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The Two-Fisted, One-Eyed Misadventures Of Sportswriting's Last Badass
One week, George came in and typed up his piece, dropped it at the editor's desk, and went off into the night. The editor looked at the copy and it was utter gibberish. Lots of consonants. Remembering that George was a touch-typist, the editor took the piece, put his hands on the keyboard, but moved them one key to the side. The piece was perfect, except George had started one key over
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december 2011 by deusx
StarCraft changed my life | The Verge
Back in the real world, at Legends, StarCraft fans continued to trickle in. We had the whole main floor to ourselves, and it finally started to fill up late in the afternoon, but "real" sports fans vastly outnumbered us for most of the day. Just after the soccer fans finally chilled out, some NY Giants fans congregated in the balcony and proceeded to be real jerks about it; one jersey-clad fan stood and pointed at us from above, as if we were a curiosity in a zoo. In a particularly tense moment, where the football fans started yelling irrationally at their own screens, StarCraft fans started chanting "MLG! MLG! MLG! MLG!," as if that would quiet the opposition.
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november 2011 by deusx
Bunny rabbits compete in show jumping course: Dressage set to take world by storm | Mail Online
That rabbits like to hop is hardly a secret. But now European rabbit enthusiasts have harnessed their bunnies' natural talents to create a new spectator sport... rabbit showjumping.
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november 2011 by deusx
Dynamite Surfing
Wow. Surfboard + public pond + bundle of dynamite = Urban surfing. So close to a Darwin award...
wtf  dynamite  surfing  sports 
february 2007 by deusx
Take me out to the 'Counter-Strike' | Tech News on ZDNet
"There are leagues, coaches, pep talks, uniforms, corporate sponsors, loyal fans and spectators perched in stadium-style seating."
gaming  sports  competition  counterstrike 
december 2006 by deusx
If steroids are cheating, why isn't LASIK? By William Saletan
"If the andro that helped McGwire hit 70 home runs in 1998 was an unnatural, game-altering enhancement, what about his high-powered contact lenses?"
sports  posthumanity  baseball  lasik  eyes  health  medicine  doping 
june 2006 by deusx
The Greatest Curling Shot Ever | MetaFilter
"I will never mock curling again." Holy crap, this makes me want to watch more curling.
sports  curling  olympics 
march 2006 by deusx
Penny Arcade! - The Sporting Life
"I heard the refs were paid off by ... Gay Democrats? I don't know. Who do we not like?"
sports  football  comics  gaming 
february 2006 by deusx
National Hockey League Players' Association: NHL CANCELS SEASON
Wow. Didn't this happen to baseball? Right about when they lost a whole bunch of fans to hockey? Greedy dumbasses, all.
february 2005 by deusx
Kimmel show pulled for comments
"They're going to burn the city of Detroit down if the Pistons win, and it's not worth it." Hah! It'd only be an improvement!
detroit  sports  television 
june 2004 by deusx

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