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The rise and fall of webOS is an epic tale; webOS != Web OS on Dion Almaer's Blog
in my heart I long for someone to come along with a true Web runtime that lets developers write to a standards-based multi-vendor platform that no one company owns. Democracy is messy, but the Open Web is worth it. Don’t read one article and think that it can’t be done.
webdev  openweb  palm  webos  b2g  firefoxos  mobile  history  web 
february 2013 by deusx
JSON Location Tracker - PreCentral Forums
"This app is a single card that controls all the aspects of posting location data to a website: the post URL, the speed of GPS reading collection, and the size of the buffer."
webos  palm  gps  location  from delicious
june 2010 by deusx
Microsoft Borrows Palm's Advertising for Windows Phone 7 Series
"Did you see those great ads pushed out the other day from Palm? It looks like Microsoft, who forgot to borrow copy & paste or multi-tasking, has the same ad team or at least the same great idea. Now it’s time for Palm to creatively borrow a few elements from the Microsoft ad. How about adding a few different demographics and have the people in the ads carrying webOS phones."
palm  microsoft  mobile  advertising  from delicious
march 2010 by deusx
The Official Palm Blog: Palm webOS games get Unreal
"At the annual Game Developers Conference this week, Palm and Epic Games are demonstrating Unreal Engine 3 on Palm webOS. Unreal Engine 3 powers Epic's popular Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of War along with many other titles from leading game developers. Licensees of Unreal Engine 3 will soon be able to build games for Palm webOS. "
unreal  palm  pdk  wow  gaming  from delicious
march 2010 by deusx
Daring Fireball Linked List: Kara Swisher on Microsoft's Mobile Dilemma
Oh god, I hope MSFT never buys Palm. I'd be in the market for an Android phone, then. "RIM seems like a natural fit, in terms of its customer base and the whole look and feel of BlackBerry software. Palm would be the bolder play."
microsoft  palm  mobile  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
State of the Art - Palm Provides Plenty of P’s With Improved Phones -
"But first: frankly, I can’t fathom why the Pre and the Pixi haven’t proved to be more popular. The polish and panache of both phones are phenomenal. Both phones feature Palm’s Web OS software, a fine, fluid operating system that, in many aspects, out-iPhones the iPhone. Among other pluses, the software multitasks, so you can put on Pandora radio as you process your e-mail. These are multitouch phones, too, meaning that two-finger gestures (like pinching to shrink a photo or Web page) work perfectly."
palm  pre  pixi  webos  mobile  from delicious
january 2010 by deusx
Custom Feeds - Palm Developer Center
"Palm provides a public listing of all third-party applications and related metadata. This includes apps distributed via Web Distribution, the Palm App Catalog, and Beta Applications. These feeds are intended to facilitate the emergence of community directories of Palm webOS applications, such as the ones available at PreCentral and FreshMeat.

This article outlines the feeds and provides details on how to effectively consume them. "
palm  webos  appstore  rss  developers  from delicious
january 2010 by deusx
Palm Developer Network Blog » Project Ares Open Beta
"The heart of Ares is its visual drag-and-drop interface builder. The interface builder makes it simple to build complex layouts that adapt to orientation changes and support multiple webOS devices. The visual debugger in Ares goes far beyond the debugging tools previously available to webOS developers, and Ares’ code editor (based on the pioneering work of Mozilla’s Bespin delivers a great experience. Even in beta, we think you’ll find Ares to be the most complete and efficient environment for building webOS apps."
mozilla  palm  ares  webos  development  mobile  javascript  web2.0  ide  palmpre  from delicious
december 2009 by deusx
Aral Balkan · Maximizing your DROIT, or: why you should learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for mobile development.
