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HTML5 Drag and Drop Avatar Changer with Resizing and Cropping | CSS-Tricks
Let's create a page where a user can update their avatar with as little friction as possible: they just drop an image anywhere on the page and it's done.
html  webdev  html5  social  avatar 
november 2014 by deusx
Case Study: Auto-Resizing HTML5 Games - HTML5 Rocks
In the summer of 2010, we created Sand Trap, a game that we entered in a competition on HTML5 games for mobile phones. But most mobile phones either displayed only part of the game or made the game too small—making it completely unplayable. So we took it upon ourselves to make the game fluidly adjust to match any resolution. After a bit of re-programming and using ideas outlined in this article, we had a game that scaled across any modern browser, whether it ran in a desktop or a mobile device.
webdev  html5  js  css  html  gaming 
august 2013 by deusx
DevDocs is an all-in-one API documentation reader for developers.
docs  webdev  to:twitter  documentation  html  jquery  css 
july 2013 by deusx
You can’t create a button | NCZOnline
Unfortunately, sometimes web developers try to get a bit too clever in creating their interfaces. What if I want something to look like a link but act like a button?
webdev  links  buttons  html  js  accessibility 
june 2013 by deusx
hColumns is a jQuery plugin that looks like Mac OS X Finder's column view for the hierarchical data.
webdev  html  columns  jquery  javascript 
march 2013 by deusx
Infinite Scrolling that Works - Evil Trout's Blog
The URL is the serialized state of your web application
webdev  scrolling  html  javascript 
february 2013 by deusx
Combining HTML Hypermedia APIs and Adaptive Web Design – Jayway
HTML is the lowest common denominator in a world where the number of devices are steadily growing. In such a world, our API should be hypermedia driven and we should consider choosing HTML as the media type for our APIs. If we choose this, we can enhance the API with CSS and JavaScript, making the API human-friendly as well. Further, we can use Adaptive Web Design to make the best possible experience for all types of browsers and devices. This kind of solution has some risks and technical issues related to it though. And it is not a silver bullet.
webdev  rest  hypermedia  html 
december 2012 by deusx
List.js - Add search, sort and flexibility to plain HTML lists with cross-browser native JavaScript by @javve
Do you want a 7 KB cross-browser native JavaScript that makes your plain HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable and filterable? Yeah!
Do you also want the possibility to add, edit and remove items by dead simple templating? Hell yeah!
webdev  js  html  javascript 
november 2011 by deusx
Using SimpleXML with HTML |
"PHP 5's SimpleXML module is one of the the biggest reasons to upgrade to 5. If you're parsing RSS feeds or the results of webservice requests it works beautifully and saves a ton of time. The only problem with it is that it'll only load valid XML. I banged my head against it for way to long before coming up with the following:"
php  simplexml  html  scraping  xml  webdev  dom  from delicious
april 2010 by deusx
Some Notes On iTunes LP · Jay Robinson
"The iTunes LP experience is accomplished with HTML 4.01, CSS and JS. The interface feels very Flash-like, but there is no trace of it. The CSS animations are elaborate and smooth. ... As a music fan, and as a web developer, I couldn’t be more pleased with the new iTunes LP offering. If your audience is significantly Apple-oriented (e.g. a site about Mac rumors or a popular iPhone app) this proves that you can provide an incredible experience using only JavaScript and some proposed CSS3 properties."
itunes  css  html  webdev  music  webkit  javascript  from delicious
september 2009 by deusx
Version Control for HTML
"This webpage is a demonstration of the built-in version control capabilities for HTML. The INS and DEL tags are used along with the cite and datetime attributes to indicate why and when something changed."
html  versioncontrol  webdev  inspiration  awesome 
august 2009 by deusx
Weekend coding: Add a character counter as the background of a textarea with JavaScript | CodeUtopia
"Have you ever filled a textarea on a page, which had a limit to how many characters you could type into it? ... How to effectively communicate how many characters you can type into a box, and have it look good. ... Add the number counter as the background of the textarea!"
webdev  html  css  ui  ux  js 
august 2009 by deusx
camen design · Video for Everybody!
