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Duplicated Virtual Machines Have Same IP Address (View topic) • virtualbox.org
"Ok, that Ubuntu issue is a known problem. It saves the assignment of MAC <==> ethX using an udev rule. Have a look at /etc/udev/rules.d and you will find a file 70-persistent-net.rules there. You can savely remove this file. This file is auto-generated by /lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules. You can remove that file as well. From now on, the guest will no longer store the assignment between the MAC and ethX interface."
ubuntu  virtualbox  vm  networking  linux  from delicious
january 2011
Blaster Beam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Blaster Beam is a concept electronic musical instrument consisting of a 12 to 18-foot (5.5 m) long metal beam strung with numerous tensed wires under which are mounted electric guitar pickups which can be moved to alter the sound produced. The instrument is played by striking or plucking the strings with fingers, sticks, pipes or even large objects such as artillery shell casings. The instrument produces a very distinctive bass tone, the sound of which is often described as 'dark' or 'sinister'."
startrek  scifi  music  instruments  sound  from delicious
january 2011
2011: The Year of Firefox - or of Chrome? - Open Enterprise
"I see no reason why Chrome won't rise to above 20% in the short term. This means, of course, that the market share of Firefox and Internet Explorer will continue to drop. But as I noted some time back, this really isn't a huge problem for Firefox - although it is for Microsoft. The reason is quite simple: Firefox was never aiming at world domination, it was fighting to create an open Web where no browser held such a dominant position that it could ignore open standards and impose de facto ones instead. We pretty much have that now, with Internet Explorer increasingly standards-compliant - and proud of it, amazingly."
chrome  msie  msft  firefox  mozilla  webdev  web  browsers  from delicious
january 2011
Back to the Future (1985) - a set on Flickr
"Personal pics from the set of Back of the Future taken while I was a security guard at Universal Studios."
bttf  photos  movies  from delicious
january 2011
Building Large-Scale jQuery Applications
"In this post we’ll be looking at ways you can put together a toolkit for large-scale jQuery application development by identifying the options you have available at the moment for dependency management, MVC with jQuery, templating, testing, minification and more."
jquery  webdev  tools  utils  from delicious
december 2010
Half Of 26-Year-Old's Memories Nintendo-Related | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
""Due to sheer repetition in his peak synaptic years for processing new information, every neural strand in Philip's basal ganglia is embedded with the Konami Code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start," McCarroll said."
gaming  funny  neuroscience  nintendo  onion  from delicious
december 2010
K.O.L.M. | Armor Games
"You're a broken robot. Fix yourself up to please Mother.<br />
Do as you're told.<br />
You don't want to let her down, and you can't even jump yet. Let's do something about that."
gaming  metroidvania  exploration  from delicious
december 2010
unique hazards may exist, We can save Delicious, but probably not in the way you think
"An online debate has already begun about various ways that Delicious might be “saved”. As someone who was on the inside for a while and who wants very much to see Delicious live on, I thought I’d chime in"
delicious  rescue  del.icio.us  yahoo  bookmarking  stlhood  from delicious
december 2010
mamememo: The Qlobe
"My Quines are sometimes specialized for Japanese. But to attend RubyConf, I should write "global" Quines."
ruby  quines  madness  programming  from delicious
december 2010
SubSpace: Documents
"This page contains links to documents that I have written regarding SubSpace and Continuum. Some documents go into the details like offsets of key data structures that I found in a specific executable while others are descriptive, high-level documents. There might even be some documents that don't make much sense. Those were just scrap documents I wrote to keep track of bits of information as I was going through the assembly so they're not formatted for presentation. They make sense to me and if there's enough interest, I could be convinced to clean them up a bit. "
subspace  gaming  networking  from delicious
november 2010
What's your favorite Django app?
