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BadgeOS™ is a powerful free plugin to WordPress that lets you easily create achievements and issue sharable badges as your users succeed.
badges  wordpress  badgeos  plugin  openbadges 
may 2013 by deusx
WordPress › Support » Share a Draft
Let your friends preview one of your drafts, without giving them permissions to edit posts in your blog
wordpress  drafts  writing  blogging  metablogging 
february 2013 by deusx
HTTP 413 Request Entity Too Large – Control+R
Adding client_max_body_size 8M; to the server { ... } section of my nginx configuration fixed the problem.
wordpress  nginx  uploads  webdev 
february 2013 by deusx
Sudden empty / blank page for large posts with WordPress
It isn’t fair: you spend a few hours on creating your most marvellous blog post ever, the one and only that will surely enlist you in the Hall of Famous Bloggers, but then you click Publish or Preview and all you see is an empty post. Totally panicked you click “Edit” (never do that!) on that empty post only to find yourself in an editing screen that’s, well, empty (!!). Before you try to commit suicide, I hope you do a bit of googling and find yourself here or on one of the many other helpful / not so helpful posts on the subject.
wordpress  problems  long  writing 
january 2013 by deusx
WordPress › W3 Total Cache « WordPress Plugins
Easily optimize the speed and user experience of your site with caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.
wordpress  plugin  performance  optimization 
february 2011 by deusx
WordPress › PuSHPress « WordPress Plugins
This plugin adds PubSubHubbub ( PuSH ) support to your WordPress powered site. The main difference between this plugin and others is that it includes the hub features of PuSH, built right in. This means the updates will be sent directly from WordPress to your PuSH subscribers.
wordpress  pubsubhubbub  feeds 
december 2010 by deusx
Holy Shmoly! » WordPress, Nginx and WP Super Cache
"If you host your own WordPress blog, it’s probably on Apache. That all fine and good. For most sites Apache works wonderfully, especially as it’s so easy to find information on it, on mod_rewrite and everything else that everyone else uses.

One of the alternatives is Nginx, a really fast webserver that streaks ahead of Apache in terms of performance, but isn’t quite as easy to use. That’s partly because Apache is the default webserver on most Linux distributions and hosts. Want to try Nginx? Here’s how."
wordpress  webdev  metablogging  nginx  caching  from delicious
november 2009 by deusx
Scholarly publishing with WordPress – ../learninglab/joss
"my point here is to discuss whether WordPress can be extended to accommodate most conventions found in scholarly publishing and where it is lacking, to identify the development work required to meet the needs of most academic who wish to write on and publish to the web"
wordpress  publishing  writing  from delicious
september 2009 by deusx
How to Install/Run A Wordpress Blog on a Palm Pre! | Palm Pre Hacks Blog!
Totally pointless, but cool. "Since the Palm Pre is based on Linux, I figured that you could probably run a Wordpress blog on the Palm Pre. Well, after about 3 hours of research, I found a way to run a wordpress blog using Optware Lighttpd and MySQL server."
palm  pre  linux  wordpress  lamp  from delicious
september 2009 by deusx
" is a plugin for WordPress* that lets you comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text"
digressit  commenting  blogging  wordpress  discussion  collaboration  plugins 
august 2009 by deusx
HookPress: Webhooks for WordPress
"I recently have spent a little time putting together a new WordPress plugin called HookPress. HookPress lets you add webhooks to WordPress, letting you easily develop push notifications or extend WordPress in languages other than PHP."
wordpress  php  webhooks  hookpress  webservices 
august 2009 by deusx
Go Diagram Plugin for WordPress
"I wrote a quick and dirty WordPress plugin to emulate the behaviour of sites such as Sensei’s Library and GoDiscussions; namely the automatic conversion of ASCII board diagrams into PNG images, supporting markup and such."
go  wordpress  gaming  plugin 
july 2009 by deusx
WordPress › Oulipo « WordPress Themes
"A grid-based, black and white WordPress theme"
oulipo  wordpress  theme  metablogging 
january 2009 by deusx
"DHTML PNG Snowstorm! OO-style Jascript-based Snow effect "
snow  wordpress  dhtml  png  code  webdev 
december 2008 by deusx
mitcho > code > Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
"Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site."
