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Google Docs works surprisingly well in Safari on iPadOS - The Verge
Answers first: Apple is setting the “user agent” (the thing browsers use to tell websites what they are) to the desktop version of Safari. That means websites won’t default to serving their mobile versions because they see an iOS-based browser. After that, though, Apple is optimizing that site to work with touch (and the iPad’s keyboard). So it was pretty easy to hit all of Google Docs’ menu buttons, and keyboard shortcuts were no problem.
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june 2019 by dirtystylus
Michael Tsai - Blog - Upgrading From an iPhone SE to an XR
I wasn’t sure whether I would like the size of the screen. With the iPhone SE, I could easily reach everything with one hand, and this wasn’t the case even with an iPhone 6s. The iPhone XR is quite a bit larger. In fact, I found that it’s so large that I hold and use it in a different—unapologetically two-handed—way, and the adjustment has been easy. Being able to see so much at once is an incredible advantage. I’ve long known this on the Mac, where I’ve always tried to get as much screen space as possible. But, in a way, it’s more true on the phone because it’s so cramped to begin with. Modern iOS and apps are less information dense than before, and they no longer seem to be optimized for 4-inch displays like when that was the flagship size. I miss those days, but at this point I don’t think even a new small phone would bring them back.
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march 2019 by dirtystylus
Some Tips for Developing a Journal Habit – Day One – Medium
One of those necessities: altering — or perhaps recognizing — the real definition of “journaling”. Many people associate “journaling” with penning complete thoughts into a pen-and-paper diary. However, “journaling” is really just a synonym for “recording”. You can record thoughts, sure, but you can also record a daily log of events, or fitness regiments, or what you ate for breakfast.
By accepting a broader scope of the word “journaling”, it’s easier to stay positive through the daily journal grind. By recognizing that “journaling” can mean more than writing your thoughts, you give yourself more chances to succeed. This is fundamental to developing a journaling habit.
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march 2017 by dirtystylus
Nebo’s Handwriting Recognition Elevates Your Notes – MacStories
Converting handwriting to text is simple. Just double tap and the conversion is nearly instantaneous. The process is fast because Nebo is doing the recognition on the fly. As you write, the words Nebo detects are displayed in light grey text above the line of the page on which you are writing. The grey text allows you to monitor Nebo’s accuracy as you write. If Nebo does get something wrong, tapping the grey text brings up a popup with other possible words which makes corrections fast and easy. The real-time recognition of your handwriting also means that you can perform searches of your handwritten notes without converting them to text.
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september 2016 by dirtystylus
UI animation examples for iOS apps
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march 2016 by dirtystylus
Apple Music Problems: How To Fix Issues With Syncing, Playlists, iCloud Library, Offline Listening Not Working And More
Even if you are playing offline music, when away from a Wi-Fi connection you have to allow Apple Music to use cellular data for it to work properly. This can be done by going into Settings>Cellular> Music app and enable (set to green). This will prevent it from pausing during playback as you travel through different network connections.
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september 2015 by dirtystylus
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