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Remember When Blockbuster Video Tried Burning Game Cartridges On Demand? | Hackaday
Machines at these stores had the ability to flash 16 Mb and 32 Mb EEPROM cartridges containing Sega Genesis games. The flashing process only took 45 seconds on average
gaming  retro 
october 2018 by deusx
Underrun – Making Of - PhobosLab
I participated in this year's js13kGames, a JavaScript game development competition with a file size limit of 13kb, including code, assets and everything else. My entry was Underrun, a twin stick shooter using WebGL.
gaming  javascript  webdev  webgl  js 
september 2018 by deusx
Raspberry PiBoy – Building a Handheld Gaming System from Walnut and Carbon Fiber – MICHAEL K CASTOR
Portable Raspberry Pi enabled gaming system projects seem to be everywhere. The concept is relatively simple; get an old GameBoy (or other old portable) shell, stuff in a Raspberry Pi Zero as well as some switches, LiPo battery and charger, an LCD screen, and maybe an audio amplifier and you’re set (except for the giant mess of wires.)
retro  gaming  raspi  diy  hardware 
november 2017 by deusx
Nintendo Switch - Matt Gemmell
The main feature, of course — even the eponymous feature, if you like — is that it’s neither tethered to your TV, nor an exclusively squint-inducing handheld device. This is a fundamentally humane and grown-up move. I have a home office, but I don’t want a man cave or boy’s room or whatever you might call it. I’m married, and I like my wife. I prefer to be in the same room as her, even if we’re both doing different things and only periodically talking to each other (this is also one of the fab things about marriage). The Switch lets me shut off the TV but keep playing, without having to go to another room. I keep all my games stuff in the living room.
gaming  nintendo  switch  adulthood 
november 2017 by deusx
TIC-80 tiny computer
TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.
gaming  fantasyconsole  dev  games 
october 2017 by deusx
R-COIL by viTekiM
R-COIL is a space combat arcade game where your weapon and your thruster are connected and your bullets push back.
gaming  vector  retro 
october 2017 by deusx
Game Design Idea Inspiration and Execution
Ideally, you should have a project where the following 3 things are well balanced:
Your desire to have the game made
Your desire to make the game
Your skill
If you choose a project with only 2 of these things, the game will ultimately fall flat.
gamedev  gaming 
september 2016 by deusx
Ian Bell's Text Elite Page
    Text Elite is a C implementation of the classic Elite trading system in a text adventure style shell. I originally coded this to formalise and archive the definition of the Classic Elite Universe, but have released it, with sources, now that Christian Pinder has publicly reverse engineered BBC Disk Elite trading into C.
gaming  elite  c  pico8 
september 2016 by deusx
txtelite port compilable on unix : gcc -o txtelite txtelite.c -lm
txtelite port compilable on unix : gcc -o txtelite txtelite.c -lm
elite  c  gaming 
september 2016 by deusx
Conversion of Ian Bell's txtelite.c 1.2 (and parts of 1.4) to python (2.5, maybe earlier)
elite  python  gaming 
september 2016 by deusx
REDDER by anna anthropy
Redder is essentially what Metroid would have been if it had been created by Stanley Kubrick
gaming  indie  metroidvania 
february 2016 by deusx
Twinkle Star Sprites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The gameplay, which can be characterized as a combination of a fixed shooter and a versus puzzle game, uses combinations of shots, as well as timed power-ups to attempt to damage the opponent. These attacks also serve as counters to the opponent's attack.
gaming  neogeo  puzzles  shmups 
february 2016 by deusx
Sega-16 – Unofficial Shmups Glossary
Bulletmagnet from the Shmups forum has compiled this awesome glossary of shmup terms, which is great for those just getting into the genre, as well as those with questions about what certain terms mean or are called. Some terms were also taken from the Shooter Lingo section of the now-defunct shmup site Starbase299.
gaming  shmups 
august 2015 by deusx
Classic NES Series Anti-Emulation Measures - mGBA
From a GBA emulation perspective, the games were especially interesting. The average Game Boy Advance game is extremely buggy, and the platform itself contains a number of safeguards to prevent games from crashing. As a result, emulators tend to need to be bug-compatible with the original hardware to ensure that the games actually work. However, the Classic NES Series goes above and beyond the average game in an attempt to ensure they don’t work in emulators.