"On Twitter, I asked, “what’s your favorite third-party Django app?” Eight hours later, I’ve got about 50 replies."
django  webdev  apps  tips  from delicious
november 2010
Persi Diaconis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Persi Warren Diaconis (born January 31, 1945) is an American mathematician and former professional magician. He is the Mary V. Sunseri Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at Stanford University. He is particularly known for tackling mathematical problems involving randomness and randomization, such as coin flipping and shuffling playing cards."
math  magic  statistics  stanford  mathematics  from delicious
november 2010
Up, not North - Automatypewriter
"The Automatypewriter is a typewriter that can type by itself:<br />
<br />
It can also detect what’s being typed on it. It can be used to send text to and/or receive text from a computer via USB. It was designed as a platform for playing interactive fiction games, in particular to play custom software being developed for it by Jim Munroe."
typewriter  arduino  ifiction  nifty  from delicious
november 2010
Gangsta Lorem ippzle dummy text generator
"Lorizzle uhuh ... yih! dolor sit amizzle, pizzle adipiscing fo shizzle my nizzle. Nullam ma nizzle velizzle, rizzle volutpizzle, suscipizzle you son of a bizzle, gravida vizzle, break it down. Pellentesque bizzle tortizzle. Fizzle erizzle. Fo boofron black dapibus turpis tempizzle ass. Maurizzle pellentesque nibh et turpizzle. Fizzle izzle tortizzle. Pellentesque fo shizzle mah nizzle fo rizzle, mah home g-dizzle rhoncizzle nisi. In hizzle phat platea dictumst. Gizzle dapibizzle. Mammasay mammasa mamma oo sa phat urna, pretium sheezy, mattizzle ac, eleifend fo shizzle, owned. Fizzle suscipizzle. Integer sempizzle crunk sizzle go to hizzle."
greek  webdev  lorem  ipsum  from delicious
october 2010
Ksplice » Hijacking HTTP traffic on your home subnet using ARP and iptables - System administration and software blog
"Let’s talk about how to hijack HTTP traffic on your home subnet using ARP and iptables. It’s an easy and fun way to harass your friends, family, or flatmates while exploring the networking protocols."
iptables  arp  networking  http  hijack  security  hacks  from delicious
october 2010
12 Forgotten Online Games - BBS Door Games - Slideshow from PCMag.com
"There was a time when "online game" usually meant a text-based game played over the modem on an amateur-run bulletin board system (BBS). Most of these BBSes supported only one phone line, so players took turns dialing in and playing, but they still competed against each other."
bbs  gaming  door  games  from delicious
october 2010
How to backup the Synology Server to Amazon S3 - SynologyWiki
"This is a instruction guide on how to modify the Synology Server to backup files to Amazon's S3 service, an online storage space, offered by Amazon.com<br />
<br />
To backup (synchronize) your data from your Synology box to Amazon S3, you'll need to install some additional software on your machine, like OpenSSL, wget-SSL, ruby and s3sync. This installation is detailed here. "
synology  amazon  s3  backup  linux  from delicious
september 2010
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync
"This document describes a method for generating automatic rotating "snapshot"-style backups on a Unix-based system, with specific examples drawn from the author's GNU/Linux experience"
rsync  backups  linux  commandline  from delicious
september 2010
The Great Principles of Computing » American Scientist
"The great-principles framework reveals a rich set of rules on which all computation is based. These principles interact with the domains of the physical, life and social sciences, as well as with computing technology itself."
computing  computer  science  compsci  from delicious
september 2010
Tom Rathborne's Media Creations: Ray-traced Daleks : blueprints
"These aren't my creation... The following images contain the blueprints for a Dalek. I used them to create my Ray-traced Dalek. These files were originally found at the Doctor Who FTP archive at frontios.niagara.edu (now defunct)."
dalek  diy  robots  scifi  drwho  from delicious
september 2010
Kegbot Kegerator Project - Monitor keg volume & control access.
