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(Disney Princesses/Tinker Bell) - FILLED: some princesses or heroines reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe
FILLED: The Official Princesses by captainzarina
FILLED: Bonus Round: Princesses-to-Be and The Princess That Almost by captainzarina

So, I would love to see some of the princesses or heroines (or princes/heroes!) reimagined in the Disney Fairies universe.
Maybe you've got Ariel, who desperately wishes she could change her talent and goes to outcast Ursula to try. Or Belle, who has a storytelling talent but wishes she could be part of the story. Or Elsa, whose ice talent is so strong that it threatens to go out of control.
Would also love to read a meta fill saying who would have what talents!
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:Brave  Fandom:Cinderella  Fandom:Enchanted  Fandom:Frozen  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Mulan  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:Tangled  Fandom:TinkerBell/DisneyFairies  Pairing:Aladdin/Jasmine  Pairing:Aurora/Phillip  Pairing:Beast/Belle  Pairing:Cinderella/PrinceCharming  Pairing:FlynnRider(EugeneFitzherbert)/Rapunzel  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Pairing:JohnSmith/Pocahontas  Pairing:Naveen/Tiana  Pairing:SnowWhite/ThePrince  Author:captainzarina  Rating:General  Entry:4  Status:Filled  PDate:2014-11(November)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Type:Gen 
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(Snow White) Evil Queen/Prince - jealous of Snow White, the Queen tries to seduce the Prince, older woman seduction, noncon
Jealous at the fact that Snow White has an admirer, the Queen tries to seduce the prince. He resists, though, and the queen resorts to more forceful ways of seduction. Kinks are older woman seduction and noncon. Would also love it if the queen's aim is to brainwash the prince into forgetting all about Snow White, so that she can show off her new plaything to Snow White in order to hurt her / break her heart.
Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:EvilQueen/ThePrince  Entry:2  Status:Unfilled  PDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/M(Het) 
january 2016 by disneykink
(Sow White) Seven Dwarfs - FILLED: they get handsy while washing Grumpy and he secretly likes it
FILLED: Untitled by finnux

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
All of the Dwarfs (except for Dopey)
During the wash-up "Bluddle-Uddle-Um" sequence, the Dwarfs (excluding Dopey, who's swallowed a damn bar of soap) get handsy with Grumpy while they're scrubbing him down. Grumpy secretly likes it, but won't let on.
Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:SevenDwarfs  Author:finnux  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-02(February)  FDate:2012-11(November)  Type:Poly 
november 2015 by disneykink
(Sleeping Beauty/Snow White) Evil Queen/Maleficent - FILLED: the queen is upset and Maleficent calms her down
FILLED: Calm by Anon

Pairing: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)/The Evil Queen (Snow White)
Prompt: The Queen is still upset about how Snow White is "fairer" than she. Maleficent 'calms her down' -wink wink-. Maleficent should be as evil and cunning as always. :] (Consent is a must, however)
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Pairing:EvilQueen/Maleficent  Author:Anonymous  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-10(October)  FDate:2012-09(September)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
november 2015 by disneykink
(Sleeping/Beauty/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) Aurora/Snow White - FILLED: when Snow White runs from the huntsmen she is taken in by Aurora and the fairies
FILLED: Untitled by planesandcranes
Filled: In The Bloom Of A Rose by salmon_pink

Snow White/Sleeping Beauty crossover. Femmeslash with the main characters, or gen~
When Snow White runs away from the Huntsmen, she doesn't come across the dwarves' house. Instead she is taken in by Aurora and the fairies. Gen or femmeslash, don't care which.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:Aurora/SnowWhite  Author:Anonymous  Rating:Teen  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-05(May)  FDate:2011-05(May)  Type:F/F(Femslash)  Misc:MultipleFills  Author:salmon_pink  Rating:General  FDate:2011-07(July) 
june 2011 by disneykink
(Snow White) Evil Queen/Huntsman - FILLED: she takes her anger out on him sexually before killing him
FILLED: Who Dares to Disappoint by afterandalasia

Snow White
Evil Queen/Huntsman
After finding out that he DIDN'T kill Snow White, the Evil Queen takes her anger out on the Huntsman.
Sexually. (Non-con.)
Then she kills him.
Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:EvilQueen/TheHuntsman  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-02(February)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/M(Het) 
april 2011 by disneykink
(Snow White) Evil Queen/Prince - FILLED: she sexually tortures him in the dungeons
FILLED: Sweet Prince by afterandalasia

