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june 2013 by diplix
inessential.com: Things I Learned Doing Responsive Web Design
brent simmons über das was er über responsive web design gelernt hat. ich lerne da auch gerade einiges dazu.

<img src="http://root.wirres.net/videothumbs/wirres3.jpg" alt="prototyp responsive wirres.net">
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january 2012 by diplix
macdrifter.com: Footnote Styles
ich bin ja online nicht so ein grosser fussnoten-fan.
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december 2011 by diplix
blog.flickr.com: From Flash to Ajax
wow. flash ersatz in dhtml, javascript und css
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may 2005 by diplix
CSS - Conditional comments
Conditional comments only work in Explorer o Windows, and are thus excellently suited to giv special instructions meant only for Explorer on Windows
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april 2005 by diplix
JavaScript Triggers: A List Apart
The front end of a website consists of three layers. XHTML forms the structural layer, which contains structural, semantic markup and the content of the site. To this layer you can add a presentation layer (CSS) and a behavior layer (JavaScript) to make y
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february 2005 by diplix
wg:Transparent Layering for CSS Testing
… the idea is to show how items relate to each other by revealing where they overlap.
september 2004 by diplix

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