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A one year PWA retrospective – Pinterest Engineering – Medium
Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for: the numbers. Weekly active users on mobile web have increased 103 percent year-over-year overall, with a 156 percent increase in Brazil and 312 percent increase in India. On the engagement side, session length increased by 296 percent, the number of Pins seen increased by 401 percent and people were 295 percent more likely to save a Pin to a board. Those are amazing in and of themselves, but the growth front is where things really shined. Logins increased by 370 percent and new signups increased by 843 percent year-over-year. Since we shipped the new experience, mobile web has become the top platform for new signups. And for fun, in less than 6 months since fully shipping, we already have 800 thousand weekly users using our PWA like a native app (from their homescreen).
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Naming Progressive Web Apps | fberriman
I keep seeing folks (developers) getting all smart-ass saying they should have been PW “Sites” not “Apps” but I just want to put on the record that it doesn’t matter. The name isn’t for you and worrying about it is distraction from just building things that work better for everyone. The name is for your boss, for your investor, for your marketeer. It’s a way for you to keep making things on the open web, even those things that look really “app-y” and your company wants to actually make as a native app, 3 times over. They don’t want you to make websites anymore, but you still can if you’re sneaky, if you tell them it’s what they think they want.
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Progressive Web App questions - Cloud Four
Originally, I was skeptical about PWAs because I felt like it was a buzzword surrounding technology that people should be using anyways. But then I was speaking on a panel and happened to mention progressive web apps, why I thought they made sense, and watched the audience get excited about it.
I then realized that the incentives for PWAs and simply the idea of encapsulating the technology into a digestible idea made a difference.
Shortly thereafter, I was talking to a potential client about PWAs, and he asked me to send him some articles to read about them. I looked around and realized all of the articles were written for developers, not for business people. So I decided to write for them and for designers.
Adding it to the site as something we offer seemed like a no brainer for two reasons:
I believe PWAs represent better user experiences and are the way we should be building the web. Our site and our company has always been about pushing what is best for the web.
I also believe that a lot of companies are going to want PWAs in the future so I want to be ready for them.
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