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The Machine versus the Apocalypse by LadyRa
The Machine sees a big problem coming and wants to protect the Admin.

[In which a genetically engineered virus kicks off the zombie apocalypse and The Machine gives just enough warning to save a small percentage of humanity.]
f:stargate  sg1  sga  f:crossover  f:bond  f:personofinterest  f:sherlock  wip  -wc:50k-100k  site:a03  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sherlock/watson  f:bond/q  plot:apocafic  atlantis!on!earth  plot:panic!attacks  plot:undercover  -rating:4/5  notsaved 
april 2019 by dievillain
Project File: Emergence, Book 2 – Jilly James » Rough Trade
While the Wyvern triad and their mates are trying to get a handle on the sudden changes in their lives and futures, Wyverns are on the cusp of emerging on Atlantis. If only they could get Rodney to accept that these conversations on the spirit plane are not a dream.

moved to: https://evilauthorday.dreamwidth.org/9177.html

[Sequel to Emergence, sort of sentinel/guide with dragons fic. Pretty fun romance. Rodney emerges as a Wyvern (Omega) on Atlantis, John is an alpha red dragon and the triad rulers of the Wyverns (Blair, Tony and Daniel) manage the behind the scenes politics.]
f:stargate  sg1  sga  f:ncis  f:sentinel  f:crossover  -wc:25k-50k  site:author  p:sheppard/mckay  p:gibbs/dinozzo  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  plot:bond  plot:omegaverse  plot:romance  plot:politics  plot:aliens  plot:ancients!meddling  plot:dragons  kink:instincts  plot:shapeshifter  plot:transformation!genetic  plot:friendshipfic  plot:team  -rating:4/5  saved:evernote 
may 2015 by dievillain
Emergence - Jilly James (Jilly)
Gibbs is the Alpha Dragon for the east coast Wing… and the lead for the NCIS MCRT. He has two rules above all others; No other emerged dragons on his NCIS team, and no relationships with non-dragons.Tony has no dragon blood, so hides his feelings for Gibbs behind smiles and misdirection. Things will change drastically for Tony when he mysteriously falls ill after an investigation on an aircraft carrier.

[Drakes, Wyverns, Yverians and Ascended Alterans oh my.]
f:sentinel  f:crossover  f:ncis  f:magnificent7  f:stargate  sg1  complete  -wc:200k-300k  site:a03  p:jackson/o'neill  p:gibbs/dinozzo  p:blair/jim  slash  plot:bond  plot:dragons  kink:instincts  plot:omegaverse  plot:shapeshifter  plot:politics  plot:ancients!meddling  plot:romance  bashing!ziva  plot:transformation!genetic  plot:friendshipfic  plot:roadtrip  -rating:4/5  saved  plot:team  main!char:dinozzo 
may 2015 by dievillain
Congratulations, It's A Teenager by DennSedai
Someone get's a very shocking and unexpected phone call of sorts. Words: 13,408 Published: 14 Aug 09 Updated: 25 Jun 10

[After graduation Xander is in a coma. The hospital does a DNA test and discovers that Daniel is his father. Meanwhile Halfrek decides to give Xander a wish.]
f:btvs  f:crossover  f:stargate  sg1  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:tthfanfic  gen  ep:graduation  main!char:xander  plot:demons  plot:vampires  plot:werewolves  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  plot:established!relationship  injured!xander  plot:wish  plot:finding!family  parent!jackson  -rating:4/5  saved 
december 2012 by dievillain
A Mirror For Observers by ivorygates
What if Daniel Jackson had been born female?

[The Furlings open up a "dialogue" with the SGC by replacing Daniel with his counter-part Danielle. There is much angst, Jack is a jerk, Dani can't go back and Daniel and Dani get together. And somehow it really works.]
f:stargate  sg1  complete  -wc:150k-200k  site:a03  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  het  plot:genderbender  plot:genderbender!permanent  always!girl!jackson  quantum!mirror  p:o'neill/carter  plot:angst  plot:parallel!universe  plot:intelligent  furling  plot:apocafic  plot:character!death  p:jackson/jackson  plot:gender!roles  plot:romance  trust!conspiracy  plot:kidnapping  bashing!military  -rating:4/5  saved  plot:team 
november 2012 by dievillain
The Hunt by LadyRa
Cassandra takes her revenge, and the hunt is on for Methos, but it's not only Immortals that are after him.
f:stargate  sg1  f:crossover  f:highlander  complete  -wc:25k-50k  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  p:methos/macleod  -notread  site:a03  saved 
september 2012 by dievillain
Emotional Clockwork by Keira Marcos
Plot Bunny: At thirty-seven, John Sheppard came to the unfortunate and completely fucked up conclusion that he was in love with Rodney McKay. McKay is fresh out of a relationship and John isn’t interested in ruining their friendship with a rebound thing.