Snow White (because there aren't enough Snow White prompts)
The Evil Queen/Prince Charming
According to the special features on the original DVD release, there was an abandoned plot idea where the Queen had captured the Prince and tortured him in the dungeon, and there was supposed to be an elaborate Errol Flynn-esque escape.
Long story short...the Queen sexually tortures Prince Charming in the dungeon before he escapes. Whips, chains, her using her black magic, that sort of fun stuff.
Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:EvilQueen/ThePrince  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-02(February)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-04(April)  Type:F/M(Het) 
april 2011 by disneykink
(Snow White) Huntsman/Snow White - FILLED: he rapes her instead of killing her
FILLED: The Little Princess by afterandalasia

Snow White
Snow White/the Huntsman
He just can't follow through with the Queen's order to kill Snow White. He rapes her instead.
Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:SnowWhite/TheHuntsman  Author:afterandalasia  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-01(January)  FDate:2011-01(January)  Type:F/M(Het) 
february 2011 by disneykink
(Various) Any - FILLED: several Disney characters getting into a game of Twister, multi-crossover
FILLED: Disney Mash by imaginary_golux

I want to see several Disney characters getting into a game of Twister. A multi-crossover, I guess. Preferably involving both slash and hetro. Would be really great if you can get the Aladdin characters making Kuma Sutra comments.
Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Fandom:TheGreatMouseDetective  Fandom:TheLionKing  Author:imaginary_golux  Rating:Teen  Entry:1  Fandom:Crossover/Various  Pairing:None  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-09(September)  FDate:2010-11(November)  Type:Gen 
november 2010 by disneykink
(Sleeping Beauty/Snow White) Evil Queen/Maleficent - FILLED: they hook up, have hot evil sex, plan the downfalls of their kingdoms
FILLED: The True Mistresses of Evil by xenjn

Snow White/Sleeping Beauty crossover
Stolen from a comment at fandomsecrets. The evil queen and Maleficent hook up and have hot evil sex and plot the downfall of kingdoms during the pillow talk.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Pairing:EvilQueen/Maleficent  Rating:Adult  Author:xenjn  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-10(October)  FDate:2010-10(October)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
october 2010 by disneykink
(Beauty and the Beast/Snow White) Evil Queen/Gaston - FILLED: He's her new hunter, sex
FILLED: Job Requirements by imaginary_golux

Gaston/Evil Queen. Here is my setting; The Evil Queen needs a new hunter and Gaston candidates for the job. It will be prettiest Sex EVER! *O*
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:EvilQueen/Gaston  Rating:Adult  Author:imaginary_golux  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-06(June)  FDate:2010-09(September)  Type:F/M(Het) 
september 2010 by disneykink
(Snow White) Snow White/Prince - FILLED: Non-con, he wakes her with sex
FILLED: Love's First by anonymous

Snow White and the Prince
The Prince wakes up Snow White - not by kissing her, but... Yes, exactly. We all know that kisses in fairy-tales are just metaphors anyway, don't we? I know that the Prince must have weird tastes to want to do that, but lets just say that he's spellbound by her beauty, or something. (Sorry!) Can be as dark and/or explicit as the filler wants it to be.
Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:SnowWhite/ThePrince  Rating:Adult  Author:Anonymous  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-07(July)  FDate:2010-07(July)  Type:F/M(Het) 
september 2010 by disneykink
(Cinderella/Snow White) Cinderella/Snow White - FILLED: They prefer being together
FILLED: Border Keep by imaginary_golux
FILLED: Border Keep Podfic by afterandalasia
FILLED: Alliances by afterandalasia

Fandom: Crossover - Snow White and Cinderella.
Pairing: Cinderella/Snow White
Prompt: Both realize that they're respective princes are boring and decide they much prefer being together.
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Cinderella  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:Cinderella/SnowWhite  Rating:Teen  Author:imaginary_golux  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-06(June)  Fill-A-Thon:2012-04(April)  FDate:2012-04(April)  Misc:Podfic  Artist:afterandalasia  Author:afterandalasia  Misc:MultipleFills  FDate:2011-01(January)  FDate:2010-06(June)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
june 2010 by disneykink
(Snow White) Snow White/Dwarfs - FILLED: Gangbang
FILLED: Hearth and Home by imaginary_golux
FILLED: Hearth and Home podfic by afterandalasia

Fandom: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Pairing: As Above.
Kink: Gangbang (is seems Snow is less pure than she let on)
Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Pairing:SevenDwarfs/SnowWhite  Rating:Adult  Author:imaginary_golux  Entry:1  Fill-A-Thon:2012-04(April)  FDate:2012-04(April)  Status:Filled  Misc:Podfic  Artist:afterandalasia  PDate:2010-05(May)  FDate:2010-05(May)  Type:Poly  Misc:MultipleFills 
may 2010 by disneykink

