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And now for an expert opinion from Professor Cat.
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november 2012 by deusx
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november 2012 by deusx
Kitty Cams Reveal Shocking Truth | Mother Jones
What, seriously? How about DON'T LET YOUR PET CATS OUTSIDE. That, or ACCEPT THAT YOUR OUTDOOR CAT FRIENDS ARE PREDATORS. "To stop Ursa's onslaught on animal-kind, Loewen took the advice of the UGA researchers and outfitted her naughty kitty with a cat bib and bell attachment (pictured below), effectively disabling any of Ursa's predatory prowess."
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august 2012 by deusx
The Cat Litter Face Mask: It's a Thing and We're Trying It! | Catster
As it turns out, regular natural clay litter is made of the same kind of clay that is used in a lot of mud masks you'd pay tons of money for. This isn't going to help your crazy cat lady rep, but hey, nobody needs to know.
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march 2012 by deusx
eSleeper combines cats, Arduino and Twitter in an eMac shell (video) -- Engadget
If we had to imagine our dream DIY project chances are it would involve Arduino, Twitter and, of course, cats. How we'd combine those things we're not sure, but we'll admit to being big fans of Samuel Cox's eSleeper, which turns a hollowed-out eMac into a bed for his feline. Inside the shell is an Arduino Ethernet connected to an IR sensor, some LEDs and a sound shield. When the cat breaks the infrared beam it triggers the iconic Mac chime and turns on a series color-shifting LEDs for a little mood lighting. From there the clock starts ticking. When little Fluffy (Captain Whiskers? Matlock? Penny? Greg?) decides she's had enough napping and leaves the white plastic cocoon, tripping the IR sensor again, a random phrase is tweeted, along with the length of the cat's siesta. Check out the video after the break to see the eSleeper in all its adorable DIY glory.
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december 2011 by deusx
Animals Being Dicks: SLeeve Cat
High on catnip, Jinx was convinced that Misty was a succulent sausage ripe for the taking.
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december 2011 by deusx
Twitter / Emily P Rodgers: "best way to herd cats is ...
@epuckett: "best way to herd cats is to move the food." right on gerhard klimeck #umci
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december 2011 by deusx
Human cat perch. [VIDEO]
"Nobody believed me, so I had to record it."
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november 2009 by deusx
Dumb Cat Can't Figure Out How To Drink Video
"This cat successfully figures out the least efficient way to drink from a faucet."
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september 2009 by deusx
Cardboard Cat Chaise - Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
"Although we don't claim to understand it, a cat that has installed itself in a cardboard box is a happy cat. You can exploit this mysterious fact to make a your own simple corrugated cardboard cat bed like this one, designed as a kitty-sized chaise lounge. Since it's just cardboard, it's also easy to modify this basic design to suit your own (or your cat's) taste. "
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june 2009 by deusx
A Softer World: 386
"Yes. Yes I am the fluffiest kitty oh my gosh ever. And every day I learn how to make myself smarter and fluffier. I am the fluffy singularity."
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january 2009 by deusx
Evolving Web: Why I Plurk, Again
"In this thread, the context starts with a pesky cat looped cartoon and ends with a discussion of non-attachment. What @mitten dubs the “kitteh paradox” after Brian defines the core issue – happiness is transitory if you are attached to a certain definition of happiness (cereal or sitting on the table)."
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november 2008 by deusx
Blender Defender
"Have a cat that won't stay off your counters? I do. I finally got fed up with it enough to do something about it: scare the crap out of him with a motion-detecting blender (while recording the results for my own amusement, of course)."
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october 2008 by deusx
Three Panel Soul :: On Commonality
"Our furry raiders seem to enjoy the finer things of cat life."
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september 2008 by deusx
Litter-Robot, the best automatic self-cleaning cat litter-box - Order Page
"The Litter-Robot's patented litter sifting system cleans the litter gently, reliably and dependably, every time. There is no rake mechanism that can jam or gum up and that requires frequent cleaning. After all, you want a self cleaning litter box to make your life easier. And of course, the Litter-Robot is completely safe for your cat!"
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august 2008 by deusx
Oh Joy!: totally random...
"Pito wears a backpack and sits like a person on his owner's lap...and is so comfortable that he falls asleep that way."
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may 2008 by deusx
The Joy of Tech #1086
"Abs of steel are so overrated!"
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march 2008 by deusx
xkcd » Blog Archive » Ball Pit, Phase II
"For science, the next experiment will be “what do cats think of ball pits?”"