"Welcome to Kegbot!<br />
Kegerator monitor and access control.<br />
<br />
Kegbot is a free, open-source project to turn your beer kegerator into a computerized drink tracker. With Kegbot and our Arduino firmware, you can:<br />
<br />
Monitor exactly how much beer is left in your kegs and track the temperature;<br />
Record the volume of each and every pour;<br />
Set up user accounts to track who is drinking, how much, and all sorts of other nutty statistics;<br />
Use special keys (tokens, RFID tags, barcodes) to authenticate your kegerator users;<br />
Control access to your taps (with special valve hardware) to prevent unauthorized pours;<br />
<br />
... and many other crazy things! "
kegbot  homebrewing  arduino  hardware  from delicious
september 2010
60+ Awesome Micro, Macro, Build Order and Practice Tricks & Tutorials - Gentle Nerds - Online Gaming Community
"That's it, a huge collection from Team Liquid, YouTube and Day[9]. From the Infestor Bug to the Void Ray Micro, more then 60 Awesome Build Orders, Tricks / Tips and Tutorials!"
starcraft2  gaming  rts  strategy  buildorders  from delicious
september 2010
Arduino GPS System | Sean Carney's Website
"A fully functional GPS receiver with the ability to display the current location, heading, speed, average speed and maximum speed, the distance traveled, the bearing, distance and ETA for a way-point, and the date and time."
gps  android  electronics  hardware  from delicious
september 2010
android-notifier - Project Hosting on Google Code
"This project sends notifications to a desktop computer when certain events happen on an Android device, such as the phone ringing, an SMS being received, or the battery running low. The notifications can be sent over Wifi, Bluetooth, or (in the future) USB. "
android  mac  growl  notifier  mobile  from delicious
september 2010
Sprint HTC EVO 4G Developer’s...
"This documentation covers additional functionality that is available for the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G Android devices. This documentation is intended for the 3rd party developers who want to develop applications for these devices. While every attempt has been made to ensure the included documentation is accurate, Sprint reserves the right to make changes to device functionality and API design during the life of the device. This document will be updated with changes and/or additions as they become available. "
sprint  4g  epic  android  developers  docs  from delicious
september 2010
Cool trick to change brightness anywhere - Android Forums
"If you swipe your finger on the notification bar (with the panel still up), you can change your brightness, anywhere that bar is present! Useful when auto brightness isnt on and you need a quick brightness change"
android  tips  ui  brightness  from delicious
september 2010
Django snippets: Support alternative authentication mechanisms with Piston
"This snippet for Piston allows you to offer a choice of authentication methods to clients."
django  piston  auth  oauth  basic  http  webdev  from delicious
september 2010
Ned Batchelder: Global Django requests
"As my Django sites get larger and larger, there inevitably comes a point where I want access to the current request from deep inside some function that doesn't have the request object. The latest reason was that I wanted a model class helper to have access to the session so it could access some debug flags.<br />
<br />
django  python  request  globals  hacks  webdev  from delicious
august 2010
Yeast Washing
"It is also a great way to reuse a yeast that performs well for you. If you like the qualities you are getting out of a certain stock of yeast, you can save it for more batches of beer."
homebrewing  yeast  washing  from delicious
august 2010
A Homebrew Log: Chili Lager
"I've been reading The Homebrewer's Garden to gather some information about taking care of the hops I'm growing in my backyard. The final section of the book is a cornucopia of interesting herb, fruit, and vegetable beer recipes. One in particular titled "Chili Beer" caught my eye. I love spicy food and I've always thought of brewing a spicy pepper beer like a Jalapeno Pilsener, so I picked up all the ingredients and brewed this yesterday. Its an extract recipe which was a nice change of pace after my last few all grain brews. Because it is an interesting kind of exploratory/experiment of a beer I scaled the 5 gallon recipe down to 3 gallons. Honey, home toasted malt, and chili peppers should make this one interesting."
hombrewing  recipes  jalapeno  pepper  beer  from delicious
august 2010
Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider) - Home Brew Forums
"I noticed Ed's Apfelwein tasted super hoochy until it was about a year old. When it's about a year old tho it does taste like a good cider, but doesn't have the body a good cider does.<br />
<br />
So, how can I make something that will taste good faster and also have body?"