emulation  gameboy  gaming  nintendo 
december 2014 by deusx
DIY X52 Pro + Chair mod
Shopping list:

VESA Mounts
X52 Pro
Heavy Duty Velcro
gaming  hotas  diy 
december 2014 by deusx
Overview | PiGRRL - Raspberry Pi Gameboy | Adafruit Learning System
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of that classic gaming device by building your own with 3d printing and DIY electronics from adafruit. In this project we'll use a raspberry pi and TFT touch screen to make an epic DIY gamegirl.
hardware  diy  raspi  nintendo  gaming  gameboy  gamegirl 
october 2014 by deusx
Atari 800 - Best Game Pack :: Atari 800 - Best Game Pack : Releases
'Atari 800 - Best Game Pack' is an All-In-One game pack includes the best Atari 8-bit games, screenshots, adverts, covers, manuals, the spreadsheet of high scores club and easy-to-use front-end
retro  atari  gaming 
october 2014 by deusx
This is a really nifty mouse-controlled shooter
gaming  shmups 
september 2014 by deusx
Vectrex Thrust Source
Here is the complete source code for my game Vectrex Thrust. This game would never have been possible to write without all the information people have shared on the web, so releasing this source code is my way of giving something back and hoping that someone will find it useful.
vectrex  gaming  source 
august 2014 by deusx
Bad Crazy in Internet Space - Page 3 | Ten Ton Hammer
It was determined that 'The Enslaver' and his Avatar-class Titan had to go. I was approached by one of the leaders of Red Alliance to help make this happen, but almost immediately we were down the rabbit hole. Much to my surprise, the RA director didn't want in-game information from me; he wanted us to use the forensic resources of our intelligence agency to trace down The Enslaver's home address. At a coordinated time, armed with this information, a RA member would apparently cut the power to The Enslaver's house in the real world, and in EVE a RA capital fleet would assault the abruptly pilotless Titan. Yikes.
eve  gaming  funny 
august 2014 by deusx
The Dark Wheel
The Dark Wheel is a 48 page short novel (novella) which was included with the original Elite versions.
elite  gaming  fiction 
june 2014 by deusx
About Us | The Digital Game Museum
Our office and collection storage in at 3553 Ryder Street, Santa Clara, CA. We don’t have enough space to put up exhibits, so we show exhibits at events like Maker Faire Bay Area, PAX Prime, and others, and we place small exhibits in interesting places. We hope to move to a space that will include changing exhibits and game play space in the near future. To do that, we need your financial support and the support of corporations. Can you help?
retro  gaming  california 
june 2014 by deusx
Spacewar! for the PDP-1 : The "Hingham Institute" : Free Streaming : Internet Archive
Spacewar (stylized "Spacewar!") is one of the earliest digital computer game
gaming  spaceware  emulation 
april 2014 by deusx
Bookmarks - Agony Unleashed
The key to bookmark naming is to make sure that your bookmarks are named in a method that is understandable at a glance.
bookmakrs  eve  online  gaming 
march 2014 by deusx
QuakeJS is a port of ioquake3 to JavaScript with the help of Emscripten.
quake3  to:fb  gaming  html5  web 
february 2014 by deusx
How In-app Purchases Has Destroyed The Industry (by @baekdal) #opinion
I don't like writing negative articles that don't include a solution to the problem, but in this case, there is no solution. The state of in-app purchases has now reached a level where we have completely lost it. Not only has the gaming industry shot itself in the foot, hacked off their other foot, and lost both its arms ... but it's still engaging in a strategy that will only damage it further.
gaming  microtransactions  freetoplay  development  mobile  to:fb 
february 2014 by deusx
A Great Old-Timey Game-Programming Hack - Tom Moertel’s Blog
You had to bang your ideas around, twist them, turn them, searching for something, anything that would help you squeeze them into the machine. Sometimes you found it, and you got one step closer to realizing your ideas. Sometimes you didn’t.
to:fb  gaming  retro  programming  assembly  6502  6809 
december 2013 by deusx
EVE Online Image Server
Welcome to the image server of EVE Online. You can use this service to obtain images related to entities in New Eden. At this moment, it is possible to get alliance logos, corp logos, character portraits, ship renders and inventory type icons in various resolutions.
gaming  eve  eveonline  webdev  images 
december 2013 by deusx
Doing the SDE Conversions - Fuzzwork Enterprises
I’m not planning on stopping doing these any time soon, as I need them for my own porpoises, but I thought it might be worth having a few instructions out there, so people can run their own conversions of the EVE SDE. Just in case I get hit by a bus, or mauled by crazed Cetaceans.
eve  eveonline  gaming  data  expoorts  database 
december 2013 by deusx
EVE Online data dumps
Everything here belongs to CCP. I'm just making conversions available
gaming  eveonline  data  eve 
december 2013 by deusx
MAME 0.151 ROMs : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
MAME (an acronym of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is an emulator application designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on modern personal computers and other platforms. The intention is to preserve gaming history by preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten. The aim of MAME is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines; the ability to actually play the games is considered "a nice side effect".
gaming  archives  mame  mess  videogames 
december 2013 by deusx
Entity component system : Component tips | Box Hacker
Now that I feel experienced with entity game development I would like to share some tips/ideas surrounding the Ash framework.
gaming  dev  ecs  programming 
november 2013 by deusx
Gamasutra - The new gen's most important question: Who cares?
