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Outlawed by Amazon DRM « Martin Bekkelund
Amazon wipes a woman's Kindle and shuts down her account. This is why I strip the DRM from every Kindle book I buy, and archive each away on my home server. And, also, why I rarely buy Kindle books.
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october 2012 by deusx
An Open Letter to Jay Leno About Stealing My Video and Then Getting It Removed From YouTube | Splitsider
First off, my intention is not to fight you on this. You have more cars than I have dollars, and so I know I don’t stand a chance legally, and on top of that, I don’t really understand how legal stuff works. But the truth is you kind of fucked up my shit and I need to talk to you about it.
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may 2012 by deusx
RIAA claims Limewire owes it $72 trillion—that's "trillion" with a "T" | Music | Newswire | The A.V. Club
According to documents recently filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the RIAA was asking for damages of about $72 trillion dollars, a figure that the judge in the case said is "absurd." Judge Kimba Wood wrote in a recent decision that, "An award based on the RIAA calculations would amount to 'more money than the entire music industry has made since Edison's invention of the phonograph in 1877.'"
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may 2012 by deusx
Adam Yauch and Paul’s Boutique: How dumb court decisions have made it nearly impossible for artists to sample the way the Beastie Boys did - Slate Magazine
How dumb court decisions and bad laws have made it all but impossible for musicians to sample the way the Beastie Boys used to.
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may 2012 by deusx
Eternal Copyright: a modest proposal – Telegraph Blogs
Certainly we wouldn't want to listen to their other suggestions, which would see us broaden the definition of "fair use" and, horrifically, reduce copyright terms back to merely a lifetime or even less. Not only would such an act deprive our great-great-grandchildren of their birthright, but it would surely choke off creativity to the dark ages of the 18th and 19th centuries, a desperately lean time for art in which we had to make do with mere scribblers such as Wordsworth, Swift, Richardson, Defoe, Austen, Bronte, Hardy, Dickens, and Keats.
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february 2012 by deusx
No Copyright Intended -
Remix culture is the new Prohibition, with massive media companies as the lone voices calling for temperance. You can criminalize commonplace activities from law-abiding people, but eventually, something has to give.
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december 2011 by deusx
Vimeo Sued By Capitol Records Over Lip Dubs - Secret Enemy Hideout
"Capitol, you’re a bunch of goof-balls. This lawsuit is the tactical equivalent to pooping on someone’s birthday cake."
music  copyfight  capitol  poop  birthdaycake  harveydanger  copyright  musicindustry  vimeo  from delicious
december 2009 by deusx
Pez Suing Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia
"Pez Candy Inc. is suing the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia over copyright infringement. The suit, filed last week, claims that the museum deceives the public into believing they are operating under the authority of Pez and asks that the museum’s 7 foot tall replica of Pez dispenser be destroyed. The lawsuit also takes issue with the museum’s sales of toy truck Pez dispensers which had been modified with Obama and McCain logos during last years elections. The museum has been opened since 1995 and is said to be the only place in the world were you can see every Pez dispenser ever made."
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july 2009 by deusx
Does A Private Company Own Your Muni Arrival Times?: News: SFAppeal
"When Steven Peterson created Routesy, an iPhone app that lets riders see Muni arrival times, the last thing he expected was to hear was that Muni's real-time arrival times were actually the property of a private company located in the East Bay. But that's exactly what happened, when Alex Orloff, COO of a company calling itself NextBus Information Systems, contacted him in August, 2008, demanding a "straight revenue split" or a "data licensing agreement" from Peterson. "
routesy  publicdata  via:vaguery  sanfrancisco  muni  bus  masstransit  iphone  apple  copyright  opengovernment 
june 2009 by deusx
The War on Sharing: Why the FSF Cares About RIAA Lawsuits | TorrentFreak
"In one of RIAA’s high profile cases the Free Software Foundation backed defendant Joel Tenenbaum, much to the dislike of the music industry lobby. John Sullivan, Operations Manager at the FSF explains in a guest post why they think these cases impact not just music, but also free software and its technology."
fsf  copyfight  freedom  copyright  music  riaa 
may 2009 by deusx
Revenge of the Sneakernet | Blog | Futurismic
"When music fans can say, ‘I have all the music from 1950-2010, do you want a copy?’ - what kind of business models will be viable in such a reality?"
copyfight  sneakernet  music  sharing  copyright 
june 2008 by deusx
Music Recording Industry Will Be First Traditional Media Industry To Be Utterly Destroyed By Digital Technology - Publishing 2.0
"The maxim goes that new technologies don’t kill off old media — radio didn’t kill newspapers, TV didn’t kill radio, etc. But it’s not clear this maxim will hold true in the digital age"
music  copyright  drm 
december 2007 by deusx
Pattern Recognition » Blog Archive » Technophobia or payola?
