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My last word on DRM | Studio Tendra
It involves inflicting a recurring technical, infrastructural, and administrative cost on all of their sales in perpetuity to solve a problem they can’t prove exists. By tying their entire catalogue, in perpetuity, to the fate and competence of a single external service provider (whoever provides the DRM solution) publishers are taking a business risk of unfathomable proportions. These are the kinds of risks that sink large companies.
drm  books  reading  publishers 
january 2014 by deusx
Smooth CoffeeScript
An introduction to CoffeeScript programming with
an emphasis on clarity, abstraction and verification
webdev  coffeescript  books 
august 2013 by deusx
<i>OpenStack Operations Guide</i>: One Week, One Book - The Official Rackspace Blog
A book in a week? Yes, a book in a week. It can be done! It’s called a book sprint, and it’s intense. As the documentation coordinator for OpenStack, I knew we’d find the right book to write with this technique. In February, it all came together thanks to generous funding from the OpenStack Foundation for $10,000 to fly the team into our Austin Rackspace location.
gluecon  books  openstack 
may 2013 by deusx
Technical books online
I've found that most of the technical books published before about 1964 never had their copyrights renewed, so now are in the public domain. So I am endeavoring to digitize and post some selected books relating to the "vacuum tube age" of electronics here.
archives  books  electronics  diy 
march 2013 by deusx
@lmorchard: how DOES the computed result output anyway?
kindle  books  reading  needs-tags 
august 2012 by deusx
John Resig - Secret Omens: Book Update
To the point of Jeff’s post, I would absolutely not write a technical book again. It’s a tedious process and unless you LOVE writing and are really good at it (like Nicholas Zakas or Dave Flanagan) then I suggest that you stick with the medium that is truly successful: Writing long-form articles/blog posts and possibly spinning them off into purchasable ebooks. (As an example, I’d point to Juriy Zaytsev and Peter-Paul Koch both of whom could get any JavaScript position in the world purely based upon the quality of their articles and sites, without ever having written a book.)
books  writing  ebooks  javascript  to:fb  publishing 
july 2012 by deusx
Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books? : NPR
What happens to our books when we die? Many books disappear before we do, of course; they fall apart, or we put them out on the stoop for scavengers. A book like this one, however — a text that is still read and reprinted, that has played a notable role in the 20th-century imagination, and then a copy of the text that played an especially interesting role — is likely to be passed down carefully as long as we can preserve and recognize it. Like the Bibles some families use to record their histories, it traces a chain of readers through time.
books  to:fb  archives  inheritance  ebook 
july 2012 by deusx
Technology - Alexis Madrigal - The Next Time Someone Says the Internet Killed Reading Books, Show Them This Chart - The Atlantic
All this to say: our collective memory of past is astoundingly inaccurate. Not only has the number of people reading not declined precipitously, it's actually gone up since the perceived golden age of American letters.
reading  internet  to:fb  books 
june 2012 by deusx
Spoilers - Charlie's Diary
However, below the cut, I'm going to put some bullet points for those of you who've read "Rule 34", just to draw your attention to some aspects of the novel that you might otherwise have skidded past.
rule34  stross  books  scifi  culture 
may 2012 by deusx
Albatros, An Ingenious Automatic Bookmark
Albatros is an incredibly clever adhesive bookmark that automatically marks the page as a reader progresses through a book (video). Albatros was created by French designer Oscar Lhermitte. He’s raising funds for the project on IndiGoGo.
to:fb  products  books  reading  albatros 
march 2012 by deusx
Infovore » A Year of Links
I thought it would be interesting to produce a kind of personal encylopedia: each volume cataloguing the links for a whole year. Given I first used Delicious in 2004, that makes for eight books to date.
nifty  delicious  pinboard  books  archives 
february 2012 by deusx
OccupyYourBrain - Bloomberg the Book Burner - Bloomberg the Book Burner
It was a sorry sight. Only 1,273 books - a third of the stock - were returned to them, they said, and around a third of those were damaged beyond repair. Only about 800 are still usable. About 2,900 books are still unaccounted for.”
books  bloomberg  occupy  politics 
november 2011 by deusx
Twitter / Barbara Tozier: Atlantis has always been a ...
