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(Disney Princesses/Tinker Bell) - FILLED: some princesses or heroines reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe
FILLED: The Official Princesses by captainzarina
FILLED: Bonus Round: Princesses-to-Be and The Princess That Almost by captainzarina

So, I would love to see some of the princesses or heroines (or princes/heroes!) reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe.
Maybe you've got Ariel, who desperately wishes she could change her talent and goes to outcast Ursula to try. Or Belle, who has a storytelling talent but wishes she could be part of the story. Or Elsa, whose ice talent is so strong that it threatens to go out of control.
Would also love to read a meta fill saying who would have what talents!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:Brave  Fandom:Cinderella  Fandom:Enchanted  Fandom:Frozen  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Mulan  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:Tangled  Fandom:TinkerBell/DisneyFairies  Pairing:Aladdin/Jasmine  Pairing:Aurora/Phillip  Pairing:Beast/Belle  Pairing:Cinderella/PrinceCharming  Pairing:FlynnRider(EugeneFitzherbert)/Rapunzel  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Pairing:JohnSmith/Pocahontas  Pairing:Naveen/Tiana  Pairing:SnowWhite/ThePrince  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Entry:4  Status:Filled  PDate:2014-11(November)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
september 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/male!Ursula - anything
Don't have any specific ideas. Anything between these two will do as long as there is attraction. Smut is optional, consent is mandatory.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Ursula(Vanessa)  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:F/M(Het) 
august 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Flotsam/Jetsam - Ursula sends Flotsam and Jetsam to seduce Ariel
I posted this in the other prompt post. Trying again. So basically I had a thought and wondered what would have happened if instead of Ursula going up on land and hypnotizing Eric, what if she sent up one or both of her henchmen to seduce Ariel? Doesn't have to be smut and the time limit (the three days) can be adjusted to the filler's preference. Must be consentual. Ariel's age can go up as well.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Flotsam/Jetsam  Entry:4  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2014-10(October)  Type:M/F/M(MixedThreesome) 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Any/Various) - FILLED: Glee-style AU, LGBTQ+ themes
FILLED: Better Than a GSA by captainzarina [WIP]
FILLED: Disney Glee by Anon [WIP]

Take your queer headcanons, or queer headcanons that are popular in your Fandoms.
Is Mulan FTM and waiting for his reflection to finally show who he is inside? Is Elsa a closeted lesbian who wishes she could just let it go and tell her little sister? Is Belle a pan feminist who can't stand heteronormative bigots and gender roles? Has Human!Simba been adopted by married gay couple Timon and Pumbaa after Mufasa's death?
Good. Now put all these headcanons (and more!) in a High School AU ...
And then, make all the characters take part in a Glee Club that suddenly turns into a support group!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:Atlantis:TheLostEmpire  Fandom:Brave  Fandom:TheEmperor'sNewGroove  Fandom:Frozen  Fandom:TheLionKing  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Fandom:Ratatouille  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Pairing:Kuzco/MiloThatch  Pairing:Simba/Tiana  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Status:Filled  Misc:MultipleFills  Fandom:Glee  Fandom:101Dalmatians  Fandom:AliceInWonderland  Fandom:TheAristocats  Fandom:FindingNemo  Fandom:TheIncredibles  Fandom:TheJungleBook  Fandom:LadyAndTheTramp  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:OliverAndCompany  Fandom:PeterPan  Fandom:Pinocchio  Fandom:WinnieThePooh  Fandom:Wreck-ItRalph  Author:Anonymous  Status:WIP  Entry:4  PDate:2014-10(October)  FDate:2014-10(October)  FDate:2017-01(January)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) - Arista sees a man on a ship, she drags him to her dad to make him a merman, she can't understand why her pet isn't fond of his new life
arista has never been like ariel. She's happy with her life under the sea, but when she sees a beautiful man on a ship, she decides she wants to own him. She drags him forcefully under the sea and brings his dying body to her father to make him a merman. she just can't understand why her new pet isn't as fond of his new life as she is.
happy ending, please. bonuspoints for arista meeting ariel on the shore to ask for some advice.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Arista/Other  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-06(June)  Type:F/M(Het) 
august 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) - Ariel visits Atlantica years later, things have changed, Triton ages and no longer remembers who his youngest daughter is
Fandom: The Little Mermaid AU
Pairing: Ariel/Eric if you can work it into the fic, but not necessary
After successfully kissing Eric within the three days, Ariel lives with her husband Eric. But years later she finds a way to go back to the ocean. She doesn't plan on staying long - just long enough to apologize and reconcile with her father.
But when she gets there, things have changed. Triton's age has crept up to him and he no longer remembers who his youngest daughter is.
What happened with Ursula is up to the filler. She could have taken over Atlantica with a new plan and left Triton and his sisters in exile somewhere, she was banished farther away, whatevs. As long as Atlantica seems very different.
If any of you have experienced what it feels like to witness an aging parent/grandparent decline before your eyes, yeah. If anyone fills this I will probably bawl my eyes out. But thank you so much. :)
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:None  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-06(June)  Type:Gen 
august 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) - FILLED: Ariel is fascinated with her new body part, she masturbates on the beach, Eric catches her but doesn't interrupt
FILLED: Breaking It In by kate_chan91

