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No: Insubordination in Service of Resiliency and Safety - Roy Rapoport - YouTube
• DRI model
• Overlapping model
• Challenges (edges, respect, boundaries, agreement on distinction, trust)
• Acting as product owner (intent satisfied? underspec as an opportunity.)
• Struggling human (manager choices)
• Advocated/espoused or used?
• Failure modes (overweighting casual comments)
• Failure modes (sacred cows and best practices, irritant to organization, red/yellow/green model)
• Spectrum of insubordination (unstated expectations to direct orders, change)
• Humanity of work/team/manager/relationships
• Emotions... shame/feedback anecdote on up report-up
• Heroes (all martyrs, not norma, emotional connection, deep blue sea clip
• "Always fight all the things" -- wake up call
• Spectrum overly principled to overly pragmatic
• Questions (battle worth fighting, best person to fight the battle, why should I fight the battle (to win))

• Sum up (DRI lessens need, insubordination => more freedom and safety/better outcomes)
• Why? Work for FOO OR are FOO?

"There's a myth that effective organizations are ones where everyone marches in lockstep. In this discussion, Roy addresses the role of insubordination -- the "defiance of authority or refusal to obey orders" -- in healthy organizations and management structures as an intentional method of building up organizational resiliency and creating safer environments for decision-making. Roy talks about principles, perspectives, and both effective and hilariously ineffective examples of this, from his own 25 years of being a pain in the neck to the people managing him."
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Improvement/ Progress
Equality/ Fairness
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When is "guys" gender neutral? I did a survey! - Julia Evans
The other day I was having a discussion with someone about whether or not “guys” was a gender-neutral term. This person said “my friends totally think it is!“, and I verified with my friends, who totally said it wasn’t. Not the best grounds for a discussion.
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How (and why) Should Managers Code? – Hacker Noon
• "According to a recent study published by Harvard Business School, employees are happier when managed by someone who can do their job."
• "To borrow from an old NASA engineer’s rules “Capabilities drive requirements, regardless of what the systems engineering textbooks say.”"
• " The further a manager gets from the underlying technology (or the further the architect gets from the people) their strategic thinking is weakened by the loss of of an intuitive sense of one half of the capability dynamic."
• The three kinds of value a code contribution creates are:
•• Intrinsic the value of what the code does
•• Instructive the value of the example the code sets
•• Investigative the value of what you learn in writing the code
• "The New Manager Trap"
•• "The first trap is motivational. It takes time to learn how to create the new kinds of value managers create, and even longer to intuitively grasp whether you’re creating that value or not."
•• "The second trap is in the instructive value. Thanks to your promotion, the switch for instructive value is welded permanently on and probably signal boosted too."
• "Even in a monstrous company laden with policy, process, and politics, you can’t forgot how to develop software. And how to develop software is changing. Now. Right under your feet, this very second. […] My advice is that you take action so that you stay in touch with how your team builds stuff."
• "You can never, ever again pick coding tasks by their intrinsic value. This is the domain of your team. If it’s on the critical path it is for full time engineers alone."
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