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God, Darwin and My College Biology Class -
EVERY year around this time, with the college year starting, I give my students The Talk. It isn’t, as you might expect, about sex, but about evolution and religion, and how they get along. More to the point, how they don’t.
evolution  religion  biology  science 
september 2014 by deusx
Cosmic Log - How monkeys handle moral outrage
When Occupy Wall Street and similar protests played out over the past year, the phenomenon looked familiar to Emory University primatologist Frans de Waal: He's seen similar moral outrage over economic inequity expressed by monkeys and chimps. And he thinks we could learn a lesson or two from our fellow primates.
morality  primates  religion  evolution  science  philosophy 
february 2012 by deusx
Early humans swapped bite for brain - 24 March 2004 - New Scientist
Humans owe their big brains and sophisticated culture to a single genetic mutation that weakened our jaw muscles about 2.4 million years ago, a new study suggests.
evolution  genetics  genes  jaws 
december 2011 by deusx
Why do women menstruate? | Pharyngula
I suppose we could blame The Curse on The Fall, but then this phylogeny would suggest that Adam and Eve were part of a population of squirrel-like proto-primates living in the early Paleocene. That’s rather unbiblical, though, and what did the bats and elephant shrews do to deserve this?
funny  evolution  menstruation  mammals  health 
december 2011 by deusx
Horizontal and vertical: The evolution of evolution - life - 26 January 2010 - New Scientist
"JUST suppose that Darwin's ideas were only a part of the story of evolution. Suppose that a process he never wrote about, and never even imagined, has been controlling the evolution of life throughout most of the Earth's history. It may sound preposterous, but this is exactly what microbiologist Carl Woese and physicist Nigel Goldenfeld, both at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, believe. Darwin's explanation of evolution, they argue, even in its sophisticated modern form, applies only to a recent phase of life on Earth."
evolution  genetics  dna  genes  coding  darwin  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
Unorthodox - Opinionator Blog -
"This has three odd consequences. The first is that, by the end of sex, the two individuals have become genetically identical. It’s as if you and your mate began coitus as yourselves and finished as identical twins. The second odd consequence is that, partway through its life, a ciliate can radically alter its genetic make-up; genetically speaking, the transformation is so extreme that it’s as if you changed into one of your children. Talk about being reborn."
evolution  clilates  biology  reproduction  sex  dna  genetics  science  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
Turkey: Archeological Dig Reshaping Human History -
"Standing on the hill at dawn, overseeing a team of 40 Kurdish diggers, the German-born archeologist waves a hand over his discovery here, a revolution in the story of human origins. Schmidt has uncovered a vast and beautiful temple complex, a structure so ancient that it may be the very first thing human beings ever built. The site isn't just old, it redefines old: the temple was built 11,500 years ago—a staggering 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid, and more than 6,000 years before Stonehenge first took shape. The ruins are so early that they predate villages, pottery, domesticated animals, and even agriculture—the first embers of civilization. In fact, Schmidt thinks the temple itself, built after the end of the last Ice Age by hunter-gatherers, became that ember—the spark that launched mankind toward farming, urban life, and all that followed."
history  prehistory  evolution  culture  religion  ruins  archaeology  science  anthropology  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
Did cooking make us evolve? | Blog | Futurismic
"Harvard anthropologist Richard Wrangman theorizes that cooking with fire triggered hominids to evolve into humans. His experience in the wild led him to conclude that humans could never live on what chimpanzees eat. Cooking, he thinks, might account for the sharp rise in brain size, and the decrease in the size of teeth, that occurred about 1.6 million years ago in Homo erectus over its predecessor, homo habilis. It might explain our relatively small guts and weak jaws, not to mention certain preferences that seem innately human"
humanity  evolution  cooking 
may 2009 by deusx
NewsBiscuit » Science/Technology » Evolution cannot explain existence of creationists, concedes Dawkins
"By any reading of evolutionary theory, creationists ought to have died out ages ago. They serve no function in the planet’s ecosystem, and no other species has survived so long while in such fundamental disagreement with observable reality. If I wasn’t such an ardent believer in secular materialism, I’d wager this is really troubling Darwin in the afterlife."
evolution  creationists  funny 
april 2009 by deusx
The GOP ticket's appalling contempt for science and learning. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine
"This is what the Republican Party has done to us this year: It has placed within reach of the Oval Office a woman who is a religious fanatic and a proud, boastful ignoramus. Those who despise science and learning are not anti-elitist. They are morally and intellectually slothful people who are secretly envious of the educated and the cultured. And those who prate of spiritual warfare and demons are not just "people of faith" but theocratic bullies. On Nov. 4, anyone who cares for the Constitution has a clear duty to repudiate this wickedness and stupidity."
politics  election  palin  science  elitism  evolution  biology  fruitflies  religion  education  learning  gop  mccain  republicans  creationism 
october 2008 by deusx
New Jumpgate Evolution video shows off dogfighting - Massively
"The video shows off combat taking place within a massive asteroid belt. Have a look at the video below the cut, and let us know if you think Jumpgate Evolution seems to be your type of game."