@logista: Atlantis has always been at war with Lemuria. Mu is just a red herring.
ifttt  twitter  books  illuminati 
november 2011 by deusx
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2011-10 | Up Front
Oh, I am so so tempted to commit to this for "Tinkering with Activity Streams", even though it's already over a day into November

"PragProWriMo is all about helping you write that technical book you’d really like to write but for some reason haven’t been able to get started.

We’ll provide supporting materials and encouragement and all you have to do is to write 60 pages toward that book during the month of November."
books  writing  tech 
november 2011 by deusx
The Bytes Brothers
Sort of a cross between Encyclopedia Brown and Micro Adventure, each volume in this series contains several short mysteries. The user must read carefully and run very simple BASIC computer programs in order to guess the solutions.
books  programming  mystery 
may 2011 by deusx
Micro Adventure
These linear novels are occasionally interrupted by simple BASIC computer programs designed to be typed in and played. The idea is to simulate key moments in the story, though the programs are generally of the extremely simplistic "type in a word or number and hit ENTER" variety. The series was followed by the Magic Micro Adventure books for younger readers.
books  programming  adventure 
may 2011 by deusx
iReadFast - Home page
iReadfast is a speed reading program which permits reading and comprehending any electronic text at a speed much faster than normal.
books  osx  reading 
april 2011 by deusx
Look! Store Your Books in the Rafters | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
We were charmed to the core over this ingenious book storage idea. Yes, these are just planks of painted plywood nailed to the supports for the loft above. They create perfect cubby spaces to store books, baskets and even small lights. Since we're in California, it would probably be a good idea to secure everything in place so it doesn't shake right off.
bookshelves  furniture  architecture  books  design  storage 
april 2011 by deusx
Book Saver
Book Saver has two cameras that take separate images in rapid succession of each page within an open book. You can scan 200 pages in less than 15 minutes! Book Saver’s cradle, where the book is placed during the scanning process, is also angled as to not require you to hold pages down to get a flat, even surface. While similar devices require up to seven seconds per one page, Book Saver takes only one second per two pages!
books  ebooks  tools  scanning 
march 2011 by deusx
Roo'd by Joshua Klein - Free eBook
"Fed was 18 when Tony got roo'd. He'd been prepping for early college admission with late-night com-classes, goggled in and finger-cramped over nasty circa-2009 C++ code examples while longing to toss it in for time to scan some flashy Java virii. Tony had been gone from his life for at least a couple years, five years his senior and a failure, as far as their folks saw it. Bailing out of a prestigious single-course curriculum at MIT, the rumor was that he'd crashed and burned on Pakistani kraft; carefully engineered cold cells delivering a prolonged payload of top-flight methamphetamines directly to the spongy flanges of his right hemisphere."
rood  books  scifi  novels  epub  cyberpunk  from delicious
july 2010 by deusx
List of freely available programming books - Stack Overflow
"I'm trying to amass a list of programming books with opensource licenses, like Creative Commons, GPL, etc. The books can be about a particular programming language or about computers in general. Hoping you guys could help"
books  free  programming  ebooks  from delicious
june 2010 by deusx
Make Your Own Moleskine-Like-Notebook
"Your very own Moleskine-like-notebook/journal/sketchbook. The one we'll be making is 3.5 x 5.5 x .5 inches. I use this size because it fits nicely into my back or front pants pocket. Strangely enough it is also the same size as the Moleskine notebook."
