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What are considered some must read books at the big 3 consulting firms? - Quora
Some good books listed by other folks. In this context, I have to say that Barbara Minto's Pyramid Principle is by a good stretch a book that all consultants should read. Aside: I once had a chance to ask her if there was another writing book that she recommended at a more micro level, and she offered Stanley Fish's How to Write a Sentence. While a decent book, a personal favorite on writing for me is Sense of Style by Steven Pinker. It's rare to find a book so intellectually stimulating and funny.

Say It With Charts is good as are Tuft's visualization books for inspiration. The Valuation book is also a good book if you have strategy, corporate finance, and financial statement analysis training already. I've not seen any of these books recommended as widely to existing consultants across all firms though as Barbara Minto's book.

I do think consultants should read more about sales and business development. When I was earlier in my career, one senior person recommended Selling to VITO to me. I'm not a fan of that book for sales in management consulting. By far I would recommend something like Winning the Professional Services Sale by Michael McLaughlin or Rain Making by Ford Harding.

One additional point I'd mention is that I'd often get books based on what the client was reading or what the managing partner said the client was reading or in the process of reading. I think this is a very good source as it helps to build a common language and rapport with the client. Sometimes these are older books. For example, I recently ran into a client talking about Competing on Analytics. Another was reading Blue Ocean Strategy.
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