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Matchstick Brings Firefox OS to Your HDTV: Be the First to get a Developer Stick ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
The first HDMI streaming stick powered by Firefox OS has arrived. It’s called Matchstick and we’re looking for your help to create apps for this new device.
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september 2014 by deusx
NextDraft: Adolescence in the Age of Pay-Per-Minute Porn
The four-finger method worked for seven days. And during that unforgettable week, my neighborhood shut down. Nerf footballs sat untouched on driveway blacktops, tumbleweed rolled across emptied bike paths, dust gathered on Intellivision gaming consoles, zero progress was made on bar mitzvah haftorah portions.
retro  tv  cable  to:fb  porn 
september 2013 by deusx
Snipped from a clip of some "scared straight" show shown on The Soup
ifttt  soundcloud  thesoup  tv 
january 2013 by deusx
NBCUniversal, Hearst Corp. Close Deal to Rebrand G4 as Esquire Channel - The Hollywood Reporter
In its bid for the largely untapped metrosexual viewership, NBCUniversal is set to rebrand G4 channel as the Esquire channel.
to:fb  really  nbcuniversal  g4  techtv  tv 
december 2012 by deusx
HDMI-CEC - MythTV Official Wiki
HDMI-CEC is a device control protocol that runs over HDMI cables.

It allows rudimentary control over HDMI-CEC aware devices - these devices oftern have vendor-specific names for the protocol, such as AnyNet+ for Samsung devices.
hdmi  cec  remotes  hardware  tv 
november 2012 by deusx
Pulse-Eight. Control your TV from XBMC, or vice versa! USB - CEC Adapter
All modern TVs support HDMI-CEC a technology that allows devices to talk with each other over the HDMI cable, using this feature this adapter will send and receive remote key presses to XBMC or MythTV or Windows Media Centre or any other app that supports libCEC on your PC
tv  usb  hdtv  hdmi  remotes  xbmc  hardware 
november 2012 by deusx
There's going to be an Inspector Spacetime web series!
Word out of the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention is that there is going to be a web series of Community's Who-parody show Inspector Spacetime. It sounds like it won't be Donald Glover and Danny Pudi in the starring roles, however. Travis Richey, who plays the Inspector on the show within a show will be producing six episodes. [bessyboo via Charlie Jane]
odd  drwho  community  tv  to:fb 
february 2012 by deusx
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 47 year old television signals bouncing back to Earth
A BBC team have been working closely with Dr Venn's team to help recover the signals. BBC Television historian Peter Wells, explained "We now know these are original broadcasts. So far we have recovered about 7 weeks of old television signals from space. Every day in our lab is like traveling back in time. And speaking of which we have just started the digital recovery of signals that contain lost Doctor Who episodes.
whoa  scifi  tv  awesome  drwho  seti  cool  science  space 
december 2011 by deusx
How to Rediscover the Obscure TV Shows and Movies that Made Your Childhood Weird
It's usually pretty easy to track down most big Hollywood releases and major TV shows on DVD, or on Netflix. But what about those works that aren't popular enough for mass production, such as old TV movies, pilots that never made it to air, or lost films that only a die-hard film fan could appr...
odd  oldschool  tv  retro 
december 2011 by deusx
Plan to Revive Two ABC Soap Operas Collapses -
After four months of negotiations with actors, producers and unions, the company, Prospect Park, said Wednesday that it had suspended its efforts because of financial challenges. In a statement, it said that contractual demands from the unions “coupled with the program’s inherent economic challenges” led to the decision.
entertainment  soapoperas  tv 
november 2011 by deusx
'Pete & Pete' Reunion: Cast, Creative Crew Reunite In Los Angeles
There's a reason why a certain generation looks back on "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" with a vast fondness and nostalgia that reaches almost mythic proportions: the show was all about looking back on childhood with a vast fondness and nostalgia in mythic proportions.