After she gets her legs Ariel is fascinated with another new part of her body. After some exploring she find it to be very pleasurable to touch. She starts masturbating on the beach. Eric catches her but doesn't interrupt her.
Bonus points for him masturbating to watching her doing the same.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:kate_chan91  Rating:Adult  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-06(June)  FDate:2012-08(August)  Fill-A-Thon:2012-08(August)  Type:F/M(Het) 
august 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) - FILLED: Melody's first time
FILLED: A Virginity In Dialogue by ardentintox
FILLED: (Really) quick sketch by geenk [Art]

So I'm thinking that perhaps Melody is sixteen now, and she's been dating a boy (preferably human) who she thinks may just be the one. Their making out, and she decides that she's old enough to as she pleases. Her first time having sex ensues.
Can someone please fill this? There's alot of Ariel's first time, but not many (if any) of Melody's. Please? Pretty please? I'll give you a virtual chocolate cookie if you do! And I'll also be eternally grateful. :P Thanks!
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Melody/Other  Author:ardentintox  Rating:Teen  Misc:Art  Artist:geenk  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-06(June)  FDate:2011-06(June)  Type:F/M(Het)  Misc:MultipleFills 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Lilo and Stitch/The Little Mermaid) Ariel/David - David falls surfing, Ariel saves him, he thinks it was a dream but surfs to find her, they fall in love
David (From Lilo and Stitch) is surfing on night trying to forget being rejected my Nani. He falls off his board and gets swept into the sea. He is saved by Ariel (The Little Mermaid). He wakes up on the shore thinking she was just a dream but continues to go surfing at night to try and see her. He does and they fall in love.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:LiloAndStitch  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/DavidKawena  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-06(June)  Type:F/M(Het) 
august 2018 by disneykink
(Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Gaston - Post-movie, he wakes up, hears the voice of an angel and is healed, he falls in love, kinky tail sex
Beauty And The Beast, The Little Mermaid
Gaston has always fallen for the "beauty; but a funny girl" types (a.k.a Belle). After he is pushed off the cliff he falls into a river that brings him to the sea. When he wakes up he hears the voice of an angel and finds his injuries taken care of. Him and his "angel" get to talking and he falls in love? He loves her tail and tells her not to become human. She listens. Kinky tail sex!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Gaston  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-06(June)  Type:F/M(Het) 
august 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Peter Pan) Ariel/Hook - Ariel investigates Hook's ship, she gets caught and hauled aboard, the crew has fun with her
Movie: Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid
Pairing: Hook and Ariel
Prompt: It isn't Eric's ship that Ariel climbs up but Hooks. She gets caught peeking and hauled aboard where to crew has some fun with her.
Kinks: Group Sex and ... her tail /shot
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:PeterPan  Pairing:Ariel/CaptainHook  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-06(June)  Type:F/M(Het) 
august 2018 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) - FILLED: paraplegic!Ariel, canon-verse AU or modern day AU
FILLED: Paraplegic Ariel AU Drabble by Anon

