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Atari 65XE as USB keyboard
Making retro Atari 65XE as USB-keyboard for a modern computer. And it will leave the opportunity to use this Atari in the native mode. Arduino Leonardo is used for connect the Atari's keyboard to an USB. With an UNIX this keyboard will works without any restrictions.
atari  retro  hardware  hacks  diy 
4 weeks ago by deusx
FLIP CHIP - Computer History Wiki
FLIP CHIP was DEC's trade name (a registered trademark for DEC) for a lengthy series of small cards used to build computers, and devices for them
retro  1960s  hardware 
8 weeks ago by deusx
ESP32 WiFi Robot |
The ESP32 requires no app, it can be controlled from any PC or mobile device that has a web browser.
diy  esp32  browser  robots  hardware  vision  wifi 
9 weeks ago by deusx
[no title]
Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle exact, Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ or 3A+.
c64  diy  1541  emulation  raspi  retro  hardware  commodore  raspberrypi 
11 weeks ago by deusx
Make your own S-Video for your 8-bit card easily and quickly - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums
Heres how you can make your own top quality S-Video video board for almost any Atari 8 bit. It uses few parts and would take minutes to install.
atari  retro  diy  hacks  hardware  projects 
january 2019 by deusx
Whizzo Software - SIO2Arduino
SIO2Arduino is an Atari 8-bit (800/XL/XE) device emulator that runs on the Arduino platform. It currently emulates a single Atari 1050 disk drive (D1:) but there are plans to extend it to support multiple drives as well as other devices.
sio  atari  retro  arduino  hardware  diy 
march 2018 by deusx
The PiModem Project - Retro BBS and dialup fun!
Connect to BBS's (via telnet) and the Internet (via PPP) from your old computer!
retro  raspi  raspberrypi  diy  hardware 
february 2018 by deusx
Grant's MULTICOMP pick and mix computer
Pick-and-mix to create your own custom computer on a low-cost FPGA board
diy  hardware  fpga 
february 2018 by deusx
OSH Park ~ Atari SIO23v3
The board fits like an edge connector in between the two rows of pins in the Atari SIO port and is modeled after the Atari8Warez “Poor Mans SIO Cable”. The side labeled “SIO23V3” is the top/up side.
atari  diy  hacks  hardware  sio 
january 2018 by deusx
SIO2PI -> Raspberry Pi as a floppy - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums
The Raspberry Pi is a small and inexpensive computer that can also emulate ATARI floppies.
atari  diy  hacks  raspi  hardware 
january 2018 by deusx
ESP8266 WiFi Modem Working! - TI-99/4A Computers - AtariAge Forums
I am using a HUZZAH ESP8266 that i purchased for $10

A DB9 Male Serial to TTL converter that I purchased for $10
wifi  esp8266  diy  hardware  retro 
january 2018 by deusx
40% Keyboards: mf68 revised PCB
This is a replacement PCB for the Magicforce 68 keyboard. It is powered by a cheap Pro Micro controller. This is the second version, more information can be read in this post and details on github.
keyboards  bluetooth  diy  hardware 
november 2017 by deusx
Raspberry PiBoy – Building a Handheld Gaming System from Walnut and Carbon Fiber – MICHAEL K CASTOR
Portable Raspberry Pi enabled gaming system projects seem to be everywhere. The concept is relatively simple; get an old GameBoy (or other old portable) shell, stuff in a Raspberry Pi Zero as well as some switches, LiPo battery and charger, an LCD screen, and maybe an audio amplifier and you’re set (except for the giant mess of wires.)
retro  gaming  raspi  diy  hardware 
november 2017 by deusx
The underground story of Cobra, the 1980s’ illicit handmade computer | Ars Technica
Among the clones manufactured by the Communists was the Cobra or CoBra. The name stands for COmputere BRAsov, with Brasov being the town in central Romania where these machines were assembled to be used by enterprises. Of course, ordinary people couldn’t buy them—which is what first led several students at the Politehnica University of Bucharest deciding to build them themselves.