gaming  jumpgate  evolution  nifty  scifi  spaceships  dogfighting 
september 2008 by deusx
Seed: Suspending Life
"Some lucky evolutionary accident ensured the mammals' safety through a deep sleep, and that accident may still be dormant within us. That which allowed our ancestors to survive millions of years ago might also be a means of our survival now."
medicine  evolution 
april 2008 by deusx
The Tree of Life and "I Believe In Science" slogan
"The Tree of Life and "I Believe In Science" slogan in white on a green ringer tee."
wishlist  tshirts  clothing  science  evolution 
july 2007 by deusx
Why Google Is Making Us Dumber
"Let’s face it: we’re not exactly becoming brighter by using Google. In fact, in the traditional education sense, we’re getting stupider, at least with certain types of tasks."
google  evolution  singularity  posthumanity 
may 2007 by deusx
I Believe In Science
"The Tree of Life design celebrates the theory of evolution and was created to give a voice to those who favor traditional biology and oppose the growing American support of various forms of creationism."
clothing  wishlist  creationism  science  evolution 
april 2007 by deusx
I have met the enemy and it is tribalism « Jon Udell
"The problem isn’t religion, Wilson said, it’s tribalism. The two often coincide but they are not the same thing. Religion is not a pernicious force in the world. Tribalism is."
evolution  religion  tribalism 
march 2007 by deusx
Developing Intelligence : Shared Intentionality in Human and Primate Cognition
"Although humans and non-human primates differ in a variety of seemingly more important ways, Tomasello suggests that "shared intentionality" is the most critical: a propensity for social interaction allowed each of these other capacities to evolve to the
cogsci  mind  evolution 
january 2007 by deusx
..: JOURNAL CHRETIEN [Ex-atheist and Ex-evolutionist Design Board Game] :..
"“Intelligent Design versus Evolution” is a new board game that was designed by actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort, to help fight against the what they maintain is the brainwashing of an entire generation."
boardgames  creationism  intelligentdesign  evolution  kirkcameron  nutters  whackos  nutjobs  religion 
december 2006 by deusx
The tiny magnetite compass in the human nose |
"Magnetite helps orientation and direction finding in animals. It no doubtingly helps migratory species migrate successfully by allowing them to draw upon the earth's magnetic fields."
biology  evolution 
december 2006 by deusx
Richard Dawkins: Why There Almost Certainly Is No God - Yahoo! News
"We cannot, of course, disprove God, just as we can't disprove Thor, fairies, leprechauns and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But, like those other fantasies that we can't disprove, we can say that God is very very improbable."
dawkins  religion  atheism  science  evolution 
october 2006 by deusx
Great Falls Tribune - Lawmaker fires back at governor‘s comments on age of Earth
"A Republican state lawmaker is criticizing Gov. Brian Schweitzer for comments he made to a newspaper here about the lawmaker‘s belief that the planet is not millions of years old."
religion  evolution  science  geology  morons 
october 2006 by deusx
Pharyngula: Put the blame where it belongs: God and the Republican Party
"That's the result of a new survey of people's attitudes toward evolution. Notice where the United States lies: nearly dead last. We beat Turkey."
evolution  religion  insanity  us  christianity  creationism  politics 
august 2006 by deusx
Guardian Unlimited Books | Special Reports | Top scientist gives up on creationists
"The most important difference between evolutionists and creationists, Prof Jones concluded, is that scientists are always prepared to say, "I don't know"."
science  evolution  creationism  christianity  religion 
may 2006 by deusx
Eugenics doesn't work. Ask why, asshole. - GreyThumb.Blog
"So now you know why eugenics doesn't work, asshole."
evolution  darwin  eugenics 
may 2006 by deusx
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: William Dembski: Prophet for Hire
"It seems that evolution is perpetually just that close to collapsing, yet it never does."
science  evolution  religion 
april 2006 by deusx
New Scientist News - And life created continents...
"Life might, in the end, be responsible for the presence of continents on Earth."
earth  geology  evolution  science  biology 
march 2006 by deusx
Humans evolved color vision to see emotion, not food | | CNET
"The eyes in humans and their closest relatives in the primate world are geared to detect subtle changes in skin tone caused by blood oxygen levels, according to a new study from Caltech."
cogsci  evolution  biology 
march 2006 by deusx
ABC News: Scientists Find Chickens Retain Ancient Ability to Grow Teeth
"These results provide clear evidence that these chickens possess the memory of the past; they have retained the ability to make teeth, under certain conditions. What I am describing is evolution."
chicken  evolution  biology 
march 2006 by deusx
New Scientist Breaking News - Did early humans socialise to avoid getting eaten?
