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Your Front-End Does Not Have To Be Rich
So, when you embark on your next project, take a moment to remember all the choices out there - it’s not just React vs Angular, but leaving most of your business logic server-side could be the right choice for your website.
webdev  facepalm 
8 days ago by deusx
DRY Switching with CSS Variables: The Difference of One Declaration | CSS-Tricks
This is the first post of a two-part series that looks into the way CSS variables can be used to make the code for complex layouts and interactions less difficult to write and a lot easier to maintain. This first installment walks through various use cases where this technique applies.
css  webdev 
10 days ago by deusx
Testing native ES modules using Mocha and esm. – Alex Gibson
Turns out, many JavaScript testing frameworks don’t yet support native ES modules out of the box, and I was struggling to find an easy solution that didn’t require transpiling my code back to ES5.
dev  webdev  es6  javascript 
22 days ago by deusx
Enabling CORS in Synology WebDav
ssh ip-synology
cd /var/packages/WebDAVServer/target/etc/httpd/
sudo vim conf/httpd.conf-webdav add
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
sudo vim conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf-webdav add :
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Headers "origin, content-type, cache-control, accept, authorization, if-match, destination, overwrite"
Header always set Access-Control-Expose-Headers "ETag"
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Methods "GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, OPTIONS, MOVE, DELETE, COPY, LOCK, UNLOCK"
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Credentials "true"

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ blank.html [R=200,L,E=HTTP_ORIGIN:%{HTTP:ORIGIN}]

cd /var/packages/WebDAVServer/target/tools
sudo ./ start restart
synology  webdav  cors  webdev 
11 weeks ago by deusx
Underrun – Making Of - PhobosLab
I participated in this year's js13kGames, a JavaScript game development competition with a file size limit of 13kb, including code, assets and everything else. My entry was Underrun, a twin stick shooter using WebGL.
gaming  javascript  webdev  webgl  js 
september 2018 by deusx
We Need Open Hosting Platforms
I don’t want to be an entrepreneur! Hell, that’s even more of a pain in the ass than giving stuff away.
webdev  openweb  oss  hosting 
august 2018 by deusx
Taft Test - Web Dev Placeholder Image Generater
Does your page design improve when you replace every image with William Howard Taft?
programming  webdev 
january 2016 by deusx
The Fall and Rise of SVG
Now that SVG is widely supported and native to browsers, the art of using it is more connected to the surrounding web technologies that it can now interoperate with in HTML5
webdev  svg  graphics 
december 2015 by deusx
Aerotwist - FLIP Your Animations
What we’re trying and do is to turn animations on their head (flip, see? Gosh darnit, I’m so funneh) and, instead of animating “straight ahead” and potentially doing expensive calculations on every single frame we precalculate the animation dynamically and let it play out cheaply.
webdev  css  animations  performance  javascript 
november 2015 by deusx
ES6 Promises in Depth
Promises are a very involved paradigm, so we’ll take it slow.
promises  es6  javascript  webdev 
october 2015 by deusx
GitHub tip: easily sync your master to GitHub Pages -
[remote "origin"]
fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
url =
push = +refs/heads/master:refs/heads/gh-pages
push = +refs/heads/master:refs/heads/master
github  dev  webdev 
july 2015 by deusx
The Web is not Poor Man’s Native | in progress
I agree quite strongly that the web does not need to emulate native to provide a powerful, vibrant app ecosystem.
webdev  native  apps 
june 2015 by deusx
Progressive Apps: Escaping Tabs Without Losing Our Soul – Infrequently Noted
These apps aren’t packaged and deployed through stores, they’re just websites that took all the right vitamins.
webdev  apps  web 
june 2015 by deusx
Unit testing React components without a DOM – – Portfolio and blog of a London based front-end web developer
the idea of shallow rendering is to instantiate a component and get the result of its render method, which is a ReactElement. From here you can do things like check its props and children and verify it works as expected.
react  webdev  apps  testing 
june 2015 by deusx
Lazymorphic Apps: Bringing back the static web | &yet Blog
We’ve come long way from the simple static sites of the early web, yet somehow, I really miss it.
webdev  lazymorphic  static  apps 
june 2015 by deusx
Heroku | Heroku Review Apps Beta
With Review Apps enabled, Heroku will spin up temporary test apps for every pull request that’s opened on GitHub, complete with fresh add-ons and other config required to make the app run
github  dev  webdev  heroku 
june 2015 by deusx
Simplify: move code into database functions | Derek Sivers
If you are a web or API developer, programming code that uses an SQL database, this is for you.