"While Microsoft drifts aimlessly with Windows Mobile trying to play a fruitless game of cat and mouse with Apple, and while Google – the defender of all things open and web – invests in Java with Android, one company has come out of left field with a solid vision to embrace open web technologies for its mobile platform. That company is Palm and its platform is called WebOS. And you should stand up and take notice because it is one of the most important developments in the mobile world today."
palm  webdev  open  webos  html5  from delicious
november 2009 by deusx
Ares: webOS Development in a Browser, with Drag 'n' Drop, Coming Later This Year |
"To show off the power of Ares, Palm had an engineer code up a Flickr search tool -- in front of a live audience -- using the drag and drop tools to create the various widgets and form necessary for the app."
ares  palm  webos  mobile  from delicious
november 2009 by deusx
Mojo Test Framework
"Where Mojo.Test diverges from the usual xUnit-type framework is in support for testing components that depend on asynchronous callbacks. Mojo.Test provides a callback function for results that can be used at the end of a chain of any number of callbacks from the component under test. It also maintains a test timer, which will cause the failure of any test that doesn't report a result within a configurable time limit. "
webos  palm  mojo  testing  tdd  from delicious
november 2009 by deusx
How to Install/Run A Wordpress Blog on a Palm Pre! | Palm Pre Hacks Blog!
Totally pointless, but cool. "Since the Palm Pre is based on Linux, I figured that you could probably run a Wordpress blog on the Palm Pre. Well, after about 3 hours of research, I found a way to run a wordpress blog using Optware Lighttpd and MySQL server."
palm  pre  linux  wordpress  lamp  from delicious
september 2009 by deusx
google-diff-match-patch - Project Hosting on Google Code
"The Diff Match and Patch libraries offer robust algorithms to perform the operations required for synchronizing plain text. "
google  diff  match  patch  javascript  webdev  palm  pre  text 
august 2009 by deusx
JSLint Commandline Shenanigans
"y running JSLint on all of our javascript files as part of our development process, we can find these nasty bugs before they start!Turns out, Spidermonkey isn't just faster than Rhino, it's a lot faster (at least to start up)."
jslint  spidermonkey  pre  palm  webdev  testing  commandline  programming 
august 2009 by deusx
Innocell Extended Life Battery
"It has 90% more capacity than the original battery and comes with a door in black with Seidio's signature soft touch coating. Even with heavy phone and data usage, this battery will keep you charged and ready to go."
palm  pre  batteries  gadgets  mobile 
july 2009 by deusx
i am running a torrent client on my Pre - PreCentral Forums
"You won't be happy until they actually enforce a cap on all of us, will you? "
palm  pre  sprint  bittorrent  torrents  crazy 
july 2009 by deusx
Post Your Pre's Self Test Image!!! - PreCentral Forums
"Lets see all the different views we will get! Maybe one of us might have something interesting! "
palm  pre  manufacturing  selftest 
july 2009 by deusx
pre dev wiki: Pictures from Self-Test
"There is some interesting stuff leftover from the testing process"
palm  pre  manufacturing  selftest 
july 2009 by deusx
pre dev wiki: Global Search Addons
Now, if only it supported OpenSearch
search  palm  pre  hacks 
july 2009 by deusx
Palm Pre Mojo SDK experiments at updates @
"As a new Pre owner, I was curious to learn to code for the Palm WebOS SDK (Mojo). Whenever I try to learn a new technology, I try to build a functional test project. So… what to build for WebOS? Since the Pre’s web browser doesn’t currently support the W3C Geolocation spec used by Flickr Nearby, I figured a good “Hello World” might be an application to get the GPS coordinates from the Pre, and then load the appropriate Flickr page for that location."
