?). Basically I just want cartoon!Giselle/3D!Robert sex. How does sex with a toon work, etc.
Fandom:Enchanted  Fandom:WhoFramedRogerRabbit  Fandom:Crossover/Various  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Teen  Entry:2  Status:WIP  FDate:2014-08(August)  Type:F/M(Het)  Fill-A-Thon:2014-08(August)  PDate:2011-07(July) 
august 2014 by disneykink
(Any) Any - FILLED: consensual full time D/s relationship, the sub feels good obeying orders
FILLED: Untitled [Enchanted] by afterandalasia [WIP]

Any fandom!
Any characters!
A consensual full time D/s relationship.
Emphasis on how the sub feels so good to just follow orders and to just be taken care of without worrying about anything.
Fandom:Enchanted  FDate:2011-10(October)  Entry:2  Status:WIP  Rating:Adult  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Author:afterandalasia  PDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/M(Het) 
december 2011 by disneykink
(Enchanted) Giselle/Robert - FILLED: first time, cute
FILLED: Another Way To Know by afterandalasia

Enchanted, Robert/Giselle
I'm dying for some cute first time fic for Robert and Giselle! Maybe him trying to explain sex is what people who are in love do, and she getting excited about the idea of love over anything else!
Fandom:Enchanted  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-11(November)  FDate:2011-07(July)  Type:F/M(Het) 
august 2011 by disneykink
(Enchanted) - FILLED: Giselle takes Robert and Morgan to Andalasia
FILLED: Untitled by Anon

Set some time after the film. Giselle takes Robert and Morgan to visit Andalasia (and Edward and Nancy). Their reactions, especially Robert's, to this fairytale world.
Fandom:Enchanted  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Author:Anonymous  Rating:General  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-05(May)  FDate:2011-06(June)  Type:Gen 
july 2011 by disneykink
(Enchanted) Giselle/Robert - FILLED: Giselle can't have sex, she gets pregnant through kissing, fluff
FILLED: Ever Ever After by afterandalasia

So... I've seen a lot of fics that have Giselle learning about sex from Robert in the real world and they're all very lovely fics, but I'd like to req something else. ^_^
I'd like to req a fic where Giselle can't have sex. Literally can't. She's just not... Drawn that way. Instead, she as a Disney Princess has babies through a special hug, perferably incorporating the idea that "lips are the only things that touch" (maybe it's a special kiss? IDK).
Robert accidently gets her pregnant, the Disney Princess way, and is a little freaked out, Giselle doesn't see why, since they did the special hug/kiss/whatever, and Morgan is happy because she gets a younger sister. ^_^
Perferable Robert doesn't immidiately attempt to introduce her to the joys of sex (my anti-kink is sex... Sorry. (~_~);), and it's all about Giselle getting pregnant, and it being very fluffy and adorable and family-style fun. ^_^
Fandom:Enchanted  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Teen  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-02(February)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/M(Het) 
april 2011 by disneykink

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