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Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle exact, Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ or 3A+.
c64  diy  1541  emulation  raspi  retro  hardware  commodore  raspberrypi 
january 2019 by deusx
Commodore 1702 s-video mod
these days you won't find anything that outputs s-video via two RCA cables. I've seen people make adapters from the standard 4 pin s-video plug to 2 RCA connectors, but I think I have a better solution.
svideo  commodore  monitors  hardware  diy  hacks 
july 2015 by deusx
PetSynth | Chiron Bramberger
"This is the official project page for PetSynth - the only program for rocking the Commodore PET that the cool kids use."
commodore  pet  petsynch  nifty  music  oldschool  from delicious
april 2010 by deusx
cbm-hackers mailing list: Professional-1541-DOS (was: Re: Big-PET)
"The "Professional-1541-DOS" from Mikrotronic System is an add-on for the 1541 and a C64 or a C128 in C64 mode, which is supposed to speedup all read- and write-operations of the drive. The Professional-DOS is an expansion for an already installed speeder with a parallel cable, like SpeedDOS, SpeedDOS Plus, Floppy Flash User System and Floppy Flash Toolkit System."
c64  commodore  prodos  mikrotronic  retro  oldschool  from delicious
april 2010 by deusx
"D64it is a simple program for the c64 to convert from .D64 files (emulator disk images) to a 1541 disk or vice-versa."
c64  d64  retro  archival  commodore  from delicious
april 2010 by deusx
"The MSSIAH is a MIDI cartridge for the Commodore 64.<br />
It contains a suite of music applications that starts instantly as you insert the cartridge and start up the computer.<br />
With these applications you can play the C64's audio circuit (SID) via MIDI or stand-alone with the internal sequencers."
midi  music  c64  commodore  nifty  8bit  chiptune  retro  wishlist  from delicious
march 2010 by deusx
Lallafa’s Blog » OpenCBM on Mac
"OpenCBM is a library and a set of command line tools that allow to control old Commodore IEC devices like the famous 1541 floppy disk drive. You can transfer disk image to and from old discs. As modern computers do not provide a IEC connector, OpenCBM allows to control adapters that attach to your PC. Older PCs use parallel port cables (like the XA1541 or XS1541) and newer ones use a USB adapter (XU1541 or XUM1541).

This pages shows you how to use OpenCBM on your Mac. As modern Macs only support USB connectors and no parallel ones, we focus on setting up the XU1541 or XUM1541 devices."
opencbm  commodore  64  mac  osx  xum1541  hardware  retro  oldschool  from delicious
march 2010 by deusx
Lallafa’s Blog » D64QLPlugin
"A D64/D71/D81 DiskImage QuickLook Plugin for Mac OS X 10.5"
c64  retro  commodore  emulation  mac  osx  from delicious
march 2010 by deusx
Project 64 Hardware
"Documentation for C64 related Hardware and Firmware"
c64  commodore  oldschool  retro  hardware  documentation  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
David Simons, the author of Simons' Basic - Commodore 64 (C64) Forum
"After Simon's basic I went to university and studied computing and economics. From there I joined SCO (Santa Cruz Operation) and worked on their Unix kernel which was something I always wanted to do. I then joined a startup which unfortunately didn't make it but had a lot of fun (implementing an open source J2EE app server). I've since worked for a number of other companies including Sun and I now work for the leading virtualization company."
commodore64  c64  commodore  simons  simonsbasic  retro  basic  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
Commodore - Magazines
"If you can provide any magazines that have not been scanned, please contact me."
commodore  magazines  archives  scans  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
Dave Farquhar's Silicon Underground - How to connect a Commodore 64 to a television
"What if you can't find a Commodore video cable? If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can make your own cable with parts from Radio Shack. You'll need a 5-pin DIN plug, two male RCA plugs, and two lengths of speaker wire. Shielded cable like RGU-58 would be better, but isn't totally necessary.
commodore  c64  video  cables  hardware  retro  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
Cables and adaptors
"The following cables and adaptors are discussed on these pages. For a detailed guide on selecting among X1541-series cables, read the cable selection guide on the X1541-series interfaces page."
hardware  retro  c64  commodore  1541  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
C64 Standard Tape Interface
"This is an interface which lets you connect your C64 to ANY standard Tape Player instead of the custom made C1531 device, which can be hard to get today. Also it means you can connect your C64 to any PC with a sound card and let the PC act as a Tape Player with a perfectly clear sound - so there are no Load errors possible."