For the first time since the show ended in 1996, the cast and creative crew behind the early Nickelodeon cult hit reunited for a panel to look back on their now iconic work. Both Petes -- older TV brother Mike Maronna and the younger, stranger TV brother Danny Tamberelli -- were in attendance on Saturday at LA's Cinefamily, as were creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi and a host of other cast members.
pete&pete  tv  entertainment  nickelodeon 
november 2011 by deusx
Michele Bachmann’s Entrance On Jimmy Fallon? The Fishbone Song ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch’ | Mediaite
Earlier this morning, our own Nando Di Fino critiqued Michele Bachmann’s appearance on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon by saying that that the first half of her segment, when she discussed her family life and Thanksgiving, was much better than her second, where she attempted to make “stale, rehearsed political humor.” However, it now seems that her spot on the show was tainted from the very beginning thanks to a sly commentary from Fallon’s house band, The Roots. In case anyone watching the show was curious why Bachmann’s entrance music appeared to be a rocking ska song, the song’s title, “Lyin’ Ass Bitch,” might explain things.
jimmyfallon  questlove  politice  bachmann  tv  entertainment 
november 2011 by deusx
Netflix, Fox ready to resurrect Arrested Development as a streaming exclusive in 2013 - Engadget
The Bluth family has been off TV since Arrested Development was cancelled by Fox back in 2006, but after protracted rumors and a reported bidding war the show is ready to return as a Netflix-exclusive series. New episodes should be available in the first half of 2013 and represent another serious push into original content after Netflix signed up House of Cards, which will debut next year. The details are in the press release after the break, including interesting quotes from Fox execs celebrating this "new business model" allowing them to bring back another show, after Family Guy and Futurama made similar trips back from the dead with great success. After a summer of cancellations and PR gaffes, this should bring back goodwill at least from fans of this show, and likely heat up the campaigns to save other gone-too-soon TV shows. So what's next to get the Flatliners treatment? Firefly? Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Dollhouse? Community (six seasons and a movie!)?
arresteddevelopment  tv  entertainment 
november 2011 by deusx
'The Munsters' Could Return, but as an Hourlong Drama -
NBC has ordered a pilot of a new version of the 1960s sitcom “The Munsters,” reconceived as an hourlong drama, specifically, the network said Wednesday night, a “visually spectacular one-hour drama.”
tv  entertainment  munsters 
november 2011 by deusx
NBC Rebooting “The Munsters” — Slice of SciFi
NBC is desperate for a hit. And with vampires and werewolves being all the rage these days, they’re looking back to a staple of syndication, The Munsters.
whygodwhy  reboots  entertainment  tv  nbc  munsters 
november 2011 by deusx
NBCs mid-season schedule benches Community, kills Prime Suspect, brings back 30 Rock -
"Community" is a mess ratings-wise, but it's one of NBC's few shows that still draws largely unabashed love from critics (and from its shrinking but passionate group of fans). Pulling it off the schedule temporarily given the ratings is understandable; pulling it off the schedule while leaving "Whitney" on is not. Either show is going to do the same pathetic numbers on Wednesdays at 8 - away from its "Office" cocoon, "Whitney" could easily do worse than "Community" would - and one move at least buys continued goodwill from the press and viewers, whereas there's no one outside the immediate families of Whitney Cummings and Chris D'Elia who will be happy that show continues to air, week after week.
nbc  tv  comedy  whitney  community  wtf  entertainment 
november 2011 by deusx
Britta'd it | MetaFilter
NBC's Community is being put on hiatus. Twitter is pissed.
tv  nbc  entertainment  community 
november 2011 by deusx
Talking the Monster to Death - Television Tropes & Idioms
The hero has cornered the vicious monster. It's taken out everyone who has confronted it thus far, and the hero seems like no exception.

That's when the hero, rather than drawing a sword, pulls out his cue cards. He begins a speech about the good things in life, the wonders of good, how Humans Are Special and the monster should respect that, yadda yadda, could someone hit the mute button please?

And it works. This hideous monster surrenders, lets itself die, chooses to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, disappears in a Puff of Logic, or what-have-you.
tv  tropes  funny  scifi 
november 2011 by deusx
Conan O'Brien officiates first same-sex marriage on a late night TV show - Boing Boing
Conan O'Brien officiated the first same-sex marriage on a late-night TV show last night. It was the wedding of "CONAN" costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein. Bravo's Andy Cohen walked Scott down the aisle on stage at the Beacon Theater. "The wedding was performed while...
ttrss  shared  conan  tv  entertainment  gay  marriage 
november 2011 by deusx
Watch Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Moby, and Stephen Merritt sing Rocky Horror
Wow, it's all our favorite people singing our favorite song. While on Craig Ferguson's show, this amazing quartet made up of our favorite author, a Dresden Doll, part of The Magnetic Fields, and Moby sang "Science Fiction Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Try not to pass out.
craigferguson  tv  nifty  rhps 
november 2011 by deusx
“I finally cracked it” –
If all they do is make a really nice TV set like everyone else’s, it’ll probably be as interesting as the Airport Extreme: a nice product in its category, but not exciting or scaring the crap out of anyone.