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february 2008 by deusx
Kitchen-Floor Conflict Intensifies As Rival House Cats Claim Same Empty Bag | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
"Not only is it seen by both Boswellist and Johnsonian interests as a crucial location for establishing territorial control in the kitchen-floor region, but it also makes a crumpling sound that both sides find irresistible."
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february 2008 by deusx
"On Prey" - Three Panel Soul
"Apartment cats are limited in trophies."
apartments  cats  comics 
january 2008 by deusx
BBC NEWS | UK | England | Dorset | Cat's daily routine baffles owner
"A cat is baffling his owner by wandering off at night before expecting to be collected by car every morning at exactly the same time and place."
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november 2007 by deusx
Flo Control
"we have built a computer-controlled device that visually determines if Flo is carrying anything in her mouth when she enters, and if she does, it simply does not let her in."
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october 2007 by deusx
YouTube - Kitten Surprise!! (how to break up a cat fight)
"Two cute kittens playing, a third kitten comes in at the end for a "surprise" "
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august 2007 by deusx
Cat Lady - CollegeHumor video
Cats. So many cats. I didn't think cats could swarm.
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august 2007 by deusx
How to Give a Cat an Injection - WikiHow
"Ever had to give a cat an injection at home, for feline diabetes, maybe? Here's how to do it painlessly... both for you and the cat!"
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november 2006 by deusx
The Litter Robot Turns Cat Litter Into Easter Eggs - Gizmodo
Your cat goes into the spaceship-like ball to do his business, steps out, and his droppings automatically get turned into little red and yellow balls of delight.
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august 2006 by deusx
Whatever: Cat Vacuuming: A Post With Visual Aids
"Cat hoovering (also Cat vacuuming) - 1. any excuse to avoid writing, even vacuuming the cat (Gerri); 2. A pointless exercise used to avoid real work."
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july 2006 by deusx
My Cat, The Poop Coach | Ask MetaFilter
"If she detects with her supersonic hearing that either of us is about to use the facilities, she will forget that she is arthritic (and probably asleep) fly up the stairs (or off the cat scratching contraption) and push her way into the bathroom in a ver
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june 2006 by deusx
Vimeo / really expensive cat toy video clip (from mattcoats)
Kitten attacking the keyboard and screen of a MacBook Pro with spinny Front Row icons
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june 2006 by deusx
Weekly World News
"NASA has developed and manufactured a specially designed space cat suit for Charlie's imminent launch."
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april 2006 by deusx
Sounds that annoy cats
"If the speakers are close to the keyboard and aimed directly at it, these sounds will annoy most cats when they're on the keyboard."
cats  sounds  funny  pawsense 
april 2006 by deusx
Brett Levin
"The Infinite Cat Project is a website of photos. Each photo shows a cat looking at a computer screen on which is a previous photo of a cat looking at a computer screen."
video  cats  trippy 
september 2005 by deusx
New Scientist Breaking News - Why cats prefer meats to sweets
"As cat owners know, their feline friend would much rather chase and eat a live mouse than snack on the chocolate equivalent, and now researchers have discovered the reason – cats are simply unable to taste sweet things."
july 2005 by deusx
jumpingpictures: Jumping CATS
Very cool pictures of jumping cats
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july 2005 by deusx
"I've been thinking of getting a temporary cat." Weird.
april 2005 by deusx
The Thumb-sized Heart of TK the Cat (
"A pleasant fellow expires." This made me cry.
april 2005 by deusx
My Cat Abraham Lincoln (
"I am grateful that I can pull the bag off of his head. It's simple enough but it means the world to him."
march 2005 by deusx
Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
"Do you Love Irish Drinking Songs? Are you a kitty cat lover fanatic?"
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december 2004 by deusx
This is Pinky. He's a very loving cat. | Metafilter
Heh, heh. I think this is a viable candidate for a buttered toast / cat array.
october 2004 by deusx
Cat, asleep on hanged pants
Our cats have been trying to perfect this nap technique since they first discovered closets.
september 2004 by deusx
Watley Archives: Inventor Killed at Cat Show
"Caleb Grigson, a computer scientist with degrees in linguistics and animal behavior, attended the 2003 Cat Fancy show with the intent of marketing his new invention, a device that allows real-time translation both to and from cats."
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february 2004 by deusx
Kitchen Safety Child Safety Products
I need to keep our cats from opening our freezer. Nothing like coming home to see all your food conveniently thawed.
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january 2004 by deusx

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