Maybe as a canon-verse AU in which Ursula does give her legs, but ones she cannot move or feel.
Maybe as a modern day AU in which Ariel is paralyzed from the waist down, either due to an accident or a birth defect.
There doesn't need to be sex or anything specific. Just Ariel on a wheelchair.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:Anonymous  Rating:General  Entry:3  Entry:4  PDate:2014-06(June)  PDate:2014-10(October)  FDate:2016-12(December)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2016 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Princess and the Frog) Eric/Naveen - Naveen wearing Eric's clothes [art]
The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Frog crossover? Naveen/Eric, Naveen wearing Eric's clothes the next morning and Eric finds it hot. Anything involving that, whatever positions you desire.
or blowjobs
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Pairing:Eric/Naveen  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-06(June)  Type:M/M(Slash)  Misc:PromptRequest  Misc:Art 
november 2016 by disneykink
(Atlantis: The Lost Empire/Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid/Star Trek) - Ariel as Kirk, Milo as Uhura, Kida as Spock, and Belle as Bones [art]
Secondly... Have you seen the new Star Trek movie? If you have, could I maybe get any sort of pic that involves Ariel as Kirk, Milo as Uhura, Kida as Spock and Belle as Bones? It doesn't even have to be all four of them, but maybe the four of them kicking ass and taking names? Or just any Disney character in a Starfleet uniform, really. And I really like Kida/Milo, if that's any help... ^^;;
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Atlantis:TheLostEmpire  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:StarTrek  Pairing:None  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-06(June)  Type:Gen  Misc:Art  Misc:PromptRequest 
november 2016 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Vanessa - FILLED: Ariel thought she loved Eric, but then she came along
FILLED: Once Thought by afterandalasia

"Ariel thought that she loved Eric, but then she came along."
I would honestly prefer smut, but I'll take anything you can give. :) Thank you!!
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Ursula(Vanessa)  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Adult  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-05(May)  FDate:2013-02(February)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
may 2016 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Triton - Triton refuses to let his daughter go, he reminds him her mother, he locks her away all to himself
Triton refuses to let his daughter go, he reminds him to much of her mother. So after learning of her failing in love he locks her away all to himself.
i wont let you fly
i wont say goodbye
i wont let you slip away from me
can you hear heaven cry
tears of an angel
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Triton  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-05(May)  Type:F/M(Het) 
may 2016 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - FILLED: Eric is the mermaid and Ariel is the human princess
FILLED: Seabound by afterandalasia

Roleswap! Eric is the merman, Ariel is the human princess. Whether Ariel wants to be a mermaid or Eric wants legs is up to you.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:General  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-05(May)  FDate:2013-06(June)  Type:F/M(Het) 
may 2016 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Other - FILLED: one of Ariel's sisters is now curious about humans and she gives a sailor a blowjob
FILLED: A Certain Curiousity by disneykinklover