webdev  postgres  dev 
may 2015 by deusx
draft-nottingham-json-home-02 - Home Documents for HTTP APIs
This document proposes a "home document" format for non-browser HTTP
json  webdev  rest 
march 2015 by deusx
ifttt-webhook · Abhay Rana
A webhook middleware for the service
hacks  ifttt  webdev 
december 2014 by deusx
How to Use npm as a Build Tool
I suggested we should start uing npm instead. npm's scripts directive can do everything that these build tools can, more succinctly, more elegantly, with less package dependencies and less maintainence overhead.
javascript  npm  grunt  gulp  webdev 
december 2014 by deusx
ES6 Modules, AMD and CommonJS — Medium
This article shares some techniques and tools for building web apps using future friendly ES6 module syntax.
webdev  javascript 
december 2014 by deusx
SQL on Khan Academy enabled by SQLite, sqljs, asm.js and Emscripten
Our implementation of SQL is based off of SQLite which is compiled down to asm.js by Emscripten packaged into sqljs.
to:twitter  webdev  learning  khan  sql 
november 2014 by deusx
Contributing to FirefoxOS Cordova initiative
This post will focus on how to get started writing the Firefox OS platform and plugins.
cordova  mobile  webdev  firefoxos  mozilla 
november 2014 by deusx
The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It - WSJ
Everything about apps feels like a win for users—they are faster and easier to use than what came before. But underneath all that convenience is something sinister: the end of the very openness that allowed Internet companies to grow into some of the most powerful or important companies of the 21st century.
webdev  web  internet  open 
november 2014 by deusx
Seth Ladd's Blog: Minification is not enough, you need tree shaking
I believe that web developers need a better workflow that automates tree shaking, dead code elimination, minification, and more. Stop caring how big a library is, and instead let a tool or build step produce the smallest output possible for you, ideally by tree shaking the application.
webdev  javascript 
november 2014 by deusx
HTML5 Drag and Drop Avatar Changer with Resizing and Cropping | CSS-Tricks
Let's create a page where a user can update their avatar with as little friction as possible: they just drop an image anywhere on the page and it's done.
html  webdev  html5  social  avatar 
november 2014 by deusx
Firefox 1.0 Launch Day | Mitchell's Blog
Launch day here was quite a day, and I thought I would describe my view of it.
mozilla  launch  firefox  webdev  history 
november 2014 by deusx
How to create an https server? -
To create an HTTPS server, you need two things: an SSL certificate, and Node's built-in https module.
node  ssl  webdev  http 
november 2014 by deusx
Extract front-matter header from files
gulp  nodejs  webdev 
october 2014 by deusx
Web Identity Federation with Mobile Applications : Articles & Tutorials : Amazon Web Services
This article shows how WIF can be used to give many users a "Personal File Store" all housed within a single Amazon S3 bucket without the need for any backend infrastructure.
amazon  identity  wif  s3  webdev 
october 2014 by deusx
Physical-web by google
The Physical Web is an approach to unleash the core superpower of the web: interaction on demand. People should be able to walk up to any smart device - a vending machine, a poster, a toy, a bus stop, a rental car - and not have to download an app first. Everything should be just a tap away.
google  to:twitter  iot  apis  webdev 
october 2014 by deusx
PESOS - IndieWebCamp
PESOS is an acronym/abbreviation for Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate (to your) Own Site.
indieweb  webdev 
september 2014 by deusx
POSSE - IndieWebCamp
POSSE is an acronym/abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.
indieweb  webdev 
september 2014 by deusx
PESETAS - IndieWebCamp
PESETAS is an acronym/abbreviation for Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate Everything To A Silo.
indieweb  webdev 
september 2014 by deusx
Why Web Components Aren't Ready for Production... Yet -Telerik Developer Network
Web components and Polymer are exciting technologies that may fundamentally change the way we develop web applications, but because of the large performance gap between browsers that support the technologies natively (aka Chrome 36+) and those that don’t (aka every other browser), it will be difficult for most developers to use web components until they’re implemented everywhere, and there’s no way of knowing how long that will be.