moleskine  diy  notebooks  howto  tutorial  crafts  books  paper  projects  papercraft  bookbinding  from delicious
may 2010 by deusx
Introduction to Information Retrieval
"The book aims to provide a modern approach to information retrieval from a computer science perspective. It is based on a course we have been teaching in various forms at Stanford University and at the University of Stuttgart. "
toread  books  search  compsci  informationretrieval  from delicious
december 2009 by deusx
"many choices

At its atomic level, a cyoa book is a collection of numbered pages of a few different types. Most pages tell a portion of the story, then finish by telling you to jump to another page. A smaller number of pages tell a conclusion to the story and represent an endpoint with no further jumps. We can subdivide these ‘narrative’ and ‘endings’ groups further based on the number of choices offered or the goodness of the ending. To visualize this, imagine color-coding every page in the book and then laying the pages out next to each other"
cyoa  gaming  books  adventures  writing  visualization  chooseyourownadventure  from delicious
november 2009 by deusx
Carl Jung and the Holy Grail of the Unconscious -
"The Red Book is not an easy journey — it wasn’t for Jung, it wasn’t for his family, nor for Shamdasani, and neither will it be for readers. The book is bombastic, baroque and like so much else about Carl Jung, a willful oddity, synched with an antediluvian and mystical reality. The text is dense, often poetic, always strange. The art is arresting and also strange. Even today, its publication feels risky, like an exposure. But then again, it is possible Jung intended it as such. In 1959, after having left the book more or less untouched for 30 or so years, he penned a brief epilogue, acknowledging the central dilemma in considering the book’s fate. “To the superficial observer,” he wrote, “it will appear like madness.” Yet the very fact he wrote an epilogue seems to indicate that he trusted his words would someday find the right audience."
carl  jung  psychology  spirituality  jungian  books  from delicious
september 2009 by deusx
Writing a Technical Book
"Based on the amount of time we put into the book this works out at something slightly below slave labour rates. Never write a technical book for the money. No really. Spend your evenings in McDonalds if you need extra cash."
books  writing  tech  ironpython  manning  publishing 
july 2009 by deusx
Greasemonkey Hacks/Credits - WikiContent
Reads like a Who's Who of my early 2000's RSS reading list. Oh, and I'm in there. "Leslie Michael Orchard is a hacker, tinkerer, and creative technologist who works in the Detroit area. He's engaged to a very patient and understanding science genius girl, and they both live with two spotted Ocicats and two dwarf bunnies. On rare occasions when spare time comes in copious amounts, he plays around with odd bits of code and writing, sharing them on his web site named 0xDECAFBAD"
books  oreilly  greasemonkey  link:rel=me 
may 2009 by deusx
kewlchops: A new leaf.
"I'm very excited about my first day at work tomorrow in my new job at the Internet Archive, here in San Francisco, in the beautiful Presidio. I'll be heading up the Open Library project."
books  archives  george  libraries 
april 2009 by deusx
brutal_honesty: Amazon removed its customer-based report
"Amazon removed its customer-based reporting of adult books yesterday. I guess my game is up! Here's a nice piece I like to call "how to cause moral outrage from the entire Internet in ten lines of code"."
amazon  exploits  hacks  csrf  gblt  books 
april 2009 by deusx
icoeye’s blog » Blog Archive » BOOKS HELP TO CREATE ICONS
"You may use a template to create your own dust-jackets. Just download it, adjust, print it out, cut out:"
pixelart  dustjackets  books  housewares  nifty 
march 2009 by deusx
Titles List (Library of Congress Online Catalog) - Session timeout in 4:36
Hey, look, I'm in the LIbrary of Congress! "Displaying 1 through 3 of 3."
link:rel=me  books  authors  libraries  vanity 
december 2008 by deusx
Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes by Fotie Photenhauer (Book) in Cooking
"Once you overcome any initial hesitation, you will be surprised to learn how wonderful semen is in the kitchen. Semen is an exciting ingredient that can give every dish you make an interesting twist. If you are a passionate cook and are not afraid to experiment with new ingredients - you will love this cook book!"
semen  cooking  food  donotwant  wtf  humor  books 
november 2008 by deusx
The Digital Book: Paper's Last Hurrah
"While Sony Readers and Amazon Kindles take to the scene, one paper lover, in celebration of the Blood on Paper exhibition (something we've never heard of but have a pretty good idea what it's about), released this USB copy of The New Machiavelli. Photographed page by page, those who think its contents might resemble Google Book Search would be dreadfully wrongWe thoroughly enjoy that his hands are in each shot. That's what the fancy Kindle has been missing all this time!"
books  ebooks  scanning  ocr 
november 2008 by deusx
Charlie's Diary: On finishing
"I'm feeling pretty weird right now; I've just finished a novel."