With Ariel now married to a human, one of her sisters is curious as to what is so attractive about humans. She swims to shore and finds a sailor sitting on a dock/boat. She gives him a blow job to satisfy her curiosity of human males.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Alana/Other  Author:disneykinklover  Rating:Adult  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-04(April)  FDate:2013-03(March)  Type:F/M(Het) 
may 2016 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - she splashes around to get his attention, smut
"I'll swim up to his window and Flounder will splash around to get his attention."
While Sebastian is busy singing he doesn't notice Ariel swimming off to enact her plan of getting her prince's attention. Now the question remains, smut or more smut?
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/M(Het) 
may 2016 by disneykink
(Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid) Ariel & Belle - non-ironic BFFs
Beauty and the Beast/The Little Mermaid
Belle and Ariel being non-ironic, non-femmeslashy honest-to-Disney BFF's. I don't care how, I don't care when, but I would do almost anything for them being BFF's non-ironically and without there having to be romance as the reason behind it.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:None  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-04(April)  Type:Gen 
may 2016 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Ponyo) Ariel/Fujimoto - she asks him all about humans, somehow or another gives him a blowjob
So somehow Ariel and Fujimoto meet, and she's asking him everything she can about humans and he's like "For the last time, I'm not a human and they suck and why would you want to be one!" and then somehow or another she gives him a blowjob.
Please, for the love of god someone make this happen!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Ponyo  Pairing:Ariel/Fujimoto  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-03(March)  Type:F/M(Het) 
december 2015 by disneykink
(Finding Nemo/The Little Mermaid 2) Melody/Nemo - they're best friends with growing feelings, both end up the same species
Fandom:Little Mermaid 2/Finding Nemo
Paring: Melody/Nemo
Something where they are best friends with growing feelings for each other. Both end up same species, I don't care which.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:FindingNemo  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Melody/Nemo  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-02(February)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Mulan) Ariel/Mulan - picture prompt, what happens after this
I think a lot of people have seen this on tumblr: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lga3nuk0cY1qzckb6o1_500.jpg
So basically I want Mulan/Ariel. What happens after this? Can be fluffy, can be smutty, i don't care I just want someone to write fic about this xD
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Mulan  Pairing:Ariel/Mulan  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-02(February)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) King Triton's Daughters - they like to experiment with each other
The Little Mermaid
King Triton's daughters
They like to experiment with each other. ;) (Doesn't matter if you want to include Ariel or not.)
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Triton'sDaughters  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-02(February)  Type:Poly 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - FILLED: she never gets her voice back, he still falls for her
FILLED: Voyages by sisteruncia

I thought Ariel paid for legs with her voice, and I never got how she ended up getting it back. So she doesn't.
Do the story with Ariel never getting her voice back, the prince was falling for her even mute but staying that way should still pose problems.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:sisteruncia  Rating:Teen  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-01(January)  FDate:2012-07(July)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Aquata and Benjamin help Marina cheer up when she's out of jail
The Little Mermaid. Aquata and Benjamin help Marina cheer up after she's let out of jail. Should be Nate...5 years after the movie? (Melody would be 3 I believe)
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Aquata/Benjamin/MarinaDelRay  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-01(January)  Type:Unspecified 
november 2015 by disneykink
(THe Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric/Scuttle - Scuttle tells Ariel how babies are made and Eric has to correct her
The Little Mermaid
Okay...imagine Ariel still as a mermaid, asking Scuttle where human babies come from. And imagine the bird-brained explanation Scuttle may have told Ariel about this. :P
Now imagine Ariel telling ERIC this, and Eric having to awkwardly explain to Ariel just exactly how human babies are made. Or really...showing her. ;)
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric/Scuttle  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-01(January)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eelmen!Flotsam & Jetsam/Eric - they come by to "check up" on her, dubcon, Eric joins
Ever since I read this(http://community.livejournal.com/disney_kink/361.html?thread=1466985#t1466985) I've wanted more of the pairing. So same idea (eel!mere F&J) but different story. Ariel, human and mute, decides to go for a swim in the ocean F&J join her w/ the pretense they're "checking up" on her. There should definitely be a little dub-con from Ariel. That is until Eric stumbles across them. At first he's embarrassed/ horrified, but then he realizes he's completely turned on by it and decides to join them. Bonus points if Eric fucking Ariel's mouth, for some reason, counts as a kiss and they break the spell.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric/Flotsam/Jetsam  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-12(December)  Type:Poly 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Shinryaku! Ika Musume) Anything
The Little Mermaid/Shinryaku! Ika Musume crossover
Anything, really! I just didn't know I needed this so much in my life (yes, I'm aware of the colossal timefuck going on in there, but you know what? I don't care).
Can you imagine Ariel meeting Ika? HHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGowmyheart
*http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/771200 SFW for Pirates of the Caribbean/Shinryaku! Ika Musume/To aru Majutsu no Index crossover fanart, NSFW for ads
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Shinryaku!IkaMusume  Pairing:None  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-12(December)  Type:Unspecified 
november 2015 by disneykink
(Aladdin/The Little Mermaid) Eric/Jasmine - they meet on a diplomatic mission and become friends then something more, infidelity
Eric/Jasmin. They meet when Eric visits Agrabah on a diplomatic mission and become friends and, after some time (and some denial/angst), lovers. I'm not asking specifically for smutt, it's more about the relationship between them and the effects their affair has on Aladdin and Ariel, both of whom know but don't say anything about it.
Bonus points if it includes the Genie, and maybe Melodie too.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Eric/Jasmine  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-12(December)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Sebastian - Anything, he becomes a human/merman for her
Sebastian and Ariel. I need these two so much. No one seems to get my obsession with them :( Any of the following are ideas I've had:
- Sebastian becomes human for Ariel
- Ariel realizes she loves Sebastian after everything he's done for her and chooses to be with him instead
- Sebastian becoms a merman for Ariel