webdev  webcomponents  polymer 
july 2014 by deusx
Mozilla WebDev
Kind of a web quine of the firefox logo
firefox  webdev  mozilla 
july 2014 by deusx
Easy accelerated 3D Games in a browser with JavaScript and WebGL using Three.js or Babylon.js - Scott Hanselman
Let's ignore that we haven't got a web-agreed-upon way to do just about anything, much less basic line-of-business apps with data-bound text boxes over data, and just revel in the fact that we can do hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in our browsers with WebGL. This works today in all the latest browsers.
webdev  games  webgl  3d 
june 2014 by deusx
jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor.
json  webdev 
june 2014 by deusx
The objective of APIs.json is to help fix this problem by making it easy for people to signpost where the APIs on a given domain are and provide information on how they work. The format is simple and extensible and can be put into any web root domain for discovery.
apis  webdev  gluecon  apis.json 
may 2014 by deusx
ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
“I want to securely expose a local web server to the internet and capture all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.”
ngrok  webdev  gluecon  proxy  networking 
may 2014 by deusx
What is the RESTed NARWHL? | The RESTed NARWHL
Where REST is an architectural style for APIs, NARWHL is a framework intended to provide a roadmap for those needing to implement an API using current best practices but flexible enough to grow into the future.
narwhl  rest  webdev  apis  gluecon 
may 2014 by deusx
Pushbullet - Send files, links, and more to your phone and back, fast!
Our mission is to bridge the gap between your phone, tablet, and computer, enabling them to work better together.
pushbullet  mobile  apps  webdev 
may 2014 by deusx
Apiary — Home
Collaborative design, instant API mock, generated documentation, integrated code samples, debugging and automated testing
apis  webdev  gluecon 
may 2014 by deusx
Push reveal.js notes into the console
Reveal.addEventListener( 'slidechanged', function( event ) {
// event.previousSlide, event.currentSlide, event.indexh, event.indexv
var notes = event.currentSlide.querySelector(".notes");
if(notes) {\n\s+/g,'\n')
reveal  webdev  presenations  hacks 
may 2014 by deusx
Python Twitter + django-social-auth == Hello New User
This will post a new tweet on behalf of the user, telling everyone they joined your website!
python  auth  twitter  webdev 
april 2014 by deusx
GifCam | BahraniApps Blog
GifCam is easy and fun animated gif making app.
gifs  webdev  animations  windows  tools  gif  animation 
january 2014 by deusx
Django snippets: Profiling middleware using cProfile
Similar to Profiling Middleware, but uses cProfile instead of hotshot.

Append ?prof to the URL to see profiling output instead of page output.
profiling  middleware  django  webdev 
january 2014 by deusx
OCRAD.js: Pure Javascript OCR via Emscripten – Blog
The idea of the extension was kind of simple and also kind of magical: a browser extension that allowed users to highlight, copy, and paste text from any image as if it were plain text. Of course the implementation is a bit difficult and actually relies on the advent of a number of newfangled technologies.
webdev  ocr  javascript 
january 2014 by deusx
Announcing Elasticsearch.js For Node.js And The Browser | Blog | Elasticsearch
A few months ago we released client libraries for PHP, Ruby, Python, and Perl and today we add another to the family, JavaScript! This new client runs in Node.js and modern browsers, and aims to solve the same problems that the others do
webdev  elasticsearch  node  javascript 
december 2013 by deusx
EVE Online Image Server
Welcome to the image server of EVE Online. You can use this service to obtain images related to entities in New Eden. At this moment, it is possible to get alliance logos, corp logos, character portraits, ship renders and inventory type icons in various resolutions.
gaming  eve  eveonline  webdev  images 
december 2013 by deusx
GZIP and the Stack Exchange API
While our API is HTTP based, we chose to diverge from standard HTTP in one particular area. We guarantee that all responses are GZIP'd.
webdev  stackoverflow  http 
november 2013 by deusx
A polystore ORM for Node.js and the browser
webdev  node  backbone  nodejs  javascript  orm 
november 2013 by deusx
Paul O’Shannessy - Do We Need Node?