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Artist:afterandalasia  Author:afterandalasia  Author:Anonymous  Author:captainzarina  Author:finnux  Author:imaginary_golux  Author:salmon_pink  Author:xenjn  Entry:1  Entry:2  Entry:4  Fandom:101Dalmatians  Fandom:Aladdin  Fandom:Atlantis:TheLostEmpire  Fandom:BeautyAndTheBeast  Fandom:Brave  Fandom:ChickenLittle  Fandom:Cinderella  Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:Enchanted  Fandom:FindingNemo  Fandom:Frozen  Fandom:HomewardBound  Fandom:LadyAndTheTramp  Fandom:LiloAndStitch  Fandom:MaryPoppins  Fandom:MonstersInc.  Fandom:Mulan  Fandom:PiratesOfTheCaribbean  Fandom:Pocahontas  Fandom:Ratatouille  Fandom:SleepingBeauty  Fandom:SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs  Fandom:Tangled  Fandom:Tarzan  Fandom:TheChroniclesOfNarnia  Fandom:TheEmperor'sNewGroove  Fandom:TheGreatMouseDetective  Fandom:TheHunchbackOfNotreDame  Fandom:TheIncredibles  Fandom:TheLionKing  Fandom:TheLittleMermaid  Fandom:ThePrincessAndTheFrog  Fandom:ThePrincessDiaries  Fandom:TinkerBell/DisneyFairies  Fandom:ToyStory  Fandom:TreasurePlanet  Fandom:Up  Fandom:WALL-E  Fandom:WinnieThePooh  FDate:2010-05(May)  FDate:2010-06(June)  FDate:2010-07(July)  FDate:2010-09(September)  FDate:2010-10(October)  FDate:2010-11(November)  FDate:2011-01(January)  FDate:2011-04(April)  FDate:2011-05(May)  FDate:2011-07(July)  FDate:2012-04(April)  FDate:2012-08(August)  FDate:2012-09(September)  FDate:2012-11(November)  FDate:2014-11(November)  Fill-A-Thon:2011-04(April)  Fill-A-Thon:2012-04(April)  Fill-A-Thon:2012-08(August)  Misc:MultipleFills  Misc:Podfic  Pairing:Aladdin/Genie  Pairing:Aladdin/Jasmine  Pairing:AntonEgo/Kronk  Pairing:Ariel/Cinderella/Maleficent/SnowWhite  Pairing:Ariel/Merida  Pairing:Aurora/Merida  Pairing:Aurora/Phillip  Pairing:Aurora/SnowWhite  Pairing:Beast/Belle  Pairing:Belle/Merida  Pairing:BuzzLightyear/Jessie  Pairing:Cinderella/Merida  Pairing:Cinderella/PrinceCharming  Pairing:Cinderella/SnowWhite  Pairing:EvilQueen/Gaston  Pairing:EvilQueen/Maleficent  Pairing:EvilQueen/SnowWhite  Pairing:EvilQueen/TheHuntsman  Pairing:EvilQueen/ThePrince  Pairing:FlynnRider(EugeneFitzherbert)/Rapunzel  Pairing:Giselle/RobertPhilip  Pairing:Grumpy/SnowWhite  Pairing:Jasmine/Merida  Pairing:JohnSmith/Pocahontas  Pairing:Kiara/Kovu  Pairing:Maleficent/SnowWhite  Pairing:Merida/Pocahontas  Pairing:Merida/Rapunzel  Pairing:Merida/SnowWhite  Pairing:Merida/Tiana  Pairing:Mulan(Ping)/Shang  Pairing:Naveen/Tiana  Pairing:None  Pairing:SevenDwarfs  Pairing:SevenDwarfs/SnowWhite  Pairing:SnowWhite/TheHuntsman  Pairing:SnowWhite/ThePrince  PDate:2010-04(April)  PDate:2010-05(May)  PDate:2010-06(June)  PDate:2010-07(July)  PDate:2010-09(September)  PDate:2010-10(October)  PDate:2010-11(November)  PDate:2011-01(January)  PDate:2011-02(February)  PDate:2011-04(April)  PDate:2011-05(May)  PDate:2014-11(November)  Rating:Adult  Rating:General  Rating:Teen  Status:Filled  Status:Rec  Status:Unfilled  Type:F/F(Femslash)  Type:F/F/F(FemaleThreesome)  Type:F/M(Het)  Type:Gen  Type:M/M(Slash)  Type:Poly 

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