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Silicon Valley’s Contract-Worker Problem -- NYMag
In other words, the 1099 economy is almost perfectly calibrated to serve the needs of fast-moving start-ups — lower costs, less liability, the ability to grow and shrink the labor pool quickly — but is it good for the people doing the work?
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september 2014 by deusx
How the internet is making us poor – Quartz
Barring a civilization-ending event, technology is not going to move backward. More and more of our world will be controlled by software. It’s already become so ubiquitous that, argues one of my colleagues, it’s now ridiculous to call some firms as “tech” companies when all companies depend on it so much.
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april 2013 by deusx
Daily Kos: Elizabeth Warren: 'Why aren’t we rebuilding America?'
It really is that simple. The nation's roads, bridges, electrical grid, water systems, national parks—the whole infrastructure—is crumbling. At the same time unemployment remains persistently high. Put people to work fixing the stuff that's broken. It's not rocket science.

It would be that simple, except for a Republican Party that won't do what's best for the country, won't attempt to fix these things because fixing these things might help reelect President Obama and Democrats in Congress. Furthermore, making the country work proves that government works, and Republicans want none of that.
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july 2012 by deusx
Mortgage Lender Wooing Laid-Off Yahoo Workers To Detroit « CBS San Francisco
Quicken Loans has started the website to promote the Motor City to Yahoo workers axed last week. Quicken’s businesses include mortgages, venture capital and sports graphics.
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april 2012 by deusx
The Death of the Fringe Suburb -
For too long, we over-invested in the wrong places. Those retail centers and subdivisions will never be worth what they cost to build. We have to stop throwing good money after bad. It is time to instead build what the market wants: mixed-income, walkable cities and suburbs that will support the knowledge economy, promote environmental sustainability and create jobs.
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november 2011 by deusx
How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America - Magazine - The Atlantic
The Great Recession may be over, but this era of high joblessness is probably just beginning. Before it ends, it will likely change the life course and character of a generation of young adults. It will leave an indelible imprint on many blue-collar men. It could cripple marriage as an institution in many communities. It may already be plunging many inner cities into a despair not seen for decades. Ultimately, it is likely to warp our politics, our culture, and the character of our society for years to come.
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november 2011 by deusx
Daily Kos: John Boehner: War drawdown savings can't go to job creation
Item number 3,785 in the Republicans-really-don't-care-about-the-deficit file is this from Speaker John Boehner rejecting yet another offer of concessions from Democrats in the Super Congress negotiations.
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november 2011 by deusx
Retail Workers Fight Back, Want Stores Closed On Thanksgiving « CBS Detroit
As more retailers try to turn Thanksgiving Thursday into Black Friday — some employees are fighting back.
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november 2011 by deusx
Daily Kos: Mitch McConnell: Obama jobs bill was designed to make Republicans look bad for rejecting it
You know what, Mitch? If you don't want to look "intransigent" ... then don't be intransigent! If you don't want to look like you're sabotaging the economy ... then don't sabotage the economy! And if you think rejecting the jobs bill makes you look bad ... then don't reject it!
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november 2011 by deusx
Daily Kos: Republican filibuster of infrastructure bill is one more piece of economic sabotage
What we're seeing here is another piece of evidence that Republicans are more committed—much more committed—to opposing Barack Obama than to doing even the most basic, routine things to keep the economy going and keep bridges from collapsing under us. Filibusters like this are exactly why 50 percent of people believe Republicans are intentionally sabotaging the economy. (And, of course, Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson are joining them.)
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november 2011 by deusx
Rich Class fighting 99%, winning big-time - Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch
They’re fighting you, winning big-time, and you’re the loser. It’s just one generation since conservatives put Reagan in office: In those three short decades the income and wealth of the top 1% has tripled while the income of the bottom 99% of all Americans has stagnated or dropped.
Yes, folks, America really is under attack daily. We are fighting on the defense in an historic class warfare. Yes, the Rich Class really did start this war. And yes, they really are winning, big-time. And yes, they are addicted to winning at all costs, to get richer and richer just for the sake of getting richer and richer.
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november 2011 by deusx
You're a developer, so why do you work for someone else? - Intermittent Intelligence
As a developer, you are sitting on a goldmine. Do you even realize it? No, seriously, a @#$% goldmine!