diy  hardware  retro  history  tech 
november 2017 by deusx
Vic Vector - FPGA Emulator for Atari© Tempest arcade game
Vic Vector is a game emulation project which preserves the classic arcade game Tempest by Atari© using modern technology. Using the original schematics and specifications for Tempest as a foundation, the digital and analog components are re-created with Verilog HDL and an updated hardware design.
tempest  hardware  fpga 
march 2017 by deusx
ElectroHarmonograph - i3Detroit
A Harmonograph is 19th-century mechanical device which draws geometric patterns based on the motion of pendulums. (For a real example, see Marie-therese's Maker Faire project - A 3-pendulum Harmonograph. Also, search youtube for videos like this one) By adjusting the physical parameters of the device, and initial conditions of the pendulums, you can vary the patterns it can make.
i3detroit  projects  hardware  arcade 
march 2017 by deusx
Modifying a Datassette for audio in - the rift conspiracy
It's possible to load tape games into a Commodore 64 using a mobile phone or mp3 players.
c64  hacks  hardware  retro 
august 2016 by deusx
PockulusC.H.I.P. or: How an April Fool’s Joke Turned PocketC.H.I.P. into the Most Affordable VR Headset in the World! — Blog. by Next Thing
PockulusC.H.I.P. started as a joke. But then we actually got it working. That’s right, the most affordable standalone virtual reality headset in the world started as a joke and it works!
pocketchip  diy  hardware  3dprinting 
august 2016 by deusx
Add a Speaker to PocketC.H.I.P. in Less Than 20 Minutes — Blog. by Next Thing
Adding a speaker to PocketC.H.I.P. is a great way to start extending its hardware.
pocketchip  diy  hacks  hardware  audio 
august 2016 by deusx
We make the chips for your DIY Synthesizer!
hardware  audio  music  sound  diy  hacks  synth 
february 2016 by deusx
The Humble Hacker Keyboard
The programmable keyboard for programmers!
hardware  keyboards  diy 
february 2016 by deusx
Building a Keyboard: Part 1 - Massively Parallel Procrastination
Finally reading @obra's "Building a Keyboard: Part 1", realizing I'm doing almost precisely the same things
diy  electronics  hardware  keyboard 
february 2016 by deusx
C code for Teensy: USB Keyboard
This code implements a USB keyboard, which you can use to control almost any PC or Mac software.
keyboard  hardware  diy 
february 2016 by deusx
Finished IBM Model M SSSK Mod - Album on Imgur
Carving an IBM Model M down to roughly 60% size
diy  hardware  keyboards  modelm  hacks 
february 2016 by deusx
IBM Model M USB Controller · antonizoon/ Wiki
this project aims to build, test, and mass produce a Teensy/Arduino USB Keyboard controller, for use as a drop in replacement into any IBM Buckling Spring keyboard.
diy  hacks  hardware  keyboards 
february 2016 by deusx
How to use the MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix | Brainy-Bits Canada
Using a LED Dot Matrix in your next project can be a way to incorporate some cool little animations.
arduino  diy  hardware 
october 2015 by deusx
A First Look at RePhone, a Modular DIY Cellphone | Make:
Reminiscent of Project Ara, Google’s much hyped but continually delayed effort to build a “hardware ecosystem” around smart phones, the RePhone is a modular phone built from open source components.
diy  hardware  phones 
september 2015 by deusx
OSH Park ~ Welcome
We bring you high quality, lead free boards (ENIG finish), manufactured in the USA, and shipped for free to anywhere in the world.
diy  electronics  hardware 
august 2015 by deusx
Commodore 1702 s-video mod
these days you won't find anything that outputs s-video via two RCA cables. I've seen people make adapters from the standard 4 pin s-video plug to 2 RCA connectors, but I think I have a better solution.
