PEP 466 -- Network Security Enhancements for Python 2.7.7
Guido van Rossum: I approved PEP 466 (backporting specific networking security features to Python 2.7.7). http://t.co/olsXSTCwvg #python @ncoghlan_dev
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15 hours ago
Open Mic Spotlight: Joshua Hesketh » The OpenStack Blog
OpenStack: Joshua Hesketh reveals what drew him to OpenStack in this week's #OpenMic: http://t.co/yhr56B6fl0
openstack  community  from instapaper
Welcome to the open source renaissance
Nick Barcet: Welcome to the Open Source renaissance, good article in GigaOM
http://t.co/QIxwfxEQ4n This is what I call stage 3 of Open Source
opensource  from instapaper
5 days ago
UX is for Everyone | Piston Cloud Computing
Eric Frank: Hey! I wrote about why UX is for everyone (yes, even you) on the @Piston blog. http://t.co/G2ua8BO77X
openstack  usability  from instapaper
8 days ago
Open source alternative to Instapaper and Readability | opensource.com
Jason Hibbets: An open source Instapaper? @ScottWNesbitt has the scoop with @wallabagapp | http://t.co/CL9mhK3o8A
reading  opensource  from instapaper
9 days ago
Doing A/B testing with Apache httpd
Julien Danjou: How you can do A/B testing with #Apache httpd
Apache  testing  from instapaper
13 days ago
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