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The Facebook Hack Is an Internet-Wide Failure | WIRED
On Friday, Facebook announced that hackers had leveraged three separate bugs to collect 50 million users’ so-called access tokens, which are the equivalent of digital keys to a Facebook account. With those tokens, hackers can take full control of users’ Facebook accounts, but because of Single Sign-On, they can also access any other website that those 50 million users log into with Facebook.
facebook  security  oops 
october 2018 by deusx
iPhone alarms still not working, worlds crashing left and right
iPhone 4 handsets not wake us as promised (on non-recurring alarms), so who knows when Apple will step up to the plate and address the issue. In the meantime, go ahead and set up a recurring alarm while gently crossing your fingers and toes. Or, you know, buy a battery-powered alarm clock off of your grandmother.
iphone  apple  alarms  oops  bugs  from google
january 2011 by deusx
"Since the thing is a security nightmare, it might as well be a complete and total nightmare, like the ones where you wake up and then find out you haven't actually woken up"
facebook  messaging  communicating  security  oops 
june 2008 by deusx
about the boot.ini issue - EVE Online | EVE Insider | Dev Blog
"From my previous work experiences in the antivirus industry and following CCP for quite some time now, I have come to appreciate the need for full disclosure when things don't go according to plan."
eveonline  gaming  windows  boot.ini  oops  meaculpa 
december 2007 by deusx
When are typos deadly? Nethack. :: - Jordan Sissel
"A typo caused the untimely demise of my latest nethack venture. I ate a cockatrice corpse, instead of wielding it, while on the astral plane, poised to completely decimate the current top score."
nethack  gaming  funny  cockatrice  oops  typos 
may 2007 by deusx
Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Comes Back to Haunt United States -
"We started with Iraq in the 'axis of evil' side, when we thought they did not yet have nuclear weapons, and that sent the signal to others that they better get them quick"
politics  bush  nukes  war  axisofevil  oops 
october 2006 by deusx
365 tomorrows - In Hindsight…
"Although we cannot see Saturn, I’m sure the view of your new mini-star is quite spectacular from Earth, especially at night."
scifi  writing  stories  saturn  oops 
august 2006 by deusx
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (God's Wrath)
D'oht, I've been HAD. False: "Good satire neatly straddles the divide between the believable and the incredible, and the Dateline Hollywood article quoted above achieved that balance so well that many readers mistook it for a straight news article."
oops  iamamoron  christianity  patrobertson  ellendegeneres  kooks 
september 2005 by deusx
Akamai goes postal, kills Microsoft, Symantec, Google, Apple, Lycos...
"Ironically, one of Akamai's main selling pitches for its technology is that it prevents there from being a single point of failure"
oops  security 
june 2004 by deusx
Bank's clients in limbo
"In one of the worst messes since banks put their faith in computers, today is the fifth day in which the Royal Bank of Canada cannot tell its 10 million Canadian customers with any certainty how much money is in their accounts."
june 2004 by deusx

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