"New computer simulations lend further support the notion that cooperation helped early humans escape becoming prey for other animals, researchers report."
evolution  cogsci  science  history  anthropology 
february 2006 by deusx
Daily Kos: Science Friday: The One That Got Away
"The third rock from the sun might instead be a planet of intelligent squid or technological insects, peering with inhuman eyes at the ancient fossils of long forgotten, curious fish-like creatures with paddling fins that mysteriously died out."
science  evolution  history 
december 2005 by deusx
The Fishbowl: Intelligent Design and Me
"And He's not going to create a Universe based on rational laws, then not want us to practice our rationality."
evolution  intelligentdesign  religion  christianity  science  philosophy 
september 2005 by deusx
Just a Bump in the Beltway: Bizarro World
"The only reason that "intelligent design" has become an issue in the national news is because reporters like Laurie Goodstein have refused to do their jobs and become actors in the "he said/she said" which passes for reporting in this country, which is e
evolution  creationism  intelligentdesign  science  education 
september 2005 by deusx
B.C. Tours Home
"Think Differently | Think Biblically" We are all individuals! (crowd: Yes, we are all individuals!)
religion  christianity  kooks  evolution  creationism 
september 2005 by deusx
eyeteeth: Their cousin called monotreme
"Basically what I'm trying to say is HOLY CRAP MONOTREMES ARE WEIRD WHY DO THEY EVEN EXIST."
weird  nifty  biology  evolution 
september 2005 by deusx
Scientific method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Scientific methods or processes are considered fundamental to the scientific investigation and acquisition of new knowledge based upon physical evidence."
creationism  evolution  science  education 
september 2005 by deusx
New Scientist Breaking News - The chimpanzee genome is unveiled
"Coming face to face with the details of evolution is really spectacular."
genetics  science  evolution 
september 2005 by deusx
Boing Boing: Boing Boing's $250,000 Intelligent Design challenge (UPDATED: $1 million)
"We are willing to pay any individual *$250,000 if they can produce empirical evidence which proves that Jesus is not the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster."
jesus  religion  spaghetti  creationism  evolution  nutters 
august 2005 by deusx
New Scientist Breaking News - Mosquitoes are drawn to people with malaria
"Mosquitoes are more attracted to people already infected with malaria. And this appears to be because the malarial parasite orchestrates its own onward transmission from within the human body, a new study suggests."
disease  health  medicine  evolution  insects  biology 
august 2005 by deusx
David Galbraith
"I have a new theory - Unintelligent Design, which is the same as Intelligent Design, except that the creator is either a moron or Satan."
religion  evolution  creationism  intelligentdesign 
august 2005 by deusx
The Riddle of the Appendix - New York Times
"I was grateful that we have not only inherited a danger-prone appendix, but a brain that can invent surgery."
evolution  surgery  appendix  science  health  medicine 
august 2005 by deusx
Design Observer: writings about design & culture: The Darwinian iPod
"It is not important to know how they work or where they come from; rather, it is enough to know they were created by a Designer, and that somehow they fit into some grand scheme."
apple  biology  evolution  religion  ipod  design 
august 2005 by deusx
Creationism: God's gift to the ignorant - Weekend Review - Times Online
"Scientists exult in mystery for a very different reason: it gives them something to do."
science  evolution  creationism  religion 
may 2005 by deusx
The New Yorker: Fact - DEVOLUTION - Why intelligent design isn’t.
"In the nearly ten years since the publication of Behe’s book, by contrast, I.D. has inspired no nontrivial experiments and has provided no surprising insights into biology."
creationism  darwin  evolution  life  religion  science  politics 
may 2005 by deusx
Kan. Debate Challenges Science Itself - Yahoo! News
"In order to live in this science-dominated world, you have to be able to discriminate between science and non-science ... They want to rewrite the rules of science."
science  evolution  morons  loons  kooks  religion  christianity 
may 2005 by deusx
New Scientist Multi-eyed jellyfish helps with Darwin's puzzle - News
"These are fantastic creatures with 24 eyes, four parallel brains and 60 arseholes"
science  darwin  evolution 
may 2005 by deusx
Teach Evolution: Leave No Child Behind
'As America strives to "leave no child behind," it’s time that evolution is not left behind in our science classrooms.'
science  evolution 
february 2005 by deusx
The Darwinian Interlude
"Now, after some three billion years, the Darwinian era is over."
evolution  science  culture 
february 2005 by deusx
Mixing Memory: Intelligent Design Inferences in Children
" explanation for the high incidence of design inferences in American adults may be a lack of quality science education." So forcing Creationism into Science Education only worsens the situation.
science  religion  creationism  evolution 
january 2005 by deusx
Where d'you get those peepers
"...eyes have evolved many times, often in little more than a blink of geological history..."
evolution  religion  science 
december 2004 by deusx
sedesdraconis: Fascinating
Theorizing that the steps toward Modern Man began, "When we moved into a land without lions or tigers, with animals that had never seen a carnivorous ape or learned to be wary of them."
evolution  history 
may 2004 by deusx
Bigger Brain Linked to Muscle Mutation
"...the decrease in jaw-muscle size and force eliminated stress on the skull, which 'released' an evolutionary constraint on brain growth."
evolution  genetics 
march 2004 by deusx
Zinken: Research sheds new light on process of evolution
"...a team of researchers ... has provided new evidence that an alternate theory is actually at work"
evolution  science 
january 2004 by deusx
Brain Gene May Explain Human, Chimp Differences
"A gene has been identified that appears responsible for key differences between the brain of humans and other primates."
brain  evolution  genetics 
january 2004 by deusx

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