Never in modern history has it been so easy to create something from scratch, with little or no capital and a marketing model that is limited only by your imagination.
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november 2011 by deusx
memeorandum: Senate blocks $60 billion infrastructure plan, another part of Obama jobs bill (Rosalind S. Helderman/Washington Post)
Rosalind S. Helderman / Washington Post:Senate blocks $60 billion infrastructure plan, another part of Obama jobs bill  —  The Senate shot down another piece of President Obama's $447 billion jobs bill Thursday, as a stalemated Congress goes through the motions of attempting legislation to spur...
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november 2011 by deusx
Daily Kos: John Boehner: 'Nobody' wants to pay for infrastructure
"Everybody believes we have infrastructure deficiencies and more needs to be spent to repair, replace and in some cases build new infrastructure," Boehner said in a speech. "The problem is nobody wants to pay for it."
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november 2011 by deusx
Daily Kos: Senate Republicans united in obstructing job creation, infrastructure repair
Today, the Senate is talking about whether they should vote to debate a jobs bill. Another Republican filibuster looms, in which the Republican Senate won't even vote to allow the Senate to debate and vote on doing a little something to try to save this economy. In this madness, Democratic leadership hopes to at the very least shame Republicans and possibly get a few of them to peel off from the Republican agenda of wrecking everything in sight and stealing all the rest.
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november 2011 by deusx
Democrats vow to block spending riders - Seung Min Kim -
In a letter to Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and 182 other House Democrats signaled that including controversial policy provisions known as riders could again risk a government shutdown, and the lawmakers demanded that those measures be removed.
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november 2011 by deusx
Judging Stimulus by Job Data Reveals Success — Officially Lucky ❡ a blog by Clint Ecker
"Imagine if, one year ago, Congress had passed a stimulus bill that really worked. ... Well, it would look almost exactly as it does now. Because those nice descriptions of the stimulus that I just gave aren’t hypothetical. They are descriptions of the actual bill."
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february 2010 by deusx
kewlchops: Not quite what I had in mind.
""I'll just get straight to the point. You've been affected by the layoffs." ... I watched as my access to various parts of the guts of Flickr fell away. I noticed how naturally I searched for any and all bits I could think of, just in the hope that it still existed. But no. I was shut out entirely within about 14 hours of the phone call. ... I was beginning to feel humiliated, particularly given what I was up to. You know, being in Taiwan at an international conference to talk about my work."
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december 2008 by deusx
You Weren't Meant to Have a Boss
"The restrictiveness of big company jobs is particularly hard on programmers, because the essence of programming is to build new things."
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march 2008 by deusx
Unix Pipefitter, Jobs at Akoha, Jobs in Montreal
"The Internet is not a truck. It’s a complex network of arcane software, expensive hardware, and maximum-security server closets disguised as ordinary cloakrooms."
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february 2008 by deusx
TOM WALSH: 3 tech firms to add 532 jobs in state
"ProQuest, a digital repository and provider of scholarly documents from all over the world, now employs 478 people in Michigan. It expects to create 303 jobs during the next five years"
jobs  michigan  proquest 
december 2007 by deusx
Google workers - Ann Arbor News Extra -
Kind of a fluff piece, doesn't tell me much about what's going on at Google A2. It's all "Wow, kooky Californian office space with weird carpet and massage chairs and sunlight! How can you get any work done?"
google  annarbor  jobs  career  video 
september 2007 by deusx
The Ultimate Rejection Letter
"After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me an assistant professor position in your department."
funny  jobs  rejection 
june 2007 by deusx
Rands In Repose: A Glimpse and a Hook
"The terrifying reality regarding your resume is that for all the many hours you put into fine-tuning, you've got 30 seconds to make an impression on me. Maybe less."
career  resume  jobs 
april 2007 by deusx superhero
"Requirements: Laser vision Ability to fly Ability to breath underwater Invisible plane would be a plus Web throwing experince is a big plus"
jobs  career  funny 
january 2007 by deusx
Rands In Repose: Ninety Days
"Your job interview isn't over until you've changed to become part of a new team."
career  jobs  work 
january 2007 by deusx
all things ePrize
"This is one worker's explaination of working at the online promotion agency. The good, the bad and the ugly."
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august 2006 by deusx
ALA | Next Generation Librarian at Wayne State University
"...working knowledge of blogs, wikis, online gaming environments, podcasting, RSS and other Web-related technologies..."
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march 2006 by deusx - Tech people appear hyped about their industry again
"Wow. Not one bubble, but two at once! So THAT'S what Web 2.0 means! What's not to love?"
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october 2005 by deusx
TOM WALSH: State needs to face its reality
"Michigan is far more at risk than many other states because its manufacturing-dominated culture is addicted to an entitlement mentality that has long since disappeared in other regions and industrial sectors"
michigan  detroit  automotive  economy  jobs 
october 2005 by deusx Sr. Perl Web Developer
I've got all the qualifications... if only they'd let me sneak into Canada. Oh, Toronto, why do you taunt me?
february 2005 by deusx
This job probably pays crap, but man I wish it was posted a year or two ago, when I was applying for literally three dozen jobs at U of M.
december 2004 by deusx
Ripples: We live in unstable times...
"Congratulations on finally reaching that corner office! Enjoy it while you can. Next year, you may be operating a business out of your garage."
economy  future  jobs 
december 2004 by deusx
JOBS at the University of Michigan - LECTURER - Elec Engr & Comp Sci
"Develop a course on the practical aspects of software development and software engineering." I don't have the degree, but I do have experience. This almost seems appealing to me. (Although there's a candidate in mind.)
december 2004 by deusx
Russell Beattie Notebook - Unemployed
Been there, and in almost precisely the same situation. Good luck, Russ!
september 2004 by deusx
Computer Programming Camp Counselor
This almost sounds like it'd be fun, though maybe I'm a bit old for it :)
education  jobs 
may 2004 by deusx
John Robb's Weblog
"The real long-term solution to the American jobs crisis is to find a way to make it less risky for people to join a start-up."
economy  jobs 
february 2004 by deusx
The Indian Machine
"Computers threatened our jobs, but ultimately made us stronger. So will outsourcing."
compsci  economy  education  jobs 
january 2004 by deusx

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