Rodney waited for years for John Sheppard to look at him. There had been a time when he would have given anything for his best friend to turn to him and return the foolish, inappropriate love he himself harbored. He thinks he’s moved on but what happens when he turns to John and sees everything he’d ever wanted just waiting for him?
f:stargate  sga  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  DADT  dadt-repealed  return!pegasus  -rating:4/5  site:nano  complete  -wc:25k-50k  site:author  bashing!jennifer  plot:romantic!misunderstandings  plot:coming!out  plot:homophobia  plot:gay!bashing  plot:family!drama  plot:marriage  plot:post-series  saved  jealous!sheppard  plot:romance!jealousy  plot:romance!oblivious  oblivious!mckay  plot:romance!pining  pining!sheppard  pining!mckay  a:keiramarcos 
november 2011 by dievillain
To Speed Where There is Space Enough by Lokei
The wingseconds were yelling, and M’chell was white-faced and completely silent. Samartha, after an incredulous stare, closed her eyes and turned her attention to Jolinath, who still flew, and the bronzes who hadn’t abandoned the queen flight. But Thoroth and Skaarath had taken themselves out of contention in a spectacular way that would be the talk of every Weyr on Pern, quite possibly for Turns, and Jack was no longer Weyrleader. He let go his need to assess his surroundings and felt Thoroth’s exultation wash over him again, one last detail surviving the onslaught of emotion.
f:stargate  sg1  f:crossover  f:pern  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  slash  kink:instincts  -rating:3/5  plot:dragons  plot:fluff  plot:romance  p:jackson/o'neill  saved 
september 2011 by dievillain
A United Front by darkhavens
A few years into the future, a promotion and a new Equality Bill. But no Ferrari.

"Just how many contingency plans do you have in place? Is Radek going to stage a coup if we don't get home on time?"The shifty expression on Rodney's face answered for him."You… No, there's no way Radek would ever go up against Elizabeth to take control of the city, not even for you."A smug little smile twitched the corner of Rodney's mouth."Who says Elizabeth isn't in on the plan? She learned the lesson well, John, we all did - leave no man behind. Not going home isn't an option."
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:<5k  site:lj  slash  earth!side  DADT  dadt-repealed  -rating:4/5  plot:homophobia  plot:romance  plot:coming!out  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  saved  fullbird!sheppard  promoted!sheppard 
september 2011 by dievillain
Bound Together by blackchaps
John's life changes completely after he arrives in Atlantis: his higher-ups think he's been compromised, and he doesn't want to command, but has no choice. The entire expedition is in peril as he fights to keep both the Wraith at bay and prevent a city-wide mutiny from destroying everything he's sworn to protect.

[Atlantis turns John into her Avatar, with first his eyes and then his fingernails and the tips of his hair turning silver. He can see and manipulate energy. Rodney is his genetic match & he can use him like a battery. Bates doesn't trust him & neither does Elizabeth. When Bates mutinies, she doesn't know who to side with. Good thing O'Neill is in his corner.]
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:25k-50k  site:a03  site:bigbang  slash  sentient!atlantis  bashing!elizabeth  -rating:4/5  plot:romance  plot:angst  plot:bond  plot:transformation  matchmaker!atlantis  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  saved  ancient!sheppard  ata!sheppard  plot:romance!pining  pining!sheppard 
september 2011 by dievillain
As the Stars Fall Part 1 by FlitterFlutterFly
The expedition to Atlantis fails and is recalled back to Earth just in time to discover the ramifications of their curiosity. Mutations start cropping up all over the world, beginning first as a mysterious sickness. The SGC soon learns there is more to Ascension then they’d first thought as a new species of human is quite suddenly created.

alt link: https://archiveofourown.org/series/37560

[Opening the gate to Atlantis awakens the ATA gene & "mutant" powers. Turns out those with the ATA gene are really reincarnated Ancients. The world turns against them & they all flee to Atlantis with Asgard help.]
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  wip  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  p:jackson/o'neill  atlantis!succeed  sentient!atlantis  magic!gene  bashing!military  -rating:3/5  plot:psychic  plot:angst  kink:instincts  plot:romance  plot:bond  plot:betrayal  abandoned  -wc:25k-50k  saved  kickass!sheppard  kickass!mckay  powerful!sheppard  virgin!mckay  plot:transformation!genetic 
august 2011 by dievillain
Mt. Rushmore or Bust by Belladonna
sequel to The Sentinel and Guide of Atlantis

