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Twitter Lessons From A Writer Who Grew Up Online
Fast-forward to 2016: I am on Twitter for hours and hours and hours every day, so it’s not entirely surprising that I am also lonely and depressed. I am tweeting through it all and I am handsomely rewarded for my social media impulses: My follower count balloons to 10,000 and it just keeps getting bigger. To me, that means I am special and I am doing something right. I’ve successfully capitalized on the internet notoriety I received from my first viral tweet to realize my career ambitions—I am freelance writing for whoever will have me and my Twitter brand is key to my hustle.
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october 2018 by dirtystylus
The Truth About Bananas – The Lightning Notes
Put the green banana alongside a ripe banana. Check back in after a bunch of hours and that green banana will have become what it had in it to become. It will have ripened gorgeously, yellowed where it was green, sweetened where it was bitter. It will have risen to the company it kept.

And this truth about bananas is also a truth about humans, isn’t it? The company we keep plays a part – and no small one – in our ripening, rotting, or staying forever green.
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september 2016 by dirtystylus
Lizette Greco
“The love of our neighbor in all its fullness simply means being able to say, ‘What are you going through?”
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august 2016 by dirtystylus

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