"Video For Everybody is very simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video> element which offers native playback in Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 & 4 ... In other browsers that do not support <video>, it falls back to Adobe Flash ... If Flash is not installed, QuickTime is used (which allows playback on the iPhone) ... If QuickTime is not installed then Windows Media Player is used in Internet Explorer for Windows Vista and above. ... Finally, if all else fails, a warning is issued that provides links to download the video, and links to software relevant to getting the video to play within the browser itself. ... This is all done without JavaScript and requires only two video encodes, one OGG file for Firefox 3.5, and one MP4 file for everything else (Flash / Safari / iPhone)."
video  html  webdev  html5  flash 
june 2009 by deusx
Deliverance — Deliverance v0.3 documentation
"Deliverance is a tool to theme HTML, applying a consistent style to applications and static files regardless of how they are implemented, and separating site-wide styling from application-level templating."
deliverance  python  webdev  html  theming  proxy  templating  middleware 
december 2008 by deusx
woork: FORM elements design using CSS and list (ul and dl)
"if you want to use pure CSS code instead of HTML table to design your FORM I think this is a good way to do it."
css  forms  html  webdev 
june 2008 by deusx
Creating accessible charts using canvas and jQuery | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
"Data visualization in HTML has long been tricky to achieve. Past solutions have involved non-standard plugins, proprietary behavior, and static images. But this has changed with the recent growth in support for the new HTML Canvas element, which provides a native drawing API that can be addressed with simple Javascript. This article is a proof of concept for visualizing HTML table data with the canvas element."
graphs  charts  datavisualization  webdev  html  jquery  charting  javascript  canvas 
may 2008 by deusx
Welcome to Tablecloth
"By simply adding 2 lines of code to your html page you will have styled and active tables that your visitors will love"
webdev  tables  html  css  javascript  js 
october 2007 by deusx
HTML Purifier - Filter your HTML the standards-compliant way!
"HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) with a thoroughly audited, secure yet permissive whitelist, it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant, something only achievable with a comprehensive knowledg
html  webdev  php 
august 2007 by deusx
Scrollovers - A New Way of Linking
"Scrollovers are a way to quickly and easily add flare to your web pages, giving your users an experience they weren't expecting." Lens flare, then rounded corners, now this.
webdev  css  html 
august 2007 by deusx
elzr: HyperScript - A 16-line hack to make the JS DOM API a tad more humane.
"HyperScript is a bizarre and quixotic attempt to write French in English; that is, HTML in Javascript."
webdev  javascript  dom  html 
july 2007 by deusx
"purple-include is a client-side JavaScript library that allows you to do client-side transclusions."
webdev  html  js  javascript  purple  blueoxen  transclusion  web 
july 2007 by deusx
Table of Malcontents - Wired Blogs - Anime Character 'Drawn' In HTML Tests Limits of Sanity
"A voluptuous anime bunny woman, created in time-lapse using thousands of lines of HTML code to individually create and color table cells as pixels. Perhaps more astonishing than the asinine level of detail necessary to code something like this in Notepad
anime  drawing  art  html  video  nifty  whoa 
june 2007 by deusx
YouTube - Ordinary person drawing Udonge with text
"This is simply way too awesome XD I have nothing but respect for this person. Ordinary my ass, this person is about as ordinary as Marisa is."
html  art  video  nifty  whoa 
june 2007 by deusx
Particletree » Rediscovering the Button Element
"Creating a consistent interface for your users is a constant struggle for every application designer. Building consistency on the web is especially tough because the visual rendering differences across browsers and operating systems are wildly different
html  webdev  buttons  css 
may 2007 by deusx
E-Scribe News : Color names in JSON format
"because it’s a lot more fun for students to type in “lemonchiffon” and see the result than it is for them to learn hexadecimal"
webdev  html  json  js 
may 2007 by deusx
Can we have LensFlare.js next please? "Corner.js 1.0 allows you to add corners to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean."
webdev  javascript  html  ugh  web20 
april 2007 by deusx
dtm: Most HTML templating languages are written incorrectly
"the problem with virtually every HTML templating language out there is that they make it easier for the person writing HTML templates to add an XSS hole than to avoid it."
webdev  html  templating  xss  security 
april 2007 by deusx
Digital Web Magazine - HTML5, XHTML2, and the Future of the Web
"HTML5 will be the future of the web, so my advice would be to pay close attention to it."
