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Liskov substitution principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Substitutability is a principle in object-oriented programming. It states that, in a computer program, if S is a subtype of T, then objects of type T may be replaced with objects of type S (i.e., objects of type S may be substituted for objects of type T) without altering any of the desirable properties of that program (correctness, task performed, etc.).
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may 2013 by deusx
Everything You Love about Java is Everything I Love About Good Design | Virtuous Code
"The Java ecosystem warps your brain into a mode of thinking where modularity patterns like DI and decoration are like ancient gods which can only be invoked with a great deal of pomp and ceremony. And I think that perspective tends to make it hard to see that other programmers use the same patterns, just with less fanfare. For an even better take on this topic than mine, read Jamis Buck’s classic account of writing and discarding two Ruby DI frameworks."
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february 2010 by deusx
"Can't think of a good class name? Try this"
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march 2008 by deusx
Ian Bicking: a blog :: Documents vs. Objects
"Resources and objects are in many ways similar, but in other ways completely opposite."
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january 2008 by deusx

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