wordpress  metablogging  php  plugins  webdev 
november 2008 by deusx
Easier Theme Development with Sample WordPress Content — WPCandy — WordPress Themes, Plugins, Tips, and Tricks
"Developing a theme for public release isn’t an easy task. When you’re the only one using your theme you don’t have to worry about expanding it, but put it into the hands of other users and it better be ready for any content they throw at it. Blockquotes, lists, and floating images - there are plenty of elements that are common to blogs that need to be supported in every theme you release. Cue our new sample WordPress content. "
webdev  metablogging  lorem  ipsum  wordpress 
september 2008 by deusx
Wordpress plugin - Universal Edit Button
"Here's a simple WordPress plugin. Save the following as universal-edit-button.php and place it in the /plugins/ folder, then activate it in admin. "
wordpress  metablogging  universaleditbutton  nifty  ueb 
june 2008 by deusx
FriendFeed Activity Widget • Evan Sims
"The FriendFeed Activity Widget is a simple WordPress widget plugin that pulls your FriendFeed stream, pretties it up a bit and shares it with visitors to your blog."
friendfeed  wordpress  plugins  widgets 
may 2008 by deusx
Index of /projects/writescroll
Simple plugin for WordPress that causes the page to scroll down to the editing fields on page load
wordpress  plugins  writing 
may 2008 by deusx
Coding Horror: Behold WordPress, Destroyer of CPUs
"Personally, I think it's absolutely irresponsible that WP-Cache like functionality isn't already built into WordPress"
metablogging  wordpress  caching  webdev 
april 2008 by deusx
Hemingway for Wordpress 2.5 | Xiaoka Notes
"This is a port of Hemmingway for Wordpress 2.5."
wordpress  themes  hemingway  metablogging 
april 2008 by deusx
WordPress › AsideShop « WordPress Plugins
"AsideShop is a WordPress plugin which allows you to show aside posts on your blog's front page in a different way without theme template modification."
wordpress  plugins  asideshop  metablogging 
april 2008 by deusx
Jumping out of the system [dive into mark]
"Go read Gödel, Escher, Bach, then come back and argue in favor of enforcing draconian error handling everywhere."
webdev  gödel  escher  bach  wordpress  xhtml 
february 2008 by deusx
Another *nix coder/sysadmin » Drop-down Archives Widget
"Some themes, such as Kurtina, use a drop-down archive listing. Since I didn’t find a widget to support this, I tossed together a quick replacement."
wordpress  archives  widgets 
february 2008 by deusx
Introducing Prologue «
"a new theme for us: Prologue. Imagine it like a group Twitter."
wordpress  twitter  metablogging 
january 2008 by deusx
alex donncha dougal matt michel mike ryan - Google Search
"Results 1 - 10 of about 1,180,000 for alex donncha dougal matt michel mike ryan"
wordpress  defaults  blogrolls  metablogging  alex  donncha  dougal  matt  michel  mike  ryan 
january 2008 by deusx
» PHP, WordPress, Ruby, and DiSo | monkinetic Archive
"Could an app like WordPress, easy for users of medium technical knowledge to run and customize, easy for developers to extend, and easy for hosts to provide, be written in Ruby? If so, how?"
php  wordpress  webdev  ruby  rails 
january 2008 by deusx
Blog by Email « WordPress Codex
"Set up a cron job to periodically view using a command-line HTTP agent like wget, curl or GET."
wordpress  metablogging  wp 
january 2008 by deusx
Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion « WordPress Codex
"Some people consider this to be much easier than following the standard WordPress installation and upgrade methods (downloading and unzipping archives, then using FTP to put them on your web host), and this article explains how to do it."
wordpress  metablogging  svn  php 
november 2007 by deusx
Odelbee > WordPress founder to use million-dollar trumpet as fruit bowl
"Matt Mullenweg, lead developer of the open-source WordPress blogging software, last night celebrated a $25 million “bonus” from investors by purchasing a $1 million Louis Armstrong trumpet, which he plans to use as a fruit bowl."
funny  wordpress  metablogging  photomatt  mullenweg 
november 2007 by deusx
Devthought - Guillermo Rauch’s Blog » WP-o-Matic. The Wordpress RSS Agreggator
"WP-o-Matic makes autoblogging a snap by automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns."
wordpress  metablogging  php  rss  feeds 
november 2007 by deusx
The Masterplan | The Morning After
"The Morning After is a magazine-style theme for WordPress created by Arun Kale. The theme was created based on a brief survey on the WordPress forums about what people would want to see in a unique magazine-style theme."
metablogging  wordpress  publishing  themes 
september 2007 by deusx
VerseLogic » Wordpress OpenID Plugin
"The wpopenid plugin lets visitors to a Wordpress blog quickly register, login, and leave comments using their OpenID Identity."