[Interlude on earth where John & Rodney finally get together.]
f:stargate  sga  f:crossover  f:sentinel  complete  -wc:<5k  slash  on!leave  earth!side  -rating:3/5  plot:romance  plot:bond  plot:character!death  p:sheppard/mckay  p:blair/jim  p:jackson/o'neill  ss  notsaved 
july 2011 by dievillain
Eleven Moments by ladyflowdi
[Jack dies at home watching the Simpsons & Carter and Jackson retire to Atlantis. Things settle down & then the Wraith attack, Teyla is killed & Atlantis takes heavy losses. Elizabeth was on earth when the Gate Bridge & the Daedalus were destroyed and Carter takes command, her retirement over. Atlantis never regains contact with Earth and they don't know if it was destroyed.]

alt link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/940822
f:stargate  sga  f:crossover  sg1  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:lj  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  p:sheppard/mckay  gen  retires!atlantis  atlantis!cut-off  earth!destroyed  found!zpm  -rating:4/5  plot:moving!in  plot:angst  plot:apocafic  plot:character!death  saved 
june 2011 by dievillain
Distant Memories by Tarlan (Architects of Fate 4)
Fourth in the Architects of Fate AU Series. After becoming the Chief Medical Officer on Atlantis, Rodney's medical skills and that of his staff are put to the test when the exploration of the Ancient Medical facility on the north pier sets in motion a sequence of disastrous events that threaten first his own life and, later, the life of the man he loves. Yet not all of Rodney's problems originate on Atlantis, and Rodney is forced into a race against time once again to save John and the rest of the new Atlanteans from a dangerous Pegasus virus, with only the help of a stranger--Ronon Dex.
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  -wc:25k-50k  complete  site:a03  slash  different_road_to_stargate  site:bigbang  -rating:4/5  dadt-repealed  DADT  saved  plot:action!adventure  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  plot:character!death  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  doctor!mckay 
april 2011 by dievillain
Architects of Fate by Tarlan (Architects 1)
Rodney escapes the horror within the Morpheus I drilling station only to be sent straight back into danger. Crossover with the movie Survivor.

[Crossover with Nightworld: Survivor. Rodney is a medical Dr & survives the alien farmer of human stock in Antarctica. John gets involved when he pilots Rodney to safety. Jack & Daniel also get involved and Rodney & John both join SG-2. When Atlantis is discovered, Jack goes as expedition head, John is promoted to Lt. Colonel & is the military head, Rodney is the CMO, Daniel is in charge of Archeology and Linguistics & Radek heads Physics & Engineering.]
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  different_road_to_stargate  -rating:3/5  antarctica  DADT  plot:action!adventure  plot:kidnapping  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  plot:character!death  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  saved  plot:alien!invasion  doctor!mckay 
april 2011 by dievillain
Out of the Closet, Into the Fire by delphia2000
Jack knew things were going to happen when he greeted Daniel with a kiss while they were right in the middle of a hall in the Pentagon.
Waverly handed him a file folder. “Lt. Col. Sheppard is on his third week MIA. The IOA is getting nervous and they’d feel a lot better if someone with a lot of luck was in charge. They have confidence in Weir and Lorne, but we need a military leader with some clout. Up to a little field work?”

Jack opened the folder to look over the summary on top quickly. “Promotion or demotion, sir?”

“Neither. Just getting you out of town til things cool off a bit. We’ll keep your seat warm for you here if that’s what you want.”

“I’m going to need at least a week. Getting married. Have to make arrangements to sell some real estate or at least get a house sitter or something. And Jackson goes with me or no deal.”

The General nodded. “I figured. Also figured he’d be happy to go study the Ancient city for a while too. Knew Antarctica wouldn’t be the best place for his skills, not that they wouldn’t love to have you both.”
f:stargate  sg1  sga  f:crossover  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  slash  plot:coming!out  DADT  dadt-repealed  plot:marriage  plot:kidnapping  sentient!atlantis  plot:established!relationship  plot:parenting  -rating:3/5  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  saved 
april 2011 by dievillain
Midnight Blue Corvette by Paian
Jack's an ex-commando in town for an old buddy's wedding, Daniel's out with a client. They meet at a strip club.