svideo  commodore  monitors  hardware  diy  hacks 
july 2015 by deusx
Ms. Pac Man PCB edge connector traces burn up - Repair and Recovery Techniques
What happens is that the contacts on the harness loosen over the years. The connectors also oxidize and start making bad connection with the board. As the resistance to the current goes up, so does the heat which burns up the connector.
arcade  mspacman  repair  hardware  diy 
march 2015 by deusx
Ringing in 2015 with 40 Linux-friendly hacker SBCs ·
2014 brought us plenty of new open-spec, community-backed SBCs — from $35 bargains, to octa-core powerhouses — and all with Linux or Android support.
arduino  embedded  linux  arm  hardware 
january 2015 by deusx
UltraKeet Australia - Microcontrollers NOT ALLOWED (or how to troll your college instructor)
We'll be physically removing the 'core' of an SN74LS47N display driver, and replacing it with a PIC16F1503 microcontroller.
chip  electronics  funny  hardware 
january 2015 by deusx
Overview | PiGRRL - Raspberry Pi Gameboy | Adafruit Learning System
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of that classic gaming device by building your own with 3d printing and DIY electronics from adafruit. In this project we'll use a raspberry pi and TFT touch screen to make an epic DIY gamegirl.
hardware  diy  raspi  nintendo  gaming  gameboy  gamegirl 
october 2014 by deusx
MatchStick Firmware Flash Instruction
matchstick  firefoxos  hardware  firmware 
september 2014 by deusx : RB912UAG-2HPnD
The RB912UAG-2HPnD is a very versatile device. It is a small wireless router with an integrated 2.4GHz high power wireless card and an additional miniPCIe slot for 802.11 wireless, or 3G card. The Gigabit port helps to utilize the full potential of 802.11n wireless speeds.
routers  networking  hardware 
june 2014 by deusx
Cheap, overkill Amiga network adapter -
Since the Raspberry Pi was just sitting there, and the Amiga lacked (*) a network adapter - why not just connect the dots and get something up and running? I did, and it worked. Here's a quick writeup on what I did - if anyone's interested I can write a more detailed post with all the information I have.
amiga  raspberrypi  hardware  diy  hacks  networking 
may 2014 by deusx
How to Choose an LCD Screen For Your Raspberry Pi Media Panel
This guide talks about how we selected LCD screens for the Raspberry Pi media panels we are building. A media panel is a new and different class of computing appliance.
raspi  diy  lcd  hacks  hardware 
january 2014 by deusx
Novena Main Page - Studio Kousagi Wiki
Novena is the codename for an open computing platform. It is a work in progress, but nearing a point where we think it could be viable for public release.
hardware  diy  hacks  laptops  embedded  opensource 
january 2014 by deusx
On Hacking MicroSD Cards « bunnie's blog
An Arduino, with its 8-bit 16 MHz microcontroller, will set you back around $20. A microSD card with several gigabytes of memory and a microcontroller with several times the performance could be purchased for a fraction of the price.
hacking  hardware  diy  to:fb  memory  security  hacks 
december 2013 by deusx
Should JavaScript devs build real things? | Technology Treason
If you’re a web developer and you’re looking at playing with hardware, don’t shy away from the electronics. There are no magic bits of hardware that will give you full control of the physical world in a box – though there are plenty of attempts at this. Develop your knowledge the same way you do with the web – by reading, tinkering, playing with code and breaking stuff. Go join a hackerspace, get some learning materials, visit electronics shops, pull things apart and learn how they work.
hardware  javascript  drones  tessel 
august 2013 by deusx » Not Just The Numbers
Recently I was working on a high visibility end user problem with computer performance that ended up having a somewhat-unexpected cause: the laptop’s external power supply.
to:fb  troubleshooting  hardware 
august 2013 by deusx
Loper OS » MicroWriter Redux.