But if they’ve managed to pull off something more interesting, I’d hate to be in the TV business when it’s released.
apple  tv  appletv  media  entertainment  cable  cordcutting 
november 2011 by deusx
Samsung Warns of 3-D TV Health Concerns - ABC News
""We do not recommend watching 3-D if you are in bad physical condition, need sleep or have been drinking alcohol," it says, adding that consumers should not place 3-D TVs near open stairwells, cables or other objects that could injure disoriented viewers. "
3d  samsung  tv  entertainment  openstairwells  from delicious
april 2010 by deusx
A Return To 'Twin Peaks' | Airlock Alpha
"After all, like the Black Lodge's dancing dwarf said, that gum is coming back in style."
twinpeaks  tv  blacklodge  davidlynch  from delicious
april 2010 by deusx
Twin Peaks: How Laura Palmer's death marked the rebirth of TV drama | Feature | Television & radio | The Observer
"Twin Peaks was a sensation from the moment it first aired… and still, 20 years later, the influence of David Lynch's groundbreaking series can be felt in TV drama, from The Sopranos through to Lost. Here we relive its surreal appeal and ask six veterans of the show for their memories"
twinpeaks  davidlynch  tv  entertainment  culture  anniversary  laurapalmer  from delicious
march 2010 by deusx
MacFarlane special loses Microsoft - Entertainment News, TV News, Media - Variety
"For most of the special, however, MacFarlane and Borstein made typical "Family Guy"-style jokes, including riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest.

Such material was apparently a bit much for Microsoft."
roflmao  funny  familyguy  microsoft  tv  from delicious
october 2009 by deusx
Home Page - Television Tropes & Idioms
"This wiki is a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. We dip into the cauldron of story, whistle up a hearty spoonful and splosh it in front of you to devour to your heart's content. "
tv  entertainment  tropes  writing  culture  fiction  funny  cliches 
july 2009 by deusx
TiVo Elbows Into Living Rooms With Recording Patent (Update1) -
Good for them, I <3 my TiVo. They've been getting screwed, and cable companies obviously want them sunk. "TiVo Inc., armed with a federal court ruling backing the company’s digital-recording patent, plans to elbow its way onto every U.S. pay-television system to attract millions of new subscribers. "
tivo  tv  entertainment  dvr  cable  technology 
june 2009 by deusx
Hulu - Labs: Hulu Desktop
"Hulu Desktop is a lean-back viewing experience for your personal computer. It features a sleek new look that's optimized for use with standard Windows Media Center remote controls or Apple remote controls, allowing you to navigate Hulu's entire library with just six buttons. For users without remotes, the application is keyboard and mouse-enabled. Hulu Desktop is a downloadable application and will work on PCs and Macs. It will initially launch as a beta product during which we plan to gather and incorporate user feedback to improve the service."
hulu  tv  entertainment  streaming  video 
may 2009 by deusx
Retro Television Network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Retro Television Network (RTN) is a system of television stations primarily airing classic television programming from the 1950s through the 1980s, such as Leave it to Beaver, Kojak, McHale's Navy, Adam-12, Emergency!, and The Rockford Files.The network is specifically designed to air on a digital subchannel for a local broadcast station, allowing channels an easy way to expand their programming options. With the 2009 switch to digital television drawing closer, RTN has added many affiliates in 2007 and 2008."
television  entertainment  tv  retro 
december 2008 by deusx
Sources: Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Canceled - E! Online
Damn. The crappy new Knight Rider continues on, yet shows like Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls get cancelled. ""I think the writers’ strike did it," Chenoweth (Daisies' Olive Snook) tells us tonight of the cancellation. "I think that the ratings for all the shows are poor this year, and it’s not what the networks were hoping for. I’m not sure why ABC decided to ax our show. I know they don’t own us, so I know that probably has something to do with it, but who knows?""
pushingdaisies  tv  television  sad  cancelled 
november 2008 by deusx
Pushing Daisies: Six Ways Pushing Daisies Made Your Inner Nerd Cry Tears of Geeky Joy
"Nerds are renowned the world over for our extensive knowledge of possibly useless trivia, our obsessive devotion to our favorite books and films, and our resulting difficulties communicating with non-nerds. Thanks to modern internet culture, however, these days everyone is a nerd. And nowhere is that more evident than in these great moments from troubled urban fantasy show Pushing Daisies — where our hero is a Jedi wannabee slash zombie rights activist, and our Japanese-speaking heroine reads everything in sight."