Bonus points for their love/hate relationship being shown and/or if TLM2 is nonexistent (although I don't mind TLM3 since it was very Ariel/Sebastian at times!)
Basically, anything please!!
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Sebastian  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-12(December)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Tangled) Ariel/Rapunzel - being super excited BFFs
I'd love to see Rapunzel and Ariel being super excited BFFs and gleeing about all the NEW THINGS they have discovered since getting out of the tower/becoming human.
Bonus if this includes discussing their newfound sex lives.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Tangled  Pairing:Ariel/Rapunzel  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-12(December)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Treasure Planet) Ariel/Jim - Space mermaids
So, in Treasure Planet, there are all these space-birds-that-look-like-fish and space-whales, right? I would like to request space mermaids. Maybe they're not quite fish-like, or they have more fins for navigation, or their lower half looks like the whales', whatever; the point is for Jim and his Captain Amelia to find these mermaids.
The entire point of the request being that old youtube favourite, the Jim/Ariel ship. (Who didn't see this coming a mile away?)
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:TreasurePlanet  Pairing:Ariel/JimHawkins  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-10(October)  Type:F/M(Het) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Hunchback of Notre Dame) Frollo/Any - FILLED: the other character seduces Frollo
FILLED: Elements by little_elfie

Hunchback of Notre Dame - Character of choice/Frollo, coercion
So there are tons of prompts for Frollo getting dubcontiems on with a character ... but I'm curious to see it the other way around. Give me any character – prince, princess, from HOTN or not (though Phoebus might be fun) seducing Frollo or otherwise getting him to put his scruples aside. Have fun! Just make sure Frollo is the passive/recieving party plz.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheHunchbackOfNotreDame  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Pairing:Aurora/Frollo  Pairing:Ariel/Frollo  Pairing:Belle/Esmeralda/Frollo  Author:little_elfie  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-07(July)  FDate:2012-09(September)  Type:F/M(Het)  Type:F/M/F(MixedThreesome) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Any) Eric/M - he finds a hot guy washed up on the beach, cares for, bathes, and sexes him
Eric/and other disney guy but not the beast
Instead of Ariel, Eric finds a hot guy washed up on the beach unconcious and takes him back to the castle to care for him, bathe him and sex him. Better if no anal unless it reall floats your boat.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Eric/Other  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-09(September)  Type:M/M(Slash) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Flounder/Sebastian - Flounder makes the first move, Sebastian is flustered
Little Mermaid, Sebastian/Flounder - Human AU

Flounder makes the first move and Sebastian is flustered because he's closeted and there's a significant age difference, but Flounder is adorable and very persistent.