palm  pre  geo  webos  webdev  javascript  api  mobile  flickr 
july 2009 by deusx
jwz - Palm WebOS Dali Clock
"Let's take a moment to ponder this version and the Alto version, and just how many wasted instructions, layers of abstraction, frameworks, toolkits and outright cruft have gotten between the algorithm and the frame buffer in the intervening twenty-seven years. This program makes my phone hot. Hot, I tell you. "
palm  pre  dali  clock  javascript  abstraction  jwz 
june 2009 by deusx
Tip Calculator
"This is my first application for the Palm Pre. It's a simple restaurant tip calculator. I wrote it because there wasn't one, and it seemed an easy way to learn how to write apps for this phone. "
palm  pre  jwz  apps 
june 2009 by deusx
Ars Reviews the Palm Pre, part 1: the BlackBerry killer - Ars Technica
I have an iPod Touch, so I have the media. I want the messaging. "In all, Palm put as much effort into making the webOS a first-rate messaging experience as Apple did into making the iPhone a first-rate media experience, and with just as much success. So if most of your communication consists of Twitter, email, SMS, and IM with the people in your Facebook network and/or Gmail contacts list, then the Pre will do for your personal messaging what your work BlackBerry does for your business messaging."
palm  pre  mobile  iphone  blackberry  messaging  webos  wireless  gadgets 
june 2009 by deusx
Best Buy® Mobile Will Sell Palm Pre™ for Sprint in Stores Beginning June 6 | Best Buy Inc.
"Best Buy Mobile, now in 1067 locations around the U.S. including standalone stores and stores-within-a-store at Best Buy will begin selling the Palm® Pre™ phone June 6. Without the hassle of mail-in rebates, Best Buy Mobile allows consumers to buy with instant rebate savings at the point of purchase."
bestbuy  palm  pre  gadgets 
may 2009 by deusx
Palm OS, she is dead
"Palm CEO Ed Colligan just pulled the plug on Palm OS, destroying the hopes and dreams of millions of Palm lovers around the world. As a former Palm programmer, let me tell you that this news saddens yet cheers me: Palm OS is in a better place now. "
palm  palmos  mobile 
february 2009 by deusx
Could this be Palm's new SDK?
palm  mojo  js  javascript  webdev 
january 2009 by deusx : Palm Developer Network ; Announcing Palm WebOS, Palm Mojo Application Framework, and Palm Mojo SDK
"Palm WebOS applications are easy to write using Mojo, a new application framework based on the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript standards that web developers already know and love. WebOS applications are installed and run directly on the device at native speed and have access to a wide range of device services."
palm  webdev  mobile 
january 2009 by deusx
Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors (3-Pack) for Centro - Centro & Treo Screen Protectors
"The SPE Screen Protector is the best screen protector for your Centro. Not only does it protect your display, but it also enhances it! "
wishlist  centro  palm  gadgets 
june 2008 by deusx
Palm 2 in 1 Stereo Headset Pro for Centro, Treo - Centro & Treo Hybrid Headphones - Treonauts Store
"If your Centro, Treo 755p, Treo 750, Treo 700p, Treo 700wx, Treo 700w, Treo 680, Treo 650, or Treo 600 pulls double duty as a phone and an MP3 player, then the 2-in-1 Stereo Headset Pro is perfect for you!"
wishlist  gadgets  treo  centro  palm 
june 2008 by deusx
Palm Air Case for Centro - Centro & Treo Hard Cases - Treonauts Store
"Protect your Centro with this strong, lightweight, and practically invisible case. Made of durable polycarbonate, it's sleek and smooth, yet surprisingly strong. Best of all, you can access all of your Centro's features while it's safely inside the case.
wishlist  palm  centro  gadgets  cases 
june 2008 by deusx
Smartphone Experts Retractable Sync & Charge Cable for Centro, Treo - Centro & Treo Sync & Charge Solutions - Treonauts Store
"Reduce cable clutter with this innovative retractable Sync & Charge cable - now with an integrated sync button."
wishlist  gadgets  palm 
june 2008 by deusx
Mark/Space · Recover your registration code and re-download software
"This re-send registration code utility is for Mark/Space products only."
marksync  palm  software 
march 2008 by deusx
Card Reader
"Card Reader allows to use Palm-powered handhelds as an ordinary USB or Bluetooth card reader for quick and easy file exchange."