pushingdaisies  tv  television  youmustwatchthisshow  nerd 
november 2008 by deusx
Pushing Daisies: Why Pushing Daisies Is The Best TV Show You're Not Watching
All of you bastards out there need to start watching this show. "I wish that headline wasn't true, but the ratings back me up; not enough people are watching ABC's Pushing Daisies. Bryan Fuller's secretly twisted yet romantic detective show may bring the dead back to life on a regular basis, but it also goes out of its way to prove Isaac Newton and Stan Lee right every week as well. Hilarious, more cynical than you might expect and with the best ensemble cast on television right now, we're giving you four reasons why it's time to put your preconceptions aside and get onboard the Pie Wagon before it's too late."
pushingdaisies  tv  entertainment  television  shows 
november 2008 by deusx
A thought on 10 foot browser interfaces -
"you know how more and more sites out there are adopting a m.* mobile version, tailored for smaller screens? Why don't the video sites out there start adopting tv.* versions of their interfaces, tailored to people using the site from their couch?"
web  tv  entertainment  webdev  mobile  browsers  ui 
september 2008 by deusx
Whiz Kids (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The show was about the adventures of a group of teenagers who worked as amateur computer experts and detectives. The series was inspired by the movie WarGames."
tv  shows  entertainment  whizkids 
july 2008 by deusx
The Prisoner: The Prisoner May Be The One Scifi Show Worth Remaking
"Yay, finally a new scifi remake that deserves some attention. It's a simple idea that can easily be translated and updated without butchering the plot or ideas of the original. "
theprisoner  scifi  remakes  entertainment  tv 
june 2008 by deusx
Shadow Unit
"The show I was imagining had never aired. But why couldn't I write episodes for it? Why couldn't I write fan fiction for a show that didn't exist?"
shadowunit  writing  tv  scifi  fiction 
june 2008 by deusx
NetFlix: First Netflix Streaming Box Review, $100 and Unlimited Downloads!
"First of all, the box is 99 bucks, ... Any Netflix disc mailing plan over $9 gets you unlimited streaming of almost 10,000 titles."
netflix  roku  streaming  vod  video  tv  hardware  want  dowant  gimme 
may 2008 by deusx
Carson Beckett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Mallozzi said that he regretted killing off Dr. Beckett after he saw the fans' reactions, and thought up a way to bring him back."
scifi  tv  stargate  sga  beckett 
february 2008 by deusx
We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day | Dirty World News
"I've been having a blast digging through the dozens of videos on YouTube depicting TV sign-off messages throughout the years, back before most stations broadcasted on a 24-hour programming schedule."
tv  videos  nifty 
february 2008 by deusx
YouTube - Street Hawk: Intro
"intro of "Street Hawk" tv-show"
80s  tv  streethawk  videos 
january 2008 by deusx
TiVo drops word of updated TiVo with full two-way functionality - Engadget
"it'd give you access to cable video-on-demand, and other two-way services that have been previously off-limits to TiVo users"
tivo  tv  cable  entertainment  opencable 
november 2007 by deusx
Video: Prince Of Persia Butchered In "Life" -
"Now, here's the funny part: in order to access the Excel files containing all the records of drug-trafficking and cash locations, it seems that players have to reach "level 10""
tv  entertainment  stupid  gaming  princeofpersia  montage 
november 2007 by deusx
Japan's Reality-TV Gamer Just Keeps Playing and Playing and Playing...
"the Japanese reality show Game Center CX. The concept is that Arino must defeat the most difficult videogames ever made."
gaming  japan  tv  entertainment  realitytv 
november 2007 by deusx
James Hibberd - Joss Whedon Returns to Fox With New Series 'Dollhouse' - TVWeek - Blogs
"Joss Whedon, the creator of acclaimed cult favorites “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel” and “Firefly,” is returning to Fox and reuniting with “Buffy” regular Eliza Dushku for a new action-drama called “Dollhouse.”"
via:telliott  whedon  fox  tv  entertainment  dollhouse 
november 2007 by deusx
Funny or Die Videos - Weng Weng Rap - by rroom
"Only 2 foot '9 inches tall, Weng Weng fights crime in the Phillippines as Agent 00. "
wengweng  tv  phillippines  videos 
october 2007 by deusx
James Hibberd - 'Babylon Fields'—CBS’ Buried Zombie Necrophilia Pilot Unearthed - TVWeek - Blogs
"The show explores the emotional and societal ramification of loved ones coming back from the dead. You know, like in “Pet Sematary.” But by the end of the episode, the zombie thriller is crossed with a crime procedural."
zombies  tv  cbs  entertainment 
october 2007 by deusx
Tubewad - Television New Knight Rider for NBC with Bourne's Liman directing
"The article states that the goal is to make the show a "Transformers-inspired reworking" of the role that The Hoff made famous."
knightrider  entertainment  tv  donotwant 
september 2007 by deusx
SF Signal: Can The Sci Fi Channel Be Saved?