Do anything with this, but I'd love some angsty, fluffy porn.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Flounder/Sebastian  Entry:1  PDate:2010-08(August)  Type:M/M(Slash) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Parallel reality, gay bear(ctopus) Ursula
PARALLEL REALITIES: Gay Bear(ctopus) Ursula. Doing anything. Anything at all is acceptable here, as long as it involves Gay Bear(ctopus) Ursula.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Any/Unspecified  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-07(July)  Type:Unspecified 
may 2014 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Male!Ariel/Female!Eric - FILLED: Sex, mermaid fetish, gonopodium
FILLED: How Does This Work Anyway? by disneykinklover

Little Known Fact: Some fishes have an external penis-like organ called a gonopodium in which they use to fertilize eggs.
This, combined with the fact that I have a rarely seen in fanfition mermaid fetish, has produced this prompt:
Male!Ariel and Female!Eric, sex. I don't know how it would happen- maybe when Ariel (Aaron?) is singing, Erica wakes up, they fall in love, and they start having secret dates on the beach? With Aaron starting to angst about how'll they'll never be together, and it ends up as comfort sex?
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:disneykinklover  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-07(July)  FDate:2013-03(March)  Type:F/M(Het)  Rating:Adult 
may 2014 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Domme!Ariel/Domme!Melody/Sub!Eric - Incest, a different take on incestuous deflowering
Fandom: The Little Mermaid
Pairing: Domme!Ariel/Domme!Melody/Sub!Eric
Kink: A different take on incestuous deflowering. Eric has been Ariel's toy for years, now it is time to bring him to the ultimate depravity with her apprentice.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric/Melody  Entry:1  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2010-06(June)  Type:F/M/F(MixedThreesome) 
may 2014 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Eric/M - FILLED: one of the sailors on his ship wants to even the score with Eric, corruption porn/non-con
FILLED: Get Whats Coming to You by thinktothought

TLM, Eric/? slash. In the beginning of the movie, they show all of the sailors and Eric, and they all seem to like him, right? I think it would be more realistic for the working class swabbing the decks of a teen-aged/young adult Prince's ship to be a little resentful... Ok, this is a long winded message: To sum everything up: Either one, or a group of guy's want even the score with Eric. Preferably corruption porn (A Prince would never associate with a sodomite!! *Eric's shocked face*) or general non-con. Sorry to whoever has to turn this thing into one summarized line, lol....
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Eric/Other  Rating:Adult  Author:thinktothought  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-12(December)  FDate:2012-05(May)  Type:M/M(Slash) 
july 2012 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - FILLED: Ariel walks around the castle naked - not knowing modesty, Eric is turned on, sex in the halls
FILLED: Hallways by Anon
FILLED: Fathomable by salmon_pink

The weather becomes unbearably hot, and Ariel decides to wander around Eric's castle nude, having no concept of modesty (she's always thought that clothing is worn either for warmth or fashion purposes). Many people lay startled eyes on her, including Eric. Turned on, he guides her into having furtive sex with him out in the halls, despite knowing he shouldn't.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:Anonymous  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-11(November)  Fill-A-Thon:2012-04(April)  FDate:2012-04(April)  Misc:MultipleFills  Author:salmon_pink  Fill-A-Thon:2012-08(August)  FDate:2012-08(August)  Type:F/M(Het) 
april 2012 by disneykink
(Various/Wipeout) Any - FILLED: Disney characters competing to win Wipeout
FILLED: Couples Wipeout (mini fill) by Anon

So, yeah. Don't know how many of have seen this show, but basically, Disney characters competing to win Wipeout.
Here's a clip.
There are tons of different elements to the courses, and if anyone's brave enough to take this on, I can look into the names of them (my friend's uncle actually works on the show, assembling them) and give you a detailed list you can play around with.
And there's also been couples Wipeout, so you can have pairs competing for this too.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:Hercules  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Mulan  Pairing:None  Author:Anonymous  Rating:General  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-02(February)  Fill-A-Thon:2012-04(April)  FDate:2012-04(April)  Type:Gen 
april 2012 by disneykink
(Aladdin/The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Jasmine - FILLED: fanart inspired, "You can't keep her in the fountain forever!"
FILLED: In Her Girl's Fountain by contrary_izybel