The bachelor party was in full swing at the third strip joint when Jack, still adroitly nursing his second beer while making it appear to be his tenth or eleventh, noticed the quietly dazzling man across the room.
f:stargate  sg1  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  earth!side  ex-military!jack  -rating:3/5  plot:disability  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  plot:angst  p:jackson/o'neill  saved 
april 2011 by dievillain
Guardian by Tarlan
They'd given John a choice: Antarctica or resignation. He had chosen to resign, but during a simple journey ferrying executives for his father's company, John becomes the latest victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. With time running out, all of John's hopes for survival now depend on the self-proclaimed genius of an arrogant astrophysicist that he'd known for one glorious night—Rodney McKay.

alt link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1815931

[John's copter goes down in the Bermuda Triangle & he's somehow saved by an ancient installation much like Antarctica & put into a control chair. He helps Jack fight Anubis, though Jack has no memory of it, and contacts Rodney. Rodney with the help of Lorne, Zelenka & Dave Sheppard rescue John. They invite John to join the expedition but he's leery of Sumner. Jack becomes military & expedition head, John is re-instated as a Lt Colonel & DADT is overturned for the expedition.]
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  -wc:25k-50k  complete  site:bigbang  site:other  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  ancient!device!contretemps  earth!side  p:jackson/o'neill  pre-atlantis  different_road_to_stargate  DADT  -rating:3/5  antarctica  plot:family!drama  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  saved  ata!sheppard  ex-military!sheppard  dadt-repealed 
march 2011 by dievillain
abicierum by thekatcameback & doublehelix20
Rodney McKay is brilliant enough to do this math: One night plus four months, times n for the weight gain, equals one fetus. And onward. Abicierum-- to give up, not to surrender.

The hormones seething in his system make him want to cry. Instead, Rodney pulls out an info tablet and writes, "Things to do before the baby arrives: 1. Find the biggest room in Atlantis. 2. Look sad enough that someone agrees to massage my ankles and/or back. 3. Name baby. 4. Find baby's father. 5. Kill baby's father."
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  f:crossover  sg1  site:lj  slash  -rating:3/5  p:sheppard/mckay  p:mckay/o'neill  p:jackson/o'neill  plot:mpreg  ss  notsaved  preg!mckay  plot:team 
march 2011 by dievillain
The Pack Index by nightchaser_sla
The team investigates a planet that has a defense against the Wraith & they become infected so that they act like a pack of wolves. When Elizabeth sends them to the SGC & SG-1 is also infected.
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  wip  -wc:25k-50k  tracking  site:lj  slash  ancient!device!contretemps  DADT  mission!contretemps  -rating:3/5  plot:fluff  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  plot:werewolves  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay/dex  plot:bond  plot:threesome/moresome  ss  notsaved  dark!sheppard 
march 2011 by dievillain
Don't Ask Don't Tell by dangermouse
A hypothetical story - what if they dumped the damned law? How would it affect people? A tale of bigotry, tolerance, paperwork and communication. Thanks, as ever, to the wonderful Joy for the beta and loads of military info. I really couldn't have written it without her.
f:stargate  sg1  complete  -wc:5k-25k  site:author  slash  DADT  -rating:3/5  plot:gay!bashing  p:jackson/o'neill  plot:coming!out  ss  notsaved 
march 2011 by dievillain
An Uncomplicated Choice by ladyholder
Choosing to stay in Pegasus wasn't complicated for the people of Atlantis. What happened next? That was where things got interesting. Chapters: 13 Completed: No Word count: 46924 Published: 30 Sep 2008 Updated: 03 Nov 2010

alt link: http://ladyholder.com/an-uncomplicated-choice/

[Atlantis spends 18 months in "the black" before landing on a planet. Meanwhile the President isn't happy with the SGC when their allies don't help against the Ori. He discovers Franklin & Balok's mutual stupidity & perfidy. O'Neill is re-instated as head of SGC with the job of fixing their relations with the galaxy and atlantis. John & Rodney start making a baby in an ancient womb.]
f:stargate  sga  wip  abandoned  -wc:25k-50k  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  p:jackson/o'neill  sg1  f:crossover  atlantis!succeed  bashing!IOA  tracking  king!elizabeth  -rating:3/5  clone!jack  clone!daniel  site:wraithbait  preg!ancient!device  saved  plot:action!adventure  plot:established!relationship  plot:massive!au  plot:militaryfic  plot:mpreg  ata!sheppard 
september 2010 by dievillain
The Slow Slide of Indifference by ladyholder
When Earth became indifferent to them, Atlantis and the people who loved her looked for ways to make things work. And then Earth tried to change the rules.