centro  palm  software 
january 2008 by deusx
Treo USB Modem
"USB Modem allows you to use Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 755p and Centro smartphones as a USB modem for connecting a desktop or notebook computer to Internet."
centro  palm  software 
january 2008 by deusx
Freeware Palm: Megatops txtMemo v1.5b
"It manages all your memos on expansion card and supports the DOS, UNIX and MAC formats."
centro  treo  palm  utilities  software  memos 
january 2008 by deusx
Power DA - Green Dragon
"Power DA is a Desk Accessory launcher for Palm OS 5. Desk Accessories are useful little applications that can be opened and used while you are in another program."
palm  centro  software  da 
january 2008 by deusx
Memo Pad Desk Accessory. Text is all in Japanese, but scroll to the bottom for screenshots.
palm  centro  software  da 
january 2008 by deusx
Freeware Palm: FieldPlus v2.2
"FieldPlus is a control panel plugin that adds the capability to select text using the Treo 600/650 navigation pad. It also allows the command bar to be opened by holding the menu key."
freeware  palm  centro  software 
january 2008 by deusx
McPhling - Mike McCollister's Palm OS Programs
Excellent app for basically alt-tabbing between Palm apps.
palm  centro  software  hacks 
january 2008 by deusx
The Official Palm Blog: Last chance to download JVM for PalmOS
"Come on Palm - it's great that you are sharing info in a blog, but you know that there are two critical bits of info missing here. 1) Why? 2) What (if anything) does this mean about Palm's ongoing support of java on devices?"
java  palm  jvm  ibm  wtf  mobile  midlets 
january 2008 by deusx
Palm says goodbye to IBM Java virtual machine - Download Squad
"for some unexplained reason, Palm will stop offering a download link on Jan 12, 2008."
palm  java  ibm  jvm  midlets  mobile  wtf 
january 2008 by deusx
Frodo for PalmOS
"Welcome to the homepage of Frodo for PalmOS, the free Commodore 64 emulator for your Palm!"
palm  centro  treo  emulators  software 
january 2008 by deusx
"I wrote this program because I noticed that my PalmOS device (LifeDrive) contains quite a good hardware for recording sound, but (surprisingly) there was no good software which could fully use its potential."
palm  centro  treo  voice  audio  recording  software 
january 2008 by deusx
"Thanks for trying CellarDoor, a new version in a long lineage of Interactive Fiction interpreters for PalmOS devices."
palm  treo  centro  ifiction  software  cellardoor 
january 2008 by deusx
Palm Commander
File manager. Looks kinda outdated, but is free and seems to work.
palm  treo  centro  software  utilities 
january 2008 by deusx
The Most Hated Company In the PC Industry
"Microsoft, Apple, Dell and Palm hate Asustek because the company can give us something they can't: A super cheap, flexible, powerful mobile computer."
asus  eee  msft  apple  dell  palm  laptops 
january 2008 by deusx
Kinoma - Kinoma Player Product Information
"With support for all the most popular streaming audio and video formats - including MP3, MPEG-4, Windows Media 9, RTSP, and Flash Video - you'll see and hear more internet streams with Kinoma Player 4 EX than any other Palm media player."
palm  centro  kinoma  video  software 
january 2008 by deusx
"This small freeware app allows you to select a MP3 file and add it to your ringtone list in Sounds."
centro  palm  mobile  ringtones 
january 2008 by deusx
MacNoteTaker Home Page
"MacNoteTaker lets you write notes up to 32,676 long. It stores them in a hierachical structure with unlimited nested folders just like the files on your computer."
mac  osx  palm  mobile 
january 2008 by deusx
Abacus Palm Wrist Pda Made By Fossil AU5011 ! ! ! ! ! - eBay (item 220187450422 end time Jan-04-08 21:58:21 PST)
I always wanted one of these - mostly in order to be a dork with a big watch that did goofy things.
