How Inuit Parents Raise Kids Without Yelling — And Teach Them To Control Anger : Goats and Soda : NPR
But if you practice having a different response or a different emotion at times when you're not angry, you'll have a better chance of managing your anger in those hot-button moments
children  emotion  development  anger  parenting  psychology 
20 hours ago
Messed Up Teeth - Why Are Human Teeth So Messed Up? - SAPIENS
We rarely consider just how amazing our teeth are. They break food without themselves being broken, up to millions of times over the course of a lifetime; and they do it built from the very same raw materials as the foods they are breaking. Nature is truly an inspired engineer.
teeth  evolution 
Creating an RSS Reader in Godot Engine (part 1) – Andrew Wooldridge – Medium
This article will discuss my own efforts to create a simple application using Godot Engine — specifically an RSS reader. It’s probably one of the more common simple applications one might create for a given framework — which tests out things like networking, parsing, rendering, and saving preferences.
godot  gamedev  rss  tech  tutorial 
Atari 65XE as USB keyboard
Making retro Atari 65XE as USB-keyboard for a modern computer. And it will leave the opportunity to use this Atari in the native mode. Arduino Leonardo is used for connect the Atari's keyboard to an USB. With an UNIX this keyboard will works without any restrictions.
atari  retro  hardware  hacks  diy 
The End of Affordable Travel – 2069 – Medium
It could well be that future generations spend a fraction of the time we do today in transit but see far more of the world. Like preindustrial humans, they may work mostly in their homes
travel  future  work  climate 
2 days ago
The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs - The Atlantic
When the kids in Skyler’s school want to tell a friend something in class, they don’t scrawl a note down on a tiny piece of paper and toss it across the room. They use Google Docs.
google  docs  thekids  communication  chat 
4 days ago
SAM: Software Automatic Mouth
Sam is a very small Text-To-Speech (TTS) program written in C, that runs on most popular platforms. It is an adaption to C of the speech software SAM (Software Automatic Mouth) for the Commodore C64 published in the year 1982 by Don't Ask Software (now SoftVoice, Inc.). It includes a Text-To-Phoneme converter called reciter and a Phoneme-To-Speech routine for the final output. It is so small that it will work also on embedded computers. On my computer it takes less than 39KB (much smaller on embedded devices as the executable-overhead is not necessary) of disk space and is a fully stand alone program.
retro  sam  speech  c64 
6 days ago
Your Front-End Does Not Have To Be Rich
So, when you embark on your next project, take a moment to remember all the choices out there - it’s not just React vs Angular, but leaving most of your business logic server-side could be the right choice for your website.
webdev  facepalm 
8 days ago
DRY Switching with CSS Variables: The Difference of One Declaration | CSS-Tricks
This is the first post of a two-part series that looks into the way CSS variables can be used to make the code for complex layouts and interactions less difficult to write and a lot easier to maintain. This first installment walks through various use cases where this technique applies.
css  webdev 
10 days ago
Favorite: Mozilla All Hands Meeting 2009, by albill Photo by Johnny Stenback.
flickr  to:tumblr  needs-tags 
11 days ago
Back To The Future written on Atari 8bit!? - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums
While watching this Back To The Future (1985) Retrospective (exact timestamp) today I noticed what appears to be an XE with an Indus disk drive being used by Bob Gale, co writer for the movie.
retro  atari  writing  bttf  80s 
15 days ago
shaktool / beepbox — Bitbucket
This is the source code for BeepBox, an online tool for sketching and sharing chiptune melodies. All of the source code here is available under the MIT license.
chiptunes  music  gamedev  web 
19 days ago
Testing native ES modules using Mocha and esm. – Alex Gibson
Turns out, many JavaScript testing frameworks don’t yet support native ES modules out of the box, and I was struggling to find an easy solution that didn’t require transpiling my code back to ES5.
dev  webdev  es6  javascript 
22 days ago
Cross compiling Rust from Linux to macOS
I set out to find a Linux-only solution to cross compile for macOS using osxcross. A weekend of pain later, and I have the following post. Hopefully it spares you a weekend of your own pain.