[Atlantis sees the writing on the wall when Earth slows their supplies. Everyone begins stockpiling resources with the SGC's surreptitious help. Clones of O'Neill & Jackson move to Atlantis as well as others who want to leave Earth permanently. When Earth tries to demand their ZPM, they succeed. When the Daedalus is shot down by an Ancient space station, Atlantis rescues her wounded & tries to send them home to Earth. Earth declares them all traitors & terrorists & they decide to move Atlantis. With the help of extra ZPMs from the space station, they turn Atlantis into a space ship and hang out in outer space keeping one step ahead of the Wraith and Earth.]
f:stargate  sga  complete  f:crossover  sg1  slash  atlantis!succeed  bashing!IOA  clone!jack  clone!daniel  bashing!military  -rating:3/5  DADT  king!elizabeth  site:wraithbait  saved  plot:action!adventure  plot:established!relationship  plot:massive!au  plot:militaryfic  plot:coming!out  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  -wc:50k-100k 
september 2010 by dievillain
Dead Like Them by nixa jane
"I don't think we've been properly introduced, I'm John." "Dr. Rodney McKay," Rodney snapped. "I demand to see your supervisor." "Jack? Jack's a little busy," John said. "He's having trouble with Daniel again; he keeps trying to save people; which means you’re my responsibility."
f:stargate  complete  -wc:5k-25k  f:crossover  f:deadlikethem  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  sg1  sga  site:lj  -rating:3/5  non-stargate  earth!side  plot:angst  plot:character!death  saved:evernote  aujob!sheppard  aujob!mckay  pilot!sheppard 
september 2010 by dievillain
False Accusations by Tarlan
Kavanagh accuses Rodney McKay and John Sheppard of being sexually involved with each other.

"but people need their creature comforts. Restoring the water and heating systems in the living areas would--" "Waste a lot of what little time I have right now. You have a temporary roommate, Kavanagh. Deal with it." "Wasting time? Well, perhaps if you spent a little less time with your dick up Sheppard's ass then you'd have the time."
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  f:crossover  sg1  site:author  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  DADT  p:sheppard/mckay  -rating:3/5  plot:fluff  plot:homophobia  plot:romance  plot:coming!out  site:a03  saved 
september 2010 by dievillain
Colony Atlantis by Icarus
This is what happens when Weir begins to build her vision of a utopia.

[Atlantis officially becomes a colony with Elizabeth as the governor. One of the first things she does is repeal DADT. Someone drops a tape of Jack & Daniel having sex in Hammond's bag & Hammond (as a god fearing man) confronts Jack. Jack & Daniel resign & move to Atlantis.
f:stargate  sga  complete  -wc:5k-25k  atlantis!succeed  DADT  f:crossover  sg1  slash  retires!atlantis  king!elizabeth  -rating:4/5  site:author  dadt-repealed  saved  p:jackson/o'neill  plot:coming!out  ata!sheppard 
august 2010 by dievillain
The Connection by Keikokin
John Sheppard has the ATA gene for a reason, and the answer is at the SGC. McShep, Jack/Daniel, Sam/Radek, SGA/SG-1 xover

[Crazy silly plot. When Jack went back to 1969 he got stoned & slept with John's mother. John is his son. And everyone is a drama queen.]
f:stargate  sga  complete  sg1  f:crossover  -wc:25k-50k  slash  DADT  site:wraithbait  -rating:3/5  plot:fluff  plot:marriage  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  plot:timetravel  plot:angst  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  saved  canadian!citizenship!sheppard  jack!sheppards!father 
august 2010 by dievillain
Animalia Sequence by Leah (Pegasus B universe)
"...It wasn't like Daniel was *suffering*, or anything. So he was small and fuzzy and eating hamburger on a bed. It kind of looked like fun."