writing  novels  scifi  work  books 
october 2008 by deusx
Roadside Picnic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The name of the novel derives from a metaphor proposed by the character Dr. Valentine Pilman, who compares the visit to a roadside picnic. After the picnickers depart, nervous animals venture forth from the adjacent forest and discover the picnic garbage: spilled motor oil, faded unknown flowers, a box of matches, a clockwork teddy bear, balloons, candy wrappers, etc. He concludes that humankind finds itself in a situation similar to that of the curious forest animals."
scifi  books  picnics  aliens  russian 
september 2008 by deusx Concise Guide to Dojo: Leslie M. Orchard: Books
"Packed with useful information and lots' of insightful examples The Concise Guide to Dojo, taken from the forthcoming Professional JavaScript Frameworks book, provides experienced web developers a quick path to understanding and utilizing Dojo: a JavaScript based meta-framework for creating highly dynamic, visually appealing web sites. Logically organized, this guide quickly introduces the reader to Dojo and then quickly moves on to cover topics ranging from Manipulating DOM object, Event Handling, Utilizing AJAX, and working with additional Dojo add-on such as Dijit and DojoX."
books  buymybooks  js  webdev  dojo  frameworks  wrox  link:rel=me 
september 2008 by deusx
Publishers should all have a /covers directory - Boing Boing
"Here's a lazyweb idea for publishers: I often blog books here and when I do, I like to put up a picture of the cover. ... So here's the idea: publishers should create default directories called "covers" at their server-root (e.g.,,, etc) filled with high-rez PNGs or JPGs (or both) named after the book's ISBN -- for Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book, it would be Tweak your robots.txt file to make sure the search-engines all crawl these directories, so when you search on or for an ISBN, the publisher's high-rez would be right there at the top."
books  covers  images  publishers 
september 2008 by deusx
Tinderbox: The Tinderbox Way
"Tinderbox is a tool for notes, a personal content assistant. The Tinderbox Way takes a close look at Tinderbox and its underlying ideas, exploring not just the program's mechanics but also its design and its spirit. "
books  tinderbox  eastgate  wishlist 
august 2008 by deusx
Jim Minatel's Wrox Book Editor Blog ASP.NET, XML, CSS, Ajax, PHP: New on Wrox First Wikis
"And on Professional JavaScript Frameworks, we've got 7 chapters out of the 39 planned. so far we're focusing on YUI (2 chapters), Dojo (3 chapters), and MooTools (2 chapters). Soon, we'll start adding jQuery, Prototype, and ExtJS chapters soon too."
books  javascript  wrox 
july 2008 by deusx
O'Reilly Author and Editor Air Concerns on Industry Pressures - Tools of Change for Publishing
"I'll organize my comments under three categories: unpredictable time commitments, external market pressures, and staff responses. I've run these comments by Baron."
writing  books  authorship 
june 2008 by deusx
Backup Brain - So You Wanna Write a Tech Book?
"A big problem I have with these sort of blog posts, though, is that too many of them ... are written after one book, or one editor, or one publishing company. ... and you really can't extrapolate anything meaningful from a single data point."
writing  books  tech  authorship 
june 2008 by deusx
My New Role at Wiley
"I will be taking a new position at Wiley, serving as the Associate Publisher of Technology for Wiley’s EMEA Group beginning July 1. I will be based in the US, but will have an office at our UK division located in Chichester to which I will travel fre
wiley  cwebb  writing  books 
june 2008 by deusx
How Book Authors Can Promote Their Work with Social Media
"As I have written before, publishers are increasingly leveraging their authors’ own personal platform to market their books. With more than 400,000 books published each year, it is harder to make an impact without a platform strategy."
books  writing  socialmedia  socialsoftware 
june 2008 by deusx
What is it like to write a technical book? at Xaprb
"I would say that avoiding the temptation to write, and outlining in fanatical detail, is a very high-value activity for writing a book that’s hierarchically organized like this. "
writing  books  tech  outlining 
june 2008 by deusx | Introducing Bkkeepr
"Bkkeepr allows you to track your reading and make bookmarks via text message and the web. It uses Twitter as it’s source, generating a timeline of everyone’s reading, as well as pages for people, and pages for books."
books  reading  twitter  nifty 
june 2008 by deusx
InformIT: Interview with Aaron Hillegass > Interview with Aaron Hillegass
"Scott Stevenson interviews Aaron Hillegass about the new edition of Aaron's book, programmers' fear of the NIB file, and why there aren't more Macs in corporate America."
cocoa  apple  osx  books  programming 
may 2008 by deusx
scans_daily: Eight pages of beauty and heartbreak.