rust  macos  dev 
23 days ago
FLIP CHIP - Computer History Wiki
FLIP CHIP was DEC's trade name (a registered trademark for DEC) for a lengthy series of small cards used to build computers, and devices for them
retro  1960s  hardware 
26 days ago
<Now Go Bang!> Raster CRT Typography (According to DEC)
The time it takes for the phosphor to become fully activated is actually longer than the pulse representing the timing to draw a single pixel (40 nanoseconds). Meaning, if we were to attempt to display just a single pixel, the phosphor on this particular spot will never reach its full activation level resulting in a fuzzy image of varying brightnesses between dimmer, thin strokes and heavier, thick strokes. So the typography has to adjust for this, by streching the pulses to double width (80 ns), at least, in order to provide an even image and legible text and to work around the shallow flanks of the screen intensification.
computer  design  typography  vintage  retro 
26 days ago
The Programming Behind Cel Shading – Partly Shaderly
This layman explanation is exactly, how I would describe it. Indeed, cel shading is rendering of the diffuse light channel. Texturing, and rendering. I know that light is a component of the material, and not something to be rendered, but using LUTs, we can achieve exactly this.
shaders  3d  gamedev  dev 
4 weeks ago
Fifty Years of BASIC, the Language That Made Computers Personal | Time
BASIC wasn’t designed to change the world. “We were thinking only of Dartmouth,” says Kurtz, its surviving co-creator. (Kemeny died in 1992.) “We needed a language that could be ‘taught’ to virtually all students (and faculty) without their having to take a course.”
basic  dev  retro  computer  history  programming 
4 weeks ago
Opinion | How Silicon Valley Puts the ‘Con’ in Consent - The New York Times
If no one reads the terms and conditions, how can they continue to be the legal backbone of the internet?
tos  consent  tech 
4 weeks ago
Learn Multi platform 6502 Assembly Programming... For Monsters!
In these tutorials we'll start from the absolute basics... and teach you to become a multiplatform 6502 monster!... Let's begin!
dev  6502  retro 
4 weeks ago
ESP32 WiFi Robot | Hackaday.io
The ESP32 requires no app, it can be controlled from any PC or mobile device that has a web browser.
diy  esp32  browser  robots  hardware  vision  wifi 
5 weeks ago
A Food Crawl Through Banglatown on the Detroit-Hamtramck Border - Eater Detroit
For this crawl, Eater’s team took a stroll up Conant Avenue — which between Harold and Davison Streets is known as Bangladesh Avenue — in search of biryani, curry, and more.
detroit  food  bangladeshi 
5 weeks ago
What would a EvE online Internet look like?
what would happen if you took the idea of the map being a network literally? What would a EvE online internet of systems look like?
bgp  networking  eve  games  internet 
5 weeks ago
Did You Know That Jon Pertwee Sang A Doctor Who Song In 1972? - The Retroist
Jon Pertwee, better known as the third Doctor from Doctor Who released a song entitled Who is the Doctor back in 1972!
doctorwho  scifi  drwho  retro 
5 weeks ago
How To Add DOS doors to Raspberry Pi Mystic
This tutorial is intended for BBS sysops who wish to run DOS door games on their Raspberry Pi (or other ARM device)
bbs  dos  retro  emulation  doors 
6 weeks ago
Quick & dirty persistent ssh tunnel for reverse port forwarding
ssh  ubuntu  systemd 
6 weeks ago
[no title]
Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle exact, Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator that can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ or 3A+.
c64  diy  1541  emulation  raspi  retro  hardware  commodore  raspberrypi 
7 weeks ago
My Rust Powered linux.conf.au e-Paper Badge - WezM.net by Wesley Moore
I built a digital conference badge to take to the conference. It used a tri-colour e-Paper display and was powered by a Rust program I built running on Raspbian Linux.
raspi  badge  epaper  diy  hacks 
7 weeks ago
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