It's unpopular to say you don't care about consoles, to suggest you don't need to care. It feels like disloyalty to the industry. But what's becoming clear, even if it feels controversial and treacherous to say -- even if it threatens the industry and its loyal consumers, galvanizes them to internet arguments -- is that the console business and the industry models that built it are no longer the main avenue for the medium of games. They're probably not even the most important, even though they remain the most visible to your average person.
gaming  playstation  xbox  indie  to:fb 
november 2013 by deusx
Rocky's Boots (1982) (The Learning Company) : Free Streaming : Internet Archive
Rocky's Boots is an educational logic puzzle game by Warren Robinett and Leslie Grimm, published by The Learning Company in 1982. It was released for the Apple II, the CoCo, the Commodore 64 and the IBM PC. It was followed by a more difficult sequel, Robot Odyssey. It won Software of the Year awards from Learning Magazine (1983), Parent's Choice magazine (1983), and Infoworld magazine (1982, runner-up), and received the Gold Award (for selling 100,000 copies) from the Software Publishers Association. It was one of the first educational software products for personal computers to successfully use an interactive graphical simulation as a learning environment.
gaming  retro  design  electronics 
october 2013 by deusx
Write a NES Emulator with JavaScript - Part 1 - Alexander Dickson
After getting my JavaScript Chip-8 emulator working, I thought it’d be a good idea to take on the next challenge: the Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the FamiCom in parts of Asia).
webdev  gaming  nes  emulators 
october 2013 by deusx
Gamasutra - A Guide To iOS Twin Stick Shooter Usability
The controls for the iPad version of Geometry Wars are quite simply divine. They apply best practice in each of the four components to deliver a smooth and satisfying player experience.
gaming  controls  ios  twinstick 
september 2013 by deusx
Make a Neon Vector Shooter in XNA: Bloom and Black Holes | Gamedevtuts+
We’ve added bloom using various shaders, and black holes using various force formulas. Shape Blaster is starting to look pretty good
gaming  tutorials  xna 
september 2013 by deusx
Make a Neon Vector Shooter in XNA: Particle Effects | Gamedevtuts+
In this series of tutorials, I’ll show you how to make a neon twin stick shooter, like Geometry Wars, in XNA. The goal of these tutorials is not to leave you with an exact replica of Geometry Wars, but rather to go over the necessary elements that will allow you to create your own high-quality variant.
gaming  tutorials  xna 
september 2013 by deusx
dat-gui - A lightweight controller library for JavaScript. - Google Project Hosting
A lightweight graphical user interface for changing variables in JavaScript.
html5  webdev  gaming  gui  nifty  javascript 
september 2013 by deusx
Real-time synchronous multiplayer 3D gaming with HTML5 - The Artillery Blog
Six weeks ago we set out to see if we could build a real-time, “twitch” 3D game in the browser using HTML5. We built a few games and were pleasantly surprised with what we achieved.
gaming  html5  artillery  webdev 
september 2013 by deusx
Announcing Artillery's Project Atlas, a Hardcore RTS for the Browser - The Artillery Blog
The Artillery Platform, which Atlas is built upon, uses JavaScript and WebGL to deliver a high-quality, low-latency multiplayer gaming experience to anyone with a modern web browser. The platform is centered around 3D experiences with real-time multiplayer capability and strong community support. The JavaScript-based game engine features a component-entity design, a modern deferred rendering pipeline, and development tools designed to allow creative expression and super-fast iteration.
to:twitter  webdev  gaming  nifty  html5  webgl 
september 2013 by deusx
How Atari box art turned 8-bit games into virtual wonderlands | The Verge
The original Atari featured a wealth of games with box art that was quite a bit more imaginative than the “grizzled man holding a gun” template that’s so popular today. The concept of playing a video game in your house, on your television, was still in its infancy in the late 1970s, and Atari needed a way to market its games. One solution was to commission intricately detailed covers that sold the idea of a game much better than any simple screenshot could. “The game-playing experience wasn’t 100 percent of the experience,” says Tim Lapetino, an artist and designer currently working on a book about the history of Atari cover art. “Part of what made the world complete was the artwork that conjured up this other place. I wasn’t sitting in my living room anymore; I was on this desolate planet or in space. And it was mostly because of that art.”