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september 2007 by deusx
A Patent Lie - New York Times
"As more and more lawsuits rock the industry, we should ask if software patents are stifling innovation. Bill Gates certainly thought so in 1991, even if he won’t admit it today."
patents  law  copyright  software  microsoft  msft  vonage  verizon 
june 2007 by deusx
A Great Idea Lives Forever. Shouldn’t Its Copyright? - New York Times
"But it might also be for the public good were Congress to allow the enslavement of foreign captives and their descendants (this was tried); the seizure of Bill Gates’s bankbook; or the ruthless suppression of Alec Baldwin."
copyright  copyfight  asshat 
may 2007 by deusx
Wired 15.03: PLAY - Did Timbaland Do It?
"Janne “Tempest” Suni claims the melody for “Do It,” a Timbaland-helmed track on Nelly Furtado’s 2006 platinum smash Loose, was filched from a chiptune he recorded in 2000."
theft  copyright  music  timbaland  c64  chiptunes 
march 2007 by deusx
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Ninja kitten band win Coke battle
"An unsigned British band have reached a settlement with Coca-Cola over the soft drink giant's use of their material in a television commercial."
joelveitch  nifty  copyright 
january 2007 by deusx
Push the Third Button Twice: The Pig and the Box
"The Pig and the Box is about a pig who finds a magic box that can replicate anything you put into it. "
pigs  magic  boxes  drm  kids  books  copyfight  copyright  mpaa  riaa  creativecommons  funny  politics  satire 
july 2006 by deusx
EFF: Frequently Awkward Questions for the Entertainment Industry
"EFF has prepared a sample list of tough questions for times when you hear entertainment industry representatives speaking and want to challenge their positions."
eff  copyfight  copyright  riaa  mpaa 
july 2006 by deusx
Locus Online: Locus Magazine, Cory Doctorow Commentary, July 2006
"Conversation, not content, is king. If you were stranded on a desert island and you opted to bring your records instead of your friends, we'd call you a sociopath."
scifi  writing  publishing  copyright 
july 2006 by deusx
Rip Rowan: Waves Native Gold Bundle 3.2 featuring PACE Interlok
"Copy protection schemes have, by and large, been a hoax from the start."
music  copyright  drm  software 
march 2006 by deusx
The Doc Searls Weblog : Welcome to the Long Run
"We need to do with video what we've started doing with music: building a new and independent industry."
copyfight  copyright  drm  entertainment 
january 2006 by deusx
NPR : Copyright Laws Severely Limit Availability of Music
"over 70 percent of American music recorded before 1965 is not legally available in the United States."
music  copyfight  copyright  npr 
january 2006 by deusx
Wired News: Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit
"What happens when the creators of malware collude with the very companies we hire to protect us from that malware?"
security  malware  sony  music  copyfight  copyright 
november 2005 by deusx
Imagine a world without copyright - Editorials & Commentary - International Herald Tribune
"Our democratic right to freedom of cultural and artistic exchange is slowly but surely being taken away from us."
art  copyright  copyfight  culture 
october 2005 by deusx
Unhappy Birthday
"Unhappy Birthday is a grassroots project run by citizens who are outraged by rampant copyright infringement in today's society particularly in relation to the song Happy Birthday."
copyright  happybirthday 
october 2005 by deusx
Ed Foster's Gripelog || Paying Taxes on Software
"If, as software publishers insist, we don't buy their products but only license them, why are then required to pay property or sales tax as if they were normal purchases? And how should businesses calculate their capital expenses, depreciation, etc. on a
software  economics  copyright 
september 2005 by deusx
The Long Tail: "Just enough piracy"
"The lesson is to find a good-enough approach to content protection that is easy, convenient and non-annoying to most people, and then accept that there will be some leakage."
copyright  piracy  longtail 
august 2005 by deusx
Jon Udell: I want my MP3
"If I can run a bunch of WMV and RealVideo files through an automated process to produce MP3s, so can the folks who created those files in the first place. And I sure wish they would."
audio  copyright  podcasting 
august 2005 by deusx > News > Technology -- Snap judgments
"Their photos have become collateral damage in the war on digital copyright infringement."
copyfight  prosumers  photography  copyright  walmart 
june 2005 by deusx
ASCII by Jason Scott: Why the BBS Documentary is Creative Commons
"I've tried to make a decent, good, solid loaf of bread here, which tastes good, is what it says it is, and doesn't cheat you." Definitely happy I bought this.
bbs  oldschool  documentaries  creativecommons  video  dvd  copyfight  copyright 
june 2005 by deusx
Silent tech majority invites Mickey Mouse to poison P2P | The Register
"Let's see how Apple likes it though when iPod sales are halted for a few years as the courts decide how legitimate the device really is."
politics  copyfight  copyright 
march 2005 by deusx
The MPAA vs. An Army of Mice
"The only way to win is to stop waging war on your own customers and accept the fact that we are in control, not you."
copyright  copyfight 
february 2005 by deusx
MAKE: Blog: Photos from the EFF's "Build-In"!