homebrewing  cider  recipes  from delicious
august 2010
food, wine, beer, culture » Winter Spiced Ale 2009 (partial-mash recipe)
"Last year’s Winter Spiced ale was a big success. Not only did the Irish Ale yeast surprise and amaze me by creating a beer around 15%abv, but they also survived some harsh treatment in a nutrient-poor environment, to produce a great beer for me and my friends! This year I refined the recipe a bit, made some changes, and will produce a beer that is hopefully a bit more herbal, slightly lighter in flavor but also will have more depth of flavor, versus last year’s smack-you-in-the-face winter warmer!"
homebrewing  beer  winter  ale  recipes  from delicious
august 2010
ChipWits: The Game of Robot-Programming Fun - Bring Your Brain!
"The Game of Robot-Programming Fun<br />
<br />
Program Robots using graphic chips.<br />
A great way for Kids of all ages to enjoy the fun of programming<br />
<br />
ChipWits will be back in late 2010<br />
<br />
chipwits  oldschool  games  programming  robots  awesome  kids  from delicious
august 2010
conque - Project Hosting on Google Code
"Conque is a Vim plugin allowing users to execute and interact with programs, typically a shell such as bash, inside a buffer window. The goal is always to keep the terminal behaviour as close as possible to its native interface, while adding the additional features of Vim on top. "
vim  conque  shell  utils  terminal  python  editor  from delicious
august 2010
Brew Your Own: The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine - Recipes - Pumpkin Beer
"1.25 lbs. (0.57 kg) Muntons Extra Light dried malt extract<br />
3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) Northwestern Gold liquid malt extract<br />
1.0 lb. (0.45 kg) 2-row pale malt<br />
1.0 lb. (0.45 kg) CaraPils malt<br />
5–6 lbs. (2.3–2.7 kg) pumpkin (cubed)<br />
5 AAU Cascade hops (60 mins)<br />
(1.0 oz./28 g of 5% alpha acids)<br />
3/4 tsp. ground cinnamon<br />
1/4 tsp. ground cloves<br />
1/4 tsp. ground ginger<br />
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg<br />
Dried ale yeast<br />
0.75 cup corn sugar (for priming)"
homebrewing  pumpking  recipes  beer  from delicious
august 2010
Multiple - Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale (AG and Extract versions) - Home Brew Forums
"6.25 lbs light DME<br />
1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L<br />
8.0 oz Biscuit Malt<br />
4.0 oz Wheat, Flaked<br />
60.00 oz Pumpkin, Canned (Boil 60.0 min)<br />
.75 oz Goldings (5.0% AA 60.0 min) 13 IBU<br />
0.25 tsp Irish Moss (Boil 10.0 min)<br />
1 Pkgs English Ale (White Labs #WLP002) or Fermentis S-04"
thunderstruck  pumpkin  beer  homebrewing  recipe  from delicious
august 2010
Upgrading From CM 4.2 or other rooted ROMS to 5.0.x(Dream/Sapphire) - CyanogenMod Wiki
"This guide will tell you how to upgrade from an older (<= version of CyanogenMod (or any other rooted rom) to the 5.0.x or 6.0.x branch for Dream/Sapphire. "
android  roms  root  upgrade  google  mobile  cyanogenmod  magic  howto  from delicious
august 2010
Finch Duets About More Than Getting the Girl | Wired Science | Wired.com
"Were the singers human, researchers might also explain the duets in terms of affection. Since they’re birds, the researchers describe the songs in terms of maintaining pair bonds, predator avoidance and conferred reproductive advantages. Vignal plans further studies of the duets, but thinks there’s more than reproductive imperatives in the tiny birds’ hearts and brains."
finches  birds  songs  animals  love  from delicious
august 2010
Solar Realms Elite 0.995: Documentation
"n Solar Realms Elite (SRE), you rule a solar empire. The goal is to become and remain the most powerful empire. You can gain strength by buying forces, and you can gain size by colonizing planets. You start with 6 planets, and a little bit of money. You are required to feed your people and army, and to pay to maintain your planets and army. If you fail to do these things, disastrous results may occur. You are given 20 years (“turns”) of protection, during which you can not attack or be attacked. You can not perform covert operations (except Spy). This provides a way for smaller empires to build up their defenses and planets before they enter the “real world”. "
bbs  doorgames  oldschool  sre  games  gaming  from delicious
august 2010
Renae Bair » Blog Archive » “My husband is a programmer; I have no idea what that means.”
