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Grab The Train At Grace Jones, Get Off At Yoko Ono: Exploring NYC's New 'City Of Women' Map | Here & Now
“Our map was also designed as a kind of intervention in a conversation that's really picked up steam in the last few years about gender and public space and the ways in which our names and our public spaces do honor and welcome a certain segment of the population that may not feel as welcoming to others,” Jelly-Schapiro says.
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thirstorian 💦 📜 on Twitter: "I welcome @Cambridge_Uni's decision to investigate how it has profited from slavery. As a word of warning, let me share what happened when I got involved in a similar process at an Oxford college: a thread 1/10"
I welcome @Cambridge_Uni's decision to investigate how it has profited from slavery. As a word of warning, let me share what happened when I got involved in a similar process at an Oxford college: a thread 1/10
highered  england  history  colonialism  twitterthread 
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A Computer of One’s Own – Medium
Collection of pioneering women in computing and programming.
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Louis Hyman on Twitter: "In my history of consumption class, I teach about #Sears, but what most people don't know is just how radical the catalogue was in the era of #Jim Crow. #twitterstorians"
In my history of consumption class, I teach about #Sears, but what most people don't know is just how radical the catalogue was in the era of #Jim Crow. #twitterstorians
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