I have decided to publish some of my “archaeological” work from last year on Cy Endfield’s MicroWriter. The original objective was to produce a cycle-accurate emulator. I do not currently have the free time to complete this project, so I will post my results here for anyone who might care to pick up the torch. Click on some of the images to see the full-resolution version.
keyboards  hardware  microwriter  hacks 
august 2013 by deusx
Ken Shirriff's blog: Tiny, cheap, and dangerous: Inside a (fake) iPhone charger
Stay away from super-cheap AC adapters built by mystery manufacturers. Spend the extra few dollars to get a brand-name AC adapter. It will be safer, produce less interference, and your device's touchscreen will perform better.
chargers  tech  hardware  usb  to:fb  apple  electronics  iphone 
july 2013 by deusx
Building my Own Laptop « bunnie's blog
We are building an open laptop, with some wacky features in it for hackers like me.
novena  bunnie  laptops  diy  hardware  engineering  opensource 
may 2013 by deusx
MAKE | Arduino Uno vs BeagleBone vs Raspberry Pi
The three models (all of which we use here at Digital Diner) are the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. We chose these three because they are all readily available, affordable, about the same size (just larger than 2″ x 3″) and can all be used for creating wonderful digital gadgets. Before we get to the comparison, here is a brief introduction to each one.
diy  hacks  arduino  raspberrypi  hardware 
april 2013 by deusx
The $12 Gongkai Phone « bunnie's blog
Recently, I paid $12 at Mingtong Digital Mall for a complete phone, featuring quad-band GSM, Bluetooth, MP3 playback, and an OLED display plus keypad for the UI. Simple, but functional; nothing compared to a smartphone, but useful if you’re going out and worried about getting your primary phone wet or stolen.
to:fb  phones  gadgets  electronics  hardware  mobile  china 
april 2013 by deusx
Pi Crust
I'm a breakout board for the Raspberry Pi. I make it easy to connect electronics.
raspberrypi  hardware  hacking 
march 2013 by deusx
Surface Pro versus MacBook Air: Who's being dishonest with storage space? | ZDNet
Here’s the tl;dr version. The MacBook Air 128 gives you 77.3 percent of the advertised storage space for user data. The Surface Pro 128 gives you 75.2 percent of its advertised capacity for storing data. And with one minor tweak that doesn’t affect the system’s capabilities in any way, you can increase the amount of data storage space on the Surface Pro to 81.8% of the advertised capacity.
surface  microsoft  apple  hardware 
february 2013 by deusx
DP MYTHBUSTERS : Blowing in NES Cartridges - Page 7
I have an ex-grilfriend who's little brother would literally lick the contacts on his N64 carts. That's right, not a gentle 'phwwwww', but a full-on French kiss.
nintendo  gaming  hardware  to:fb 
november 2012 by deusx
HDMI-CEC - MythTV Official Wiki
HDMI-CEC is a device control protocol that runs over HDMI cables.

It allows rudimentary control over HDMI-CEC aware devices - these devices oftern have vendor-specific names for the protocol, such as AnyNet+ for Samsung devices.
hdmi  cec  remotes  hardware  tv 
november 2012 by deusx
Pulse-Eight. Control your TV from XBMC, or vice versa! USB - CEC Adapter
All modern TVs support HDMI-CEC a technology that allows devices to talk with each other over the HDMI cable, using this feature this adapter will send and receive remote key presses to XBMC or MythTV or Windows Media Centre or any other app that supports libCEC on your PC
tv  usb  hdtv  hdmi  remotes  xbmc  hardware 
november 2012 by deusx
Power Pwn: This DARPA-funded power strip will hack your network | ZDNet
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)'s Cyber Fast Track program helped funded the development of the Power Pwn. Pwnie Express, which developed the $1,295 gizmo, says it's "a fully-integrated enterprise-class penetration testing platform." That's great, but the company also notes its "ingenious form-factor" (again, look at the above picture) and "highly-integrated/modular hardware design," which to me translates to: it's the perfect tool for hacking a corporate network.