gaming  atari  retro  art 
september 2013 by deusx | Geoff Ballington
Creating and developing a practical drop-shipment app that works within a fictional universe was fun, and I enjoyed working on it with such intensity.
eve  gaming  ecommerce 
september 2013 by deusx
In Search of Scanlines: The Best CRT Monitor for Retro Gaming - Tested
Your 1080p HDTV may be great for Blu-ray movies, but it sucks for SNES games. Adopting new television technology means saying goodbye to the advantages of older hardware. And yes, there are advantages. There's no such thing as a best TV for all eras of content. And for retro gaming, diehard gamers and collectors turn to old CRTs and specialty scaling hardware in search for that perfect picture.
crts  monitors  retro  gaming  tvs  arcade 
september 2013 by deusx
Tuition Aid From a Zombie Elf -
Last year, Mr. Johnson received one of the first two grants given by Gamers Helping Gamers, a nonprofit organization founded by a group of successful young New Yorkers to assist a very specific group of students: those who play the fantasy trading card game Magic: The Gathering.
to:fb  mtg  magic  gaming  education 
september 2013 by deusx
Cheating - Cookie Clicker Wiki
If you would like to experiment around the game mechanics or just give yourself a (albeit unscrupulous) "boost" to your game here are some cheats you can try. They require a bit of interaction with browser technical stuff.
cookieclicker  cheats  gaming 
september 2013 by deusx
Case Study: Auto-Resizing HTML5 Games - HTML5 Rocks
In the summer of 2010, we created Sand Trap, a game that we entered in a competition on HTML5 games for mobile phones. But most mobile phones either displayed only part of the game or made the game too small—making it completely unplayable. So we took it upon ourselves to make the game fluidly adjust to match any resolution. After a bit of re-programming and using ideas outlined in this article, we had a game that scaled across any modern browser, whether it ran in a desktop or a mobile device.
webdev  html5  js  css  html  gaming 
august 2013 by deusx
Stellar Track (Game)
Stellar Track was a conversion of a college mainframe Star Trek game released by Sears in 1981. It is a suitably primitive game where you have to run scans to locate enemies and starbases on a 6 x 6 galactic map. You run scans to find the enemies then must warp to their quadrant to confront them with either phasers or photon torpedoes. You use the joystick to determine the numerals of where you intend you to travel to.
gaming  atari  startrek  odd 
august 2013 by deusx
Stardock acquires Star Control franchise rights, plans new game « Brutal Gamer
Awww yuss. “We expect the new Star Control to come in the form of a reboot, similar to what Firaxis did with the XCOM series last year. We are looking at Star Control II as a major source of inspiration.”
gaming  to:fb  starcontrol  sc2  stardock 
july 2013 by deusx
The Best NES Games Under $10 | RetroGaming with Racketboy
After adding a console to your collection, the first thing you want to do is get a handful of games to keep you busy with your new toy. This budget-friendly list should help you quickly find which games will start you off well without emptying your wallet.
nes  gaming  retro 
july 2013 by deusx
Do you know those weird, abstract games that you find yourself instantly drowned in and hopelessly addicted to? Be warned: you just stumbled upon one. A great one. Amiga and PC versions
gaming  amiga  retro  pc 
july 2013 by deusx
International Center for the History of Electronic Games
The International Center for the History of Electronic Games® (ICHEG) at The Strong collects, studies, and interprets video games, other electronic games, and related materials and the ways in which electronic games are changing how people play, learn, and connect with each other, including across boundaries of culture and geography.
gaming  history  archives  videogames 
july 2013 by deusx
Monopoly auction rule: Official? Yes. Smart? No.