"Mister Bookseller is unsurprisingly about a bookseller, but what's curious is that his shop seems to have a copy of each book ever--- in fact, it has all the books ever."
books  comics  libraries 
april 2008 by deusx
Charlie's Diary: Authorial input
"The author is responsible for delivering the stuff between the covers of the book, and has a legal right to have their name on the cover ... and that's about where their involvement in the layout and design of their book begins and ends."
writing  books  scifi 
april 2008 by deusx
Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 Blog: Blog to Book and the $300K Advance
"Random House would have to pay the author a royalty rate of 63% (against net) in order for the author to earn out that $300K advance after selling 75K copies."
writing  books  blogs 
april 2008 by deusx
Internet book piracy will drive authors to stop writing - Times Online
"Book piracy on the internet will ultimately drive authors to stop writing unless radical methods are devised to compensate them for lost sales"
writing  books  piracy  ohnoes 
april 2008 by deusx
'The Book of my Enemy Has Been Remaindered' - Clive James
"My enemy's much-prized effort sits in piles / In the kind of bookshop where remaindering occurs."
authors  writing  books  remaindered  sales  funny 
february 2008 by deusx
Build Your Own Bookcase Fort: Settle in for a Nerdy Siege
"The stairs bookcase was cool, but this is an entire igloo-like bookcase structure that you can actually use as a miniature dwelling."
furniture  building  books  nifty  forts 
february 2008 by deusx
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Prototype and
"The Prototype and libraries are veritable treasure troves, smoothing over all the usual nitty-gritty differences between browsers, and making most common features a breeze to implement."
webdev  javascript  js  prototype  scriptaculous  books 
february 2008 by deusx
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Mastering Dojo
"In Mastering Dojo, you’ll get the whole story, from basic usage to advanced idioms. Mastering Dojo starts out with a fast moving tutorial that will give you techniques that you can start using right away."
webdev  js  javascript  dojo  books 
february 2008 by deusx
Hiive Books: The C64 Book - 1982-199x
"To tell the story of the best-selling home computer of the 1980's, writer and Commodore 64 fan Andrew Fisher looks back at around two hundred of the top games and how the industry has changed."
books  wishlist  c64  oldschool 
january 2008 by deusx
My new book! The Art & Science of JavaScript
"UPS dropped off my new book, The Art & Science of JavaScript, today. Cool!"
books  writing  javascript  webdev 
january 2008 by deusx - archiving vintage computer books, information, and software
" makes books, information, and software for Atari and other classic computers available on the Web. Everything here is available with permission of the copyright holders."
atari  80s  retro  oldschool  programming  books 
january 2008 by deusx Everything Pop-Up!
"He crammed all the best characters into this massive book, and we’ll take a sneak peek at the evolution of one of the most legendary figures in the Star Wars universe"
starwars  popup  books  scifi 
december 2007 by deusx
Star Wars: Expanded Universe | Inside Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy
"For the Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy, Reinhart took extra care to get the details just right, from obscure characters lurking inside the cantina to the subtle motion of Princess Leia revealing her face from the hood on her white robe dress."
popups  books  starwars  scifi  papercraft 
december 2007 by deusx
Project Aon: Main / Home (browse)
The Lone Wolf solo-RPG choose your own adventure style books available for free on the web as HTML.
lonewolf  gaming  books  cyoa  chooseyourownadventure  rpg  joedever 
december 2007 by deusx I Am a Strange Loop: Books: Douglas Hofstadter
"And whatever readers' reaction to the underlying arguments for this unique view of consciousness, they will find the model provocative and heroically humane."
hofstadter  books  wishlist 
november 2007 by deusx
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