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Compatibility tables for default local fonts.
font-stacks  fonts 
november 2014 by devolute
Stop Using Arial & Helvetica
A bitching session that actually ends up giving some useful advice for web typography.
typography  font-stacks 
may 2013 by devolute
FFFFALLBACK - A simple tool for bulletproof web typography.
FFFFALLBACK makes it easy to find the perfect fallback fonts, so that your designs degrade gracefully.
font-stacks  fonts  bookmarklet  webtools 
july 2011 by devolute
Awesome Fontstacks
Easily create bundles of beautifully matching, free web fonts, failsafe font stacks to back them up. Including ready-to-go CSS code!
resources  free  @font-face  type  fonts  css  font-stacks  tools 
october 2010 by devolute

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