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Responsive emails = fluid grids, fluid media and media queries. The idea being where @media isn’t supported, you can fallback on a fluid layout. As fluid layouts pose issues on some desktop email clients, alternatively you can fallback to a fixed-width mobile template. I tested media queries in our device lab, I’ll update the chart as I add new clients.
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september 2013 by digideth
Lavabit ..::.. Secure Email
Lavabit was built for people like you. People who want a fast, reliable, private POP3/IMAP accessible e-mail account with the most advanced features. Our team of programmers answered with a system so secure that even our administrators can’t read your e-mail.
hosting  security  free  privacy  email  webmail 
july 2013 by digideth
Use MailDrop when you don't want to give out your real address.
email  address  spam  privacy  temporary  anonymous  account 
july 2013 by digideth
The Best of the Best Boilerplates / Bootstraps - Web Design Weekly
Boilerplates, bootstraps or whatever you want to call them have become a valuable resource for any web developer. Not only do they provide great knowledge into the best practices to use, they also save us vast amounts of time.
boilerplate  frameworks  templates  webdesign  webdev  resource  list  links  bootstraps  webserver  cms  html  jquery  css  twitter  html5  email  toolbox  services  webservices  tools 
july 2012 by digideth
Gmvault: gmail backup
Backup and restore your gmail account at will.

Liberate your emails and never lose that part of your life.
backup  email  geek  gmail  google  restore  tool  app  application  windows  xp  win7  osx  apple 
may 2012 by digideth
Tiny Letter
It's the easiest way to start writing your own email newsletter.

Just tell people to subscribe, then write whatever you want, whenever you want, and we'll send it out.
newsletters  newsletter  marketing  email  free  esp 
september 2011 by digideth
Fractal | Email HTML/CSS Validation
See exactly which lines of code are not supported in over 24 email clients. A simple HTML and CSS Validator for email designers and marketers.
css  email  html  validation  validator  esp  webdev  tool  test  utility 
july 2011 by digideth
AES text encryptor
AES Text encryptor for Google Mail or anything else
browser  email  encryption  security  bookmarklet  text  tool  service 
june 2011 by digideth
Flexamail - We make mail do more!
visit websites by email. get past corperate firewalls
read  service  twitter  web  email 
february 2011 by digideth
swiss army knife internet tool ~ you can search for:
RBL checks multible RBL:s if a specific is listed
DNS checks detailed dns information
IP-number checks ip number information such as dns reverse and forwards
C-net checks an entire c-network
whois lookup checks whois information for a domain
route checks a specific routed prefix
AS numbers checks information on an AS-number (AS ())
BGP announcements checks prefixes origined from a specific AS-number (AS)
AS macros checks who belongs to an AS-macro (example: as-ams-ix-peers)
RFC documents Request For Comments (rfc2822)
dns  sysadmin  blacklist  whois  lookup  domain  antispam  network  email  networking  security  internet  computer  service  analysis  hosting  hacking  spam  free  tool  tools  ip  search  web  utilities  rbl  admin  robtex 
january 2010 by digideth
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