plugcomputers  pwnie  hardware  nifty  to:fb 
july 2012 by deusx
The MagPi - A Magazine For Raspberry Pi Users
Very nice. Reminds me of the magazines I'd run home from school to read back in the 80s and 90s
raspberrypi  magazines  nifty  hardware  to:fb 
june 2012 by deusx
Why the iPad Has to be Made in China | iFixit
Today, an American electronics company can only be exempt from China’s rare earth export quotas by manufacturing within China. So that’s what most companies, including Apple, are doing. The only other solution is for us to stop consuming so much—an option that people rarely find appealing. Not as appealing as a retina display, at least.
to:fb  gadgets  apple  china  rareearths  tech  environment  hardware 
april 2012 by deusx
Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year's End -
People who constantly reach into a pocket to check a smartphone for bits of information will soon have another option: a pair of Google-made glasses that will be able to stream information to the wearer’s eyeballs in real time.
to:fb  google  android  ar  goggles  hardware  want 
february 2012 by deusx
Practical Arduino: Virtual USB Keyboard
Communicating with a host computer can allow a simple Arduino-based system to gain access to a wide variety of devices and information. Most people link an Arduino to a host using serial communications across a USB connection with custom code running on the host to send information to the Arduino or receive it in return, but giving your Arduino the ability to pretend to be a keyboard or mouse opens up a whole world of possibilities because it means your Arduino can interact with software that was never intended for external control. That could be desktop software such as a game or a web browser: your Arduino could "type" into a web form and submit it on your behalf, or act as a custom controller for a game!
usb  arduino  hardware  hacks  diy  howto 
february 2012 by deusx
Project Log : Arduino USB - ProjectLogArduinoUSB
Project log for developing USB expansion shield for Arduino and associated code.
usb  arduino  hardware  electronics 
february 2012 by deusx
Arduino playground - GkosMain
If you are planning to build a stand-alone system where a small but full-featured keyboard is needed, this simple solution could be useful for you.
hardware  hacks  gkos  arduino 
february 2012 by deusx
pib/gkos - GitHub
The basic idea of GKOS is that you've got six buttons on the back of a device (either a dedicated input device, or on the back of a handheld computing device, phone, etc), one for the index through ring fingers of each hand (or two for each finger if you have a device made for one-handed use). You press the keys in various chords to type, switch between modes, and operate a pointer (when in pointer mode).
keyboards  hardware  gkos 
february 2012 by deusx
Raspberry Pi's $35 Linux computer on track to launch later this month
The first model of the Raspberry Pi Foundation's low-cost Linux computer will likely be available for purchase later this month. The organization announced today that manufacturing on the first batch is set to complete on February 20.
linux  computers  hardware  raspberrypi 
february 2012 by deusx
The kit contains everything — except harddisks — that is needed to build the Evercube: enclosure, motherboard (with onboard CPU and memory), 5-port SATA multiplexer backplane, internal disk scaffold, ultra-silent fan, power supply, wires, clamps, wedges, screws, nuts, washers ... everything.
tech  diy  hardware  server 
november 2011 by deusx
The basics of reading data from resistive touchscreens - Hack a Day
[Chris] just posted his latest tutorial which shows you how to read position data from a resistive touchscreen. These devices are fairly simple, and since they’re used in a lot of consumer electronics you can pick one up for a few bucks. This looks like it is overstock for an old Palm device.
hardware  arduino  hacks 
october 2011 by deusx
Experiments with Touch – Bigscreen Android with 23 inch Resistive Touch Panel « Beyond the keyboard
Inspired by the allegedly Windows Android x86 demo with a 23 inch multi-touch screen by Martin Drashkov (see second video below), I decided to give my own version a spin.
android  arduino  usb  touch  hacks  hardware 
october 2011 by deusx
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