webdev  html5  whatwg  xhtml  html 
april 2007 by deusx
PragDave: The RADAR Architecture: RESTful Application, Dumb-Ass Recipient
"Put the main application logic into a RESTful server. This is where all the CRUD-style access to resources takes place. Then, write a second proxy ... When browser-based users need to interact with your resources, they actually connect to this proxy."
rest  webdev  http  html 
april 2007 by deusx
SitePoint Blogs » Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007
"Instead of taking advantage of Internet Explorer 7, Outlook 2007 uses the very limited support for HTML and CSS that is built into Word 2007 to display HTML email messages."
odd  msft  outlook  webdev  email  html 
january 2007 by deusx
The Frosty Mug Revolution: A Semantic Solution for Presenting NSFW Content
"there are several problematic issues that might make us question our decision to use the REL attribute as a means of indicating that content is “not suitable for work”"
nsfw  rel  html  webdev  css 
december 2006 by deusx
You cannot rely on JavaScript being available. Period. | 456 Berea Street
"Have you forgotten about, never heard of, or never cared about the terms progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, and Hijax?"
webdev  javascript  css  html 
december 2006 by deusx
err.the_blog.find_by_title('Me and uFormats')
"Remember when everyone realized that HTTP was really good at what it did and since we already knew it, we should just use it and stop going crazy with proprietary / complex / lesser known protocols?"
microformats  html  webdev  ruby 
november 2006 by deusx
Brain on Fire - Dublin Core plugin for Wordpress
"This plugin implements some Dublin Core metadata elements for Wordpress."
dublincore  html  metadata  metablogging  wordpress 
october 2006 by deusx
Green Dragon
"DragonEdit is two applications in one: a full-featured text editor, and a powerful HTML editor."
palm  treo  html  webdev  mobile  software 
august 2006 by deusx
Awesome Form: The Simple, Semantic CSS Form
"Using simple and semantic HTML, this method uses comprehensive CSS to create visually pleasing and extremely accessible web page forms for all purposes."
css  forms  webdev  html 
july 2006 by deusx
SimpleBits | Pairing Wine and Microformats
"don't let microformat markup (or semantically rich markup in general) scare you off from turning that structure into something visually attractive."
microformats  html  webdev  css 
june 2006 by deusx
Notes on suggesting link styles
"Below I explain a way that both avoids problems in existing browsers and is forward-compatible."
webdev  css  html 
march 2006 by deusx
Suckerfish HoverLightbox | Monday By Noon
"Putting these techniques written by these great developers together resulted in quite an expandable image gallery."
webdev  html  ajax  css 
march 2006 by deusx
Default style sheet for HTML 4.0
"This style sheet describes the typical formatting of all HTML 4.0 ([HTML40]) elements based on extensive research into current UA practice. Developers are encouraged to use it as a default style sheet in their implementations."
webdev  css  html 
february 2006 by deusx
[uf-discuss] XOXO eye for an XML guy
"Because it is not clear that Attention.xml qualifies as a microformat."
microformats  xml  html  webdev 
november 2005 by deusx
Expressing Dublin Core in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements
"This document describes how a Dublin Core [DCMI] metadata record can be embedded into an HTML/XHTML Web page using HTML/XHTML elements."
dc  dublincode  html  xml  metadata 
july 2005 by deusx
Bitflux Editor -> Home
"Bitflux Editor is a browser based Wysiwyg XML Editor – and that changes everything! You can edit now your content semantically and at the same time display it to your users and editors in its final form."
cms  browser  html  programming  webdev  xml 
july 2005 by deusx
"Kupu is a 'document-centric' open source client-side editor for Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer. Inspired by Maik Jablonski's Epoz editor"
javascript  html  css  webdev  ui  cms 
july 2005 by deusx
miscoranda: Link in a Soupstack
"The problem with getting links from HTML is that the HTML you find lying about on the web is often quite broken..."
python  html  scraping 
june 2005 by deusx
JavaScript that will automagically add hyperlinks after blockquotes with a URL in its cite attribute.
march 2005 by deusx
TagSoup home page
"This is the home page of TagSoup, a SAX-compliant parser written in Java that, instead of parsing well-formed or valid XML, parses HTML as it is found in the wild: nasty and brutish, though quite often far from short."
html  java  xml 
september 2004 by deusx
xhtmloutlines - Technorati Developers Site
Whadda ya know. An OPML competitor, using straight XHTML
css  html  webdev 
march 2004 by deusx

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