wordpress  metablogging  software  webdev 
september 2007 by deusx
WordPress Grid Focus Download
"WordPress Grid Focus is a three column WordPress theme created and distributed free of any dependance of WordPress plugins."
wordpress  metablogging  themes 
august 2007 by deusx
Amazon S3 plugin for WordPress : tan tan noodles - msg free since 2005
"This WordPress plugin allows you to use Amazon’s Simple Storage Service to host your media for your WordPress powered blog."
s3  wordpress  php  metablogging 
august 2007 by deusx
Yummy - add boomarks to your wordpress blog with a simple plugin - Wait till I come!
"This time I wanted to easily implement bookmarks into blog posts without having to use a server-side component and add to the already slow loading of this blog."
wordpress  delicious  via:codepo8  ajax  webdev  js  javascript  metablogging 
august 2007 by deusx
if:book: CommentPress 1.0
"CommentPress, a free, open source theme for the WordPress blog engine designed to allow paragraph-by-paragraph commenting in the margins of a text."
commentpress  writing  metablogging  wordpress  annotation  collaboration 
july 2007 by deusx
Photo Matt » On PHP
"None of the most requested features for WordPress would be any easier (or harder) if they were written for PHP 4 or 5 or Python. They’d just be different."
php  php4  php5  wordpress  webdev 
july 2007 by deusx
Photo Matt » WP Contributors
"Open source is about so much more than code and licenses."
metablogging  webdev  wordpress  php 
june 2007 by deusx
OPML Editor support: wordPress.root
"Download wordPress.root into the Guest Databases/apps/Tools sub-folder of the OPML Editor application folder."
wordpress  opml  editor  metablogging 
may 2007 by deusx
Photo Matt » Meaningful Overnight Relationship
"I’m not a millionaire, and may never be, but there are now hundreds of people making their living using WordPress, and I expect that number to grow to tens of thousands. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, not the prospect of becoming a fe
web20  entrepreneurs  wordpress  metablogging 
may 2007 by deusx
Wordpress OpenID Plugin+ at
"wpopenid is a Wordpress plugin by Alan Castonguay that enables commenters to authenticate using their OpenID."
wordpress  openid  metablogging  webdev 
april 2007 by deusx
Timing is everything: scheduling in WordPress - Development on a Shoestring
"WordPress 2.1 brought with it a number of new features, one of which is a pseudo-cron scheduling framework."
webdev  metablogging  wordpress  php 
april 2007 by deusx
Twitter Tools README |
"Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account."
twitter  wordpress  metablogging 
april 2007 by deusx
Commodore 2.1-20070321 | Theme viewer
"A pretty faithful recreation of an old-style Commodore VIC-20 or 64 interface."
c64  oldschool  retro  wordpress  metablogging  webdev  themes 
march 2007 by deusx
WordPress › Blog - WordPress 2.1.1 dangerous, Upgrade to 2.1.2
"It was determined that a cracker had gained user-level access to one of the servers that powers, and had used that access to modify the download file."
security  wordpress  ohgod 
march 2007 by deusx
WordPress 2.0.3: Nonces « Mark on WordPress
"A nonce is a number used once, and it is used for intention verification purposes in WordPress. Think of it as a password that changes each time it is used."
wordpress  security  webdev  metablogging  nonce 
january 2007 by deusx
Ivan Uzunov Blog - Blog Archive - Tagometer Badge WP Plugin
"This Word Press Plugin adds Tagometer Badge into your blog. The badge can be added in the side bar or after each post or page. "
wordpress  tagometer  delicious  metablogging  php 
december 2006 by deusx
Atom 1.0 for WordPress
"The plugin replaces all WordPress feeds. RSS will no longer be available, and Atom 1.0 will be served at most of the generated URLs that previously served RSS."
atom  rss  wordpress  metablogging  syndication  feeds 
november 2006 by deusx
WP-Microsummary: Microsummaries plugin for WordPress
"The purpose of this plugin is to return the latest blog post title as plain text, to be used as a microsummary for Firefox 2.0 "
microsummaries  firefox  metablogging  wordpress 
october 2006 by deusx
VerseLogic - Wordpress OpenID Plugin
"The wpopenid plugin lets visitors to a Wordpress blog quickly register, login, and leave comments using their OpenID Identity."
