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RT : and agree to make a joint bid for the - time to think about the…
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26 days ago by dgmcgillivray
RT : As Calgary ponders hosting , South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo slams "Olympic Hangover" from recent…
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RT : Pretty much the same rhetoric as saying will be a better place after the .
What a . Peo…
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RT : Powerful op-ed critiquing bid: "Calgary was promised extensive citizen engagement a few mont…
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RT : has become the latest battleground for an plebiscite. As official public engagement begins next…
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RT : horrible legacy joke: No environmental boon. "Cariocas whose lives were supposed to benefit from…
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RT : Only 3 days until the Winter in
For a study of cost and cost overrun of the big party, see the…
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february 2018 by dgmcgillivray
RT : Sport Management experts available to comment on Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics - Media Relations
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january 2018 by dgmcgillivray
RT : The biggest beneficiary was therefore 𝒏𝒐𝒕, 𝒂𝒔 𝒄𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒎𝒆𝒅 in the candidature files, the “low-income…
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november 2017 by dgmcgillivray
RT : After preordained Olympic coronation, enters new phase of anti- fightback:…
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An unaffordable luxury | Saïd Business School
RT : As counts the cost of the , is it now time to look at new models for hosting the Games?
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september 2016 by dgmcgillivray
RT : Can the get people playing sport? Free during , our evidence-based verdict
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An Olympic Truce? It's Not Found in Alemao
RT : We spent a day in to see if the Games have helped the favela There is no truce there:
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august 2016 by dgmcgillivray
RT : You cannot trust organizers to tell the truth about cost and cost overrun of the :
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august 2016 by dgmcgillivray
RT : "Pop-up stadium concept works better for events like the or World Cup."
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december 2015 by dgmcgillivray
RT : 22,059 families have resettled, labelled “at risk” or due to event-construction
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october 2015 by dgmcgillivray
The Boston Olympic Debacle «
RT : Agreeing to host is agreeing to turn your city into an authoritarian state - The Olympic Debacle
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april 2015 by dgmcgillivray
USOC Expected To Select 2024 Olympic Games Bid City Thursday | GamesBids.com
RT : USOC expected to select 2024 Bid City on Thursday amid growing 'no' campaigns in San Francisco & Boston:
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january 2015 by dgmcgillivray
Around the Rings - Articles Archive
RT : From Lausanne - IOC Bidding Reforms Could Ignite South African 2024 Olympic Bid
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november 2014 by dgmcgillivray
Do Mega Sports Events Have a Legacy? | Discover Society
RT : “The has inspired me but my main inspiration is my grandma” The legacy of mega sports events |
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august 2014 by dgmcgillivray
The Curse of the Olympics - The Daily Beast
RT : "There's no evidence to suggest any had ever resulted in a positive cost benefit."

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RT : Recent issues of LSA Newsletters are openly available for download:
No. 95 July 2013 (with special theme section...
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12-44 Capitalism of the Olympic Games - YouTube
RT : London , the IOC & ‘celebration capitalism’: Routledge author interviewed on Populist Dialogues
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november 2012 by dgmcgillivray

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