[Daniel gets turned into a monkey & John doesn't tell anyone how to turn him back right away. He's jealous & wants time alone with Rodney. Plus Daniel could really use a vacation. John & Rodney get turned into penguins & have a great time together though Jack is traumatized by the Gay Penguin Sex.]
f:stargate  sga  -wc:5k-25k  complete  sg1  f:crossover  slash  fetish/kink  ancient!device!contretemps  -rating:3/5  site:wraithbait  plot:fluff  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  plot:crackfic  saved 
july 2010 by dievillain
No Good Deed by Forestgreen
John opened the closed record that Stargate Command had on him and skipped over its content: "Dr John Sheppard, Civilian Consultant to the U.S. Air Force, member of SG-1, PhD in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Computer Science, gifted mathematician with a penchant for stealing, trustworthy." A small, satisfied smirk crooked John's lips. He struck the last part out and added a correction in red: "Gifted thief with a penchant for mathematics, not to trust." He saved the document and erased all traces of his presence in the system. It'd take a while for McKay to figure out that John had found yet another weakness in the SGC network. John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell NC-17 65620 words

[Fantastic story. John is super!thief & while stealing information from Ba'al, he rescues Cameron & Rodney. They only know him under his disguise of Raven. Later he joins the SGC as a mathematician and becomes best friends with Rodney & lovers with Cameron.]
f:stargate  sg1  sga  f:crossover  complete  site:bigbang  p:sheppard/mitchell  slash  prime!not-prime  earth!side  different_road_to_stargate  -rating:5/5  -rating:favorite  site:other  saved  p:jackson/o'neill  plot:action!adventure  plot:family!drama  plot:kidnapping  plot:massive!au  plot:suspense  plot:angst  -wc:50k-100k  plot:bamf  ata!sheppard  goa'uld!mckay  plot:possession  plot:mind!control  kickass!sheppard  smart!sheppard  phd!sheppard  powerful!sheppard  plot:aujob 
july 2010 by dievillain
Bridges by busaikko
Engineer Rodney McKay went to North Carolina's Crystal Coast to help his sister design a series of bridges. He hoped to rebuild his career following a professional disaster; he didn't expect to be drawn into the small community of Athos Island, where he found friendship and perhaps something more with helicopter pilot John Sheppard. But when Rodney tries to learn more about John's past, what he discovers might tear them apart. (non-Stargate AU)
f:stargate  sga  complete  site:bigbang  site:other  non-stargate  earth!side  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  plot:romance  -rating:3/5  saved  -wc:50k-100k  engineer!mckay  pilot!sheppard 
july 2010 by dievillain
A SGA Sentinel and Guide series by ladyholder (6 stories)
What happens when two people who are not your typical Sentinel or Guide meet up?

[Rodney isn't a typical guide & no sentinel is interested in him. John isn't a typical sentinel. All he wants to do is fly but as time goes on he has more and more trouble controlling his senses without a guide. When they meet at Antarctica, they immediately know they match. Both Elizabeth & Sumner don't really know how to deal with a Sentinel/Guide pair & it causes friction.
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:sentinel  f:crossover  -wc:5k-25k  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  earth!side  site:wraithbait  -rating:4/5  plot:romance  plot:militaryfic  plot:bond  saved  guide!mckay  sentinel!sheppard 
july 2010 by dievillain
Draconian Measures by Tarlan
Following on from the Stargate SG-1 episode, 'The Road Not Taken'. Rodney is coerced into taking over Sam's role as President Landry's chief science adviser, but without another ZPM, he knows it is only a matter of time before the Ori return and destroy the Earth. However, the threat comes from an unexpected direction, and as Earth falls to the Goa'uld System Lords, who want to make Earth their final battleground against the Ori, Rodney and John organize the escape of those they are able to save using the last of Earth's ships (Daedalus and Prometheus) and the Stargate. As they battle to raise Atlantis and then power her, John and Rodney discover that the Goa'uld and the Ori are not the only enemy they must overcome before Atlantis can become a true refuge - and home.

alt link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/221046
f:stargate  sga  complete  sg1  f:crossover  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  site:bigbang  earth!side  atlantis!cut-off  atlantis!succeed  -rating:3/5  earth!destroyed  different_road_to_stargate  plot:parallel!universe  plot:politics  plot:angst  plot:apocafic  -wc:50k-100k  saved  plot:alien!invasion  king!mckay 
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Rainbow Warrior by Lady Grey
In response to a direct order from the President, the military finally takes steps to correct its discriminatory attitude toward gay and lesbian soldiers. Following this groundbreaking event, Jack O'Neill comes out to his team, losing the support of one of them. Daniel decides to help his friend truly come to terms with his newly recognized orientation, and gets far more than he ever expected
f:stargate  sg1  -wc:25k-50k  complete  slash  DADT  site:area52  bashing!sam  -rating:2/5  plot:militaryfic  p:jackson/o'neill  plot:coming!out  notsaved 
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Sentience by Tarlan
An AU. What if Atlantis was sentient?