Ariel / Jasmine
Inspired by: http://domeki-kun.deviantart.com/art/Can-I-keep-her-200654435?q=gallery%3Adomeki-kun%2F20733731&qo;=3
"You can't keep her in the fountain forever!"
Jasmine knew her father was right, but ever since they'd rescued Ariel from that seedy traveling freak show, she'd gained a new friend, a confidant who understood her need for an adventure unobtainable because they were royalty.
She couldn't possibly let her go now, not when they'd grown so close...
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Jasmine  Author:contrary_izybel  Rating:General  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-09(September)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-09(September)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
september 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/The Swan Princess) Grimsby/Lord Rogers - FILLED: old man snark, manservant/protector/guardian love
FILLED: Voices of Reason by wazira_sharira

Little Mermaid/Swan Princess xOver: Lord Rogers/Grimsby
Doesn't have to be romantic, just some old man snark manservent/protector/guardian love. ^_^
Perferably after their respective films so they can bitch at each other about their charges, and the lengths they go to for their ladies. ^_^
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:TheSwanPrincess  Pairing:None  Author:wazira_sharira  Rating:General  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-02(February)  FDate:2011-08(August)  Type:Gen 
september 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - FILLED: Ariel wants to do it by the ocean
FILLED: Here by the sea by kinkmistress

They've been married for a while and she's been enjoying their "oh-so-human" marital acts. She wants to do it by the ocean. He's reluctant because of her sea friends, but eventually agrees.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:kinkmistress  Rating:Adult  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-06(June)  FDate:2011-06(June)  Type:F/M(Het) 
june 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/Peter Pan) Ariel/Peter - FILLED: anything
FILLED: dandelions and spoons by Anon

Ever since I saw Spieling Peter interacting with one of the Ariel's in the parks, I fell absolutely in love with this pairing...
Anything at all Peter/Ariel. She could be a mermaid in Mermaid Lagoon (visiting perhaps?). Fluff at the least but I could definitely do for more if you can manage it (maybe Peter grows up for Ariel? IDEK lol). A few other things, it'd be cool if they were the same age, but Ariel no older than 16 like the first movie at the most please. Also, Peter being his cocky, playa self is good too as long as it's clear that he does actually have some kind of feelings for Ariel <3
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:PeterPan  Pairing:Ariel/PeterPan  Author:Anonymous  Rating:General  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-05(May)  Type:F/M(Het) 
june 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - FILLED: Eric trims her pubic hair
FILLED: Untitled by afterandalasia

Idea: This is set shortly after their wedding. Ariel has a haircut (like a trim), and then when she get's back to her room with Eric something happens so that he ends up giving her...um...lady region a bit of a haircut too. Points if Ariel is confused as to why there's hair down there in the first place. It can be anything you want to happen! Don't care if it's smut or just general cuteness!
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Adult  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-05(May)  FDate:2011-05(May)  Type:F/M(Het) 
june 2011 by disneykink
(Hercules/The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Meg - FILLED: anything
FILLED: Untitled by coffeenbiscotti [Art] [Deleted]

Uhm My request will be Ariel/Meg! I really don't have anything specific in mind so just go crazy!! (of course if you need some specifics i'll think of something)
Thanks :D

Fandom:Crossover/Various Fandom:Hercules Fandom:TheLittleMermaid Pairing:Ariel/Megara Artist:coffeenbiscotti Rating:General Entry:2 Status:Filled PDate:2011-06(June) FDate:2011-06(June) Type:F/F(Femslash) Misc:Art Misc:PromptRequest
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Hercules  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Megara  Artist:coffeenbiscotti  Rating:General  Entry:2  Status:DeletedFill  PDate:2011-06(June)  FDate:2011-06(June)  Type:F/F(Femslash)  Misc:Art  Misc:PromptRequest 
june 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - FILED: Ariel and Eric have a bath to warm up
FILLED: The Palace is Always Kept Cool by Anon
FILLED: september by Anon

After a particularly cold day in the kingdom, Ariel and Eric have a bath to warm up. Conversation and conflict is up to you. Smut is all right with me as long as there's no penetration. Since bath sex is kinda painful anyway.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Author:Anonymous  Rating:Teen  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-05(May)  Type:F/M(Het)  Misc:MultipleFills 
june 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Any - FILLED: a D/s!AU in which switching Ariel's role (instead of losing her voice) makes her lose interest in Eric
FILLED: Part Of Your World by afterandalasia

