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Makerbot playsets: free, downloadable 3D files for dollhouses, dolls and accessories - Boing Boing
MakerBot has announced "MakerBot Playsets," a series of freely downloadable dollhouses, furnishings and dolls for your 3D printer. Whip up as pieces as needed, on demand, and amaze the wee ones (and compulsive hoarders) in your life.
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january 2012 by deusx
jwz - Disposable 3d-printed spiderbot
And a handsome spider it is: With its long extremities, the spider has a range of ways to get around. Some models can even jump. This is possible using hydraulically operated bellows drives that serve as joints and keep limbs mobile. With no muscles to stretch their legs, these creatures build up...
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november 2011 by deusx
3D Printers Will Build Circuit Boards 'In Two Years' | Wired Enterprise |
Before you know it, we'll be building circuit boards with 3D printers. In other words, 3D printers will help us manufacture PCs. Or even, other 3D printers.
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november 2011 by deusx

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