[When the expedition goes through the gate, Atlantis sends the non-ATA gene people back but keeps the lovers of the ATA gene people. Elizabeth does her best to manipulate herself back, including seducing Jack but it doesn't work. They end up settling in with Jack as the leader, John in charge of the military & Rodney in charge of the scientists. Non-ATA gene people live on the mainland with Elizabeth in charge. They use artificial wombs to have children, don't wake the Wraith with the help of Atlantis & all is well for a while until an Ancient ship comes back. They turn off the AI & try to send everyone back to earth.]
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  wip  sentient!atlantis  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  p:jackson/o'neill  ascended!daniel  atlantis!cut-off  DADT  -rating:4/5  bashing!elizabeth  bashing!sam  -rating:favorite  matchmaker!atlantis  plot:massive!au  plot:parenting  site:a03  saved  -wc:50k-100k  plot:ascension  plot:romance!epic 
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The Sentinel And Guide Of Atlantis by Belladonna
Atlantis gets some unexpected help in their hour of need. Daniel runs away to Atlantis, Jack follows and John and Rodney wonder what the fuss is all about

[Jim & Blair die, ascend, meet Daniel & run afoul of Anubis. Anubis somehow descends them and traps them in statis on Atlantis. After they awaken, they help John & Rodney protect Atlantis.]
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  f:sentinel  complete  -wc:25k-50k  slash  -rating:3/5  ascended!daniel  site:area52  plot:romance  p:jackson/o'neill  p:blair/jim  plot:bond  ss  saved  plot:ascension 
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Human Nature by Keira Marcos
John faces some hard changes after Atlantis is returned to Pegasus.

[DADT is repealed and Jennifer Keller violates doctor patient privilege to out John to Rodney. Rodney dumps her and she retaliates by trying to get John gay-bashed via a girl's poker night who's gay list.]
f:stargate  sg1  sga  f:crossover  complete  -wc:5k-25k  p:sheppard/mckay  p:lorne/parrish  slash  DADT  p:jackson/o'neill  p:mckay/keller  retires!atlantis  site:author  sentient!atlantis  beloved!by_his_soldiers  -rating:favorite+  -rating:5/5  bashing!jennifer  dadt-repealed  saved  plot:gay!bashing  plot:massive!au  plot:romance  plot:angst  plot:militaryfic  plot:coming!out  admired!sheppard  plot:homophobia  ata!sheppard  jealous!sheppard  plot:romance!jealousy  plot:romance!oblivious  oblivious!mckay  plot:romance!pining  pining!sheppard  kickass!sheppard  powerful!sheppard  a:keiramarcos 
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Daniel discovers the joys of family life when Jack takes him home to the folks in Chicago for a little TLC, O'Neill-style. [Completely revised and extended]
f:stargate  sg1  -wc:5k-25k  complete  slash  earth!side  -rating:2/5  plot:family!drama  p:jackson/o'neill  notsaved 
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Ties That Bind by Keira Marcos
After the death of his submissive, Colonel John Sheppard spent four years alone. Grief and anger pushed him and made him even more ambitious in his career. Taking Dr. Rodney McKay into his life and his bed was supposed to be a political maneuver– but then he met the man and everything he thought he wanted changed in an instant.

Dr. Rodney McKay has spent a year alone after divorcing his Domme and cutting her collar off in public. He doesn’t know if he’s ready for a new Dom but he does know he wants Atlantis and Colonel John Sheppard’s collar is his path to the city of the Ancients. Then the Marine put his hands on him and Rodney realizes that he’s already half way to risking his heart again.

Neither man was prepared for the explosive combination of their sexual dynamic and the intense emotional connection that would burn between them like an inferno.
f:stargate  sga  wip  p:sheppard/mckay  slash  kink:bdsm  fetish/kink  -rating:5/5  -rating:favorite+  ascended!daniel  earth!side  p:jackson/o'neill  sentient!atlantis  sg1  f:crossover  het  bashing!sam  site:author  beloved!by_his_soldiers  kink:marking  kink:exhibitionism  kink:toys  kink:spanking  kink:orgasmdenial  plot:massive!au  plot:politics  saved  kink:pr0n  -wc:200k-300k  plot:bamf  plot:ascension  admired!sheppard  bottom!mckay  fullbird!sheppard  promoted!sheppard  kickass!sheppard  kickass!mckay  marine!sheppard  ooc!mckay  smart!sheppard  phd!sheppard  powerful!sheppard  a:keiramarcos 
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Jack and Daniels by Lady Ra
Jack touches something he shouldn't and goes on an unexpected journey