wordpress  openid  php  metablogging 
october 2006 by deusx
Brain on Fire - Dublin Core plugin for Wordpress
"This plugin implements some Dublin Core metadata elements for Wordpress."
dublincore  html  metadata  metablogging  wordpress 
october 2006 by deusx
Elias Torres ‽ Blog Archive ‽ WP-APP: Atom Publisher Protocol for WordPress
"Simply drop app.php into your root wordpress install directory and have some Atom/APP fun."
wordpress  app  atom  php  metablogging 
august 2006 by deusx
WordPress Internal Rewrite Viewer Plugin ‽ Dagon Design
"This plugin has a very specific purpose - to generate a list of the current rewrite rules that WordPress is using."
wordpress  metablogging  php  webdev 
august 2006 by deusx
Automattic ‽ WordPress Widgets
"Widgets have come to WordPress! By installing the Widgets plugin by Automattic (download zip or svn) and using a widget-ready theme, you can bring the popular customization feature from to your very own, hosted WordPress installation."
wordpress  metablogging  php 
august 2006 by deusx
WordPress makes a move towards hAtom, gets upgrades at FactoryCity
"because the Sandbox theme is marked up with hAtom in its HTML, there’s no need to supply an alternative link to RSS or ATOM because the page itself is able to be read by newsreaders."
hatom  wordpress  themes  webdev  metablogging 
august 2006 by deusx
Lorelle on WordPress ‽ Custom CSS - All The Styles for the Sandbox Theme
"While not complete, here is my first attempt to put all the styles together from within the new Sandbox Theme stylesheet."
nifty  css  wordpress  sandbox  webdev 
august 2006 by deusx
More Like This WebLog > Sandbox and Strangelove: hAtom in Wordpress
"I hung out in the back of the hall at Wordcamp, adding hAtom support to the default Wordpress theme."
hatom  wordpress  wordcamp  microformats  via:whump 
august 2006 by deusx
Sandbox ‽
"The Sandbox is a theme for themers. It has the ability to be easily skinned... More experienced themers will drool at the rich semantic markup and profusion of classes, dynamically generated by a few functions."
wordpress  themes  hatom  microformats 
august 2006 by deusx
Introducing Yodel Anecdotal -
"I flew to California thinking I was just going to be a blogger intern, but then again Yahoo! is not your ordinary Internet company."
yahoo  metablogging  webdev  wordpress 
august 2006 by deusx
Gianni Milanesi’s Weblog ‽ AjaxWp - An AJAX enhancement for WordPress blogs
For when you absolutely need to break the back button on your blog for the sake of spinny animgifs. "AjaxWp is a lightweight JavaScript enhancement that adds AJAX functionality to WordPress blogs speeding up load times, increasing the responsiveness of t
ajax  wordpress  dumb  webdev 
july 2006 by deusx
WordPress and SEO | The undersigned
"There is a big bunch of resources on optimizing your blog for search engines."
wordpress  seo  metablogging  webdev 
june 2006 by deusx
James 'Pug' Jones' Random Bits Of Code
"WordPress Sprint PCS Vision Camera Phone support for wp-mail.php "
sprint  mobile  moblogging  metablogging  moblog  wordpress 
january 2006 by deusx
Dr Dave - Blog Archive WP-keitai-mail Plugin v. 1.0
"This script might as well have been called wp-cellphone-mail, I just liked the sound of 'keitai'."
wordpress  metablogging  mobile 
january 2006 by deusx
AJAX Shoutbox at Jalenack
This Wordpress plugin adds live chat functionality to your Wordpress blog.
wordpress  ajax  javascript  webdev 
december 2005 by deusx
Jackson West’s Obsessive Compulsion » daily blog post settings for users
"If everything is set up correctly, a post will appear with links you bookmarked that day, along with the text you entered like so."
webdev  metablogging  wordpress  delicious 
november 2005 by deusx
Rad Geek’s Projects » FeedWordPress
"FeedWordPress is an Atom/RSS aggregator for WordPress."
hackingfeeds  wordpress  rss  atom  syndication 
november 2005 by deusx
myStatus plugin for WordPress // eightface
"This plugin allows you to create a number of fields specifying your current status and easily insert them into your templates."
metablogging  wordpress  hacks 
october 2005 by deusx
Three Audioscrobbler Plugins for WordPress at
"Got an Audioscrobbler account? Got a WordPress weblog? Well then maybe it’s time for those two great tastes to taste great together!"
metablogging  wordpress  audioscrobbler  music 
october 2005 by deusx
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