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Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
gimmicky presentation but good summary of why we're fucked
millenials  economics  us-politics  the-future 
april 2018 by dhartunian
The Tail End - Wait But Why
probably the most depressing thing i read on the internet in a while :\
relationships  the-future  meaning-of-life 
december 2015 by dhartunian
The Return of the Longue Durée : An Anglo - American Perspective
Jo Guldi and David Armitage

also see "The History Manifesto" book
history  the-future  pdf 
february 2015 by dhartunian
Twitter / selenamarie: We are in DESPERATE need of ...
We are in DESPERATE need of a whole new way of thinking about "accounts". Current system is utterly, painfully, fundamentally wrong.

Interesting discussion of where account management/profile systems have gone wrong...
access-control  twitter  profile-systems  the-future  broken-systems 
may 2014 by dhartunian
Finding a Way Out
watched a bit of this...meh so far but I should finish it.
software-engineering  the-future  ux 
april 2014 by dhartunian
Stephen Wolfram’s new programming language: Can he make the world computable?
The intellectual dishonesty in the presentation of the Wolfram Language, whether intentional or unintentional, disturbs me, as I’m sure it does many other computer science professionals. There is little that is genuinely new or different in Wolfram as compared to, for example, the Urbit language project, which aims to allow for integrated ad-hoc networks of computation across arbitrary numbers of machines and devices, big and small. To be sure, Urbit is perplexing—the intended use case seems to be for some postapocalyptic libertarian wasteland. But it’s far more visionary than Wolfram’s rehashed snake oil. Computer scientists should police his claims vigilantly in the public sphere. Otherwise, we will all look bad.
urbit  wolfram-alpha  the-future 
march 2014 by dhartunian
The Singularity in Our Past Light-Cone
"The Singularity has happened; we call it "the industrial revolution" or "the long nineteenth century"."
the-singularity  the-future  history  industrial-revolution  via:cshalizi 
march 2013 by dhartunian
Prettt-tty, pretty, pretty good!: The future of programming
What will programming look like 10 or even 20 years from now? With another new year almost here, now is the time to wax philosophical about the future of our industry. We are on the cusp of a number of major transformations in programming that will make 2011 programming technology, techniques, and ideas seem primitive by comparison. The transformations will occur in several key areas: tooling and infrastructure, languages and type systems, and runtime systems.
programming-languages  the-future  scala  type-theory 
january 2012 by dhartunian

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