A D/s!AU, or sometimes a BDSM!AU, is simply a world in which the normal male/female structure of society has been replaced by Dominants and submissives, respectively. For instance, Doms are usually the breadwinners, while subs usually stay at home, clean, take care of the kids, etc. Gender isn't nearly as big a factor in society as role status.
Ursula, instead of stealing Ariel's voice, magically switches her role (i.e., she's a Dom instead of a sub, or vice versa). The other aspects of the movie are kept the same, or adapted to suit the AU, and the three-days-to-get-true-love's-kiss rule is still in effect. Unfortunately, switching Ariel's role has also switched her sexuality... which means that she now has the same role as Eric, and isn't attracted to him anymore. And nor is Eric attracted to her. Oops.
...You know, the interesting thing about the wording of that contract was that it didn't specifically say "Eric."
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Cinderella  Pairing:Ariel/Cinderella  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Teen  Entry:1  Status:filled  PDate:2011-01(January)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
april 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Ariel/Eric - she's pregnant and hormonal and begs/seduces Eric into intimacy
FILLED: Moodswings by cicada_nymph
FILLED: Untitled by Anon (Art)

The Little Mermaid
Pregnant with Melody and out of her mind with hormones, Ariel begs Eric for a little intimacy. She seduces and teases him until he final gives in.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Ariel/Eric  Rating:Teen  Author:cicada_nymph  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-12(December)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/M(Het)  Misc:MultipleFills  Misc:Art  Rating:General  Artist:Anonymous  FDate:2011-07(July) 
april 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid/The Princess and the Frog) Ariel/Tiana - FILLED: Ariel is a curious human and Tiana has many dinglehoppers
FILLED: It's Not A Dinglehopper by imaginary_golux

Definitely need more femmeslash!
Fandom: Little Mermaid/Princess and the Frog
Pairing: Ariel/Tiana
Ariel is a curious little human and Tiana has many dinglehoppers! fluffy, sexy, anything just this pairing please!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Pairing:Ariel/Tiana  Author:imaginary_golux  Rating:Teen  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
april 2011 by disneykink
(Any) Villain(ess)/Hero(ine) - FILLED: a Hero(ine) walks in on a Villain(ess) masturbating and gets a lesson
FILLED: First Lesson by afterandalasia
FILLED: Second Lesson by afterandalasia

It's my personal headcanon that all Disney characters live in the same sort of limbo-town outside of their respective plots. Each continuum gets its own boarding-house, and as long as a character has a name to put on the door, they get their own room.
Since they aren't actually in the continuum, the heroes aren't engaged in constant battle with their respective villains, and the villains aren't dead/imprisoned/exiled/what have you. They keep their personalities, and they hate each other, but not to stupidly dramatic levels. Just normally dramatic ones.
Anyway, it stands to reason that in a G-rated universe, only the villain would really know what sex was. I mean, most continuums don't stay with the married couples long enough for them to have kids; therefore, they seem a bit innocent to know very many things about The World of Kinky Things.
A hero(ine) walks in on a villain(ess) masturbating, and gets an insightful education. Any pairing, any kinks, any fandom, slash or poly preferred.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Jasmine/Ursula(Vanessa)  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-01(January)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/F(Femslash)  Misc:MultipleFills  FDate:2012-05(May) 
april 2011 by disneykink
(The Little Mermaid) Flotsam/Jetsam - FILLED: Anything
FILLED: Flotsam/Jetsam, anything by macboris

Fandom: The Little Mermaid
Pairing: Flotsam/Jetsam.
Really, ANYTHING of these two. And I'd prefer if it were more like the F and J from the Broadway version of TLM, rather than the movie, just because Tyler Maynard is a hottie. XD
I honestly don't know how eels have sex, so you can pretty much make up anything. I'm gullible. Or make them human somehow if you want. Up to the writer, after all. :)
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Pairing:Flotsam/Jetsam  Author:macboris  Rating:Teen  Entry:1  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-07(July)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Type:M/M(Slash)  Type:Other 
april 2011 by disneykink
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