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OCRAD.js: Pure Javascript OCR via Emscripten – Blog
The idea of the extension was kind of simple and also kind of magical: a browser extension that allowed users to highlight, copy, and paste text from any image as if it were plain text. Of course the implementation is a bit difficult and actually relies on the advent of a number of newfangled technologies.
webdev  ocr  javascript 
january 2014 by deusx
unpaper 0.3
unpaper is a post-processing tool for scanned sheets of paper, especially for book pages that have been scanned from previously created photocopies. The main purpose is to make scanned book pages better readable on screen after conversion to PDF.
ebooks  pdfs  scanning  ocr 
april 2011 by deusx
John Resig - OCR and Neural Nets in JavaScript
"A pretty amazing piece of JavaScript dropped yesterday and it's going to take a little bit to digest it all. It's a GreaseMonkey script, written by 'Shaun Friedle', that automatically solves captchas provided by the site Megaupload. There's a demo online if you wish to give it a spin."
webdev  ocr  javascript  greasemonkey 
january 2009 by deusx
The Digital Book: Paper's Last Hurrah
"While Sony Readers and Amazon Kindles take to the scene, one paper lover, in celebration of the Blood on Paper exhibition (something we've never heard of but have a pretty good idea what it's about), released this USB copy of The New Machiavelli. Photographed page by page, those who think its contents might resemble Google Book Search would be dreadfully wrongWe thoroughly enjoy that his hands are in each shot. That's what the fancy Kindle has been missing all this time!"
books  ebooks  scanning  ocr 
november 2008 by deusx
tesseract-ocr - Google Code
"one of the most accurate open source OCR engines available"
tesseractocr  ocr  google  opensource  software 
january 2008 by deusx

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