c64  commodore  retro  datasette  audio  hardware  from delicious
february 2010 by deusx
GoatTracker - C64 SID music editor for Mac OS X
"GoatTracker is a cross-platform tracker written by Lasse Öörni, producing SID chiptune music for the Commodore 64, and released with source code under the GPL. It is notable for being possibly the only SID chiptune-composer NOT native to the C64, as many alternative composers (including JCH, and CyberTracker) only execute on the C64 or inside C64 emulators. Many SID tunes are available in various formats on the Internet, especially through the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). GoatTracker is capable of directly exporting to the .sid (PSID/RSID) file format in addition to standard C64 PRG files."
goattracker  osx  sid  c64  commodore  music  trackers 
july 2009 by deusx
Inside the Commodore 64 - PC World
"This pioneering PC made instant geeks out of millions of people back in the 80s. But what lies within the Commodore 64's fetching brown shell?"
c64  retro  oldschool  hardware  anatomy  commodore 
november 2008 by deusx
The diskette that blew Trixter’s mind « Oldskooler Ramblings
"The manual for Mental Blocks claims that, for both C64 and IBM, you put the diskette in label-side up. I thought that had to be a typo, since every single mixed C64/IBM or Apple/IBM diskette I have ever seen is a “flippy” disk where one side is IBM and the other side is C64 or Apple — until I looked at the FAT12 for the disk and saw that tons of sectors in an interleaved pattern were marked as BAD — very strange usage."
filesystems  disks  c64  ibm  badsectors  pc  gaming  hacks  retro  geek  vintage  commodore 
november 2008 by deusx
MAKE: Blog: Commodore 64 LAN party
"The setup consists of up to eight Commodore 64s with Ethernet cartridges and a central server written in Java running on a PC. The game is also playable over the Internet."
c64  commodore  nifty  retro  oldschool  newschool  hacks  hardware 
july 2008 by deusx
subatomicglue - MidiboxSID work log
"This is the worklog for my MidiboxSID, a synthesizer that has sound chips from the original commodore 64 personal computer from the 1980's. These sound chips are called the SID 6582"
c64  commodore  music  midi  sid  hardware 
june 2008 by deusx
Welcome to My Nerditorium: New Old Stock In-Box C64C Arrives
"All of the cables were still wrapped in original plastic with aged looking tape. The manuals were all sealed, and the computer itself did not have a spot of dust on it or in it. All connectors and slots appear to be virgin."
c64  commodore  computers  retro  oldschool 
may 2008 by deusx
Remembering the Commodore SX-64
"Despite its faults, the SX-64 is a sweet system"
sx64  commodore  retro  oldschool 
january 2008 by deusx
The Second Book Of Machine Language - Appendix C
""MLX" lets you type in long machine language (ML) listings with almost foolproof results."
c64  atari  assembly  machine  language  commodore  retro  80s  oldschool 
january 2008 by deusx
PET index - Killer Poke
"The so-called Fast Print or Killer Poke has much been talked about. It is a Commodore BASIC Poke command that is supposed to be able to destroy a PET computer."
killerpoke  commodore  pet  hacks 
august 2007 by deusx
Toni Westbrook's Shredz64
"an attempt to built an interface to connect the Playstation Guitar Hero controller to the Commodore 64 computer, and then build a guitar-hero like game on the C64 utilizing this controller."
c64  gaming  gh  guitarheroes  commodore  hardware  hacks 
february 2007 by deusx They adore their 64s
"Nostalgia and a sense of computer-whiz community has kept [TPUG] going for nearly 30 years."
commodore  oldschool  tpug  programming 
december 2006 by deusx
YouTube - Commodore Vic-20 commercial
"80's commercial - Shatner on fire selling the Commodore Vic-20."
commodore  oldschool  retro  vic20  video 
september 2006 by deusx
Commodore sets up for a comeback
For Pete's sake, let Commodore die. It's like they're sticking their hands in a dead guy's head and making him talk.
commodore  retro  oldschool 
december 2005 by deusx
Internet Archive: Search Engine "Amiga"
Wow. Searching for Commodore Amiga coverage in the Computer Chronicles.
commodore  oldschool 
august 2004 by deusx

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