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25th January 2019 — Daniel Benneworth-Gray
Writing the About Page

And then there's the big question that all Aboutists must wrestle sooner to later: which perspective to stump for? Go for first person and risk sounding like a complete egomaniac – I did this, I am this, I do this, look at me, look at me. Write in third person and sound like … well, a regular maniac. Who is this disembodied narrator hovering over your work? Morgan Freeman? Sandi Toksvig? Oh right, it's just you, hiding behind a curtain and putting on a serious voice.
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Codename: nvUltra - BrettTerpstra.com
“The biggest difference is that it works with multiple folders and sub-folders. You pick a folder, it indexes it, and you can use it just like nvALT. But then you can open another folder, or create a new one and start editing. It allows you to create folders anywhere, maybe one on Dropbox or iCloud Drive that’s shared, one on an encrypted disk that’s private, one for work, one for home, one for every writing project. You’re not limited to tags (though you can search by and sync with macOS tags within the app), and you can sort your notes into subfolders as well.”
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Brendan Dawes - Holding the Door Open for Others
I do all this on my own site, that I control. Yes I could publish this on Medium, and maybe I should do both and maybe I would get a bigger audience, but one day Medium will be sold, switched off or reach some other fate that I have no control over. I've even had Medium block content that was part of my post. Screw that crap.

So I continue to write stuff down on my little corner of the Web (does it have corners?) and I encourage you to do the same, as all these little bits of flotsam and jetsam become something a lot lot bigger.
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june 2018 by dirtystylus
Nick Harkaway - Regarding Gnomon
Blame Bill Gibson for what happened next. I never do it this way. I do not, ever, under any circumstances, just dive into a story.
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Publishing U: How Do I Keep My Head Up while Finding a Publisher? : The Booklist Reader
What fails for me is that it [that] virtually nothing is made of the fact that these guys are Koreans. I suppose in the alleged melting pot of America that might be a good thing, but for the book it doesn’t lend anything even lightly exotic to the narrative or the characters.
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