An old blog post about an “unknown” Monopoly rule has been making its way around the Web the past few days, starting with a piece on BuzzFeed, then spreading to MSN, Yahoo, HuffPo, and a slew of other places. The gist is simple: When landing on a property, you’re allowed to auction it off, with the highest bidder paying the bank, rather than just purchasing it yourself.
gaming  to:fb  monopoly  funny 
june 2013 by deusx
Hexagonal Grids
Hexagonal grids are used in some games but aren’t quite as straightforward or common as square grids. I’ve been collecting hex grid resources for nearly 20 years, and wrote this guide to the most elegant approaches that lead to the simplest code, largely based on the guides by Charles Fu and Clark Verbrugge. I’ll describe the various ways to make hex grids (I’ve counted 74 so far!), the relationships between them, as well as some common algorithms. Many parts of this page are interactive; choosing a type of grid will update diagrams, code, and text to match.
gaming  dev  hex  programming  games 
june 2013 by deusx
Endless Play, Endlessly Pursued Goals, and Just Remember: “Don't Starve” | PopMatters
This is a game that provokes only existential angst in me through its reflection of endless maintenance within a system. I feel like if Franz Kafka had created a game, this would be exactly his kind of game.
to:fb  dontstarve  gaming  games  funny 
june 2013 by deusx
Play Misadventure, a FREE online game on JayIsGames
Don't know if it's the nostalgia factor that makes this so immersive for me, but this game is actually vaguely scary
gaming  flash  to:fb  horror 
may 2013 by deusx
Metroid Password Format Guide
This document is a guide to the password system used by Metroid for the NES. It applies to the original Metroid 1 released in the US and Europe. I believe the information is also accurate for the hidden Metroid 1 game that can be unlocked in Metroid Prime, and for Metroid Zero Mission for Game Boy Advance.
gaming  metroid  nes  nintendo 
may 2013 by deusx
A micro framework for JavaScript games.

Handles collision detection, the game update loop, keyboard input and canvas rendering.
webdev  gaming  js  javascript 
may 2013 by deusx
Ben's Blog » μJoypad [+ ..]
A couple months ago I saw an article or video of the world’s largest game controller and thought to myself “I bet I could make the smallest” and so I did.
gaming  diy  electronics  nes  to:fb 
may 2013 by deusx
Raspberry Pi in a NES Case - Part 1 - Wiring up the front panel and external connectors // Igor's Blog
When mine arrived, I didn’t really know what to use it for, but then it hit me: I can build an emulator box for all the NES and SNES games that I loved to play as a child.
raspberrypi  nes  gaming  emulation  diy 
may 2013 by deusx
Atari Combo Controller has what you need for any cartridge
Retro gaming enthusiasts take note: this joystick is what you need to play any Atari game on the original console. It plugs right into the original console hardware and removes the need to choose the joystick, paddle, or keypad controller separately. You just leave this puppy hooked up and move your hands to the set of controls used on each game.
to:fb  atari  gaming  joystick 
may 2013 by deusx
Remember When You Could Order Dungeons And Dragons From The Sears Wish Book? (1984) | The Retroist
I came to play Dungeons and Dragons a little later than most and as I look at the prices for the likes of the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual…I think I know now what the first thing I need to do is when I finally invent that time machine.
to:fb  gaming  rpg  dnd  sears  dungeonsanddragons 
may 2013 by deusx
The Escapist : News : Pirating Game Dev Tycoon Dooms Players to be Ruined By Piracy
In an ironic twist, modified code in the cracked version of the game ensures that pirate's in-game progress is constantly ruined by rampant piracy.
to:fb  funny  dev  gaming 
april 2013 by deusx
Multiplayer Game 'Eve Online' Cultivates a Most Devoted Following - Businessweek
“At the time, I had been dating a girl for only three weeks and was terrified,” says Joshua Goldshlag (Eve name: Two Step), a 35-year-old CSM member and computer programmer from Massachusetts. “I certainly did not want to mention that I had been elected as an Internet space politician.”
eve  to:fb  gaming  spacepoliticians 
april 2013 by deusx
Pizza Hut launching Xbox 360 app that lets console owners order pizza from Xbox Live | Polygon
The Pizza Hut for Xbox app makes the chain's entire menu accessible to users, who can then build their own customized pizzas and place orders via Kinect motion controls, voice commands or the controller. Users can link their Xbox and accounts and save their order settings to streamline future purchases, as well as view and take advantage of deals at local stores.
to:fb  pizza  hut  fat  xbox  gaming 
april 2013 by deusx
Oculus Rift Teardown - iFixit
Let's face it, the year is 2013. Where are our flying cars? Why isn't deep space travel a thing yet? Why hasn't virtual reality become, well, reality? The Oculus Rift seeks to fill that lack of virtual reality in our lives. Still in its early developmental stage, the Oculus Rift promises to deliver VR gaming to the yearning public. Join us as we take a peek inside the Oculus Rift and its hardware.
to:fb  oculusrift  gaming  vr 
april 2013 by deusx
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