"SF fans should be flocking to the Sci Fi Channel. But they aren't. And it's not the fans' fault."
sf  scifi  tv  entertainment 
september 2007 by deusx
NBC Recharges 'American Gladiators' - Redo of '90s syndicated show on midseason track - Zap2it
""American Gladiators" is returning to television, bringing all its spandex-clad glory not to syndication but to network primetime."
americangladiators  tv  nifty  entertainment 
august 2007 by deusx
E! - Kristin's Blog - Exclusive! Veronica Canceled -
"With actual tears in my eyes, I must tell you that I’ve heard from several solid sources that the CW has decided not to bring Veronica Mars back for a fourth season."
bastards  veronicamars  cw  tv  entertainment 
march 2007 by deusx
Saved by the Bell - Jessie-1.wav (audio/x-wav Object)
"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'M SO SCARED!"
sbtb  wavs  tv  audio  annoying  funny 
february 2007 by deusx
By Ken Levine: How FRASIER came to be
"Hello, everybody from beautiful Los Angeles, California. Peter Casey here, co-creator of FRASIER."
frasier  tv  entertainment 
december 2006 by deusx
Deep Jive Interests ? Yahoo’s Blog Takes Its Blogging Lumps, Like a Real Blog Should
"by allowing full comments, and better yet, responding to some of them, you gain a valuable sense of integrity and, as loathe as I am to type these words, “street cred” "
yahoo  yahootv  tv  metablogging 
december 2006 by deusx
Wired News: Masi Oka: Coder, Actor, Hero
Both a programmer for ILM and a star of the series Heroes
heroes  tv  entertainment 
october 2006 by deusx
The Buffy and Angel Trivia Guide // Bored now
"Willow’s vampire self from an alternate universe used “Bored now” as her favourite phrase in Doppelg‽ngland. Willow repeats this line in Villains. "
btvs  buffy  willow  tv 
october 2006 by deusx
DragonConTV (DCTV)
"Dragon*ConTV videos spoof everything from Star Wars & Star Trek to obscure sci-fi." And they have a video podcast feed.
tv  video  scifi  awesome  dragoncon 
september 2006 by deusx
GateWorld - Cooper: SG-1 will go on
"Don't count Stargate SG-1 out just yet. Though SCI FI Channel has cancelled the long-running series (story), the show's producers are hard at work looking for a new outlet for the story to continue"
stargate  sg1  scifi  tv  entertainment 
august 2006 by deusx
SCI FI Wire | SG-1 Ends Run; Atlantis Back
"SCI FI Channel confirmed that it will not renew its record-breaking original series Stargate SG-1 for another season"
scifi  stargate  sg1  sad  entertainment  tv 
august 2006 by deusx
Wired News: TechTV Reborn as 'UndoTV'
"We're undoing TechTV's untimely and unwarranted demise"
techtv  tv  laporte  twit  pirillo 
august 2006 by deusx
Dog Bones: I Am Moving To Japan
"Here is a tongue twister, say it correctly or get hit in the nuts. Like peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and Snakes On A Plane, you know exactly what you're getting and if you don't like it then that is your problem."
japan  tv  gameshows  balls  video  funny 
july 2006 by deusx
Brad Choate: Pulling the cable plug
"today we’re without cable again, but not because we can’t afford it."
cable  television  tv  entertainment  bittorrent  netflix 
july 2006 by deusx
YouTube - Wierd Al Interviews Eminem
"From Wierd Al's TV show a few years back. Pretty funny."
eminem  tv  weirdal  video 
july 2006 by deusx
"Otherworld" (1985)
"Thrown into another dimension, a family must keep ahead of a tyrannical state's hunters while searching for a way home."
tv  otherworld  entertainment  scifi 
july 2006 by deusx
The Self-Destruction of Cartoon Network at Forever Geek
"In only five years the network has disintegrated into everything that made MTV a laughing stock among music fans."
cartoons  cartoonnetwork  entertainment  anime  tv 
june 2006 by deusx
Unbundling US channels will change the face of TV | The Register
"US Presidential hopeful John McCain is pushing the idea of la carte pricing to the US Senate."
tv  entertainment  cable 
may 2006 by deusx
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