[Jack touches a mysterious mirror (not the quantum mirror) and goes on a Daniel magical mystery tour of universes. Daniel happy with Sha're, Daniel a Goaul'd with Jack as his First Prime, Daniel dying from Apophis,
f:stargate  sg1  complete  -wc:5k-25k  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  ancient!device!contretemps  -rating:3/5  plot:parallel!universe  saved  plot:universe!hopping 
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Crossing the Line by Lady Ra
Instead of threatening Anubis up on his ship, Anubis comes down to Abydos and forces Daniel's hand.

[Daniel is punished by the Ancients and found by Rodney in an empty reality, naked with amnesia. They rescue him, Jack & he get it on & the NID are the usual idiots.]
f:stargate  sg1  complete  -wc:25k-50k  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  ascended!daniel  -rating:3/5  earth!side  plot:amnesia  saved  plot:ascension 
july 2010 by dievillain
Civilians by Lady Ra
AU ending to Point of View. What if the AU Samantha hadn't been willing to let go of Jack?

[AU Sam zats Jack to keep him in her reality & Daniel rushes through the quantum mirror before she can blow it up. Jack & Daniel end up together with their two kids (Charlie is still alive & au Daniel had a 9 yr old) and settle into civilian life. They become Thor's Ambassadors & Daniel is pivotal to the rebuilding effort, etc.
f:stargate  sg1  complete  -wc:25k-50k  p:jackson/o'neill  slash  earth!side  DADT  quantum!mirror  bashing!sam  -rating:favorite  -rating:4/5  plot:action!adventure  plot:parenting  plot:parallel!universe  plot:romance  plot:stranded  plot:coming!out  saved  plot:alien!invasion  site:a03 
july 2010 by dievillain
Wraith Killlers by Lady Ra
Atlantis ends up with some unexpected new residents NOTES: This takes place between ninth and tenth season of SG1, and assumes Jack is still the head of the SGC.

[Daniel tricks Jack into signing paperwork for him to go to Atlantis and Jack ends up following, tendering his resignation. He becomes a consultant for Elizabeth. John & Rodney get together with the help of a kitten John saves on the Dinosaur planet. The kitten ends up as a large white Tiger & they discover the Tigers are really Wraith Killers, genetically engineered by the ancients. They bring hundreds of Tigers to Atlantis and people bond with them.]
f:stargate  sg1  sga  complete  f:crossover  slash  DADT  -rating:4/5  retires!atlantis  site:author  saved  plot:fluff  plot:marriage  plot:parenting  plot:romance  plot:angst  p:jackson/o'neill  p:sheppard/mckay  plot:coming!out  -wc:50k-100k 
july 2010 by dievillain
The Origin of All Things by chocolatephysicist
Something goes wrong during the evacuation of Atlantis, stranding members of the Atlantis expedition and SG1 on a very strange world. (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard throughout; later includes Radek Zelenka/Daniel Jackson, Elizabeth Weir/Stephen Caldwell, Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex, Carson Beckett/Major Lorne, Sam Carter/Teal'c, Dr. Kavanagh/Lindsey Novak, and Cameron Mitchell/Carolyn Lam)

[They end up on the Alteran home world 50 million years in the past. Eventually they realize that they are the original ancients. Val's daugher shows up & is the embodiment of the the Ori and so Good & Evil are there at the beginning. She starts messing with some of the more religious among them & starts a gay witch hunt. Good elements but the witch hunt is super annoying.]
f:stargate  sga  sg1  f:crossover  wip  abandoned  slash  ancient!device!contretemps  -rating:3/5  site:wraithbait  ascended!daniel  atlantis!destroyed  DADT  dadt-repealed  plot:established!relationship  plot:gay!bashing  plot:homophobia  plot:marriage  plot:massive!au  plot:parallel!universe  plot:psychic  plot:romance  plot:timetravel  plot:stranded  plot:angst  p:sheppard/mckay/weir  p:sheppard/mckay  p:jackson/o'neill  p:weir/caldwell  plot:bond  plot:coming!out  plot:threesome/moresome  plot:hunter!gatherer  saved  -wc:100k-150k  plot:time!dilation!field  plot:ascension  ancient!sheppard  ancient!mckay  ata!sheppard 
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