palm  fossil  watch  nerd 
january 2008 by deusx
Product Review Palm Centro Cellphone - New York Times
"Palm hoped that by trimming the Treo’s size and price, it would create a totally different product, a new crossover phone for people who have never before owned phones with alphabet keys."
centro  palm  mobile 
october 2007 by deusx
Palm, Inc. - Products - Palm® Centro™ smartphone
"Palm Centro gives you voice, text, IM, email and web,1 all in a phone that's a lot smaller than you think."
palm  treo  centro  smartphones  mobile 
september 2007 by deusx
Atari's Portfolio: the world's first palmtop | Reg Hardware
"The Portfolio's display was a 40-character by eight-line job with a 240 x 64-pixel graphics mode, mounted next to the unit's speaker and above the calculator-style QWERTY keypad."
gadgets  hardware  atari  palm  oldschool 
june 2007 by deusx
Palm, Inc. - Products - Foleo
"With its 10-inch screen and full-size keyboard, the Palm Foleo mobile companion connects wirelessly with your smartphone to help you do more on the go."
palm  foleo  mobile  laptops  hardware 
may 2007 by deusx
Green Dragon
"DragonEdit is two applications in one: a full-featured text editor, and a powerful HTML editor."
palm  treo  html  webdev  mobile  software 
august 2006 by deusx
Ludus Technologies
"SharkCache is a caching application for palmOne LifeDrives that speeds up the device by as much as 600%!"
palm  mobile  lifedrive 
august 2005 by deusx
Enable Your Tungsten T3 or Zire 72 for Wi-Fi
Learn how to setup your Palm Tungsten T3 or Zire 72 with the Wi-Fi card and access a Wi-Fi network.
palm  pda  gadgets  mobile  wifi 
august 2005 by deusx
A Sudoku Importer
"The Sudoku Importer is a program which takes a set of Sudoku puzzles in a memo, and imports them all into Andrew Gregory's Sudoku program for the Palm."
palm  games  gaming 
august 2005 by deusx
Space Trader Centre
"Space Trader is a strategy game for the PalmPilot. It is inspired by David J. Webb's PalmPilot game SolarWars ... and the 80's classic 3D strategy game Elite... "
games  palm  software 
july 2005 by deusx
Portable Innovation Technology Ltd.- Hardware - Memplug
"MemPlug SD/MMC is an adapter for the stamp sized Secure Digital and MultiMedia memory card. Moreover, it comes with a built-in vibrating alarm, a feature that many Handspring Visor Handheld owners are looking for."
visor  palm  gadgets  hardware 
june 2005 by deusx
The Palm Programmer's Cookbook.
"The intent of this paper is to provide a C programmer with all the information necessary to jump quickly into writing Palm code."
palm  dev 
june 2005 by deusx
"A Z-Machine Interpreter for Palm"
june 2005 by deusx
MacNoteTaker Home Page
"MacNoteTaker lets you write notes up to 32,676 long. ... When you do a hotsync it synchronises the folder structure of your notes with a folder on your Mac."
palm  mac  osx 
june 2005 by deusx Quake, Doom and Hexen ports for Palm OS
"A Palm OS developer in France has ported 3 classic PC first person shooter games over to the Palm OS." OMG WTF LOL
gaming  palm 
march 2005 by deusx
PalmOrb: Use your PalmOS PDA as a LCD status display via serial, USB, BlueTooth or IR
"PalmOrb is software that allows you to use your PalmOS device as a LCD status display for your computer!"
palm  hacks  hardware 
march 2005 by deusx
"PilotSQL is the first and only SQL (Structured Query Language) database for the PalmOS" Wow, another SQLite port to Palm.
mobile  palm  treo 
october 2004 by deusx
sqlite - Sqlite Palm
Whoa. SQLite on Palm? I really need to look at this.
mobile  palm  programming  treo 
october 2004 by deusx
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