"This always blows my mind. You’re married to someone, and you aren’t interested enough in the person to know anything about what they do with nearly 40-50% of their time, aside from their job title? Is it dangerous to draw a correlation between high divorce rates and the lack of interest that people have in their partners lives? It’s easy to fall in love with the “idea” of a person when you first meet them. But I think it would be hard to endure a lifetime of ups and downs, trials and tribulations and the everyday challenges that life throws at two people, if those partners didn’t have a truly vested interest in each other’s passions and life’s work. And if you don’t have even a basic understanding of what your spouse does with 40+hours of his/her week, then you’re not on a team."
nerds  programming  ruby  relationships  marriage  from delicious
august 2010
Roll 3d6 Six Times For Stats: Adventure, an Atari 2600 experience
"Last night while I was preparing dinner, I asked my 8-year old daughter if she wanted to play a game that I played when I was her age."
adventure  2600  gaming  from delicious
august 2010
musingT» Blog Archive » The Mozilla Creative Collective: Building Social Capital
"Another way we’re going to encourage participation is through the concept of badges. Badges are digital icons that will be awarded to members for different levels of contributions, and will be publicly displayed on their profiles for all to see."
badges  badger  mozilla  creative  from delicious
august 2010
DTerm: A command line anywhere and everywhere
"DTerm's Philosophy: Command line work isn't a separate task that should live on its own—it's an integrated part of your natural workflow"
osx  utils  commandline  cli  productivity  utilities  freeware  from delicious
august 2010
  Django Signals enable Aspect-Oriented programming. by Elf Sternberg
"This is exactly the kind of cross-cutting concern (note the use of a signal publisher for notification!) that would be better handled with a signal from the microblogging app. Perhaps the app could have published “tweet received” as a signal, with an optional “module for common associated applications” dispatching that event to logging, activity streams, notifications or whatever as available. The presence of explicit publication would have signaled to any developer to look for subscribers, so I don’t think this is a dangerous case of unlabeled subroutines and the potential for spaghetti code that goes with it. Most Django apps are small silos of code; it would not have been onerous to separate out and isolate this cross-cutting concern from the rest of the microblogging application’s functionality."
aop  django  signals  python  from delicious
august 2010
Achievements Considered Harmful? - Chris Hecker's Website
"Sadly, there is a contentious debate amongst psychologists about how rewards affect motivation, and I spend a bunch of time in the talk discussing this debate. Psychology is at the soft end of science, to put it mildly, and so it's easy for people—including academics—to have an agenda or opinion and "interpret" the data in a way that backs up that agenda or opinion. This is human nature, of course, and confirmation bias is everywhere in life, but reading some of the papers reminds me more of a schoolyard yelling contest than of peer reviewed research. "
achievements  badger  gaming  rewards  from delicious
august 2010
Pyro Maniacs: Achieving Nothing in TF2 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"This isn’t a rant for or against Team Fortress 2 Achievement servers. It’s a recounting of the bizarre/hilarious/terrifying experience I had on one of them – yes, my personal reactions to what I encountered do inevitably slip in, but mostly it’s a portrait of this unique facet of gaming subculture. Whether you agree or disagree with their existence, these beat-the-system servers are fascinating enough to be worth talking about."
achievements  tf2  valve  gaming  badger  from delicious
august 2010
Pixel Editor, free online pixel editor - Pixie
"On Pixie you can create amazing pixel art for free, from anywhere, and share it with the world."