So what do I want? I want a world where the core JS engine is swappable. Maybe I’m deploying on an architecture not supported by V8 (Node on SPARC came up while working on SpiderNode). Maybe my employer only wants to use the JVM. Or maybe Microsoft can get some performance wins by using Chakra for Windows Azure. Back to modules, I don’t want to get rid of npm. Or maybe I do and I want something that only supports ES6+ modules.
js  webdev  node  future  to:fb 
november 2013 by deusx
Chosen: A jQuery Plugin by Harvest to Tame Unwieldy Select Boxes
Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly.
webdev  jquery  javascript 
november 2013 by deusx
Amazon Web Services Blog: AWS IAM Now Supports Amazon, Facebook, and Google Identity Federation
Web identity federation simplifies the development of cloud-backed applications that use public identity providers such as Facebook, Google, or the newly launched Login with Amazon service for authentication.
webdev  amazon  aws  identity 
november 2013 by deusx
Amazon Web Services Blog: Developer Preview - AWS SDK for JavaScript in the Browser
Would you like to build rich, browser-based applications that make direct calls to AWS services without the need for any server-side code?
webdev  aws  amazon 
november 2013 by deusx
Dynamic waveform audio synthesizer, written in Javascript.
webdev  audio  synth 
october 2013 by deusx
Write a NES Emulator with JavaScript - Part 1 - Alexander Dickson
After getting my JavaScript Chip-8 emulator working, I thought it’d be a good idea to take on the next challenge: the Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the FamiCom in parts of Asia).
webdev  gaming  nes  emulators 
october 2013 by deusx
Sir Trevor JS | Made by Many
Sir trevor content is made up of blocks. By default Sir Trevor ships with the following block types, but you can easily add your own
webdev  editors  javascript  markdown  wysiwyg 
october 2013 by deusx
Imperfect Circles – Aesthetic imperfection with fractal subdivision | Rectangle World – HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript: Tutorials and Experiments
Getting a computer to draw a shape in the way that a human would requires programming in some imperfection. The simple idea is to add in some randomization of drawing coordinates, which could be done in various ways. Below are two examples of imperfect circles drawn in an HTML5 canvas with JavaScript, where the imperfection has been added through the use of a fractal-like subdivision algorithm. The imperfection can be subtle, but it is enough to make the image appear to be human-drawn. Although the images are quite simple I find them quite nice to look at.
html5  webdev  graphics  canvas  fractals  math 
september 2013 by deusx
canvg - Javascript SVG parser and renderer on Canvas - Google Project Hosting
canvg is a SVG parser and renderer. It takes a URL to a SVG file or the text of an SVG file, parses it in JavaScript, and renders the result on a Canvas element. The rendering speed of the examples is about as fast as native SVG.
webdev  svg  graphics  canvas  html5 
september 2013 by deusx
Introducing BladeRunnerJS
Here at Caplin we’re in the business of building extremely complex financial trading GUIs as single page web apps. Over the past 18 months we’ve created a developer toolkit and lightweight JavaScript framework called BladeRunnerJS to help us do this more efficiently.
webdev  frameworks  bladerunner 
september 2013 by deusx
dat-gui - A lightweight controller library for JavaScript. - Google Project Hosting
A lightweight graphical user interface for changing variables in JavaScript.
html5  webdev  gaming  gui  nifty  javascript 
september 2013 by deusx
Real-time synchronous multiplayer 3D gaming with HTML5 - The Artillery Blog
Six weeks ago we set out to see if we could build a real-time, “twitch” 3D game in the browser using HTML5. We built a few games and were pleasantly surprised with what we achieved.
gaming  html5  artillery  webdev 
september 2013 by deusx
Announcing Artillery's Project Atlas, a Hardcore RTS for the Browser - The Artillery Blog
The Artillery Platform, which Atlas is built upon, uses JavaScript and WebGL to deliver a high-quality, low-latency multiplayer gaming experience to anyone with a modern web browser. The platform is centered around 3D experiences with real-time multiplayer capability and strong community support. The JavaScript-based game engine features a component-entity design, a modern deferred rendering pipeline, and development tools designed to allow creative expression and super-fast iteration.
to:twitter  webdev  gaming  nifty  html5  webgl 
september 2013 by deusx
Interesting textures with layered fractal gradients | Rectangle World – HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript: Tutorials and Experiments
Here’s another experiment which makes use of a noisy data set defined by fractal subdivision, this time applied to create some interestingly textured gradients
webdev  html5  canvas  graphics  fractals 
september 2013 by deusx
Why cards are the future of the web | Inside Intercom
We are currently witnessing a re-architecture of the web, away from pages and destinations, towards completely personalised experiences built on an aggregation of many individual pieces of content
to:fb  cards  content  webdev  design  ux 
september 2013 by deusx
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