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Movement Mechanics in “The Legend of Zelda” « Troy Gilbert
"While Link can move a single pixel at a time, in any direction, the longer he continously moves in any direction the more he gravitates toward aligning himself with the underlying grid of the screen. The tile grid for LoZ is 16 tiles wide by 14 tiles high (including 3 tiles for the status display at the top of the screen). Each tile is 16×16 pixels. Link operates on a half-tile grid, though (32×28 tiles, 8×8 pixels each). As Link moves, if he’s not currently aligned with the half-tile grid, he is adjusted, one pixel at a time, toward the closest correction. As a result, if Link is 4 pixels off alignment he’ll line back up with the grid after moving 4 pixels."
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december 2009 by deusx
Press The Buttons: Gaming Sound Cues Of Stupendous Excellence
"I have a lot of unrealistic dreams, and one of those dreams is to somehow arrange for the Legend of Zelda "opening a treasure chest" tune to play every time I open something. That melody should accompany every opening that reveals something amazing, from unpacking an order from to unhooking a girlfriend's bra. Holding up the revealed item for all to see is optional."
zelda  gaming  sounds  funny 
june 2009 by deusx
Wonderland: Cross-stitch Zelda map
"This game was very important to me. Someone spent 4 months cross-stitching this map, so I guess it was to them too. Amazing stuff."
zelda  link  crafts  crossstitch  awesome 
january 2009 by deusx
Zelda Four Swords + 5 Gamecubes + 5 TVs = Sweet Zelda Party -
"Zelda Four Swords Adventure for the Gamecube is a killer party game, but who wants to play on a GBA? We fix this issue with a killer multi-Gamecube, multi-TV setup."
gameboy  gamecube  nintendo  zelda  fourswords  multiplayer  nifty 
november 2008 by deusx
quixoticals: Japanese Nintendo Commercial Featuring a Dancing Link
"Those moves are pure funk and would give Thriller era Michael Jackson a run for his money. Zelda... erm... Link here oozes dance floor confidence and you know he would school your ass."
gaming  nintendo  zelda 
may 2007 by deusx
The Tanooki » Blog Archive » Zelda Music of Golden Proportions
"the golden ratio is thought by many to represent a ratio of natural beauty. Buildings, human faces, and musical compositions that exhibit this ratio tend to be considered “beautiful,” regardless of whether or not the beholder realizes the presence of
gaming  zelda  music  math 
march 2007 by deusx
YouTube - Zelda Wand of Gamelon ending cd-i
"The ending to the Zelda: Wand of Gamelon for the philips CD-i."
gaming  zelda  nintendo  wtf  video  cdi 
january 2007 by deusx
ModBlog - Zelda Knuckles - Body modification and ritual blog sponsored by
"Jonn got these Legend of Zelda geek knuckles done on vacataion while in Vancouver by Sasha at Electro Ladylux."
zelda  gaming  tatoos 
january 2007 by deusx
The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds - The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds
"Parallel Worlds is a fully hacked version of Zelda 3 (aka A Link to the Past). A majority of the game has been changed. "
gaming  zelda  nintendo  hacks  software  roms 
january 2007 by deusx
Free Play - Zelda Wall Hanging
"It's based on this Wind Waker promotional desktop wallpaper with some modifications for material and sanity (Link's shield is obviously more detailed in the drawn version.)"
zelda  gaming  art 
september 2006 by deusx
YouTube - Legend of Zelda Medley in String Quartet Form
"This is the encore of my recital. If you can name all of the zelda themes used in this medley, you are as cool as me. Enjoy!"
gaming  music  zelda  nintendo 
august 2006 by deusx
YouTube - Legend of Zelda Commercial for NES
"Is this what happen to people who play to much Zelda?"
zelda  commercials  nintendo  gaming  video 
august 2006 by deusx
Video Game Blog & Video Game Forums @ Destructoid ‽ Blog Archive ‽ Zelda: The Lost Found beta Wind Waker levels - Video Games PC Games PlayStation 3 GameCube PSP DS GBA PS2 PS2 Xbox 360 PlayStation 2
"coders discovered ActionReplay codes that ulock trippy MonkeyBall-looking worlds that look completely like any Zelda experience you’ve ever played."
gaming  zelda  nintendo  hacks 
july 2006 by deusx
Live Action Legend of Zelda
"Live Action Legend of Zelda. Zelda fans will get a chuckle out of this."
zelda  gaming  video  link  laundry  pants 
july 2006 by deusx
Link gets some lovin' from Out magazine - Joystiq
"GameSpot is reporting that Legend of Zelda protagonist Link was named "Hottest Video Game Character" by Out magazine, purported to have the "highest circulation of any gay monthy publication" in the US."
gay  zelda  nintendo 
may 2006 by deusx
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass at Forever Geek
"once I watched this trailer, and I heard the distinct Zelda sound effects, something went off in my head that said "I must get this"."
gaming  hot  zelda  nintendo  ds  nintendods 
march 2006 by deusx
Two Decades of Zelda from
"Twenty years ago this week -- February 21, 1986 -- thousands of Japanese gamers played The Legend of Zelda for the first time, and their perspective on gaming was forever changed."
zelda  nes  gaming  oldschool  retro  nintendo 
february 2006 by deusx
Legend of Zelda Pushed To Nintendo Revolution Launch | NintendoRevolution.Ca -
"Reports are indicating Zelda has been pushed to November! Same month as the Nintendo Revolution launch!"
nintendo  revolution  gaming  zelda 
february 2006 by deusx
The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Animated Series (DVD) | Gamers With Jobs
"If you are not prepared to fill in the blanks, to overlook the flaws, and to refrain from violently rejecting some of the more unpleasant aspects of late-1980s pop culture, then the recent DVD release of the animated Legend of Zelda can only bring pain a
reviews  dvd  cartoons  gaming  nintendo  zelda  funny 
february 2006 by deusx
Boing Boing: Legend of Zelda pixelblocks
"Nintendo has released a commemorative set of Legend of Zelda pixelblocks to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary."
gaming  nes  nintendo  zelda  nifty 
february 2006 by deusx
Zelda Challenge ~ Outlands
"You are guaranteed not to recognize any locations from the previous game."
zelda  nintendo  gaming  oldschool 
december 2005 by deusx - The Offical Home Of Zelda Classic
"Zelda Classic is a tribute to (what we think is) the greatest video game of all time: Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. It has been developed into an exact replica of the NES version that we all know and love."
gaming  nintendo  zelda  homebrew 
june 2004 by deusx

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