pixie  html5  pixel  art  from delicious
august 2010
SplitSettings - Django - Trac
"If you use a source control system (CVS, SVN, ...), or want to publish your application on the web, it may be a good idea to move sensitive or machine/user specific settings like database passwords and such out of the main settings.py file. "
django  webdev  config  admin  from delicious
august 2010
"After recently discovering the joys of "Physical Computing" i've decided to undertake my first micro controller project, <br />
an automated brewing system fondly referred to from here on in as HABS"
homebrewing  automation  embedded  physicalcomputing  from delicious
july 2010
Agile in a Flash: Acceptance Test Design Principles
"Abstract; Bona fide; Cohesive; Decoupled; Expressive; Free of duplication; Green"
testing  acceptancetests  agile  webdev  from delicious
july 2010
Using Git to manage a web site
"The HTML source for my (i.e., this) web site lives in a Git repository on my local workstation. This page describes how I set things up so that I can make changes live by running just "git push web". "
git  webdev  deployment  tutorial  versioncontrol  from delicious
july 2010
Jon Combe | Experiments | Thrust: A classic computer game remake using <canvas>
"Thrust was just awesome and it is that game which I have attempted to recreate here using just JavaScript and the HTML <canvas> tag. I have 'cheated' a little in that I use Scott Schiller's excellent SoundManager 2 Javascript audio manager (which in turn uses Flash) to play the sounds, but I think that is fair game in the spirit of what I am trying to do."
gaming  html5  canvas  thrust  oldschool  classic  from delicious
july 2010
Brain training reverses age-related cognitive decline « KurzweilAI
"Intense auditory brain training targeted at the regions of a rat’s brain that process sound reversed many aspects of normal, age-related cognitive decline and improved the health of the brain cells, according to a new study from researchers at University of California, San Francisco."
brain  health  aging  from delicious
july 2010
lojjic's PIE at master - GitHub
"A behavior for Internet Explorer allowing it to recognize and render various CSS3 box decoration properties"
msie  webdef  css  css3  from delicious
july 2010
I Heart Drugs - MC Chris
.@_mcchris does Ke$ha, and I can't really tell the difference. I think he's the better singer.
music  mcchris  media:audio  from delicious
july 2010
jQuery Masonry · David DeSandro
"Masonry is a layout plugin for jQuery. Think of it as the flip side of CSS floats. Whereas floating arranges elements horizontally then vertically, Masonry arranges elements vertically then horizontally according to a grid. The result minimizes vertical gaps between elements of varying height, just like a mason fitting stones in a wall."
masonry  css  jquery  webdev  layout  webdesign  from delicious
july 2010
Bottle: Python Web Framework — Bottle v0.8.1 documentation
"Bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python. It is distributed as a single file module and has no dependencies other than the Python Standard Library."
bottle  python  webdev  frameworks  wsgi  from delicious
july 2010
Python Package Index : django-app-plugins 0.1.1
"A template extension system for marking points in your django templates as 'plugin-points', and providing plugins which inject themselves at those points. Multiple applications can be injected at each plugin point, and 'registered' plugin-points can have the visibility, order and access of the plugins controlled via DB models. This control can be done on a site wide or per-user basis. Thus you can allow users to add, remove, and reorder the plugins on their profile page for instance."
django  webdev  python  plugins  from delicious
july 2010
Python Package Index : django-activity-stream 0.2.1
"Generate generic activity streams from the actions on your site. Users can follow any actor's activities for personalized streams."
django  webdev  python  from delicious
july 2010
sorethumb - Project Hosting on Google Code
"Sore Thumb is a Python module to process images in to thumbnails, and apply effects that may be difficult or impossible to do in the browser."
django  webdev  python  images  thumbnails  from delicious
july 2010
django-filetransfers - All Buttons Pressed
"With django-filetransfers you can write reusable Django apps that handle uploads and downloads in an abstract way."
django  webdev  python  storage  file  from delicious
july 2010
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