"...using the open source MythTV from the KnoppMyth Linux distribution and the pcHDTV HD-3000 HD card, which will only be legal to buy up until July of 2005." That reminds me...
copyright  hacking  hardware  gadgets  entertainment  tv 
february 2005 by deusx
[IP] more on Dell to Add Security Chip to PCs
"Richard Stallman, self-proclaimed founder of all that is Free, calls it Treacherous Computing."
copyright  law  copyfight  drm  hardware 
february 2005 by deusx
Wired 13.01: They're Not Worthy 
"the pirates of the public domain are back"
copyright  copyfight 
january 2005 by deusx
On Intellectual Property, US Forgets Its Own Past - Global Policy Forum - Social and Economic Policy
"In the 19th century, the United States was both a rapidly industrializing nation and - as Charles Dickens and others knew all too well - a bold pirate of intellectual property."
copyright  copyfight 
january 2005 by deusx
Electrolite: Memo to Planet BoingBoing.
"The bad guys’ basic strategy is to portray themselves as defending the status quo while in fact effecting a revolutionary change."
copyright  copyfight  law 
january 2005 by deusx
Prepare to get screwed by digital rights management
"I just wish one of you spineless but very rich companies had the balls to stand up and do the right thing for the consumer."
copyright  music  rant 
october 2004 by deusx
Ferreting out copyright scofflaws
It is futile to try to make The Man look cool.
august 2004 by deusx
Penguin sticks head in the sand
"The US publishers of a harrowing real-life tale about Net-related child abuse are refusing to admit they cocked up after naming the book after a Web site owned by a British woman."
copyright  law 
august 2004 by deusx
EFF: High-Definition Personal Video Recorder Cookbook
"So you want to build your own HDTV personal video recorder before the broadcast flag mandate takes effect on July 30, 2005, leaving you with nothing but devices laden with Hollywood-imposed restrictions?"
copyright  entertainment  gadgets  hardware  video 
july 2004 by deusx
"As early as 2001, McGaughey provided visitors to his website the opportunity to download copies of Stargate SG-1 episodes." Hmm, still disgusting that the PATRIOT Act was invoked, but this sheds some different light.
copyright  law  scifi 
july 2004 by deusx
SG-1 Archive Forums -> SG-1 Archive Charged with Copyright Infringement
"The REAL reason for this lawsuit was that divx bootlegs of nearly (all?) every episode, up until a couple years ago, were available here for download. THAT'S why he got raided." Hmm, further down the rabbit hole.
copyright  law  scifi 
july 2004 by deusx
Stargate Information Archive - Federal Charges Filed Against SG-1 Archive
"Federal charges were filed against Adam McGaughey, creator of the popular website - a fan website devoted to the MGM-owned television show Stargate SG-1." And I just was just watching SG1 as I read this. Absolutely disgusting.
copyright  law  scifi 
july 2004 by deusx
Boing Boing: New Beasties disc has DRM -- Fight! For your right! To cooo-oopy!
Hmm, I wonder how much it'd cost to import the Japanese version, and if it'd not have DRM?
copyright  music 
june 2004 by deusx
Interview with Chuck D & Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy
"But by 1991, no one paid zero for the records they sampled without getting sued. They had to pay a lot."
copyright  music 
june 2004 by deusx
Chocolate and Vodka :: Something for Nothing: The Free Culture AudioBook Project
"Copyright is what stops people ripping you off or making money from your hard work. Isn't it?"
copyright  law 
may 2004 by deusx
Ned Batchelder: Arcade copy protection
"A week later, the game has been physically destroyed, having collected about $25."
copyright  funny  gaming  oldschool 
april 2004 by deusx
Just let PlayFair die already, ok?
"Apple's actually the good guy in this scenario and you are the bad guy."
copyright  drm  music 
april 2004 by deusx
Can Disney Build a Better Mickey Mouse?
Ironic that they fought to legislate to keep him, helped screw us over with copyright, but we don't really care about the Mouse.
copyright  disney 
april 2004 by deusx
"By placing fragments of corporate icons into the form of an alphabet, Henss challenges the notion of ownership of letterforms."
copyright  fonts 
march 2004 by deusx
The Importance of...: Dangermouse, the Jay-Z Construction Set and the Videogame Content Creation Model
As someone notes in comments, The Shamen gave away the set of samples used in Move Any Mountain on the single CD. I had a lot of fun with that in making MODs on the Amiga
copyright  music 
march 2004 by deusx // MTV's 120 Minutes // Playlist Archive
" is tracking the legacy of MTV's 120 Minutes over the years, from 1986 all the way up to the final show on May 4, 2003."
copyright  music 
march 2004 by deusx
Joyce grandson threatens to ban readings at festival
'"Of course, the Joyce estate is technically within its rights, but such vigorous enforcement is unnecessary and distasteful," said Joycean Andrew O’Baoill.'
february 2004 by deusx
"The music pirates' manifesto."
february 2004 by deusx
My crush on Spyro, what Flash animations remind me of, and what the past will look like someday
"...the only long-term effect of copy protection is to ensure that those who defeat it are immortalized."
copyright  gaming 
january 2004 by deusx

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